Sunday, 27 March 2011

Phase Three Update

We're now almost a week into the third and final phase of Expedition 11B, and all our intrepid alpha groups are making excellent progress as they hurtle towards the finish line. Here's a quick update of how they're getting on:

Alpha 1

The team at Alpha 1 in Kampung Solungkapit have now finished laying the main pipe for their gravity water feed system, and are making a start on feeding the water to the houses. The community have made them feel extremely welcome - we may struggle to convince them to leave!

Alpha 2

The group on Maliangin island are in the process of laying the brickwork for their last two eco-toilets, as well as preparing a platform for the eco-camp. They have been hampered by bad weather in recent days but are remaining in good spirits (it's hard not to in such a beautiful place!)

Alpha 3

True to form, the team at Alpha 3 have soldiered on, completing the pipe laying (all 5km of it!) for their gravity water feed system. They are now in the process of tightening the connections and attaching the taps, so it's looking likely they'll be finished in good time for the opening ceremony at the end of the phase! Phew!

Alpha 4

The team at Alpha 4 continues to make solid progress with building their boardwalk - those sun bears had better appreciate how lucky they are!

Alpha 5

Hot on the heels of Alphas 1 and 3, the team continues to mix cement and carry sand up to the tank site. PM Petr, who has been on the project since the start, is still supremely confident that they'll finish on time. Good luck Pete!

Alpha 6

The team who have boldly gone where no Raleigh team has gone before (!) continue to move rocks for the construction of gabions to protect the Maliau Basin study centre from landslides. Soon they will be venturing further into the interior to start work on trail clearing....

Alpha 7

After their time on dive island, the group headed down to Long Pasia yesterday to start their trek - not long left to go guys! One last push!

Alpha 8

The team have benefited from good weather in recent days and have been cracking on with their trek, yesterday walking for seven hours (!) to reach their camp at Maga Falls. We bet they can't wait to get to dive island next weekend and see out the final few days of expedition on a sandy beach!

Alpha 9

This week it's Alpha 9's turn to have a bit of time out on the stunning island of Mamutik, learning to dive and no doubt topping up their tans! They had their classroom day on Friday and arrived on the island yesterday - but soon enough they'll be back out on trek, so we hope they make the most of it!


Anonymous said...

To Pim Rusius

Van je FB:

Jur Joosten
Hey JungleBoy!
Wanneer ga je eigenlijk terug komen?
(Jawel, ik besef me dat je dit niet kunt beantwoorden voordat je daadwerkelijk terug bent).
2bad dat je niet bij de reunie kan(kon) zijn! De zomer nadert dus zodra je terug bent moeten we maar een ijskoud pilsje nuttigen op het terras, of 2 pilsjes, of 3.. Je snapt het wel.
Spreek je w...el weer bosjes-man!

talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley Alpha 8
Hi Hannie,
Yikes walking for 7 hours! Hope it went well and that you have seen some great scenery. You camped by some falls sounds great.
When you next contact us we need a couple of details from your passport asap so we can apply for your grant. We need the passport number, issue date and expiry date none of which we have details of here.
No real news here - I have lupins and sunflowers growing in the mini greenhouse and you'll be pleased and relieved to know that the dogwood is looking fine.Yeah!
I can't believe you are coming towards the end of the Raleigh phase. It seems to have been truly amazing and I can't wait to hear more. So proud of you Han.
A huge hug as always.
lots of love Mum

Mum and Dad said...

For Tim Browning:
Hi there you! Can you believe we got your letter on Friday! The post mark is Tuesday so that was fantastic! LOVELY to hear from you with some real info. We've sent a final letter back - not too long just in case it doesn't arrive in time. It all sounds amazing - hard work combined with good company and some fun too - what an incredible experience. I expect you're working quite hard again now on your final water-feed project and it sounds like the people who live there are really nice, so enjoy, enjoy!! All's well here apart from me having a nasty virus for nearly a week. Hopefully am over the worst now.
Will blog again soon.
Loads of love
mama xxxxxxx

Ondra said...

