Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Phase Two Update

With the second phase of expedition now fully underway, you're probably all wondering how everyone is getting along out on project. So without further ado, here's a quick run down of what's been going on across the Sabah region:

Alpha 1Those of you who have been following from the beginning will be aware that Alpha 1 were meant to be building a kindergarten on this expedition. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, this has not been possible, however the kindergarten will go ahead in the summer expedition instead.

Undeterred by being unable to reach their original destination, the team have kicked off phase two in Kampung Solungkapit with great enthusiasm, and are already laying pipes for their new project - a gravity water feed system. Alpha 3 and Alpha 5 had better watch out!

Alpha 2 - Having been lucky enough to spend the first week of this phase on the beautiful Maliangin Island with Alpha 2, I can confirm that the eco toilet construction is continuing to go well - check out the photographic proof below!

Learning the basics of bricklaying for the eco-toilet bases

One down, seven to go!

Nick looking pensive in his sombrero!
The Alpha 2 team
Alpha 3 - The team at Alpha 3 took a rare day of rest yesterday to join the locals at a wedding ceremony in the village, but are now hard at work laying the pipe for what they still claim to be the 'superior' gravity water feed of Expedition 11B!

Alpha 4 - All is well at the Sepilok jungle camp, with the team continuing to complete sections of boardwalk around the sun bear enclosure at the orangutan sanctuary.

Alpha 5 - To celebrate the tank platform being completed, the jubilant venturers of Alpha 5 headed off for a trip to a nearby waterfall yesterday. The competition for best gravity water feed has never been tougher...

Alpha 6 - After a relocation back to Kampung Mongowou - the previous Alpha 6 site - the team have been making improvements to their camp and preparing to get back into the jungle and continue with their biodiversity study. Word reached us yesterday that they were also planning a trip to the local church for the three hour Sunday service!

Our artist, Helen, managed to get these snaps from Alpha 6 last week before she headed off to join the trekkers on dive island:

Alpha 7 - Their dive now a distant memory, the hardy venturers of Alpha 7 called in yesterday from Bamboo Camp, and will be reaching Pasu Camp later on today.

Alpha 8 - Our intrepid trek-dive group called in this morning from Maga Falls to confirm that all was going well. Bet they can't wait to get to dive island for a much needed rest!

Alpha 9 - The trek-dive-trekkers of Alpha 9 are currently sunning themselves on dive island, the lucky things! Although it's not long now until they're back off into the jungle...

This phase's Loop (comprising Deputy Programme Manager, Caroline, expedition accountant, Chris, and Logs Manager, Chris) is already making its way around the static project sites, so check back later in the week for more updates!


Anonymous said...

To Pim Rusius

Ha die Pim, Hoe is het leven daar? Heel benieuwd naar je belevenissen. Maarten heeft deze week z'n laatste schoolexamens, behoorlijk spannend. Lang gelden alweer voor jou, dat eindexamen lijkt me!
Sterkte en succes met je tocht, groet namens Erik, Maarten en Floor, Kitty


Hello Alpha 5 and MICHAEL WALLER.
Greeting from a frosty, freezing cold North East of England. Mick,
It's been great to get all the emails, so nothing much to say here! Eagerly looking forward to your letters and seeing your photos.
We hope everything is going well with the project, keep up the good work. It looks idyllic where you are, enjoy your camping in the Danum Valley.
Everyone is fine, we're all missing you. Keep wearing the hat and sunglasses!!!
Hope to hear from you soon,
Lots of love from Babs/Mam, John and Martin. XXXX

Basbasbas said...

To: Pim Rusis, Alpha 7

Goossaaa! Potta? Nee he, dat zit er voorlopig ook even niet in! Hoe is het daar man? Lekker in de jungle chillen! Las net dat je in Mamutik bent geweest (ofzo) en dan naar Long Pasia voor een uitdagende 12 daagse trek. Klinkt heel spannend allemaal. En dat je ook gaat duiken? Tof mang, vergeet geen foto's te maken met je uberonderwater camera!

Spreek je snel, en hou het rustig daar!!

Bas Mulders

Minkin said...

Cal (Alpha 3) Hi darling, lovely to hear your voice, all be it briefly. Hope all well and the gravity water feed...running smoothly, gosh, you are going to be useful for our building projects of the future. We are all well, Maclean has had a day of rest as the temperature is rising in London town! Booshkin has booked her driving lessons. P is going to buy her a tank. Sun is out, sky is blue..much like where you are. MISS YOU, LOVE YOU. Sending a hug from home. Mum X

Fiona Collins said...

For Louise Hutley (alpha 7)

Heyy Lou...looks like your having an amazing time! I'm so jealous how lovely and hot it looks! Its freezing here and i'm stuck in the library uni everyday! Been checking the blog for pics of you....hope you'll come back with a tan for once! haha.
It looks like a great experience..can't believe some of the brillant things your doing!
Anyways miss you! Have a great rest of your trip..stay safe!
p.s your totally missing new Britney tunes! lol
Fi xxxx

Barbara said...

message for Nina (alpha 8)
Maga Falls - sounds idyllic but suppose it's pretty hard work trekking. Difficult to know whether our imagination matches your reality!! What's the walking surface like - anything like the clay mud round here?? You might like to know that it's frosty this morning but the sun shines! And soon you'll be diving - enjoy! Love, Mum xxx

E.W.&G.L.Wheeler said...

