Tuesday, 29 March 2011

No More Letters - Blog Comments Only Please!

Just a quick note to let friends and family know any letters they send from this point onwards may not reach the recipients in time for the end of expedition.

All messages posted on the blog up to Friday 8th April will, however, be passed on, so please feel free to keep them coming!


Maureen Barratt said...

To Paula (Alpha2)
Hi Paula - just got your letter - thanks, it was lovely to hear a bit more about everything. You sound like you're having a great time, and that the time has gone really quickly. I hope it won't be too hard to adjust to London after life in Paradise. We're so impressed with your new building skills. If you're looking for a job when you get home, you could team up with Jon and offer a complete handyman service!
We've just been told letters from now on probably won't reach you so I will send messages via the blog until we can text you again at the end of the project. Just posted a letter a couple of days ago which I hope you'll get as I enclosed the bank card you asked for.

Also, I sent a small package for your birthday a little while ago. Hope that gets there too. If not, at least you know I tried - but if we don't manage to make contact again, just want to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a fun day. We'll drink a toast to you on the day, from the Isle of Wight. When you're able to make phone contact again you can let us know about your post-project plans.
Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your time, stay well and take care.
lots and lots of love

Stacey said...

Hey old 10J gang....not long to go now! Looks like you are all having an amazing time once again. No sign of any lost marbles or escaped monkeys...from the photos anyway! Hope you are all having an ace time and can't wait to see you all at the London reunion in May. We'll have the drinks lined up waiting....

Love Stacexxx

P.s. Paula - Just so you know the flat is still beautiful...and in one piece! Having a great time in Tuffers but can't wait to see you for a catch upxx

Anonymous said...

hi catrin alpha 7 see you on the 10th april when they drop you off in kk i will be waiting for you all the best dad.

mariem said...

Joe Mangan ALpha 3
Hi Joe
Your flight has now been changed .Raleigh uk have emailed them to base camp to pick up on your return from phase 3 . I have also emailed a copy to you . Have a great time .
Love Mumxx

Anonymous said...

Joe Alpha 5

Hi Joe hope you are having a great time and enjoyed your birthday tuesday. Nothin much changes at home we are all well and we had sunday lunch with G G and GD last weekend. Mum is busy at work and AM is revising at the min. I am just back from newcastle after a night away. Lawns are going a bit mad so you know your 1st job when yo get home lol
Derby are not great
they beat Swansea 2-1 at home and it was a draw Crystal palace 2 2 Next game is Saturday Cardiff away
Not sure if you got the last message but we will pick you up at heathrow on Monday 11th.
Enjoy the rest of your time away

Dad Mum and the scary one

Anonymous said...

To Catrin Williams - Alpha 7.

Taid and I loved your letters - so glad you are enjoying your self. I need a new garden wall building perhaps you could build it for me!!! I am glad you have found operation raleigh a wonderful organisation. I am so pleased I recomended somewhere where they really take your safety and experience seriously - but you all look like you are having such fun.
I spent the weekend with Taid - I decided as a surprise to make him a full english breakfast in bed before the carers arrived. I made him a cup of tea at 8.00 am at 8.30 he appeared in the kitchen to tell me i had forgotten to bring his cereal. I pursuaded him to go back to bed - then turned up with his breakfast (this is cruel) bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomato, black pudding, beans, toast and orange juice. I forgot the clock changed forward and the carer arrived - Taid ate all his breakfast, then the cheek of it asked for a cup of tea!!

Glad you can now wash your own clothes - i will be bringing my washing down as long as you promise not to wash them in the menai straits!!

Mark & I had a bbq last night it was freezing - but we decided to pretend summer is here.
I can't believe i fly out to KK in 7 days - i need to check the hotel out before you get there!! 5* luxury but you can sleep on the balcony if you like with your mosquito net!!
I am proud of so proud of you. have you a new expensive hobby? diving - love and kisses your Aunty Linda

The Lows said...

Hi Will (alpha 7)
It was fantastic to get your letter today. Whilst it has been great keeping up to date via the blog it was even better to finally hear from you direct. Sounds as if you are having a brilliant time. Not sure I would have liked the encounter with the crocodile! Life will seem very tame when you come home. I'm sure you don't want it to end but we are really looking forward to seeing you. I will pass all your news on to all the family. Everyone has been asking about you so now I will have much more news to give them. You probably won't get this message until you emerge from the jungle. Hope it all went well. Thanks again for the letter.
Lots of love Mum & Dad xx

Anne-Romee said...

To bobby breuer Alpha 2
Heee lieve bob!!!
Weet niet of je mijn vorige post had gekregen, dat ging allemaal wat haastig, maar nu wat meer tijd!
Hoe is het allemaal? Zag even snel wat foto's ziet er allemaal superleuk uit!
Oh ik kan echt niet wachten om alle verhalen te horen. Ik ben alweer bijna klaar, nog 4 dagen en dan alweer naar fieldbase en doorreizen. Allemaal heel vaag hier, weet nog steeds niet precies met wie ik ga, maar ik heb meerdere opties.. hahaha
Zal allemaal wel spannend worden. Ga nog even heel erg genieten van de laaste Raleigh dagen en ik kan niet wachten om je in Siem Raep te zien!!!
Heeeeel veel liefs!
xxxx Coebergh Sparkle

Anne-Romee said...

To bente van keulen Alpha 9
Lieve bentiee!!
Hoe is het ermeee??? Zag dat je nu op trek bent, hoop dat het een beetje meevalt qua hitte en zware rugzak! Weet niet of je m'n vorige bericht had gekregen, dat was heel haastig, maar nu heb ik iets meer tijd en doe ik het hopelijk goed! Ik kan echt niet wachten om zelf door te gaan reizen. Ik heb nog maar 4 dagen op project en dan alweer naar fieldbase! Maar jullie zijn ook al bijna klaar natuurlijk... Het in india reizen blijft vaag, maar ik heb meerdere opties om bij aan te haken. Hebben jullie het al een beetje geregeld?
Nou bentie, ik kan echt niet wachten om al jullie verhalen te horen en ik zie jullie in Siem Raep!!!
Heel veel liefs xxxxxxx arie

John Radcliffe said...

To Simon Williams ( Alpha 3?)

Hi Simon. Give us a call re extending insurance and changing flights, need to do this before April 10th. We also have new PIN. I have done my back in - that's digging on the allotment for you!. Grandma is much better and getting out a bit. Gavin was photographed outside rough trade records with Tom Watts. Looks as though you will be at the opening ceremony of the Gravity Feed System.

Cheers Dad

Anonymous said...

Ha lieve Onne (Alpha 7),
Ga je later langer schrijven maar ik wil je graag laten weten dat het Ned ministerie van buitenlandse zaken vandaag een negatief reisadvies heeft gegeven voor een deel van Thailand, waaronder Phuket vanwege zware regen die al lang duurt en blijkbaar zitten er nu duizenden toeristen 'met een probleem'en kunnen niet weg. Laat je even goed informeren voordat jullie richting Thailand vertrekken! Heerlijk om je snel te spreken, we houden van je maar dat wist je al! P & M

Sophie said...

Hey Chris (Twydell)

Hows it cracking? No more letters so ill leave you this message until we can skype and you can update me on your life. I had a dream last night that you were a war time evacuee and you got sent to the jungle. Dont forget your gas mask box!

Got lots of work to do so Im going back to the workshops, so far no injuries but I did blow my nose the other day and sawdust came out. i know, disgusting right?

Birthday soon! keep in touch x

Anonymous said...