Petr Alpha 5

Hey kamosku
Nedavno mi prisel tvuj dopis tak jsem rad ze se mas fajn a uzivas:)Tenhle pul rok je pro tebe hooodne naslapanej na zazitky a uz se tesim az nam to vse povypravis kamo!:)Zaciname pomalu organizovat uvitaci party na tvoji pocest. Pocasi tady asi neni stejne jako tam u tebe i kdyz prselo tu ted jako DOST!!! ale poslednich par dni uz je moc hezky. Pomalu jako v lete.A to vis ze v Edi je se na co podivat a holky zacinaji nebezpecne zkracovat sukne:)
Zacal jsem kamo makat v pecovatelkem dome je to dost v klidu a davaji mi obcas i tri dny v tydnu coz je ok. V cervnu se stehuju s dvouma kamosema do centra tak uz se tesim, tady na kolejich to neni zas takova pecka. JInak co je asi nejvetsi novinka tak Pavel s Aniezkou se defo rozesli a bydli ted oba v Dundee( oddelene) a Pavel zacal makat ve Fairmontu pres vikendy. Dokonce mu dali ten job co jsem delal ja. Je z toho rozchodu trochu spatny...ale tak neni se cemu divit po takove dobe. Zkus mi kamo dat nejak vedet kdy dorazis, rad bych te potkal na letisty.
Mej se fajn a uzij zbytek pobytu v raji! Skotska realita uz ceka za dverma:)ale nemusis byt z toho spatny pac se to tu zlepsuje s nezamestnanosti a skotsko je na tom z cele UK nejlepe tak snad ti neco sezenem tady v civilizaci( Edi, Glasgow) :) a leto uz se taky blizi!

no to je zatim vse ode me a ty se drz draku:)
S pozdravem Ondra

mike said...

Hi Rhian [ alpha 2 ]

my birthday blog! I did a blog with my dad last week which i hope got through. Was up in wrexham for a night and saw mt uncle leo as well who was over from ireland...lots of chat as you can imagine. Then 2 days in cheshire doing college of physicians stuff, better than it sounds. Friday drove down to meet jules at olls' and saturday [ yesterday ]went on the big TUC protest march against the cuts. Me, your mum, ella, olls, derm gary and alex plus 250,000 other folks and 4,000 police. Great atmosphere. Back home now, lovely day for my birthday, daffodills popping up noisily to colour the garden for your return. Had to work this am , chilling out now, your mum snoozing, pat on the computer...lttle changes eh? Courtney Pine was wild...did i tell you that already.....and everything ok here. Grampy B very happy at the thought of blogging you and my mum in another world as usual.

Will blog soon...sound as though things good with you. lots of love dadxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Frederick Pugh, Alpha 8

Hello Freddie! I am doing my good girlfriend duties and updating you on some of the weekend sport so hopefully I will get some bonus points for actually showing an interest in football!

Chelsea 2 – 0 Man City
Sunderland 0 – 2 Liverpool
Aston Villa 0 – 1 Wolverhampton
Blackburn 2 – 2 Blackpool
Everton 2 -1 Fulham
Man Utd 1 – Bolton
Stoke 4 – 0 Newcastle
Tottenham 0 – 0 West Ham
West Brom 2 – 2 Arsenal
Wigan 2 – 1 Birmingham

Sri Lanka: 231-0 (39.3 overs)
England: 229-6 (50.0 overs)
Sri Lanka beat England by 10 wickets

New Zealand: 221-8 (50.0 overs)
South Africa: 172 (43.2 overs)
New Zealand beat South Africa by 49 runs

Australia: 260-6 (50.0 overs)
India: 261-5 (47.4 overs)
India beat Australia by 5 wickets

Pakistan: 113-0 (20.5 overs)
West Indies: 112 (43.3 overs)
Pakistan beat West Indies by 10 wickets

Got a chance to read the letter to your parents and so so happy you are having an amazing time! So that definitely got my weekend off to a perfect start and on top of that life is generally rather lovely atm! Fashion show was really really good and all my coursework and orals are all finished so just onto the revision now! Eeeeek! Went out last night, which was so much fun, and still enjoying the luxuries of being 18, so I can’t wait until you are back and we can go for our first drink! The weather here may not be your 30 degrees and tropical jungles, but summer really is in the air here so that only means that the days I am counting down are fast disappearing and I can hear all about your simply incredible adventure my gorgeous boy! So proud of you and still smiling as always. Love you mostest (true story!)Laura xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Pim Rusius,

Hai Pim. Lijkt goed te gaan met je. Veel haar en wat afgevallen? Nu nog een paar weken. Weet je al of je daarna nog wat gaat reizen?