From N&B Wheeler.
To Sam Willetts Alpha 6.
Its obvious you are having a fab time,you have had a huge grin on your face since the off.The photo's
we are receiving on the net are brill.Nan and I are fine can't wait to see you again, but i expect
you don't want it to end.Hope you are well,keep safe,lots of love.

Patrick said...

To Ashleigh (Alpha 8),

I was a bit late to the party with the last blog post so thought I'd wait for the next one, here we are.

So you're trekking then, your boots must have been loving it when they heard that news. I've been trekking myself, from my house into town. It's probably more treacherous than your journey, bearded pigs ain't got nothing on Holyland students!

I sent you a letter last Wednesday so hopefully it'll be winging it's way to you at some point soon.

Hope the leeches aren't killing you softly (killing you softly, with their words).

Patrick xx

Anonymous said...

hello catrin alpha 2 its quiet here without you. went down the anglesey sat night gave them all an update on your progress so far they all miss you carry on enjoying see you soon mam and dad xxx

mariem said...

Hi Joe
Messages from Tom and Packer are on update alpha 5 blog .
Love Mumxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam (Mizen) and Alpha 9!

Sunning yourselves, eh? Wow! trek,dive,sun,trek ...how are you ever going to cope with life in the UK?!Hope the diving was just as amazing as we imagine it to be-is this the start of a new hobby? Or will you stick to muddy pitches in the cold and rain?!

Can't wait to hear from you, with lots of love, Mum and Dad etc etc xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick (alpha 2)

Just seen the latest blog with pictures of you in your so so very attractive sombrero. Looking good babes though little on skinny side for me. Hope your eating all your porridge up! Good news Sunday

Liverpool 3 Man U 1 !!!! alwys happy to see those Mancs with mud on their faces. Everton also beat Newcastle so Tom not happy with me.

Pancake day here and your father is just about to down half a dozen, still missing you like crazy, no one to discuss gosssip girl with boo hoo.

Write soon loads of love Mum xxx

The Lows said...

Hi Will (Alpha 2)
Great to see yet another photo of you. The beach you are on looks absolutely idyllic. I love the hat. I'm glad you all seem to be concentrating hard when being given instructions on your toilet building. I'm afraid my letters are all out of sync with the loop but hopefully you will get them eventually.
Weather here had improved but snow forecast for tomorrow!!! Hopefully they will get some in the Alps as we are off skiing soon.
Lots of love Mum & Dad xxx

Adib Chowdhury said...

To Lee Cockin [Alpha 6]

Heeey buddy! Hope things are going well over at Alpha 6. Life after Raleigh seems so dull so I've got 2 jobs now keeping me busy as I've got so bored. I really miss Maliangin Island and our old Alpha 2 team as well as the variety of strange sounds you'd make haa
hope you're enjoying yourself, I'll send the mat to mother Cockin soon as promised. See you when you get back hopefully!


Arie said...

Hi tijmen 8 march
Hope you are doing well searching and working with the sunbear
Here everything well first time dinner at vooges after closing for the winter
Just heading back from london and hope to read soon from you how you are doing
Best regards papa

Adib Chowdhury said...

Message for Becca Gould [Alpha 6]

Becky! hope you're well and enjoying Raleigh, I feel gutted having left so early in the expedition. Over here its actually been pretty sunny so I've maintained my strange tan which my friends think is ridiculous. I've listened to some of the artists you recommended, pretty good stuff! Hope you enjoy the rest of your current phase too and have restrained yourself from groping other guys' legs. Have fun!

Adib x

Adib Chowdhury said...

message for Denise de' Sousa [Alpha 6]

Hey Denise, I hope your doing great and enjoying your new Alpha group and phase and are coping well with all the mud, bugs and Lee. Miss you very much!

Adib x

Anonymous said...

To Pim Rusius

Hallo Pim,
We zien via jullie site dat het er allemaal goed uitziet.
De insteek doet mij herinneren aan mijn verblijf in America, heel lang geleden.........................
Toen waren wij ( Hans and myself ) aanwezig op een YMCA camp.
Wij vroegen ons af of jullie tripjes maken en of jullie nog steden gaan bezoeken om even bij te komen.
Oma vertelde vandaag dat je hierna in Groningen bedrijfsecenomie gaat studeren, heel goed, dan kunnen wij elkaar zeker een keer spreken.
Als ons Twente kampioen wordt, laten oom Hans and myself een tatoe plaatsen op ons schouderblad.
ADO den Haag doet het ook heel goed, nacompetitie zit er zeker in, wel zullen zien.
Verder gaat alles hier z'n gangetje, we wachten op warm weer maar dat zal wel even duren.
All the best en zet hem op

Minke en Bert

Anonymous said...

