Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Goodbye Expedition 11B...

Over the weekend, the venturers and staff of 11B came together one last time to celebrate a hugely successful expedition. The Endex proceedings kicked off with a formal closing ceremony, which was attended by the Minister of Youth and Sports. After the speeches there was traditional Malaysian dancing, with some brave venturers taking to the stage to join in!

The following day, once all the supplies and equipment had been cleaned and handed back in to the logs team, there were final reviews of the expedition, with everyone getting into their alpha groups from phase one. Afterwards each phase three alpha group performed a skit before the big finale of Endex: The barbecue and disco! DJ Gerrard didn't disappoint, playing music until the early hours as everyone danced in the rain - a fitting end to what has been one of the wettest expeditions here in Borneo!

Another highlight of the weekend was the art exhibition, which our expedition artist, Helen, put together using all of the artwork done by venturers and staff over the ten weeks. Everyone was asked to create a postcard-sized piece of art, and those who wished to could choose their favourite from the final exhibition and take it home as a keepsake.

So that's it! Expedition 11B is now officially over! We've had a fantastic time and will miss everyone. If you have been part of the expedition and would like to stay in touch with everyone, you can sign up to the Expedition 11B Facebook group here

Thanks to everyone for reading this blog, it's been an absolute pleasure writing it this expedition and reading all of the comments and feedback.


P.s Our Country Director, Mac, is running the KK Borneo Marathon to raise money for Raleigh - if you sponsor him and have a guess at his time you could win yourself GBP 125 To find out how click here


Tom Shelton's Mum said...

Very many thanks to you and all the team for keeping us so well informed throughout the expedition. I'll be rather lost without the routine of checking the blog, and feeling part of the group...

All good wishes,

Julie Shelton

Dawn Tibbitts said...

Thank you to all the Raleigh team for providing my son, Theo, with a lifetime of memories, incredible experiences and honed domestic skills! Much appreciated.