Hier alles ok. Het wordt eindelijk wat lekkerder weer.

Mart heeft gelukkig weer een tentamen gehaald. Wel erg fijn voor hem, hij was zeer opgelucht.
Hij moet nu nog 2 delen van 1 tentamen en zijn afstudeerscriptie schrijven.

Liefs Pap

sophie patel said...

heyy twyds,
looking forward to a skype reunion when you get out the jungle, got lots of juice to squeeze from loughborough.

hope your having fun and being snap happy.


ps you look thin, eat your porridge.

Anonymous said...

For James Astbury

Hope this gets to you via the Loop. Shame about the weather again, although the blog said it's hard to be miserable on the island, but hopefully you'll be able to follow the sun in 2 weeks' time. Just 2 weeks left.

Forgot to tell you last week: the taxman still keeps sending you money - £175 up till now, so don't spend it all at once; I guess there will be one more refund of £25.

Seems to be the earthquake season - another 6 point something in Burma: Lao and Thailand borders. Tremors felt in Hanoi and Bangkok.

Make the most of your remaining Raleigh time; will look forward to hearing from you once you're back in KK.

Lots of love - Mum + Dad xx

Anonymous said...

To Ria H-O Alpha 7

Hi Ria. I've arrived back from the Alps amazingly in one piece. We had 6 days of sun and the snow was good particularly higher up. The chalet was fun and Leo and I had a really good week skiing from 9 to 5 every day - except Thurs when I was ill but that's another storey! I hope you had a good week diving and I am guessing you're possibly now treking so probably wont read this until your return to base camp. Again I hope you had a really exciting and interesting experience. I've topped up your phone and we're are all really looking forward to seeing you in April. Lots of love as always. Dad. xx

Anonymous said...

To Bente van Keulen Alpha 9
Hello mijn lieve trekking girl, Hoe gaatie????? Je eerste dagen trek achter de rug..zwaar ??? Nu na een dag theorie je 2e dag dive.(kon ik opmaken uit een zeer korte update). Ben benieuwd of het duiken je bevalt, geen last van je oren? En hoe gaat het met de sunburn, raakt je huid langzamerhand gewend aan de zon?
Hier is het weekend bijna weer voorbij, vannacht ging de klok een uur vooruit: zomertijd.We schelen met jou nu nog 6 uur.Vandaag bezig geweest in Loosdrecht. Het was heerlijk weer: fris in de schaduw, maar in de zon heerlijk.
Volgend weekend de boot uit de winterstalling, eten bij Maaike en P.Hein en zondag taart in Oegstgeest... Ine 55.
Woensdag gezellig bijgepraat met Winny en Pink, natuurlijk over de geweldige ervaring van onze meiden. Helaas kon Jolande niet. Ik begreep dat AR niet van een blaasontsteking afkomt, antibiotica slaat (nog) niet aan. BALEN natuurlijk.
Lieverd, over 2 weken zit je grote avontuur erop, je laatste 8 dagen trekken zullen zwaar worden zei je, ben erg benieuwd naar je verhalen 8 april. Ik vind je zo super stoer ! Hou van je, mis je en zou je even heerlijk willen vasthouden en knuffelen.
Je weet: Together forever! XXXXXXX

Koen Verbeek said...

Hey kerel,
Goed werk met de sunbears! Hopelijk geniet je een beetje van je laatste paar weken in Borneo. Kan echt niet wachten om je weer te zien in Sevilla, gaat echt een topweekend worden hier! Ik heb nog 2 weekjes spaanse les en dan zit het er voor mij ook alweer op in Sevilla. Hou nog even vol bij de sunbears en doe voorzichtig! Tot snel!!
xx Koen

Anonymous said...

Howsit Stef and Cheryl:) how you boys doing?? wish i had known about this blog a bit earlier! Looks like you okes are having a mad time..cant wait to hear the stories over a few cold ones:)its the dogs birthday on wednesday so we heading to stellies for a celebration...will definately have you guys in mind! Miss you guys..see you soon!! captain x

Anonymous said...