For: Bente van Keulen

Ha Bente,
Hopelijk is het eerste deel van je avontuur goed verlopen en ben je nu lekker aan het duiken. De tijd vliegt en voor je het weet spreken we elkaar weer. Hier alles ok. Rustig weekje. Gisteren (dinsdag 29/3) met Sophie naar Nederland-Hongarije geweest in de Arena. Redelijk bizarre wedstrijd, scoreverloop: 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3, 4-3 en 5-3. Kortom, gewonnen! Volgens mij heb ik nog nooit zoveel doelpunten gezien terwijl ik in een stadion naar een wedstrijd keek. Het was uitverkocht en er hing een gezellige sfeer. Paar keer de wave gedaan, hollandse liedjes zingen etc. Jij zou het ook erg leuk hebben gevonden denk ik. Als je er weer bent gaan we snel naar een wedstrijd. Dat duurt echter (gelukkig!) nog lang. Voor nu genieten en soms afzien ;-)
Good luck en liefs!

Neill JUNOR said...

Hi Callum JUNOR. How's it going? Cannot believe the ten weeks is nearly up! Still, we have all missed you so much we will all be panting at Heathrow arrivals when you return home.

Mum has changed your tickets to KL and home and Alasdair has sent you tickets to Bangkok and back to KL. I think he's having you picked up at Bangkok and driven down to one of his hotels to meet him and Anna and Harry and Alice. They are all very excited about seeing you and I am sure are going to offer you a few days of delightful luxury before you return home to the harsh reality of Blightey!

Hopefully we shall talk once you are back at Base Camp. In the meantime miss you, thinking about you and LOVE you. Dad, xxxxxx

mum said...

We loved yr letter no 2. Just sent copies to NAN and Eric. And then another one arrived yesterday...but I'm not allowed to open it yet!!! That's hard! Nanny got her letter Monday I think. She's much better now and stayed here last Sat night. Eric's improving after his knee op and spending a few days each week at home - spent day with him last Thursday. Next letter to you will go to Sydney. Imagine we might speak to you when you arrive there (after shower maybe!). Have just come back from routine vets visit with Tia - she's fine. 3 baby rabbits in back garden - very entertaining, and daffodils everywhere - spring has sprung! George on Geology field trip next wk in Wales. He's very keen to start driving lessons! You haven't mentioned photos - have you been able to take many? Everything sounds so exciting. I think you will miss it when it finishes, won't you. The trekking and diving experiences - just sounded fantastic (hard work I know but memorable!). Hope pipe-laying is equally engaging, and the English-teaching fun. Everybody asking about you. Love you. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mum said...

Previous comment was for Nina on Alpha 1

Koen Verbeek said...

Hey kerel! (To Pieter Verbeek, Alpha 4)
Ik heb je brief vanochtend ontvangen! Je weet echt niet hoeveel het voor mij betekend om ff iets van je te horen. Ik kijk ook echt enorm uit naar het moment dat ik je weer zie op de luchthaven in Sevilla. Ik weet zeker dat we een geweldig weekend gaan hebben. Het is voor mij nu echt gewoon aftellen, nog maar 7 lesdagen en in totaal nog iets meer dan 2 weekjes en dan kan ik jullie Sevilla laten zien!!! Kun je aub niet TE bruin en TE gespierd hier aankomen, bij voorbaat dank(A).
Liefs vanuit Sevilla,

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam, I hope you have got some of the other letters that we have written....including one from MUCK. Enjoy the last two weeks xxxx Sarah is off to Italy this Sunday 3rd Ap. I did try and post an earlier comment no idea if it got through. Lots of love M,D,J,& Muck xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristan (Alpha 6),
Hope the last phase is going well, and you are still in one piece!. Looks like you are in a stunning location (good old google!)Hopefully you have managed to get some photos even though your camera is broken, with the help of your team mates. We really hope you have been able to make the most of the opportunity and have enjoyed or experienced as much as you can from a unique adventure. It won't be long now before you are in the comforts of Ade & Jane's house and looking forward to the delights of Melbourne and your tour of Australia. I've started sending you letters to your email, so we can keep you updated on whats happening (or not happening here). No news from home really, it's Nan's 80th birthday today, she is enjoying all the attention of the family, but does miss you though. Michael came home for the weekend (to see Nan), it was lovely to see him, and he is off snowboarding on Friday and as you can imagine can't wait. Mantha is busy at college, but is going out with Tash and having some friends over for a movie night. She has struggled without you, I suppose there is something about twins after all. Dad is as usual very busy at work, lots going on in the management in Oslo, so looks like changes maybe afoot. I've been enjoying the pleasures of spring in the garden and greenhouse, but not much else to report. Take care of yourself and have a good time.
See you in 28 days. Lots of love Mum, Dad, Mantha, 'cat' and Toby XX

Felix en José said...

bericht voor Pieter Alpha 4
Lieve Pieter, ik hoop dat je geniet in deze fase bij de sunbears. Ik heb even gegooled en wat zijn dat grappige dieren zeg. Ben benieuwd wat jullie daar tot stand brengen! Ongelooflijk dat het eind van dit hele avontuur alweer bijna nadert..... met een dag of tien kom je alweer richting Nederland, snel daarna gaan we naar Spanje. We verheugen ons er enorm op om je weer zien en gezellig op stap te gaan in Sevilla!. Keep the good work going, heb het goed en geniet!!
Liefs van ons en een poot van Rex
xxx Mam

Patrick said...

To Ashleigh (Alpha 3),

Shame about no more letters, was just about to send you a postcard. I thought the role-reversion of the person staying at home sending a postcard would be nice. I've sent two letters but I'm not sure if you even got the first one. Haven't received any myself.

All's well here, just doing some hardcore gardening. See you on the ELEVENTH.

Patrick x

Anonymous said...

Roalind Ingram (Alpha 9)

Roz! your back like next week! weve missed you in high dells. need to fill you in with the hatfield going ons.
when you come back me and bloom have decided were all going to go out in kingston in the Easter holidays.

weve been wondering if you're going to come back as a vegan Buddhist or something.

see you soooooon Jen xxx

Anonymous said...

Hannah Tilley (Alpha 8)

Hey Han, it's Marisa. Can't believe you were trekking for 7 hours the other day? Imagine me doing that? I'd probably start crying after an hour hahaha. Good luck with the diving, bet it'll be so nice being on a beach :) Can't wait to hear all about it.

Life in Bristol is not as exciting. I've got an essay in for tomorrow so I've been busy putting that off as much as possible, loll. It's a classics essay actually. It's on Sophocles' play, Ajax.. Odysseus, Athena, Agamemnon & Menalaus all make appearances. Makes me miss classics with you and lil shem.

I break up for Easter in 2 days then I'll be back home. It's gonna be strange because both you and Helly won't be there. You, for obvious reasons! And Helly has her badders for most of Easter :( Ah man, who's gonna go to Watty with me!!? hahaa.

Not much else has really happened here. I had a childhood social the other night where we dressed up as children haha! i even had a dummy and all. It was fabbbb.