Hi Fee

Hope you enjoyed your diving and are ready for your trek!!I got your letter and Alistair popped round to tll me they'd got one too.He and Isobel were very chuffed-he says you write well.I think Granded is also expecting one too!Everyone asking for you.Noreen was home last week and is away climbing in Morocco with les but will be back around easter.Eve's birthday next week -she and Ruth came over with Martin and Ann and Andrew and Lorna.They are looking into France and will kepp me posted.Doing lots of drama at the moment-1st year show,drama club,school show as well as the usual day job which is very hectic at the moment-roll on the holidays.Hope you are surviving the heat-it was good to talk on the phone.I hope this reaches you-you know my iCT skills.
Missing you lots.Lots of love mumxxxx

Anonymous said...

Lieve Maud,
Leuk om weer wat over jullie te lezen! Druk aan het pijpen leggen daar in Borneo. Is he terg zwaar werk? Ben zo benieuwd naar je verhalen. Al op de helft. Wij hebben leuke dagen gehad in Paris. Mooi zonnetje en koud. Nu weer het gewone leven. De jongens hebben actief gecarnavald. Er staat een prachtige foto op face boek mathijs! We hopen snel weer iets van je te horen liefje. Zet hem op en heel veel kusjes XXX Mama en Papa

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam Clift, hope you are having a wonderful time and it is everything you hoped it would be. Miss you lots and think of you often wondering what you wil be doing, uncle david sends his love and wants me to tell you he is so jealous and wants to hear of your adventures when you are home, take care love you lots big hug mum x

willstars said...

Hi Sam W (Alpha 6).
We've just seen a great photo of you giving us your pointy finger pose, best one yet. Keep up the great work and enjoy. All good back home. All the best, "Tidy" Dad & Mum.

Carole said...

Hello darling Greg, Alpha 9
What fun time you must be having
diving with turtles etc... It is so
good to get news of you.. We came back from South Africa on Sunday and we had the best of times.. I am going to France next week on Monday and Daddy is going to Aspen and on to Heli-ski in Canada...
I miss you terribly and am so proud of you... Take care of yourself.. You look terrific!!!
I love you loads,xxxxx Mum

p.s. Dad will be back tomorrow from France and will write to you then..

talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley(Alpha 6)
Hi Han
Got the latest blog photo of you in a hut on stilts. How was the church service? How is the ecology project going? Not much news here -I sent you a letter today. It has been a beautiful spring day -at last- so a long walk on Merry Hill. Passed by Que Pasa. Inside looks the same but lots of scaffolding up outside at the side.
Looking at the photo of you on the blog today was weird because it is the first time ever that I have thought you look like me! You poor thing!!! Miss you hugely but stay happy and well.
Lots of love Mum

Christopher Seers said...

For Hannah Tilley - Alpha 6
Have been following your progress on the blog. You seem to be having a wonderful time,you are doing so many different things.
I am in my last week in Melbourne.I have had a lovely time, Desaite the weather only fair.Have had two super days on the beach at Somers and the dolphins have been with the swimmers. Looking forward to speaking to you when you get here.
Love Nan.

Anniek Akerboom said...

To: Maud Versteijlen, alpha 1

Hi Dropje! Wat vliegt de tijd toch, voor jou vast ook? Je bent alweer op de helft van je avontuur! Ik moet over 10 minuten werken... van half 10 tot 6 MET mijn favo collega S. Rampendag dus vandaag. Carnaval was echt GIEREN, zal je binnenkort weer een brief sturen voor details. Heb je mijn pakketje al ontvangen?
Verder heb ik heeeel veel zin om te snowboarden en ga ik FLOOR OPZOEKEN samen met fien en eva!!! van 6 tot 11 april, als het goed is kan ik je toch nog ophalen van schiphol maar dat blijft natuurlijk een verrassing haha.
Ik heb trouwens nog maar 13 rijlessen! Dat betekent al bijna mijn rijbewijs in the pocket als het allemaal soepel verloopt, leuk he!
Stuur me een berichtje terug!!! Dat kan namelijk. Hoe is je nieuwe project, leuke groep, lekker weer etc etc??? Dit keer iets minder honger hahah?? Al lekker bruin? Het wordt hier nu ook al lekker weer hmm, lekker lang licht etc.
Oke ik ga afsluiten dan kan ik nog snel mn theetje opdrinken.
Genietseee, zorg ervoor dat je spierballen net zo groot worden als die van mij waren!
KUS <3

Maureen Barratt said...

Paula(Alpha 2)
Hello Paula - nice to see a couple more photos of you - love the headgear! Looks like the project is proceeding well - you're all doing a great job. It looks so beautiful there with the blue sea and skies. Grey and chilly here, but we're off to Spain for a few days next week so hope to get a little bit of sunshine. Just posted you another letter. Take care of yourself. Love and a big hug from us both. M&Dxxxx

Becca Morris said...

message for catrin (alpha 2)

we are really missing u here catrin!! looking nice with the new tan u got!

omg! cant wait 2 her all these stories u got 4 us!! thought id let u know aswell that im having a new house april 14th!! day before u will be leaving there and arriving back 2 the uk!!

spoke 2 your dad other day!! bechod i think it proper quiet at yours without u there!! not long 2 go now nah... 5 weeks and 2days 2 go!! wish it would hurry up to be honest!!

see u soon lil sis ;)

luise lotte said...