Alpha 7, Ha lieve Onne. Hebben net moemie's verjaardag gevierd en je werd gemist! Iedereen enthousiast over wat je allemaal doet en meemaakt! Lot is terug uit Kenya en heeft een mooie tijd gehad, ze heeft veel foto's gemaakt. Is het gelukt om je camera te laten maken? We verheugen ons er op je weer te spreken maar realiseren ons ook dat de 10 weken er weer bijna op zitten. We hebben per koerier je tickets en de rest gestuurd. Hebben van Raleigh het adres van het kantoor in KK gekregen. Laat maar weten of je alles ontvangen hebt. Hier alles goed. Big hug van ons allemaal

Tim said...

Cheryl - Alpha 2

Hey mate, thanks for the fb message, hope your enjoying yourself. i meant to send you a letter but i didnt have much time as i was in the US so sorry about that. looking forward to seeing you soon.
from Teets your boy

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura Alpha 4
I can't believe it you've nearly finished out there, it amazing all that you've been upto. We are all looking forward to seeing you I hope the weeks have gone by as quickly for you as they have for us.
This week as you can imagine Emz has been on a high all week, knowing that Craig was coming down for her birthday, all that way for the weekend, she had friends over Friday night and by Saturday she was shattered, but it doesn't seem to have put him off, she is meant to be making a return vist up there next weekend for a works dinner. You'll have to wait to see how that goes!!!!!
Still I think she enjoyed her weekend but has got to start revising for mocks and fast approaching ASs.
Rach is tired as she had to cover Emz work. She went to Cheltenham on the bus and back with a friend on Sat, She has only done it with you and Emz before, still she managed.
Dad was working on your car today and took it out for a run, so the engine seems to be working!!!!
Granma and Grandad were over yesterday and send there love, Jennifer says hello she is very busy with uni work you know how that is.
Grandma is taking me to see Calander girls in M.K. theatre next weekend, so I thought I take her to lunch first.
Take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of the trip.
See you very soon, everyone sends their love.
Emz loved the mini card you left for her.
Mum x x x

Anonymous said...

To Camilo (Alpha 5)

Mucho ánimo, fuerza y alegría para esta última etapa. Ojalá terminen todo el trabajo de la mejor forma y sigan disfrutando muchísimo. Te seguimos echando mucho de menos...
Apenas puedas comunícate. En tu gmail encontrarás tus tickets aéreos según tus indicaciones. Te quiero muuucho y vuelve pronto. Besos y más besos, Mami

Carly Rose said...

Hey Andy alpha 7!
Hope you had fun diving and have fun on your trek :) haven't got your letter yet but fingers crossed its on its way! You'll prob get this near the time so happy anniversary, can't wait to hear from you again, and I am so jealous of u right now!
love you and miss you lots and lots
Carly xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Lieve maudje,

De laatste weken! Ben zo benieuwd hoe je het hebt. Ondertussen heb je en groot deel van het land gezien. Volgen de mail sjouw je met cement en bouwen jullie ook. Zoyu je wel even in actie willen zien. Hier is de lente echt begonnen. Wij zijn bij Harm en Helene gewesst. Veel liefs ook van Sas. Met de jongens alles goed. 16 april feest. Veel succes. We blijven aan je denken. Lots of love mama en papa

Minkin said...

Hi Cal (alpha 4)
Feels wierd not writing to you today, but cannot as it won't get to you, anyway, you'll be back soon. I spent the weekend with Granny and we went out to Cruden Bay, saw The Eagle which was shot in Achiltibuie, all the locals were extra's, they look fab in blue warpaint! I miss you. Poosing misses you, Poppy misses you, Booshkin misses you (she's back from school on Wednesday), I think even the step father has muttered something about missing you...not bad for a man of few words! So there you go, I hope those little sun bears are suitably grateful for your hard work. Have fun darling, sending huge hugs from home Love you. Mum XXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Dear James Mclean alfa 5 11b, Hope you had a good birthday and recieved at least some of your cards. We will have cava chilling to have a home celebration on the 20th. Weve just had a beautiful sunny week, chilly on the weekend but sunny again today Mon. Exciting news Jonathan has had an interview this morning with China Shenzhen, he feels very positive about the interview, they will get back to him in a week, its a long way, would be good if he ever wants to work nearer to europe. We bought him a new shirt for the interview must be a lucky shirt. Grandad should be at least weightbearing today, its been a long time 3 months, we so looking forward to him being back in his own home. Rob has his redundancy, he seems quite positive about finding sonething new. It was Salsa on friday eve, a new friend who lives opposite the Abbey came, she's very lonely very funy and very loud not at all shy, she terrfied Edd. It was a good evening, Jonathan enjoyed it very much to. sounds like your water project is going well, good luck with the rest, looking forward to seeing you next month, lots of love Mumxx Phil and Jonathanx