I know I say this every time... but can you please come home? I'm so glad you're having this amazing experience, but enough is enough, I NEED TO SEE YOU OK?!!? :)

Love you lots and lots and jelly tots. Keep safe and we'll talk soon. Moris xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hidde Hinloopen, Alpha 7
Hey Hidde,
Ben zaterdag 51 geworden. Voor het eerst dat je er niet bij bent op mijn verjaardag en dat je mamma’s lekkere appeltaart moet missen ( je gaat nu vast watertanden  ). We zullen een taart voor je bakken als je weer terugkomt in juni ! Mamma is 6 april jarig. Dan ben je net met je laatste loodjes bezig.
Hier alles goed. Van de hotelschool kregen we het bericht dat je 24 augustus wordt verwacht in Scheveningen. We hebben vorige week zondag Merel en Daan je school laten zien en lekker in het lente zonnetje een terrasje gepakt op de boulevard. Daarna de binnenstad van Den Haag verkend. Ook helemaal goedgekeurd qua winkels en terrasjes. We denken dat je het daar wel naar je zin zult hebben straks.
Hoop dat je een mooie duikervaring hebt gehad en dat je oren het hebben overleefd. Met 4 weken aan de standen van Borneo heb je het niet slecht getroffen. Nu twee weken te voet die mooie natuur ervaren. Hoop dat jullie een goede groep spirit kunnen bouwen en vathouden. Ben benieuwd hoe het trekken je bevalt. Misschien kunnen we deze zomer samen gaan wadlopen ?
Hoor op de radio dat het heel hard regend in Zuid Thailand en dat het reizigers wordt afgeraden om naar die regio te gaan. Vliegvelden en wegen zijn gesloten. Hou maar even in de gaten ivm je reisplannen.
Kwam gisteren Daan Zijlstra nog tegen die terugkwam van Nederland – Hongarije. 5 -3 gewonnen. De week daarvoor was te uitwedstrijd 5 – 0 voor Nederland.
Merel heeft het nu moeilijk op school . Ze wil graag de HAVO doen maar moet haar werkhouding aanpassen. Misschien dat jij als ervaringsdeskundige broer nog een tip aan haar kan geven. Daan gaat lekker zonder dat hij hard hoeft te werken. We gaan overleggen met school over mogelijkheden om naar VWO over te gaan.
Ik ben gisteren afgezwaaid als bestuurder van de societeit. Daardoor krijg ik weer meer tijd voor klussen in en om het huis. Daarnaast is ook weer het tennisseizoen begonnen. Wordt zaterdag 21 graden. (Dat is hier warm , ja !).
Hidde, ik denk veel aan je, BIG hug, veel liefs,


talktotilley said...

Hannah Tilley Alpha 8

I just sent you a really long heart felt blog and I lost it because it must have been too long for the Raleigh blog to cope with.
I am soo annoyed.
BUT seeing as this is a rather pointless message I will tell you that I will construct another long blog for you tomorrow when I'm a little less frustrated.

Sareee xxxxxxxxx

luise lotte said...

hi Mathieu in alpha 7,

Zo leuk om weer een brief te ontvangen,we waren erg verrast..Even snel lezen is er niet bij, je moet er voor gaan zitten en soms 3 keer de regel lezen.Je handschrift is echt superklein, dus ook veel leeswerk,maar wat een prachtige verhalen en ervaringen.Als ik je dagboekje mag lezen heb ik wel een week nodig !
Je bent met je favoriete onderdeel van de Raleigh experience bezig,de trek zal heel fraai zijn maar ook zwaar lijkt me.Blij te horen dat je nog op gewicht was gebleven,dat zal met de trek niet meevallen !
Ik hoop dat je een beetje van het zand bent kwijtgeraakt in je (slaap)spullen,lijkt me erg schuren.
Papa is bezig om de oude BMW van een dame op de zaak over te nemen,kunnen Dominique en jij mee rijden en ik natuurlijk.Als je terug bent misschien verder kijken naar het sportwagentje....
Ik geloof dat Ghislaine ook wel met Raleigh op pad wil,maar dan bij voorkeur naar een land waar je geen shots nodig hebt....Costa Rica in 2014 ?
Tan niet te veel,dan val je hier zo op...en blijf smeren ! Eet je klem zo mogelijk, anders voel ik me verplicht je vet te mesten als je terug bent.Hoe is het met de haarstijl, heggenschaar of toch maar de kapper !?
Zal een jas voor je meenemen naar het vliegveld.
Geniet,geniet en geniet,liefs mama

neil said...

Hi Leah(Alph 4)on the final run I hope the bears are behaving if not give them a tap on the nose. Iv been getting mum out behind the wheel of Joels car she's getting there although there are some similarities to her daughter! and naw with her computer corse she thinks she's very teckno. Jacob just got back from rowing for the school in a south west indoor rowing championship he came seventh and they came second in the realy and first overall . Joels still on the une trail had a grate time in usa I'm shure you can swap stores when your back .Things for my part are going along fine its better at work working with pete on the mantanince it gives a bit more intrest. Thanks for the letter it came in yeserday so it beat you back , pritty good I thought . Any way better not hog the page so I'l sign.Im shure that some one will contact again soon so till then off Love from all by the see xxxxx

Alison and Steve Willetts said...

For Sam Willetts Alpha 8

Hi Sam,
We were really excited to receive your letter yesterday (29th March) and enjoyed hearing more detail about your adventures in Borneo land. I'm glad to hear you are well and having a fantastic time, apart from being a mobile buffet for the mossies!

You must be well into your last phase now. I hope the treking and diving has been everything you wanted it to be, I know you were so looking forward to it. It sounds as if you couldn't wait to hit the beach, all that walking in one day - phew!

It will be sad when the experience is over but we can't wait for you to get back to tell us lots more. Still you'll only be home a few days and it's off again to that perennial favourite - Pembrey followed by Tenby, so easing you gently back into normal Welsh life, quite a change.

Glad you warned us about the planned change in hair style - wouldn't want to miss you at the airport! Hmm that'll be different?

Continue to soak up these last amazing minutes, stock up on the memories and we will see you real soon - possibly armed with fish and chips and lashings of vinegar!

Loadsa love from us all here at home.
Mum and Dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

Stefan (alpha5)

Hi Big Dog !!! just a quick update. Kris played at Newlands tonight against Paul Roos. Wet and rain 10 all. Apparently he played really well. Great runs and solid in defence. Steady start for the season. They are off to PE this weekend and flying to UK ON 6 th, Cant wait, Keeping the beers cold LOVE u , speak soon Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

To Alpha 4,

You guys are soo amazingly cool, I wish every alpha 4 was like you!


Belle said...

Hello Ninis
(Denise Alpha7)

Wow... U must have enjoyed diving right? I'm sure u have lots of stories to share with us when you are home... Can't wait.... So, did u see our cptang house on your way to long Pasia?

You know all your fb friends said ,"Denise ... Where r u..? I miss you..!! Come back fasterrr...!!"

You know what... U gonna have a big surprise when u see nenek's house. Well, not so big la...sikit2 ony ba..!! He he..
Ba, enjoy your last phase... Drink lots of water, makan banyak2, & pray kio..*_*
We miss u lots n lots. Till then.. Muuaahhs gapuss from all of us ..
Love mum & dad
Mum Belle

Anonymous said...

ha die lieve Eline (alpha 6)

Nog maar anderhalve week en dan kom je weer thuis.....
We kunnen bijna niet wachten om je weer te zien en al je verhalen te horen! Zo ver weg in de jungle op een plaats waar Raleigh nog nooit geweest is zul je vast heel veel mooie dingen beleefd hebben.Ook de collega's bij de Appie zijn erg benieuwd naar je belevenissen, ze vragen elke keer naar je...
We wensen je alvast een hele goede terugreis en een behouden thuiskomst!
We love you!

mturton said...

So pleased all has gone so well - for Helen T hope art exhibition is well on its way to being arranged look forward to seeing pics. Take care.
M turton xx

Anonymous said...

For Leah (Alpha 4)

Hello Leah, just been looking at the Sun Bears. You must be having a wonderful time. I love the picture of the baby Bear. Not long now before you will be coming to the end of the programme, and I know you will be making the most of it all.Take care, lots of Love
Grandma xxx

Anonymous said...

To Pim Rusius,
We kregen net je Camebridge diploma via de post. Je zult wel veel plezier hebben van alles wat je daar geleerd hebt. Spreekvaardigheid zal nu wel A+ zijn. Ook kwam je fotoboek over Malta binnen, erg leuk!

