Monday, 21 March 2011

The Final Countdown...

The Field Base team are now back from Base Camp, which can only mean one thing: The final phase of Expedition 11B is officially underway!

The third and final Alpha group allocations are as follows:

Alpha 1 - Heading off to Kampung Solungkapit with PMs Shaun and Carla are: Anjalee Patel, Timothy Browning, Pim Rusius, Charlotte Jackson, Gina Saharudin, Nina Clifton, Sarah Barnes, Gregory Vieux-O'Connor, Nicholas Swaffer and Thomas Massicotte.

Alpha 2 - Finishing their expedition with a few weeks in Pulau Maliangin paradise with PMs Paula and Tom are: Max Beelaerts, Thomas Watson, Jonathon Hoskin, Rhianydd Jeffreys, Cheryl Emvula, James Astbury, Fenella Maudsley, Avril Howard, Jenni Birch, Bobby Breuer and Daniel Stephenson.
Alpha 3 - Putting the finishing touches to what has been dubbed 'the best gravity water feed system EVER' (just don't tell Alphas 1 and 5!) with PMs Rob and Rory are: Kelly Brown, Annabelle Chelsom, Fiona Wiedmann, Mica Murphy, James Cook, Ashleigh Irvine, Lorne Paterson, Bethany Corfe, Paz Nansi, Charlotte Dickson, Joe Mangan and Simon Williams.
Alpha 4 - Spending some time with the sun bears (and PMs Neil, Leanne and Steve!) are: Tom Day Goodacre, Carly Fletcher, Callum Junor, Louise Hutley, Laura Coombes, Pieter Verbeek, Leah Cunningham, Daniel Razmy Moho Hus and Robert East.

Alpha 5 - Attempting to outdo Alpha 3 and prove that THEY in fact have the superior water feed system will be PMs Petr and James, and the following motley crue of venturers: Nicola Bell, Stefan Otto, Florence Hayes, Joseph Howell, William Mackintosh, Samuel Clift, Jonathon Downing, Marian Sue, Robert James, Maud Versteylen and Camilo Gonzalez Rodriguez.
Alpha 6 - For the final phase, Alpha 6 will be relocating to the Maliau Basin, a virtually self-contained eco-system spanning 390km2 and consisting of 12 types of pristine forest. It was not until the 1980s that this saucer-shaped catchment area was first explored, and the area is now known to be home to over 30 species of mammals, 270 species of birds and 80 species of orchids. Its huge biological value was quickly recognised by Yayasan Sabah, which designated it a conservation area, and with whom the group will work on trail clearing and maintenance. They will also be constructing gabions - structures made of wire and filled with rocks - to protect the Maliau Basin study centre from landslides.

Accompanying PMs Johnny, Amy and Chris will be: Arthur Drom, Eline van der Ploeg, Matthew Jones, Georgia Harvey, Sam Kennerley, Barney Rowland, Kristan Emery, Christopher Twydell and Theo Tibbitts.
Alpha 7 - Diving then trekking for their last phase, with PMs Dick and Claire, will be: Mathieu Langeslag, Roscoe Blevins, William Low, Andrew McVitty, Onne van der Graaf, Catrin Williams, Jerri Butler, Thomas Shelton, Ria Hanish-oakes, Hidde Hinloopen, Adam Hext and Denise De Souza.
Alpha 8 - Trekking then diving with PMs Graham and Charlie will be: Amber Marriott, Katherine Twelves, Ciara McGlade, Hannah Tilley, Frederick Pugh, Samuel Willetts, Mathias Bidault, Michael Waller, Sisi Liu, Akram Lemseffer and Ryan Hoey.
Alpha 9 - The final group finishing on the adventure phase will be trekking for the first five days before learning to dive on Pulau Mamutik and then trekking for the remainder of the expedition. Joining PMs Stu and Helen will be: Tijmen Boer, Bente van Keulen, Jenny Kohnhorst, Rosalind Ingram, Rebecca Hutchens, Kate Thorne, Lee Cockin, Seng Fung Wong, Christopher Aylward, Nick Harman, Isobel Reid and Rebecca Gould.
As always, Changeover was over in a flash, but it was not without its memorable moments! Here are the best photos to give you an idea of how it all went...



