Monday, 28 March 2011

A Glimpse into Field Base Life..

Though few venturers ever get the chance to peek behind its hallowed walls, the work that goes on behind the scenes at Field Base is crucial to the smooth operation of the entire project.

This expedition, the amazing logistics team comprises Chris Beer, Martin Brown and Dan Brookes. Between them, they coordinate hundreds of requests from staff and venturers alike, replenishing lost and broken kit and ensuring everyone has enough to eat whilst out on phase!

Our medics take turns being resident Field Base medic every phase, allowing them to experience both Field Base and phase life. Kicking off phase one was Maxine Radcliffe, who then handed over the reins to Carla Stanton for phase two. Completing the Field Base medic trio is John Liddell in phase three.

Chris Boller is in charge of all things financial, tracking everyone’s budgets and floats as well as ensuring the shop is fully stocked for all the hungry and thirsty venturers at each changeover!

Kate McKeon keeps on top of the programme administration, ensuring all the relevant documentation gets filled in for every person on the expedition – a challenge in itself!

Expedition 11B’s resident artist, Helen Turton, has been running a number of art projects during the expedition, and has also worked on the end of expedition magazine with Belinda Whitehead, the communications officer. Belinda has also been keeping venturers’ friends and families informed of their adventures on this, the expedition blog!

Mark McCarthy, Sarah Hoare, Yolanda Graham and Caroline Reid are the crack team behind the entire expedition. Between them, they train the staff and venturers, work with Raleigh’s project partners and liaise with local government departments. Caroline was a volunteer manager on a previous expedition and decided to come back in the volunteer role of Deputy Programme Manager, supporting the permanent staff team with their daily operational duties.

Alongside their normal roles, Field Base staff work on a rota system to ensure the radios are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

But it's not all work, work, work here - when it comes to having fun, Field Base staff can keep up with the best of them! We've held theme nights, celebrated pancake day, cooked a traditional roast dinner on Loli's day off (thanks Chris!), used our initiative to create a ping pong table (see pic below!), and even filmed our own contribution to the end of expedition music video!

Mexican Night

Sunday Roast

Pancake Day

4 giant tubs of sauce + 1 dining table = instant ping pong table! Pedro certainly seems impressed!

Filming for the music video.

Just another day at Field Base..

Helen and Chris demonstrate an interesting use for the wheelbarrow..

Last, but by no means least, are Loli, the wonderful Field Base cook, and Pedro, the feline Field Base entertainer, without whom Expedition 11B just wouldn’t have been the same.....

And they say Field Base is boring.....Hardly!


kat said...

Comment to Nick Harman;
Hey Nick! Hope u get this, couldn't figure out if its the right place to write it, I've been leaving messages on faceyB before realising you wouldn't see them!

Hope you are having an awesomely spectacular time! Thie pics and the whole project look amazing, very cool beard you have going on there, kinda like Castaway. Not much going on back home, same old riots and politics rubbish as per usual.

Stay safe and make the most of it!



A massive thanks to the Raleigh team for an excellent blog and regular updates on our loved ones, they were very reassuring and much appreciated by all of us at home.
Let's hope 11b concludes as one of the best and most successful expeditions ever.
Best wishes for the future to all staff, volunteers and venturers.
From John, Barbara and Martin Waller.
Family of Michael Waller Alpha 8.

Alison and Steve Willetts said...

A BIG thank you to all the hard working field base folk for giving my son an amazing experience and keeping him safe and healthy. We really appreciate all your efforts.

Many thanks to Belinda for keeping us up-to-date via the blogs so we can at least see our little treasures and what they've been up to!

I'm sure at the end of the day you all feel a lot like Pedro looks; flat out in his box of towels! Still always some energy left for fun!

Once again grateful thanks, Alison and Steve Willetts, mum and dad of Sam Willetts Alpha 8.

Anonymous said...

Lieve Maudje,
We gaan nu aftellen. Maandag 11 april staan wij op schiphol om je op te halen. Wrs. sta je dan nog in je junglecamoeflage kleren met mos op je hoofd en hier en daar nog een lichy. Brrr.. Ongelofelijk gedaan; 10 weken ontgroeningskamp!
Dat wordt straks een makkie in Delft. Hier verder alles goed. As week ga ik nog naar Davos voor cursus etc. Tot heel snel XXXpap

talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley Alpha 8
Just sent a long blog and then it wouldn't send so i lost it. This is therefore a short one. Hope the trek has been brilliant, that the shoulders aren't too sore and that the boots held. Have a great time diving.
We have so much catching up to do. A big skype session from Oz methinks.
will write again on the blog tomorrow.
An enormous hug Hannie bean...
lots and lots of love Mum

Jersey Beans said...

Many thanks to all at Raleigh, whether front of house or back office. These expeditions and phases aren't so successful merely by chance, and all your your hard work is appreciated.

Jon, Elly and Rob Corfe
Family of Beth Corfe variously of Alphas 4, 8 and 3.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam clift, hope you have received my messages since dad went back to egypt? you know how good I am with computers!Thankyou so much for your 2nd letter, it was great to hear from you and know you are having an amazing experience. Really miss you now the novelty of a clean house is wearing off! Lots to tell you but most importantly dad came home again yesterday 1.4.11 he is fine but his factory isn't, there was a fire, everyone fine but they lost half of the factory, he is home for a while to see what can be done.The house was very quiet with all my men away, dan home sunday 3.4.11 and of course you the week after so normal service will be resumed! Love and miss you sam. make the most of your last few days see you very soon. All family send their love to you, and I have shared your news with them. Take care love u mum x

talktotilley said...

For all the Raleigh staff at base camp,
Thank you for all the hard work you have done to make this venture a success. The venturers have clearly had a ball and an experience which will stay with them for life.All your efforts in every way have been really appreciated by us.
With best wishes
Hilary Tilley

The Blevins Family said...

Thank you to everyone at Field Base for all you have done for 11B. It's been wonderful receiving all the blogs and photos - not just to see our son looking so happy but also to get a feel for the different activities being undertaken by the Alphas and a glimpse of the amazing scenery. It's also made us appreciate what a huge undertaking organising these expeditions is. We are so pleased that Roscoe chose to venture with Raleigh who have proved to be such a professional and caring organisation. It's been an amazing experience that he will treasure all his life.
Many thanks again for all your hard work and enthusiasm.
Ros, Trevor and Fern Blevins
Family of Roscoe Blevins (Alphas 6, 2 then 7)