hi Mathieu in alpha 2,

Heb 2 dagen terug een blog geschreven maar dat is niet goed gegaan,jammer.Nu dan maar weer proberen.
Inmiddels is er van jullie ook een berichtje. Je staat in je pyamabroek (?) op de foto bij de te bouwen toiletten.Je mede-venturers staan met mondkapjes voor.Toilet was nieuw,toch niet al in gebruik ?
Leuke foto aan het goddelijke strand, ik herken je aan de schittering van je rode zonnebril.Jullie moeten het wel prima naar het zin hebben.
Hier alles prima.Papa had de auto een paar dagen nodig en zodoende ben ik met bus en tram naar de stad gegaan.Dat was lang geleden dat moeders het openbaar vervoer heeft gebruikt !
Vandaag moest ik in Altwarmbuchen zijn,dat heb ik met de fiets gedaan.Het was prima te doen,de hele weg fietspad.Heen wind tegen,terug lekker mee.
Het was de meeting van de duitse conversatie groep.
Leuke mengelmoes van nationaliteiten en 2 nederlandse dames die graag voor een bakkie willen afspreken.Het was een leuke ochtend en mijn duits is nog niet zo slecht.Al die engels sprekende dames hebben het wel zwaar maar de accenten zijn echt leuk.
Ik hoop dat deze blog wel aankomt,liefs mama,dikke kus

Anonymous said...

For Kristan Emery (Alpha 1)

Good luck with your awesome work out there! I don't know if you are getting my letters (as well as comic pages) i have sent one every week since you left. Anyway, thinking about you everyday. Stay strong and show the others how it's done!
Love from Neil xx

CarolW said...

Simon Williams (Alpha 8) - enjoy the trek and dive. All well here. Get in touch at next change over re your flights - do you want us to changre them or are you coming home April 10th?

John R and Carol W

Anonymous said...

Dear James Mclean Alfa 8 11b,Looking forward to seeing some photos of your trip on the blog. Bartek and justyna were here over the weekend, they said if you need somewhere to stay in London, your very welcome to stay with them while your looking for somewhere, I'm sure Stas and Yash would enjoy your company, and Bartek is a great cook. Grandads happier now, he has three other men with him now, they play cards and crib every afternoon. Jonathan has an interview for a job in Chester on Friday, he's still waitin for references for Korea and has applied for a couple of jobs in Thailand. He has sent some photos for Korea, he had to tie his hair backand put on shirt,tie and smart trousers, he looked very elegant. I'm doing a talk tomorrow at Bishops Castle Hospital, not my favorite thing to do , but I have to do it, I've been practicing all week. Were off to Zermatt on Saturday, we'l send you a card, might make you feel cool, Alf really looking forward to it. Look after yourself and all your venturers lots of love Mumxx

Anonymous said...

Stefan (Alpha 7)

Howzit my boy !!! Cant believe you are 5 weeks into your experience !! it looks amazing. Well done for passing your advanced open water dive . You can come and dive with the old man now !! haha. We are really well, glad mum is back from Paris. Max and I had a very relaging weekend, Went to watch Rossi playing in the prep school finals. Unfortunately they lost in the semi s. Eng beat SA in odi by 6 runs !! I am back training fully now, ribs all good. Days are getting longer but still cold. Can do with the heat you have. Have your parcels arrived yet? Let us know. Hope you had a great trek and all your BEAR GRIL skills paid off. Cant wait to hear from you!!! Enjoy and have loads of fun. love you so much Dad XXX

Anonymous said...

Stefan Otto Alpha 7
Hi sweetie hope all is well. Cant wait to hear more of all your adventures. Here all is well.I took a group of 32 art students to Paris last weekend had a very busy time. We saw 2 galleries every day ,long walks and loads of sight seeing.Our hotel was very close to the hotel we srayed in when we were there. Back home now and carrying on with the rest of dayly routine.

Starting to see sighns of spring ,the days are becoming longer and our chicks are enjoying staying out longer. I am carrying on with the feeding them with the worms .They crazy start running towards me when they see me.
Max is great ,working hard playing hard and being busy with all her girl friends.
Kiris is good , went to the hershel dance last weekend and had a good time.This weekend he has Steyns birthday.
Good luck for next few days . Cant wait to hear from you.Missing you loads and love you very much . So proud of all you doing.
Lots of love ,mum x x x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe (Alpha7)

Hope the diving was great fun and you are enjoying the Hike. It all looks like a lot of fun out there and we are all envious of you. Everything is fine at home although the ferret needs carming. A M says she is missing you but not missing McKaffery. :)

love from all at home

Mum Dad and the R

Sophie said...

Another message for Nina (alpha 8),
Have you seen the Possum yet?? :D
Everything looks amazing! And so sunny!!
Get some awesome underwater photos to make me super-jealous!
Hope you're having the time of your life!
Miss you,
Love Sophie x

Felix en Jose said...

Bericht voor Pieter, Alpha 8,
Trekkingen en diving ,Piet, wat een belevenissen, hopelijk niet te pittig je tocht door de jungle (alles opschrijven, boekje al vol?!) en een verdiend duikavontuur (foto's!)! Geniet van alles, Sevilla wordt voorbereid! liefs Jose en Felix

Dominique said...