In Zuid Thailand regent het al een hele tijd, het ministerie van buitenlandse zaken raadt zelf reizen daarheen af. Geldt ook voor de eilanden. Vliegveld gesloten. Dus check ajb voordat je gaat... Als je belt volgende week zal ik zorgen dat ik meer weet.
Veel liefs, Mam

Anonymous said...

Hey Ria, (Alpha 9)
Hope you got my last letter before you went onto your final project. Got yours just before I left for snowboarding as well as my present which has taken pride of place on the table in my room. Was glad to hear from you before I go on my travels and we can skype when you get back. I'll be in an apartment on the Upper East Side of NY (naturally haha) when you get back so should have full access to the internet. Just finished my second from last day snowboarding and think I've broken my tailbone in several places in the snowpark. I'm also horribly burnt so lets hope that's gone by the time you see me. Hope the trek is going well and your bag isn't too heavy for you. Still missing you loads.
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Mica (Alpha 3)
how are things with you?, hope you are feeling okay, Nearly over now, are you going to continue on and travel or come home? Call me when you finish so I know, Nothing new here ,Baileys still playing football, Allisons still going to every exercise class available, i'm still not doing D.I.Y and Masons still doing nothing lol.
Are you still working really hard? did you enjoy diving I bet it was fantastic.Remain safe hope the parcel got to you and I will hopefully talk to you soon,

love mommeh, Allison, Mason, Bailey, Bonnie and Clyde xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam, so exciting to see our comment on the board! Also spotted my Christain name on another comment..in Dutch. You are now on the last 11 days I hope all is well with you and your Alpha Group. We havn't changed too many things since you have been away. Muck has a friend staying for a week - Bramble. Lots of love M,D,J &Muck


We hope this short note finds you well and blister free! Enjoy the diving experience - I knew all the diving for bricks and training with Sedgefield 75 would come in useful! We're all well and on the count down for you coming home, we can't wait to see (and meet) the 'new' you. In some ways the weeks have gone really quick but it does seem ages since we've seen you. It's Mothers Day on Sunday (3rd), you can pamper me when you get home! You have your last appointment (eyes) on 27th April.
Haven't had any more letters to date, so looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Take care, keep safe and healthy, as always, lots of love, Babs/Mam, and of course John and Martin. XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth (alpha 3)
Not sure where my comment is from 27th March...must have hit wrong button because i haven't seen it come up. Clocks went back, Barry came out and made contact in the usual over-friendly manner, so life is moving slowly into spring. Met Charl at work, looking far too happy and chirpy, said you may want to stay with her for a night seeing Durham and she was up for it! She has 5 weeks here so will see you when you're back. So you should have a few days to see everybody before they go back. The boys are away on Saturday (2 days time) playing hockey in Guernsey,so i've got a day with Barry in the garden! Yikes! Then we're at Shivers for Sunday lunch. Hope the mossies are being kept under control with the deet. Love you lots and miss you loads. keep taking the tablets! Mumxxx

Helen Cook said...

Hi James (alpha 3)
Dad has sent you an email with a few alternative suggestions for flights to Singapore so let us know what you want to do. We are all looking forward to hearing all your news. Hope everything is still going well. See you on the 16th April.
Love Mum xxx

Alison & Steve Willetts said...

Sam Alpha 8. Hi buster, just read the update that said that you trekked for 7 hours to reach your basecamp at Maga Falls,by the time you come home you should have a body like a racing snake and be as fit as a butchers dog.We have received your excellent letter and look forward to hearing all your stories. Had a letter from Uni asking for confirmation asap of your place in sept. Have a little think about it. Anyway, we are all missing you and are getting excited about seeing you again, then off to Pembrey together soon after to "chill". Lots of Love from everyone. Dad & Mum.

Roy said...

Hi Nina (Alpha 1)
Really, really enjoyed reading letter. Would love to be doing the same. Sounds fantastic. So memorable. Can't wait to hear all about it. Hope you received our second letter. Next one to Sydney.
Malta was great - lovely hotel, good food and wine, good company.
All is good here - just been to G's school for consultations. Tracking well on his ASs. Well done for getting a card(?) to mum for this weekend. Don't know how you managed that!
Enjoy the remainder of your time in Borneo and the party at the end (?)
Look forward to talking to you soon - hopefully.
Lots of love Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx
PS Your phone is here for when you get back.

Gaspar Mardones said...

For Camilo (Alpha 6)

Buena po Camigonz, como hay estado? aca todo bien, acordandome de ti po negro culiado, ojala que lo esti pasando la raja y esti como todo un macanudito por ahi.
Te mando un abrazo loco y que estes muy bien, mandale saludos y felicitaciones al Principe Williams y dile que no sea cagado que me invite al matrimonio el sapolio.
Oye que onda los gringuitos, buena onda?
Ya po longhi, me voy a estudiar que al paso que voy vamos a tener todos los ramos juntos el proximo semestre.
Gaspar Mardones.

Raleigh India said...

Hi Gijmen
Hi! Hope you're having a godo time in Borneo - Happy birthday for Wed and wish you a good day. See you soon in Thai, Love Flo.

Dawn Tibbitts said...

Hi Theo,
Can't believe that you'll be home soon. Went down to Wales at the beginning of the week to see Grandad and catch up with an old friend.
Sophie has found another job working with Jacquetta at the charity Clicsargent (a children's cancer charity), although it is only for three months, initially.
Everything fine here, family and pets all good.
Colchester now 10th in league!
Boote menu is on standby!
Just enjoy the rest of
Lots of Love. Mum et al xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Catrin Williams,
Hope that you are enjoying yourself. It is very wet here today have managed to locate your ipod very strange place to hide it!.The time you have been out there has flown and its only another fortnight until you are home.Can still see the carpet in your bedroom. Lora says she is going to send you a message.See you soon
love mam

The Lads said...

Astbury you lad!

Anonymous said...

To Bente van Keulen

Hi lieverd,

Even een berichtje om je te laten weten dat ik aan je denk!

Dikke kus uit Amsterdam!

talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley
Hi Han,
Sending shorter blogs as our longer ones don't get through.You must be diving! Wow! Hope it is going well. we need a huge news update.
We are all OK. I was in Wrexham at the weekend and Nana doing well. Sarah is doing loads of rehearsals for her AS production of Macbeth which we hope to see next week. This weekend we may be off to the Tricycle to see a film and I break up in 2 working days.Yeh!
Next weekend when you are off to Oz, Sarah is in Buxton doing herUganda practice so it's all go. Dad will take her and see Steve.
deedum is moulting and clearly misses you but noisy as ever.
OOdles of love Mum

Trickett said...

Hello mate (Tom Watson) Alpha 2

Hope things are well. Bet you've never worked this hard in your life-and without a drink for so long! You'll never be able to keep up with me and wadey now!

Take it you heard about the flop England had against Ireland. Just couldnt finish it off in style.

Cant believe its your last phase already. You travelling around after? Get in touch when you finish.

Wadey's up in the reef at the moment apparently. Apparently some bird is after him. I think he's wishful thinking.

Hope your well anyway mate.
Chat to you soon.

mike said...

Hi Rhian : alpha 2 :
Saturday morning, Pat down working at the shop, Jules just back from running having coffee with Bev. Walked down to get the papers listening to the woodpeckers hammering on the oak trees. Good gig last night...we had 2 trombones, trumpet, 2 saxes, drum, bass, 3 guitars...good noise! [ even Jules said we were quite good! ] Pat was out at a party last night and caught the 7.30 bus back from town to get to work...what a hero even if a bit bleary eyed. This will be your last week coming up which will whizz by I bet.........make the most of the lovely heat and let us know what food you want in the house when you get back. Already stocking up on the porridge.
Enjoy your last few days. dad xxxxxxxx

david birch said...