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam Hext - Alpha 7

Just learned from the Blog that you have now completed your dive and started the trek yesterday. Hope the dive was as exciting as you hoped! Must admit to being slightly apprehensive so I am relieved to know you are now on the trek phase - oh no - let's pray no trench foot!!! Lol

We had a nice weekend. The weather was glorious (not so for Ry in Cardiff - think they had it cloudy and cold). Dad and I went on a really long walk. They have opened the Walkham valley viaduct all ready for the new cycle path. It was a killing walk!! For all of an hour!!! Lol Obviously had to leave Inds at home though. Then we treated her to a quick stroll around Aboretum. Then it was carvery at The Rock, which is becoming a bit of a habit. Wait till you two are home!! Lol.

Ry is coming home this weekend and should then hopefully be home the weekend after you arrive back. Reunion here we come.

Can't wait for you to get home. Dad still hasn't booked the hotel but we'll have to do that soon.

Take Care on your final trek!!

Look forward to seeing you at the airport!!

Love and miss you loads Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Daniel Razmy (alpha 4)

Can hardly wait to see you! We are so exciteddd.

Lots and lots of love,

alexandra said...

Hee lieve Pieter!

Ik hoop dat je nog heel veel plezier hebt deze laatste 2 weken in Borneo! Hartstikke gaaf dat je nu met de beren werkt. Ik zit nu in Italie, als ik terug ben nog maar een week en dan zie ik je weer! Heel veel succes nog en ik mis je echt ontzettend!


Hi from Nantucket said...

Hi Lorne, Alpha 3
Sent you a letter last week and Alaina, Dad and I each sent letters today. I hope you receive them - I know we are cutting it fine with the time line. Can't believe you have almost finished your adventures with Raleigh.
Alaina got her license last Tuesday! She is feeling very cool driving around in your truck - no dings yet!She has already had to deal with snow and ice conditions (so much for our spring!)in less than a week of driving.
Dad's campaign for the Land Bank Commission is going well. I even set him up with a facebook page!!! He has more friends than I do now, but he's not as discerning as I am!
Let us know what your plans are after Raleigh. We can't wait to see you at the end of April. Alaina will be sad to give up the truck though.
Take care. Is your hair growing?
Lots of love, mom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick alpha 9

Rang camp america uk today about all your changes and queries. Need to speak to you to fill you in with what's happening. Nothing to worry about but the visa thing is going to have to be a priority to sort out asap babes. Hope you are having a fantastic time on your last phase, very jealous of the idea of you diving in tropical waters! No real news here. Tom and Sarah finally go on honeymoon on Saturday 2nd to Kenya which they are so excited about. Matt and Helen are fine, she has got on her GP training and is just waiting to see where she is going to be placed. Formby crew are fine in the circumstances and Sam is going home this week for his Easter break inc. a holiday with the whole family in Portugal. Your dad and I spent a sunny weekend in the garden sorting out the pond, veg beds, greenhouse and the inevitable trip to the dump!! Well stay safe be happy, hopefully get a proper chat via skype in the next few weeks.
Lots of love and not so cool hugs Mum xx

Anonymous said...

To Beck Gould (alpha 9),
Hope you enjoyed the diving. Good luck with your jungle trek.
Cathy, Robin and the 'work-in-progress' are doing well. Grandama and Grandad are fine. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Don't forget to keep us informed
about your plans(Sorry...Mum made me put this in).