Mathieu Alpha 2,

Hey mooi om te horen dat je bij Delft en Bath bent aangenomen als de briefen zo blijven komen wordt het nog knap lastig om te kiezen. Klinkt trouwens echt heel leuk dat eiland heel jaloers, heerlijk genieten en wat werken heh. Lijk me alleen knap vervelend om 3 weken in zout water te wassen maar ja went vast ook wel.
Ben zelf proberen een placement te krijgen, valt lang niet mee en heb er boven op nog een stapel projecten ook pff. Wel net een onverwachte A gekregen op wat electronics en het weer zit nu ook even mee dus het is niet allemaal slecht.

Houd je sterk(vooral niet meer afvallen)!!!
Groetjes aan iedereen,

mike said...

Rhian Alpha 5

Hi there Rhian...sounds from the blog that you've had a day off to go off to some waterfall...trying their best to make it sound like a holiday but I bet you earned it with hard work! Time whizzing by, in lewes for derm's birthday at the weekend; jane and gary too so not much sleep had and dancing the tango not easy after many beers. Dave, Julia and the boys down this weekend, patrick hiding. Band practice tomorrow, gig on 1st april with new singer...could go either way!! Quiet here with occasional loud skypes from ella. Mum pretending its not her birthday so maybe pretend we have'nt got present,...what larks pip. lots of love dadxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Laura Alpha 9
Hope the diving was as awesome as you expected I am sure it was.
Everyone here is fine , we are all missing you. Emz has a new boyfriend I'll let you know when you get back who!!!!
Good luck when you go back to trekking, remember to keep everything covered you never know were they might bite!!!
Take care and enjoy yourself.
Lots of love Mum,etc. x x

Anonymous said...

For Sam (Alpha Six - Phase 2)

Hey! Sounds and looks like has been an amazing journey for you so far, all the best for the second half.

Anonymous said...

To Bobby Breuer Alpha 9

Zo te horen zijn jullie lekker aan het zonnebaden op Dive island. Ik hoop dat je verkoudheid over was, zodat je wel kon duiken. Ik hoorde van de moeder van Anne Romee dat de trekking erg zwaar was en dat er zoveel bloedzuigers waren, dat zij speciale anti-leech kousen hadden gekregen van Raleigh. Maar zij vind het toch super leuk. Hier de Xbox etc tijdelijk afgekoppeld gezien de schoolresultaten. Wij hebben Flip opgegeven voor zomercursus Brown. Over 2 weken horen wij of het doorgaat.Ik heb een mooi gouden slotje voor je ketting uit Chili gekocht! Wij wensen je veel sterkte met de trek. Het zal wel zwaar zijn, maar aan het einde van de dag heb je altijd een goed gevoel. Veel liefs, Mamma, Pappa en Flip

Anonymous said...

Message for Bente van Keulen

Hi lieverd!

Hoop dat alles goed met je gaat! Geniet je? Het zal namelijk niet altijd makkelijk zijn... Hier gaat alles goed. Het weer wordt langzaam beter en het Vondelpark wordt langzaam groener... :-) Heerlijk! Gisteren zijn we gaan eten bij een Italiaans restaurant met Emily en Sophie die samen twee dagen in Amsterdam zijn. Daarvoor even geborreld bij ons thuis; superleuk dat zij ook eens hebben kunnen zien waar we wonen! Gerard, Hugo en Tijo zijn met z'n drieen aan het skien, dus ben benieuwd hoe die het hebben... Het was in ieder geval heel erg gezellig om Emily en Sophie te zien!

Op werk gaat ook alles goed. Soms druk (drukker dan ik verwacht had dat het zou zijn...), maar ik kan vaak lekker op tijd naar huis. Ook wel eens fijn!

Lieve Bente, pas goed op jezelf, geniet en maak er een waanzinnige tijd van. We denken veel aan je!

Dikke zoen vanuit Amsterdam,

Jenni said...

Leah (Alpha 1)

Hellooo!! I just had a lecture from D Tosh on trasdifferentiation and I swear it was your project last year in powerpoint form! There was lots of talk of Dex, albumin, and lots of those really silly pictures that caused so many problems, but I felt like I knew what he was talking about! Made me miss you though, never thought science would cause that! In other news I am now a fully bonified half marathon runner, all done and dusted :)

Hope your gravity water project is going well, James would be proud, if he's not careful you could be more a civil engineer than him :)

James has just appeared and says - he's proud of you and that in all things he hopes that everything is as it should be! (apparently that is suitably vague enough

Love, lots of

Anonymous said...

To Pim Rusius

Beste Pim, Zo jij hebt weer een interessante 3 weken achter de rug. Je zou eigenlijk een dagboek of een weekboek moeten bijhouden. Dat heb ik destijds ook gedaan toen ik samen met een vriend na ons eindexamen een lift- en wandeltocht maakte door Belgie, Frankrijk en Italie. Liften was toen -in1949- heel populair, niet gevaarlijk en goed te doen. De mensen waren zo betrekkelijk kort na de oorlog zeer bereid om ook anderen een plaatsje in hun nieuwe auto te gunnen. Er waren toen nog niet zoveel naoorlogse autos. Aan de hand van die reisnotities kon een prima reisverslag worden gemaakt.

