Friday, 11 March 2011

Hello friends and family,

As you might have heard, northern Japan has just been hit with an earthquake.

We would like you to know that everyone is safe here in Sabah.

There have been no tsunami warnings for Malaysia. Geographically we are sheltered by the Philippines in the north.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and will update you on any developments.

Mark McCarthy
Country Director
Raleigh Borneo


luise lotte said...

To the raleigh borneo team,

Thank you so much for the update every one is safe and sound today !

Please give us (concerned parents,family and friends)
frequent updates about the situation in Borneo.
It will be very much appreciated.
Stay safe,

Luise Lotte Langeslag

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this reassurance!

Julie Shelton

Patrick said...

Hi there Ashleigh (Alpha 8),

I posted on the last blog but the great moderator in the sky seems to have deemed it unworthy of his marvelous blog.

V. glad to hear you're safe. I've sent a letter, hopefully that should get to you soon. Thinking of you!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your message, please keep us informed.
Parents of Bente (alpha 5)

Anonymous said...

To all the staff of Raleigh in Borneo and the UK,

Thanks for your quick update, much appreciated. Happy to hear everything is allright with staff and all the Alpha's in Borneo. Our thoughts are with all those who indeed have been affected by the earthquake and the tsunami. Take care, Caroline and Jan Willem van der Graaf

Hi from Nantucket said...

Thank you for advising us so promptly. Was concerned.

mariem said...

Thankyou for your update to let us know everyone is safe in Sabah .
Mr & Mrs Mangan

TCockin said...

Mopa Cockin!
So looks like your big brother finaly figured out how to comment on this thing....
Looks like your having a whale of a time.
Read about you playing the guitar for the take a guitar out there or something?
Anyway things are ticking over nicely in Sydney, hope to see you and hear from you soon.
If you get a chance give a call.
Ill post you and mp3 player with a few Aqua albums on it as soon as you give me your address.
Smell you later Miaggie son!

Love Thomas

Ondra said...

Petr Alpha 5

Hey kamosku
Nedavno mi prisel tvuj dopis tak jsem rad ze se mas fajn a uzivas:)Tenhle pul rok je pro tebe hooodne naslapanej na zazitky a uz se tesim az nam to vse povypravis kamo!:)Zaciname pomalu organizovat uvitaci party na tvoji pocest. Pocasi tady asi neni stejne jako tam u tebe i kdyz prselo tu ted jako DOST!!! ale poslednich par dni uz je moc hezky. Pomalu jako v lete.A to vis ze v Edi je se na co podivat a holky zacinaji nebezpecne zkracovat sukne:)
Zacal jsem kamo makat v pecovatelkem dome je to dost v klidu a davaji mi obcas i tri dny v tydnu coz je ok. V cervnu se stehuju s dvouma kamosema do centra tak uz se tesim, tady na kolejich to neni zas takova pecka. JInak co je asi nejvetsi novinka tak Pavel s Aniezkou se defo rozesli a bydli ted oba v Dundee( oddelene) a Pavel zacal makat ve Fairmontu pres vikendy. Dokonce mu dali ten job co jsem delal ja. Je z toho rozchodu trochu spatny...ale tak neni se cemu divit po takove dobe. Zkus mi kamo dat nejak vedet kdy dorazis, rad bych te potkal na letisty.
Mej se fajn a uzij zbytek pobytu v raji! Skotska realita uz ceka za dverma:)ale nemusis byt z toho spatny pac se to tu zlepsuje s nezamestnanosti a skotsko je na tom z cele UK nejlepe tak snad ti neco sezenem tady v civilizaci( Edi, Glasgow) :) a leto uz se taky blizi!

no to je zatim vse ode me a ty se drz draku:)
S pozdravem Ondra

Anonymous said...

Hi Luise Lotte Langeslag,

Hope you are doing great! I have been looking for your contacts, can you please mail me at

Take care!