Mum & Dad x


Hello MICHAEL WALLER now Alpha 8.
Hope you're enjoying your trek - 7 hours! Good job you did plenty of walking before the expedition, hope the boots are holding up! Everyone here well, Babs and Ellen went to see the Christians at the arc, they were great. Ellen enjoyed it so much she wants to go and see them again at the Sage, you could have come along but it's the same night as Beady Eye - shame! John still demolishing no9, there's no plaster or ceilings left, the roof has been done and the electrician starts at the weekend. Martin is busy with his dissertation and making glittery 'Alien debris' for a project at school. All the grandparents are well, haven't seen Scott, Mark been home at the weekend then will back on leave in April for 6 weeks. Ellen and Des still house-hunting with no luck yet. Bro Brown had a great holiday, he sent some Sunderland birthday cake, it didn't deter John, he still ate it. Have shown your recent photo's to everyone, they all say you look like Martin, he says you're better looking than him - I can visualise you nodding your head in agreement! Enjoy the rest of your expedition, hope to hear from you soon. Keep safe and healthy.
As always, lots of love from all of us, especially Babs/Mam, John and Martin. XXX

Anonymous said...

sammy! (sam clift alpha 5)
just a quickie, what a last few days! omg! saturday it was dannis birthday so we all went bowling and out in cleethorpes after. she invited rick and amanda and guess who else was home for the weekend?!... yes you guessed it! JACK!!!! he was v happy to be home and is nxt home we think the 22nd april... maybe... but it was a legendary night!! everyone was like 'aww sam should be here! especially me!'we just ended up dancing in amishi till 3am!! and then on a mini adventure in the car. jack keeps saying how much he likes danni, she maybe likes him but with him away so much it cant really work...? well just have to watch and see wot happens there

omg!! sunday! me, amanda becky and toddy went on the self defence course lead by your muai tai teacher (matt) (he and pj? are very nice) amanda made me laff cos we were paired together to practice and she didnt want to hurt me so i tried dragging her into a massive pond (we were on the beach) that got her more... shall we say, fired up? :p v gd day!! just dont try any headlocks on me and ull be fine :p

and now tonight i just got my behind whooped by a load of tennis coaches!!! dont worry, we were actually playing tennis :p they were sooooo good!! im gona practice a bit before i go back!ill get them next time :p

i hope your very much enjoying the sun! its cold here!! brrrr bet you really dont want to come home now! not long now though :D :D fed up with missing you now! lol however when you get home there is a new climbing wall in lincoln to go at so it cant be all bad :p

wow! that ended up quite a long one! ok, ill stop bending your ear now and let you get on. missing you soo much! looking forward to you coming home! :D

love kisses and cake helen

Anonymous said...

To stefan otto and cheryl emvula.

Sup stef and dawg. Seems like its tough over there, looks much worse than the epic. Cheryl does look in his comfort zone (must be similar to namibia). Apparently cheryl was catered for as a chick, quite funny. Stellies is such a jol loving it, most of white house is here so we missing your vibes laaaank. You okes must come here. Ferdi has established that people in stellenbosch do not walk around with weapons hunting down the "darkie" so cheryl will be chilled. Also bapes is busy on one of Guy's roomates at the rugby institute which is not surprising as jan lost about 15kgs (and a few hairs) since you last saw him. Ferdi has unfortunately lost his role as cameraman to the institute boys and now cant participate in any live jaune. Sebastjombe is pretty much failing everything and its not as if he is jolling alot, just lying in bed and smoking and plikking. Has only attended like three classes this year. Brad was slanging it up loads here bringing plenty back to room "8".....until the dreaded return of Phillipa. (which he broke up from for a couple of weeks) Bleak days. The farming seems to be going good. Ali is literally making all the chicks cry as he leaves them just as he starts to get close to "their hearts". He is also going to that Kyra birds matric dance this week and has made plans to naai afterwards. Paul seems to be staying in stellies for the rest of his life since the criteria for his sports science course involves swimming a race. Bumber. I haven't been as interesting as the others, just jolling alot and the workload is quite heavy. Went to jug night the other nightand to my surprise saw gus jolling with the polo boys in tinners. He said i could stay in white, so i slept in kris's room and went for the 7am inspection and breakfast was quite funny and wallace and firth loved it. Might have to do it again. Oh and i beat tim in the argus... stoked cause he tried lank hard and promised a result ;). We are all (white house okes) missioning through to newlands to watch kris and the lot play paul roos on wednesday.

Hope to check you soon when you back. Missing you okes alot.