Wij zijn nu in Nederland in spannende afwachting of en wanneer de 3 nederlandse militairen die in Libie zijn gevangen genomen zullen worden vrijgelaten. In Libie is een volksopstand aan de gang gericht tegen het regime van Gadaffi die daar al 40 jaar de baas is en als een dictator optreedt. Die 3 militairen probeerden met een helicopter een Nederlandse man op te halen die Libie wilde ontvluchten. Die poging is mislukt en ze zijn door Libiese militairen gevangen genomen. Van die 3 militairen zijn er 2 vrouw! Dat maakt het allemaal extra navrant.

Beste Pim, we doen ons best je ook nog een kaartje te sturen. We willen niet hebben dat jij daar in Borneo ons een beetje gaat zitten vergeten. Heel veel plezier toegewenst. Misschien lukt het je nog een keer met thuis te bellen. Jouw lieve moeder geeft ons dat dan wel weer door. Veel groeten, O+O

Anonymous said...

Hi Becks (Hutchens) Alpha 4

Received your letter yesterday which made me laugh and you can guess what I am referring to. Hope you are enjoying your new project sounds great!!! Temperature warming up here in Dubai but at least we don't have your humidity, shame you didn't book your flight to come and stay with us for a few days. Enjoy the luxuries we all take for granted. Take care and enjoy, speak very soon. Love Mum, Gary and Matt.xxx

Helen Cook said...

Alpha 7 Hi James hope you are having fun. Both results improved. Choice of Newcastle or Queens. Well done you should be pleased we are. More details by email. Love Mum Dad and Em xxx

Alison and Steve Willetts said...

Big Hugs and hello to Sam Willetts (Alpha 6)

Yippee!! Best pictures of you yet Sam. Looking trim, fit and handsome if more than a little grubby. Bits of you seem to be tanned or is that mud? You look like you're in your element in the jungle, living like the locals. Dad and I are begining to think you might not come home LOL. Hope you've discovered some new spectacular native wildlife (seven foot and blue perhaps?) I really enjoyed seeing Helen's Artwork and knowing you as we do, I'm sure you enjoyed the creativity too. All your favourite things in one place - lucky lad. Spending weekend in London with Denny and Tony, nan and bamps, been sharing pictures of you with them. I'm sure they've been thrilled to see them. We are all really happy for you.
Keep up the good work Sam, bet you can't wait for the next phase. Enjoy every last minute and one last thing - remember to WASH!!!
Love you loads and loads. Big cwtch from us all (have you had to explain that one yet?) See you soon. Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Fee

Here is a short message to see if this works.
lots of love
Techniphobe mumxxxx

pS More to follow if this works

Anonymous said...

Flo Hayes - Alpha 7

Hi Flo
I hope the trek is going well and the feet are not too sore. All is well at home Still only one calf born so far - I wish the other cows would hurry up and get on with it! Ali comes home from New York tomorrow and Miff has a German exam - aaargh! Enjoy the jungle
Love from us all
Mummy Daddy & Miff

Anonymous said...


Camilo: te escribe tu papà.
Tanto que contarte que no se como empezar ni como terminar...
estoy con tu mama a mi lado... con los si siiiii durmiendo y queriendo contarte tanto de estos cortos e interminables dias sin ti,
tu hermano tiene nueva polola....
tu mama hace clases y esta feliz
tu hermana me obligó a caminar todo santiago en busca de un libro,
anoche pablo llego mojado de andar en bicicleta... a la 1 de la madrugada... estaba con la polola
lo malo... tu abuelo esta un poco enfermo pero lo vamos a recuperar.... porque el no pierde nunca...al despedirnos... todo bien hijo querido,
estoy en casa y feliz
queriendote mucho
y deseandote todo lo mejor de esta tierra y de lo que exista mas alla
Muchos besos, tu papá

The Twelves Family said...

Hi Kitty (Alpha 2 Maliangan Island)
Impressive bricklaying. Your toilets are going up there with the statues on Easter Island as tourist attractions in the future!Hope you're having time to enjoy that wonderful beach (keep putting on the lotion and the DEET!)
Love and miss you. Mum, Dad, Charlie, Jessie, Hugh, Roly, Martha and Tiggs XXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

For Peter Hubacek (alpha 5)

Hey Peter,
how are you? Hope everything is ok. It looks like you have also time for enjoying (waterfalls). Everything sounds amazing. We're looking forward to hear about everything in details :) The whole family sends you greetings!!! Stay safe!

mathijs said...

Hey Maud!!

Hoe gaat ie?? Weer druk aan het werk na het chillen op het eiland? Hier alles goed, alles komt weer een beetje tot rust nadat de hele stad op zijn kop stond met carnaval (zat ik natuurlijk middenin nu..). Was wel erg gezellig! Tijd gaat snel he, geniet er nog maar van,

liefs mathijs

Karen said...

Hi Mica,
Hope you are safe and well, We were worried about you but been assured that you are safe and not near the tsunami, hope you are still enjoying yourself and you had fun diving, I sent the parcel you requested hope you get it soon,everyone here is well and missing you loads take care and stay safe, lots of love Mommeh,bailey, allison and mason xxxxxx

Minkin said...