Hi Jenni
I can't believe only a week to go before you start the next leg of your adventure it seems to have flown by , i will need at least another couple of months to get your bedroom sorted !! have forwarded all your copied documents to sue so you will get them as soon as you arrive .....sorry...but hope it helps ,weather here is great all got suntans or is it rust Hmmm not sure
hows the brick laying going have got a few jobs lined up for you when you get back
love and miss you loads
dad & Alex xxxx

Lisette said...

Lieve Eline (alpha 6)
Nog maar een weekje en dan ben weer terug! Ben echt heel erg benieuwd naar je verhalen en foto's. Hier gaat nog steeds alles z'n gangetje, zo meteen lekker weer werken en druk bezig met alweer een tentamen. Alvast hele goede reis volgende week en tot heeel snel :) !!
xxxx Lisette

Beth Warne said...

Heya Ez Warne,

Its Boots here, Mum is worrying that you are feeling neglected on blog comments so just saying HI. Molly left for Russia yesterday and Mum and Dad are in France so I am officially home alone..... Having Pizza for dinner surprise surprise. Hope you're having a good ole trek and not just dossing around. Love you loads and see you soon Boots x

Anonymous said...

HGi Laura, Alpha 4
We're counting down the days till we see you. Hope everything worked out for you with the sun bears.
Let me know if you want me to do anything about extending your stay.
Gordon has been testing your car out so that they can tweek it before you come home!!!!
Emily is spending her first weekend in Scotland, so we will here how it went tomorrow.
I went to see Calendar girls with Grandma and Grandad today it was brilliant.
Only a week of work left then Easter hols.
We got the postcard to A Jennifer today so I will forward it, still haven't had the letter hopefully it will come next week.
Did you realize the Grand Prix is there next weekend.
Enjoy the last week of your adventure see you soon.
Love you see you soon.
Mum x x x

Anonymous said...

Hannah Tilley (Alpha 8)

Hey Han, it's Marisa again. I'm back at home now and I got your birthday card for me. It's so sweet of you to have written that before you went :) Thank youu, it means a lot xxx

A couple nights ago I went to the performing arts ball which was indian themed. You would have loved it SO much! There was food, bhangra dancing, a photographer. Also got some henna done which looks lovely. OMG and there was an ice cream machine, pop corn machine & candy floss machine! If i could have taken anyone, you would have been there with me getting fat on all the free food and banging those dance moves out ;) haha!!

I hope you've got mine and helly's last letter by now? It's the one we wrote together... If not, then hold tight, it's on its way! :)

I hope you're still having a fabulous time out there... I'm sure you are. Bet everyone loves you and thinks you're a right nutter!! Hope your tan is coming along nicely.. of course, always use sun cream. You don't want to turn into a tomato. We both know how red you go on just a normal day hahaha.

Love you lots and lots and jelly tots. You're totez my bestieee for life-ieeeeee. Keep safe, talk soon. Moris xxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS. come home xxxx

Anonymous said...

To Bente van Keulen(Alpha9)

Hallo lieverd, Hoe is het duiken je vergaan. Ben zeer benieuwd of je het leuk vind. Nog 1 zware week en je hebt de missie volbracht. Daarna lekker reizen,pizza eten en weer je eigen tijd indelen. Hier alles goed. Gisteren 24 graden, vandaag maar 13. Weer verloren, 0-1 van AZ.PSV met 2-0 verloren van Twente. Twente staat nu bovenaan.
Kan niet wachten om je weer te spreken en te horen dat alles nog steeds goed gaat.Love you.xxxxxx

alexandra said...

Lieve Pieter,

Ik hoop dat je laatste week daar in Borneo nog een geweldige week is!
Heel veel succes nog met de laatste dingen en tot over een weekje!

Heel veel liefs,

The Easts said...

To Rob East - Alpha 4

Hi Rob, Hope you are having a good time with the sun bears.

Some excellent football results over the weekend - Arsenal and Chelsea drew, Liverpool lost and United beat West Ham 4-2. United were 2 nil down until the 65th minute! United play Chelsea next week in the Champions League. India won the cricket world cup – beating Sri Lanka in the final. England had crashed out badly to Sri Lanka in the quarter finals.

We are staying in Hampstead overnight on Sunday 10th April and will look be at Heathrow to meet you at around 0645 to 0700 on Monday morning.
Enjoy the rest of your time and take care. Love Mum and Dad xxx

Jerseybeans said...

Dear Beth (Alpha 3)(bestest water gravity system in entire universe)
Have just got up (Sunday morning) and found card and pressie! Bless! It was lovely and so thoughtful. i was shocked and thought how organised you must have been before you set off. Really nice of you. Hope all going okay on last phase, this may get to you before loop or just after. Boys not so great in Guernsey, tripping up the opposition by laying carrots in their path obviously didn't do the trick as Guernsey won most games (Grrr!)Not nice news i know. Dad's team lost,but Dad got his first what he calls "international" goal! i feel a t-shirt coming on. And Rob's game drew, but the other Guernsey teams did very well. Oh well got to give them something i suppose given where they live. Looking forward to seeing you. i hope it has all been what you had hoped for, worth all the aggro and expense as G&G would say. From what i've seen on google it looks really beautiful, although every time Dad looks up the weather it is raining. Everybody keeps asking after you and we're all looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it. i know it will be hard leaving but the great thing today is that keeping in contact is easier than ever before. Love you. Keep taking the tablets! Mumxxx

Anonymous said...

To Arthur ,
Bonjour Arthur , je t'ai écris mais j'ai l'impression que mon message n'a pas apparu. Nous te remercions de tout coeur pour ta lettre qui nous a fait fort plaisir et nous sommes heureux de te voir si épanouis . Ici tout va très bien. Gipsy et Aïcha sont partis chez De Bruyne pour 2 mois.NIcolas a été voir le foot à Bruxelles et il y avait un article et une photo de lui dans le Gentenaar , je le garde pour toi.Hier nous avons eu le mariage de Anne. C'était très sympa.Anouk est enceinte.Marie-Laure rentre le 15 avril et on ira quelques jours à la mer ensemble.Les premières grenouilles sont arrivées.Nous sommes tout heureux de te revoir lundi matin je viendrai te chercher à Zaventem à 10.30h .Tiens-moi au courant si tu as du retard. Bisous, Mamy

Anonymous said...

Sam Willets (alpha 8)

Hey sam! I had no idea you could leave comments for people on here. Been meaning to send a letter but i've been ill for like the last 12 weeks so didn't get round to it.

Everyone is missing you. You've not missed much back here apart from lloyd being a bit of pain i'll explain when your back. Saw some of pictures looks like your having an awesome time mate! And happy birthday for last month i know it's a bit late. When you get back we're all going out for drinks!!!


From Dave and Alice

Anonymous said...

Joe Alpha 5
Just sitting here after sunday lunch with Gran Grandad and Grandma. We all hope you are enjoying the experience and we look forward to seeing you again on the 11th. Grandad asked me to tell you Derby were thrashed 4 -0 away to Cardiff do you are missing nothing football wise but they are still 9 points clear (44 points). A M has gone to her room to finish off her homework and she is looking forward to breaking up on Wed for Easter. Gran says we will go out when you get back, perhaps to the Argosy as its very reasonable, especailly on the mixed grill lol. Mum and AM have booked to go to ireland on the 20th for 5 days over easter wednesday to sunday so we willl have to fend for ourselves somehow. Anyway im off to do the lawms as its a nice day today cya soon M D and the stinking R

Anonymous said...