Luise Lotte said...

hi Mathieu in alpha 7,

inmiddels ben je al met de trek begonnen,start bij Long Pasia. Heb het geprobeerd te vinden maar heb geen idee waar het is en van waar naar waar jullie tocht zal gaan.Het zal anders zijn dan trekken bij diepvriestemperaturen,tropische hitte pfffff,lijkt me zwaar.Misschien zijn jouw bevroren zenuwen nu omgezet in extra zweetklieren, kan je je hitte kwijt.Oh jeetje,wat zal het ruiken voor degene die achterop loopt.Nou ja,je zal het op gegeven moment ook niet meer in de gaten hebben.
Thuis alles goed.Ghislaine heeft dit weekend haar sleepover-party.Ze gaan eerst in het dorp uit eten en dan hier verder feesten.
Papa kijkt nog steeds naar auto,s,kan moeilijk tot een beslissing komen.Denkt aan een voordelige voor jullie en een sport voor ons ?!
Ik ontvang zo de dames van de German conversation group,gezellig. Het weer is schitterend mooi,nachtvorst gehad maar nu strakblauwe lucht.
Groetjes van oma, gaat heel goed met haar.Ze heeft veel leuke uitjes de laatste paar weken.Ze komt met Pasen een weekje naar ons.
Mathieu,geniet van de laatste weken,ik hoop dat de natuur mooi is en je nog wat spannend wild ziet.
Veel plezier en de groeten voor je hele groep !
Liefs en dikke kus,mama

Casper Versteylen said...

For Maud Versteylen,

He maud, heb je het nog naar je zin. Wat vet dat je allemaal dingen zit te klussen. Veel duct-tape? haha. Het is bijna voorbij he? Ik hoop dat je het nog naar je zin hebt en dat de laatste loodjes niet te zwaar zijn. Ik ben hard aan de studie, dus ik zie je het weekend nadat je terug bent.

Succes nog! doei

Tom Shelton's Mum said...

Hello Tom!
House cross-country today: bet that would seem like a walk in the park now.
Dad had an exhausting birthday...and all those candles to blow out too.
Susan H sends her love and is looking forward to hearing about your upcoming trip to NEPAL!
See how I'm getting the hang of this commenting hoodly-hoodly? A bit of a slow learner, I know.
Speak soon!
Mum xx

Carole said...

Hi Greg darling, Alpha 1
Sorry i have not written lately.. I had trouble with the internet on the ship.. We had a wonderful cruise to the Bahamas and now I am back in Miami. I will be leaving for London tomorrow and Dad is already back from Canada...
I think you should come home as planned since you really need to decide on colleges very soon.. and the fact that Dad and I are missing you loads..
I can see you are loving it , the adventures in Borneo... Make the most of it!!!
We love you and Big Kisses,
Mum and Dad

Mum and Dad

Shelts said...

just read mum's comment to you, she is SUCHH a dweeb lol.
I GOT YOUR LETTER!!!! it literally was the most exciting thing to ever happen in my whole entire life (sad?) and i lovvvved it and everyone was bare jel that i had such an interesting looking letter.(btw new series of only way is essex has started not that u care) and the content was interesting too, sounds really exciting and i might go and google what sunbears are now.
real millipedes?!?!?! i told u about the scary millipede in bulgaria didn't i? don't think that bit or anything but i hate spiders for having 8 legs so anything with MORE even than EIGHT does NOT sound like my cup of coffee.
impressed that ur apparently getting 'guns' but have you thought about doing some ballet for your core strength? it's really good appaz, corni did it for a bit.
hope you're not being too mean to these poor girls with all your practical jokes though they sound hilarious, especially the nail thing,i liked that.
i've got quite a lot of work to do at the moment, essay plans (eventually essays), loads of writing, got to learn the entire catalan language and then exams in may... will you be home for your birthday?
elena's having her first e.p. launch on your birthday, biiiig gig and tickets are available online, you can actually buy limited edition cds at the gig on the night, exciting no? will you be home by then?
i'm going to ireland with katarina for a week and will hopefully get to see bea even if just for a day, i'm so excited, going to wear only green clothes all week.
they might get a bit smelly.
anyway enjoy the rest of your time,
thanks again for the epistle,
big sister

Tom Shelton's Mum said...