Hi Cal (Alpha 3) How lovely to hear you again. Of course I will sort out your tickets. Let me know what you want to do next weekend and I will get on to it. So happy you are having fun, you sound good. Glad they are working you hard. Love you all the time. Mum XXXX oh and Panda and Poppy (who's on her new diet!)

Carole said...

Hi My darling Greg, Alpha 9

Hope everything is ok where you are.. I am sure you heard about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.. Just thinking of you..
I know you are well look after.
Take good care,Love u loads,
Mum and Dad

Adib Chowdhury said...

Becky Hutchens [Alpha 4]

HI Becky! hope your having an amazing time I've no doubt you are, I'm missing everyone from Raleigh loads. Hope your well and im properly jealous of your travels afterwards, enjoy it!

Adib x

Adib Chowdhury said...

Tom Shelton [Alpha 4]

heeey buddy, hope you're doing good and enjoying your second phase. By now i'm thinking my 'emergency poncho' that I lent you surely must have ripped, its essentially a plastic bag lets face it. Ive seen photos from the blog and everything looks awesome i'm sure your enjoying yourself. Hopefully see the sprinkler machine in action when you get back hahaa


Adib Chowdhury said...

Hidde Hinloopen [Alpha 5]

Hidde! haaha I have no idea how you've had access to FB but I thought Id give you a message here anyway. I hope you've had the chance to see of the photos on my FB whilst you were on. Hope your doing great buddy and enjoying your new phase and I hope to see you sometime in the UK you flying dutchman, miss you man!


talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley (Alpha 6)
Hi Hannie Bean,
Just got home from work and found your second letter. Brilliant and so glad to hear all your news. I couldn't believe you still haven't had any of our letters so I went down to the Post Office to check that the letters we have been sending have had the correct postage. They have so I hope by now that you have received some.
I can now finally picture a bit where you are living and more exactly what you are doing.Keep those letters rolling. You'll certainly enjoy those creature comforts when you come home!!!!
We are all fine. It's Friday so weekend time and I am about to crack open a glass of wine and some nibbles. I shall drink a toast to you.
Miss you loads Hannie.
A huge hug....lots of love Mum

Adib Chowdhury said...

Sam Mizen [Alpha 9]

Sam! hope the diving is going well and your having an awesome time! Also, hope you have a quality time in Thailand after all this too and see you when you get back i hope,
steve! haha

Adib Chowdhury said...

Laura Coombes [Alpha 9]

hey Laura, hope your having fun and that diving is as awesome as you were expecting it to be and that you've been entertaining everyone with your vast amount of stories. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the phases!


talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley(Alpha 6)
Dear Han,
I like water buffalo very much in fact I've often thought I'd like to come back as one in my next reincarnation and sit in a cool muddy pond all day but you are DEFINITELY not bringing one home OK???!!!
Lots of love Mum

sue bell said...

hi alpha 2 hi nicola
just got your letter. glad your ok and having a good time. Following you on the blog weather not to good here. everybody is fine and they all send their love and best wishes. Keep well and dont let the bed bugs bite.
Thank you to raleigh for the phone call and up dates of the tsunami
see you soon
lots of love mum and gang xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte D in Alpha 4

Hope all going well and you are enjoying yourself!

We are spending the night in Edinburgh before heading off to see Rob and Nicky for the week (will be back on 19th). That's if we make it as snow forecast tonight. We saw T in his play last night which was very good, he had masses of lines to remember and managed to cope. He reminded me of Grandpa as he was playing a funny role. Uncle Willie, C and C are going tomorrow night to see him.

Dad is sending an email. Cant wait to hear all about everything, look after your self. Big Hug Mum xxxxx

Christine said...

Hello Gina ( Alpha 4)

Thanks for the letter - we were so thrilled to hear from you. Our letters to you were RETURNED, but we have tried to send it again. Razlan is back from Europe and did his interview with Berkelee. He is hopeful it went well and we will know by end March. Binsky is settling down in CLIC and happy. Coco is not doing too well - he has kidney problems and we need to send him for cat dialysis each week..But he is still the same ol self with his big pensive blue eyes. Unc Anan is busy with Haven and its issues - its giving us both a lot of stress so pls pray it will settle soon. Other than that we are fine and MISS U A LOT and cant wait to hear from you sooon. Take care, hugs and kisses

liz clift said...

hello sam clift Alpha 9, hope you are having a wonderful time and the exoeriences is what you hoped it would be, we eagerly view the website for information as to how you are doing. Dad returned to egypt now but following your progress from there. Everyone here sends their love to you sam, miss you and love you lots mum xsquarate

Anonymous said...

Laura Alpha 2
Been catching up with blogs and seeing photos of you . Hope the jungle phase is going well, we all miss you. Saw U Ian at James at Warwick uyni he was asking about you . We are finem going oiver to Mums tomorrow. Love you Grandad & Grandma

Belle said...

For Denise de Souza (Alpha6)

Hi Ninis,
Saw your latest pictures. You seem to be enjoying yourself there with your Alpha6 family. How is the weather there? Its been raining here.So,have you found new and weird creatures?
Nenek never stops asking about you. She said 'Obuvai poh April?' Everyone misses you here esp me.. I miss you a lot!!
Anywhere,hope you are fine there and having a wonderful time.
Well,take good care of yourself. Dont forget to say your prayers k..? Cant wait to hear from you.
Ziau moboos miagal do uhun opuak kio?
BTW,got the things from aunt colette ody. Thanks love.