To Tom Peach (PM)

Hi Thomas! I got your letter, it was great to read. sounds like it was a birthday to remember! Glad your ok and looking forward to reading the epic journal. It sounds like you might need to get another one for your travels afterwards. Its hard to believe that you have almost finished at Raleigh. I am looking forward to you coming home though so don't stay out travelling for too much longer. I sent you a letter just before I got one from you so hopefully you will get that before you finish, cant send another now as you will be elsewhere when it arrives... not much to report from here anyway. Hopefully when you back in the cities we will be able to have a chat on the phone. looking forward to hearing from you. P.S Matt promises to read the book!
Lots of love, Nic xxx

Anonymous said...

Flo Hayes (Alpha 5)

Hey Flo
I hope all good with you - I cannot believe your time out there is nearly over. I guess I had better put away all the clothes that we left out when we were busy trying to fit everything in to your rucksack all those weeks ago. Time flies!! All is absolutely fine at home. The new mini has arrived; I cannot believe that Ali has washed it twice this week and has even polished it!! Take care and enjoy the rest of your time in Bornio. Looking forward to speaking at the weekend.

Lots of love Mum, Dad, Ali and Miff xx

Luise lotte said...

Hi Mathieu in alpha 7,

Alhoewel het nog niet tropisch warm is was het gisteren 24 graden....zoooo lekker.
De vijver zit echt stikvol met vissen,echt leuk en de vogels flirten zich helemaal suf. Nestmateriaal wordt ingevlogen met het oog op gezinsuitbreiding.
We hebben vanmiddag bij onze buren kaffee mit kuchen gegeten.Heel duits,de tafel mooi gedekt met kopjes en bordjes,taarten en slagroom.Eerst een glaasje Sekt,dan de koffie met taart,stukken zo groot dat het een maaltijd is.
Was erg gezellig,het zijn leuke mensen.
Ghislaine heeft een geslaagd feestje gehad.Met haar vriendinnen en Leah het buurmeisje in een restaurant gegeten EN een alcoholvrij biertje gedronken.Allemaal opgetut met jurkjes en hakjes,ze leken een stuk ouder dan de 15 jaar die ze zijn.Bij het ophalen vertelde de ober dat ze lekker haden gegeten en zich goed geamuseerd hadden.Als je terug bent zullen we er ook eens heengaan,eten is er erg lekker.
Geniet van de trek,die is nu halverwege....
Ben zo benieuwd naar de verhalen.
Liefs uit Hannover van ons drietjes( vanaf dinsdag weer 4tjes)xxxxxmama

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris Twydell,
Thanks for your letter & the Mothers Day card! Very sorry to have missed your phone call! hopefully we will speak soon. Hope you have enjoyed your last few weeks & cant believe the time has gone so quickly.Enjoy your last few days.I will email you next week,take care,love mum & matt x

Anonymous said...

TO CAMILO (Alpha 5)
Hola negro, supongo que estás con algo de pena pues ya se termina esta tremenda aventura.
Acá estamos todos bien, todo igual. No se si sabes que Pablo tiene polola nueva (se llama Isa)y la Mimí ya fue esterilizada. Tu abuelo ha estado bastante bien para la condición en que estuvo y que me muero de la envidia del viaje que vas a iniciar ahora. Ojalá eso resulte muy bien. Revisa tu gmail, ahí están los tickets aéreos que pediste.
Te seguimos echando mucho de menos pero al menos ahora podremos saber de tí más seguido.
Muchas bendiciones y besos, Mami y Papi

sal said...

Hello Amber Marriot,
Hope you are enjoying your last week. Have you mastered the dive? Hope all your gear helps with your trek. I have seen your head torch on one of the photos. Did you have a happy birthday. Can't wait to hear all your stories. Won't be long now. Sarah and I will be there to collect you and Rob. I will leave the boys at home!

Sarah Barnes' Dad said...

Hi Sarah Barnes
Dad writing Sunday night. We've heard no more from you but the blog pictures show us you are still having a great time. I've emailed the hotel in KL to confirm your room. You should check your flight home - I guess Raleigh will help with that. Otherwise, we're looking forward to seeing you and listening to all your news. You will brighten up April. It was Mother's Day today - we signed the cards for you and I think you'll like the presents we bought although the cake will have gone. Grandma is 85 on 13/4 and she's really looking forward to seeing you. She's amazed that Rachel has borrowed her now fashionable cardigans! Lots of love always - see you very soon

Dad and all the Kings and Barnes families

Anke Verschoor said...

To tijmen boer
Hi tijmen, nu echt de laatste loodjes. Hoop dat je op een supertijd terug zult kijken. Natuurlijk ook nieuwsgierig of het met je divingcertificate gelukt is. We horen het wel. Je verjaardag nog een beetje feestelijk gevierd daar? Piet en ik zijn in purmerend op jullie verjaardag met mama een dagje gaan golven. Hebben op deze manier jullie verjaardag gevierd. Mama kan trouwens supergoed golfen!! Het was een heel gezellige dag. Flo komt as vrijdag terug naar nederland en stuurde al een berichtje dat ze het weekend met de auto naar vlissingen wil komen .......
Ik hoop dat het allemaal gaat lukken met hwt vinden van een hotel voor de bergbeklimming. Hoorde hier ook al dat je dat wel van tevoren moet regelen, anders heb je een probleem! Hoop je dit weekend nog een keertje te kunnen bellen en de verhalen te horen. Geniet aan de laatste raleighdagen. Top dat je dit allemaal hebt gedaan! Lieve groet uit een zonnig vlissingen, ook van Piet,

Anonymous said...

For Andy McVitty - Alpha 7
Hi there. Difficult to believe you are coming to the end of the trip. Hope the diving and hiking are good fun – photos from other groups look fantastic. It’s interesting to see how the other groups are continuing the work you started.
Went to Simon’s birthday meal the other day – also went out with them to celebrate Phil Clipsham’s 50th.
Will is studying hard for AS levels – just over a month to go! We (+Will) are off to Florence for a few days from this Friday, back the Wednesday after.
The clocks have changed so the light evenings are back – hurrah! We have had a couple of weeks of fine weather and the trees in the garden are blossoming, so we really feel Spring is here. Mum is planting yet more plants, and we’re planning the new shed.
Today has been Mother’s day – Will did a good hand-made card (you’re excused as you’re out of touch!) and we went to the cinema this evening & had a Chinese.
Just an advance note that there’s been a lot of flooding in S. Thailand – hopefully all over by the time you finish, but check the website.
You should see if you can download any photos from your trip direct to us, or somewhere else, just in case the mem sticks get lost. Perhaps have a session emailing them?
Hope to hear from you soon. Love,
Mum, Dad and Will

Hannah said...

For: Tom Day Goodacre

Can't wait to speak to you once you get to Thailand.

Check your emails...

Lots of love

Han xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam (clift alpha 5?)
just thought I'd write you let u know wots been going for the last few days to be honest, not much! The most shocking moment of the week being me, and the girls nearly winning the pub quiz at the harvest moon!! No this is not An April fool! :p, got another 1 planned next week see if it was just a fluke! Got to start Reading the news properly now!

Oo a little bit of news, I'm getting my own pole!!!!! Gona put it up in my old house and could get amanda to bring hers and have a Proper studio!!! Gona be epic!!!