Yo, Tom! (That's got you cringing!!)
Ha ha ha re Helen's comment on my comment. (What's a dweeb? Is it complimentary?).
Well, your letter to Hel was clearly a hit: " ..literally was the most exciting thing..." . Literally. ROFL.
You have obviously told your sister completely different stories from the ones you told us. Nothing about insects and practical jokes and body-building in our letter, more a wish-list of menus for the week following your arrival home. Ah well,I know my place. In the kitchen.
Well, you might be trekking through the jungle but I must gird my loins to go and brave the local wildlife now: am off to the Harlequin.
Love and hugs on tiptoe,
Mum (who else?!) xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Charlotte Dickson-Alpha 3:

Hi Cuck!
It was really good to get a chance to chat at your last changeover,
I hope your last phase is going well and the gravity water feed system is successful! Enjoy the party when you complete it!! I imagine it will be a lot of work but I hope you have got a good place to stay and that the food is decent. Do you get days off? If so, I hope they are good fun. I cant wait to hear all about it!
Everything is going well back here. I am heading home for the holidays on sunday and hoping to go and watch the football on Saturday. We are heading down to London to watch Camelia in the marathon and spend some time there.I have just been elected president of NUTS for next year, which is a really exciting job to have!
Really looking forward to seeing you when you come back and hearing all the stories and seeing the photos! lots of love, Thomas xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristan (Alpha 6),
Nice to see an update on your back breaking work in the jungle. Hope you're bending at the knees to pick up those rocks !!! Sounds like really hard work, at least you will be super fit when you get back home, more energy to ride the new horse! I haven't heard much from Emma, I send her a text whenever you call, just to tell her you are well and having a good time. Last time I told her about the blog and she replied that she would look at the photos, she was also glad to hear you are well. Carry on the good work and hope to hear from you at the end. Are you looking forward to a bit of luxury in Australia or have you got used to the simplicities of life? Shall I get rid of your nice comfy double bed???
Only joking.
Take care and have fun.
Love you lots always Mum, Dad, Mantha and Cat. xx

Anonymous said...

Adam Hext Alpha 7

Hey adam, how you doing? Hear that your having a great time! Im back at school now after my week at work experience. Its horrible! My phone recently broke so mum went out and got me a new one and its great! Its an android and it connects to the internet, good camera and good sound too! Im still doing good at school so im happy and lifes going good! Its getting warmer again! yay, summer! Anyway, hope you keep up to the good work and most importantly enjoy yourself!
Love Liam x

To Adam, Alpha 7
How are you?:) Good I hope, Had practise SATS last week and I did reasonably well but everyone knows I can do better.... :P Part from that school is Ok, I mean, we are getting ready to practise for our leaving play, even though it's ages away, The play is called "Zoom!" It's based on th tortoise and hare, And im hoping i Will get a main part...Anyway, Keep enjoying yourself and hope to see you soon xx Love megan :)

Carole said...

Hi Greg, alpha 1
My darling I am back in London and now counting the days for when you come home.. Dad had a great time skiing in Canada.. It will be wonderful when you come back, Spring is here!!
Continue with the good work and carry on enjoying yourself!!!
Love you loads,
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

Adam Hext - Alpha 7

Hey Ads,

Today is Friday and it is just over a week left for you. We are now starting to think about arrangements for the airport. Hope all going well with the trek. The adventure will soon be over babes. But think how excited you'll be to see me at the airport!!! Lol.

In work today. Ry is due home tonight for the weekend. Im starting to think of menus full of carbs being as you have lost so much weight!! You'll be so fed up of steak and chips.

Will message again after weekend babes.

Love you loads Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wiggly said...

Tom Shelts:

SUP BRO? Got your postcard yesterday and when Stead gave me a picture of a monkey I thought it was some kind of April fool's joke. BUT ALAS! It was not. YAY you're almost home. I'll have to hurry up and watch all the DVDs I borrowed and put them back exactly where I found them so that Tom doesn't find out... oh, wait. Derp!

Not a lot of news to tell since you left, unfortunately (except the Minecraft update that came out yesterday (OMG ADDICTED)). Matron and the cleaners all send their love and Panini's are back in (mhmmm meatballs). Went on the London Eye a couple of weeks ago with Leschner, it was meh. Got work experience at Norton Rose. Decided I'm gonna do GAMES TECHNOLOGY at university (epic).

Anyhoooooo, we'll see you soon - helen just got home and is already Helenificating everything (to be expected I suppose).

See you soon broski!

Helen Shelton said...

hiiiiii tom it's me again
just to say i'm off to dublin now, avoiding any kind of bum bags/skin coloured money belts....... grr.
alsooooooo i'm going for a week so i won't be here when you get back so BIG HUGS AND WELCOME HOME lots of love from your big sister helen who's now off to the airport with katarina woop woop