Lotsa luv...muuaahh... om gapusss2 from mummy & everyone here (^_^)

Carole said...

Hi Darling Greg, Alpha 9
Daddy is off to Aspen tomorrow and going to heli-ski in Canada. He will be gone for about 3 weeks.. He will be checking regularly on the website for any news of you and will send you messages..
I am off to France on Monday for a week and I will be going to Miami for 2 weeks.. My darling I hope you are doing well.. I cannot wait to talk to you.. I know you have been moved away from the diving project and you are probably trekking in the jungle..How is that going? I am sure you are enjoying it..
We love you and miss you loads,
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

To Ashleigh alpha8. Hey girl. Great to get your email and facey b message! Sounds like a challenging few weeks but brill experience! Updated the hockey girls today.we all miss your banter!! Beat Portadown 5-2! Not much else to report!! Enjoy your diving!! Miss you loads!! Han xx

Fatin said...

GINAAAA. (Alpha 4)
I hope you actually read this. I MISS YOU. How are you doing? And when are you getting back? I can't wait to hear everything and whoa, sorry. Just read the comment above. Razlan applied to Berklee? Boston Berklee? College of Music? I have a few friends who applied there as well! Hehe.

ANYWAY, I miss you so much Gins. Erika and I were freaking out because you're in Borneo/Sabah, (where are you exactly btw) and were scared that that area would get hit but it looks like it'll be maximum 10 cm's which isn't much. I wish I could give you my address... but you'll probably already be back home by the time it arrives. I hope everything's great back and I hope you're having the time of your life there. <3 Take care Gingins!

Nurliyana Zainal said...

For GINAAAAAA. ( Alpha 4)

Hi. So like, I miss you. Can you come home soon. Better yet, come to London again! I hope you're happy to know that I'm a fat happy kid again! AAAAH. Come back already! :(

Spring's here in Big Ben! Wishing you were here to parade your cuteness around!


Liyana. :)

Aqilah said...


Heyy catgirl :P missing you lots! i hope youre having the time of your life! i was so excited for you when you told me all bout it and what u were gna be doing,and was extremely jealous. wait,i still am! haha but i hope the orang utans are treating u fine. :) im so stressed out with work,and would do anything to trade places with you. haha but other than that,the weather in London has been gooood! =happy happy kushkush! cant wait to hear from you!
missing u lots!


Anonymous said...

For Rob East...

Mum and dad showed me your letter! I can't believe you've learnt to read and write! Mum and Dad have been very busy sorting out the upstairs rooms, oh you won't recognise them (the rooms, not mum and dad, they still look mostly the same as when you last saw them, although it could be argued that Dad has a hint of more wisdom to his eyes, perhaps it is all the facts he now knows about Borneo).I see you have a few mentions and photos in the blog, was your mentioned dancing the same that you showed me around the bonfire at Boston??? I hope so!! Take care and keep having lots of fun. Love from Rachel and Joel (who is now actually touring Belgium but sends his love none the less!) xx

Carole said...

Hi darling Greg - Alpha 9
How are you ?? Have not heard any news from you group. I assume you are doing fine and enjoying yourself.. I have some good news!!
You have been excepted in quiet a few colleges, Stetson with a scholarship, American University, LIU, Fordham,etc...
I am in France for a few days.. The weather is awful, it is raining cats and dogs!! Dad is having a great time in Aspen!! Great skiing!!
Next week I will be going to Florida and doing a cruise with Michele to the Bahamas..
Cannot wait to see you..
We are so proud of you!!! Enjoy it and make the most of it!!
I love u loads and take good care.
p.s. I taught you might like to know that you can have a pet at Stetson Uni...

Anonymous said...

Hello to Laura Coombes, Alpha 9!

Hope everything is going well and you are enjoying the diving. You will be pleased to know that the Open Days have gone well, and we just have the one left in April. David P is leaving at the end of April, so you will have a chance to say goodbye. They are currently shortlisting for his replacement.

Karen is off on holiday to Tunisia next week (not jealous at all), and I feel like a balloon now (almost 6 months along now).

Well looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks time. Enjoy your last few weeks out there and we look forward to hearing all about it!

Joleene (and the Admissions Team)

Anonymous said...

Hello to Laura Coombes, Alpha 9!

Hope everything is going well and you are enjoying the diving. You will be pleased to know that the Open Days have gone well, and we just have the one left in April. David P is leaving at the end of April, so you will have a chance to say goodbye. They are currently shortlisting for his replacement.

Karen is off on holiday to Tunisia next week (not jealous at all), and I feel like a balloon now (almost 6 months along now).

Well looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks time. Enjoy your last few weeks out there and we look forward to hearing all about it!

Joleene (and the Admissions Team)

Erika Hana Putri said...

To Gina Saharudin (Alpha 8)

I MISS YOU!!!! I really, really do. :( WE ALL do. We're missing the little smurf in our lives! Hope all is well over there, for a little girl you've got loads of strength and guts and spirit so I'm sure you've had a BLAST lately! Come back home in one piece please so I can hug you just fine! Ahhh!