Me rick and amanda and ben went climbing at hull on Friday think ben now likes the roped routes though not so sure about him belaying me for a while... :p ooooo and we won a sugar doughnut :) so alls good :)

Just got in from the cinema with lucie rick and amanda saw source code- which you won't of heard of yet- proper thriller!! V good although amanda and lucie are trying to persuade me to join them on some kind of army fitness training course, like I don't do enough!!! :p amanda went last week and did actuallY get told to drop and do 20! Don't think I'd do very well with that..... Ahhh well I'll end up doing it I'm sure just to stop the nagging bet ur sat there like 'ahh you'll be ok stop being a girl' but rite now I'm pulling the ' girly' card! :p

It's jacks birthday on saturday he's having a few people to his house omg it can only end badly! :p and I'm at the vets tomorrow- not me, my new accidental pet- ull have to meet all the new pets when you get home. But for now I must say adios my favourite sensation seeker! This is probs my last message as it's only a few days till ur home- it's wot I keep telling myself :p very much looking forward to seeing you!!!! Love kisses and 7 weeks worth of cake Helen

Mart en Nadia said...

To Pim Rusius
Hoi Mip! Hoe is het ermee? Vond het erg leuk dat je laatst gebeld had! Hoorde van mama dat het allemaal goed gaat en dat je het hartstikke naar je zin hebt. Hoorde ook dat je hierna nog gaat reizen; klinkt goed!!
Ben benieuwd wat je daar allemaal nog mee gaat maken! Misschien kunnen we een keer skypen in het weekend als je in een ander land zit!

Nadia is erg druk met 'r studie. Tot nu toe gaat het goed en heeft ze het allemaal nog gehaald. Ze is nu bezig met het schrijven van een scriptie ter afsluiting van haar schakeljaar! Ik heb zo een afspraak op school om te praten over mijn afstudeeropdracht. Ik hoop dat ik over 2 maanden mag afstuderen, ben je dan al thuis?

Veel plezier daar Mip! Geniet van je tijd daar nu het nog kan...

Groet, Mart en Nadia

Tom Shelton's Mum said...

Hello Tom!

The countdown to your return has begun - and then it'll seem as if you've never been away, no doubt. I'm looking forward to 17th, the first Sunday since early January that we'll all be together for lunch...That is on the assumption that you won't have gone off somewhere else by then?

Quote from Nelly's text: "We got a magnificent letter from Tom! (actually it is addressed to Daniel)...When is he back?". Your post has caused so much excitement all round. Perhaps you'll take to letter-writing now?

The house is reeling under the shock of Helen and Ed's return, with laundry and bags everywhere. Dad cooked lunch yesterday, so my poor brain is even more confused as far as catering requirements are concerned, what with exotic left-overs to contend with as well as different numbers of people at different times on different days. Talking of food, I wonder if we ought to reintroduce you gradually to home cooking, ie just porridge and tea to start, and plain rice and veg, just to let your stomach adjust? Hold off on the bacon and egg, roast beef and Yorkshires, crumble and custard etc. for a couple of weeks? And it goes without saying that beer's a no-no : just imagine the effect of an ice-cold Becks slipping down your throat after ten weeks of abstinence....

Ha ha ha. I'm such a joker.

Almost got Dad with an April fool's. When he came out of the shower I told him he'd just missed a call from the office. Owing to a massive power failure in central London they'd had to close the office - so he might as well go back to bed. He believed me for two seconds. Harry set the girls' alarms for 4.30. Dad sent an elaborate email round his team saying he'd volunteered them for relocating out of central London - to Birmingham. Elizabeth was up in arms about an article she'd read in the Telegraph reporting that the Labour Party was encouraging people to hold street parties for the forthcoming wedding of Ed Miliband, and that Tesco were selling bunting with his picture on. She wasn't convinced when I suggested it was a hoax given the date...

Have made up your bed and put out the biggest towel I possess, along with the clean pile of clothes you left (what foresight!). Bet you can't wait for that first hot shower.

Must go and make sarnies for my revisers. Day 1 of the revision period. And yes, Ed is on a break.

See you soon!! lots and lots of love, xxxxx

mariem said...

Joe Mangan Alpha 3

Hi Joe
Take care .
Love Mumx

Anonymous said...

Hey matt-matt! (alpha 5)
Daisy here, hope you're well. Everyone says thank you for the letters, they were really nice. and thanks for remembering my birthday, big brother ;)
We're all missing you a lot and we've been watching loads of family videos of you when you were around 2 which is making us miss you more.. there is also one where on est dans le bain ensemble a genre 1an et tu me cri dessus, alors ca, ca ne me manque pas trop. haha i'm joking. I can't wait to hear everything that you've been up to, what you've swam with!! :O it's really exciting.
We've already started to pack our bags, so we hope you're looking forward to seeing us. We are for you!
Love you lots, see you soon matt,
yoour darling Daisy xxx

talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley
Wot? No poached eggs on toast on Mother's day? Where were you? Probably under the sea looking at some amazing coral instead of administering to your poor mother. I don't know,standards are slipping.
Sarah has just come in the room (she has 2 enormous black eyes for Macbeth and looks like something out of the Munsters) and says howdy.
I have now broken up from work and am in holiday mode. Mickey is as mournful as ever and the bird as annoying.Plus ca change! by the way your spelling is going down the pan!!
A big bear hug to you.Lots of love Mum

James Stephenson said...

For Daniel Stephenson. Mum tried to post a blog ten days ago did not seem to get through. Sorry. Thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you next week. I (Dad) will pick you up from the airport. The house has been a building site downstairs but should be all done by the time you get home. United are 7 points clear at the top of the league and, if you want it the weekend after you get back, I have a ticket for you for the FA Cup semi v City at Wembley. Glastonbury tickets all paid for with some of the headline acts already announced - U2 and Coldplay. Max has called and is looking forward to hearing about it whilst sharing a few cold drinks! See you soon. Mum, Dad, Thomas and Matthew, who is looking forward to getting reacquainted with wedgies.

sal said...

Hello Robert James,
The message that I sent you yesterday doesn't seem to of come through. So here we go again.
I have looked up on Internet where you are, it's beyond beautiful!Hope all your gear has been useful. Can't wait to hear all your stories and see your photos. It won't be long now. Sarah and I will be there to collect you. What day is it? Ha ha. If we aren't there just wait longer. Ha ha.

Carole said...

Hi Greg darling (Alpha 1)

Hope you are enjoying your last few days...I cannot wait for you to come home Monday..I will have a car pick you up.. Do let me know if your flight is delayed..

Love you loads,
Mum and Dad

p.s. Cindy had a baby boy on April 1st. He is lovely...

Anonymous said...

Lief Maudje,

Jippie jarig! Van harte gefeliciteerd met je 19de. Hoop dat je een gezellige dag hebt. Volgens mij vertrek je dan naar base camp en zitten de projecten erop. Op naar huis! het laatste weeken en dan weer! afscheid nemen. Wij verheugen ons natuurlijk erg op het weerzien. Hier trouwens alles goed. Rob is een week in Davos en heeft zelfs nog geskied. Ik ben druk aan het werk en heb volgende week gezellig een paar dagen vrij. Misschien wil je wel even shoppen?? Je zult wel even moeten acclimatiseren denk ik. We staan paraat in Adam en Anniek komt zo snel ze uit Florence is. Heel veel xxxx en tot maandag!!! mama

Anonymous said...

To Bobby Breuer alpha 2

Hey bob alles goed met mij gaat het goed, ik heb nu wel toetsweek :( even me onvoldodndes wegwerken moet ook gebeuren ik ben wel heel erg jaloers hoop dat je het leuk hebt.

De koning van het huis en je kleine broertje


helma said...

voor maud versteijlen
Ha lieve Maud,
Van harte met je 19e verjaardag! Een klein feestje op de fieldbase? Spannend he, nog een kleine week en je staat al weer op Schiphol!.
Nog even de laatste loodjes meemaken en ik kijk er naar uit je weer te zien en je verhalen te horen. Tot zaterdag 16 april, veel liefs en goede reis!

Hans en Helma

Anonymous said...

To Bente van Keulen Alpha 9.

Mijn allerliefste STOERE DOORZETTER.
You did it. SUPER, wat een bijzondere 10 weken zal je gehad hebben. Ben zeer benieuwd naar je laatste 3 : de trek en dive. En dan komt het afscheid nemen van zoveel mensen die je vrienden zijn geworden...zal best emotioneel zijn. Het leven hier gaat terwijl jij je uit de naad hebt gelopen gewoon door, de lente is in het land, de bomen, bloemen lopen uit en de vogels maken overal achter in de tuin hun nestjes....geen last meer van Maus.(meerdere vogelnesten) Wel veel herrie, want er wordt flink verbouwd bij de fam. Wijsman. Coen is 8 geworden en heeft o.a. de toverstaf van HP gekregen, heb gezegd dat ie maar eens met je moet komen praten als je weer thuis bent. Ik verheug me er enorm op om je stem weer te horen en al je verhalen. Hopenlijk kunnen we volgende week als je in KK bent of waar dan ook skypen, zodat ik je kan zien.Lieverd de tekst hieronder is een gekopieerd
stukje uit een mail van Winny,Ik ben vrijdag rond 12.15 thuis, zal je direct smsen als ik er ben. MOLTO XXXXXXXX, Hou van je en vind je een Kanjer, maar dat wist je al.
Tot zo/straks aan de telefoon.
Citaat Winny: "Het zit erop voor AR, ze was super enthousiast!
Nog zo een leuke laatste week gehad en gelukkig weer gezond.
De laatste nacht bij een moeder en dochter gevraagd in hun hutje te slapen als dank voor al haar hulp! bijzonder hoor!
Ze heeft gelukkig 5 reisgenoten gevonden, 4 meiden, 2 jongens.
Ze moet morgen ochtend afscheid nemen van degenen die terug gaan, zag ze wel erg tegenop!
Nu zat ze in een jeugdherberg in Bangalore, het leek wel een gevangenis.....!!
Ze gaat nu nog even het echte India zien! (duimen maar)
Morgenavond gaat ze met nachtbus...naar Goa.
Dan willen ze nog door naar Mumbai, Delhi en Tasj Mahal.
Hoop dat ze het allemaal redt binnen die 2 weken!
Dan zie ik haar de 19e in Thailand.....!!!
Peter komt opeens het weekend ook (hij moet maandag in korea zijn), ze was helemaal ontroerd!
Kan niet wachten!
Hoe is het bij Bente, AR verheugde zich zo enorm ze weer te zien!
Morgen gaat ze naar een internet cafe dus hoop ik iets meer te horen.
Haar ticket naar Siem Raep is geboekt, ze komt om de 25e april aan, zoals ze hadden afgesproken.
Doe Bente heel veel liefs van mij en van AR, hierna kunnen ze misschien via internet contact houden.

Anonymous said...




luise lotte said...

hi Mathieu in alpha 7 ,

Ik denk dat je op de fieldbase bent en de trek erop hebt zitten .Je zal het druk hebben met afsluiten en herpakken,afscheid nemen...
Misschien krijg je nog de kans om te mailen voor je naar de Step in lodge gaat,even je plannen doorgeven.
Van Mc Gill nog niets gehoord,Delft,Edinborough en Bath zeggen ja.
Malaysian Airlines zal ik nog om een conformation vragen.
Dominique is gisteren ook weer thuis gekomen.Nog 2 weken en dan zijn we weer kompleet met oma !
Groetjes en dikke kus,mama

ps papa's blog is niet gelukt ?!

Anonymous said...

For Thomas Peach

Hi you must be nearly finished building the tiolets, Dad thought that your diagrams were very good.I'm sure that they will be well used!Everyone is fine here Dad has started his new role and is getting stuck in, I have a new(er) car.Nicola and Matt are going up to Scotland for a short holiday next week.Hope to speak to you soon. love Mumxx

Kathryn said...


Hey babes! Just thought I would send you a little message before you start to make your way home. HOW ARE YOU? Read the blog post about alpha 3 and saw the pictures, ahhh so JEALOUS! It all still looks amazing. Not much to update you about this side of the world. I'm still chilling in Bath but everyone else is at home, awaiting your return hah!

Anyway, enjoy your last few days and have a safe journey home.

MUCH LOVE xxxxxxx Kathryn xxxxxxx

Mat said...

To Leah (alpha 4)

Hey!! Hope you got the letter ok and have been enjoying your last few weeks - especially with the Sun Bears and Orangutans :).

Now, get yourself back here nice and safe - can't wait to see you; less than a week!!!!!

Love you loads
Mat xxx

(p.s. the F1 is in KL on Sun so if you do happen to bump into any dirvers can you grab me an autograph please)

Ros Blevins said...

Message for Roscoe Blevins (Alpha 7)

Hi Roscoe
Hope you had a great time trekking.

Flight KK to KL rrearranged for Thursday 21st April 1215 (midday). Call us for reference details or check your emails.
Happy birthday for 14th April which you will now be spending somewhere in Borneo! Have fun!
Fern says thanks for her dress - it's lovely. She and I went skiing at MK today - bet you can't remember what cold and snow are like!
Hope to speak to you soon. Love Mum and Dad.

Anonymous said...

Sam Willetts - Alpha 8

Hey, missed the last op for sending a post, but had sent one postcard earlier, crossing fingers it arrived. Wishing all the best for your last few days, and safe travels home, and hoping transition back not to much of a shock for you. Knowing you'll be busy with family and friends when you get back, catch up again in a couple weeks. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

luise lotte said...

hi Mathieu Langeslag at fieldbase,

Vlucht is op 18 april met dezelfde tijden.
We zien je dinsdagochtend om 06.30 (het moest verboden worden zo vroeg te arriveren) op schiphol.
Veel plezier deze laatste week en zorg goed voor jezelf.
Kus mama

Tom Shelton's Mum said...

Just to say we're looking forward to seeing you come through those doors around 6 am on Sunday, T4! Try to get some sleep on the flight so you'll be alert enough to cope with all our questions...

Lots of love xxx

Carole said...

Hi Greg darling,

It is so wonderful that you are finally coming home... cannot wait to see you... Please call me as soon as you can.. I just want to make sure that all is well and you will be back on Monday morning..
Enjoy you last day!!! see you very soon!!!
Love u loads,
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

To Camilo (Alpha 5)

Gordito, te echo mucho de menos. Estoy arrepentida de haberte dado tanto tiempo de permiso.
Solo quiero decirte que te quiero mucho y que espero y ruego que estés muuuy feliz.
Ojalá la expedición haya cumplido con todas y más de tus expectativas. Que lo que se viene sea increíble y que Dios y la Virgen sigan siempre contigo.
Nosotros todos muy bien.
Millones de besos y todo nuestro amor. Mami y papi

Tom Shelton's Mum said...

DON'T PANIC, Tom! I've realised my mistake! Thought it was odd no other parents mentioned meeting their offspring on Sunday ... We'll see you on MONDAY at Heathrow.
Poor old me:(
Now I just have to rethink all my catering plans for the weekend. But that's fine. You know me - I could always do with an extra day to fit in everything I plan for.
Anyway, hope you're enjoying all the endex hoodly. See you not quite as soon as I had in mind but soon none the less,

Lots of love,

Mum xxx

Tom Shelton's Mum said...

PS I think you realise it'll just be a welcoming party of me on my own: Dad has to go to work (tho will try to get home early), Peter is working, Helen's in Dublin and Ed's starting a revision course (lucky him). But at least that means you should be refreshed when you do see everyone.
Can't wait! Steak and salad for dinner ok?
Mwah mwah.

Borneo Travel Fan said...

Hi! I 've been following your expedition online - great work. I visited Borneo years ago and i will go back there again, I can't await it.
Cheers, Borne Travel Fan