Art Olympics


Check back soon for more updates!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mica Alpha 5,
Looking good and still smiling,great to see you safe and sound after the worries of the tsunami, I'm sure that you were nowhere near but you know me,Hope you got the parcel it might lighten the load over the final few weeks(if you know what I mean).Everything here is good, took Bonnie to the vets, apparently the crying and yowling that she's taken to doing is most probably the first signs of senility, jeez a cat with alzeimers it could only happen to us, and of course clyde goes on oblivious, typical man,lol,well have to go take care jermaine sends his love and so did your dad,hopefully talk soon love you loads, Mommeh, Bailey, Mason,Allison, Bonnie and Clyde xxxxxxx


Hello MICHAEL WALLER, now in Alpha 8. We've seen you on the photo's at change-over pondering or looking as if you've lost something! You look really well, the facial hair suits you! Don't know if you got my text message before you moved on from base camp, the good news is we've got tickets for the Eels, July 11th at O2 in Newcastle. Due to a computer malfunction we have 12! Ellen, Des and James going, left an email for Chris Iceton and Ryan going - he said he has your ticket for Leeds. Enjoy and make the most your last phase, it sounds fabulous! We know communications are limited now, so looking forward to letters and any contact, keep in touch when you can. I've posted off last letter today, hope you get it. Everyone here is well and we can't wait to see you, we're counting the days down. Looking forward to seeing your photo's and hearing the stories of all your adventures. We're all extremely proud of you. Take care, keep safe and healthy, keep wearing the sunglasses! As always, lots of love from Babs/Mam, Big John and Martin. XXX

Carly Rose said...

Hey Andy, alpha 7
hope you have an amazing time diving a trekking, I am so jealous of u as I sit here doing my physics coursework!!
Sent you a letter today, so hopefully you'll get it in a couple of weeks!
Speak to you soon, Carly xxxx
P.S you're looking beardy!

Anonymous said...

hello catrin alpha7 hope you enjoy your diving and trekking see you in a few weeks, take care love mam and dad

Horrified from Nantucket said...

To Lorne Paterson, Alpha 3:

Hey Lorne, it's your sis here. Mom and I just had the hardest time trying to find you in your group picture, we were skimming over and over and couldn't find you for the life of us! Then horrified, we realized you got a mohawk!!!! What the heck! We didn't even recognize you! Mind if I post this on facebook to share with your friends? Miss you loads! xxoo Alaina

Concerned from Nantucket said...

Lorne (Alpha 3)
Tell me you are not wearing your stubbies and the wife-beater with your new do! Could I appeal to some of your Alpha team mates to stage an intervention??? They will be doing you and the locals a favor. Some of the villagers must be severely traumatized by your presence. You may even become part of jungle legend - the white giant with the mohawk.
We still love you but remain hopeful that the fresh air and hard work will result in rapid hair regrowth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura-Alpha 4
I am sorry that I could not help you arrange to extend your stay,I could try to change your flight from this end but I don't know where you want to dive or if you could get in.
I hope things are better for you now that you have got to the sunbears project I am sure it will still be an amazing experience, please try to enjoy it.
Prehaps when you get back we can use some of those extra days to catch up on the things that you don't get time for. We are all missing you, especially Rach she has nobody to discuss all those programmes you two watch with.
Your car is well on the way to being on the road, I even heard the engine running yesterday!!!
We are all getting over the dreaded colds, hopefully you will miss them, apart from Emz who seems to have avoided them. Still srping seems to be on it's way with some sunshine and everything budding out.
I noticed on a blog that Jenny Kohnhorst now on the trek and dive I think alpha 9 is staying on till the 13th in the step in lodge, so at least someone else will be there, it looks like she has done quite a bit of diving already.
Please take care and let me know if I can do anything to sort out your stay.
Love you and miss you Mum x x x x

Helen Cook said...

Hi James (alpha3)Good to see you looking happy Jon says they only select the happy campers photos but it is still nice to see. Got a visa sorted for you to Australia so will go a head and get a ticket for you. We are guessing you still want to go. Waiting at BMS to listen about Ems trip all a sense of deja vu. Better go as they are going to talk to us. Love Mumxx

Daniel Clift said...

Message for Sam Clift.


Hope you're having an amazing time sorry we cat see you on your birthday ... but you know ... you're thousands of miles away!

have fun stay safe :)

Dan x

Anonymous said...

To Becky Gould (alpha 9),
Your final phase looks like the most exciting yet! Hope you have a great time, enjoy every last moment. Don't forget to keep us informed about your return journey, especially if it involves Thailand!(we are not mind least not at this distance). Love Mum & Dad x

talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley (Alpha 8)
Hi Hannie,
I have just seen all the photos of you coming back to base camp before the final phase and in every picture yiu seem to be hugging someone. Typical you! You look very happy so that is great.
As I write this you must already now be on the trek. Hope you have a fab time and not too many leeches or blisters.
i wrote you a blog last night but for some reason it didn't go through.Marisa and Helly phoned us yesterday as they wanted to know how you were. They have written you several letters so I hope you have received them. It was really nice to hear from them.
I shall write another blog soon - if it is too long it sometimes doesn't send.
Oodles of love Mum

Dad Barnes said...

Hi Sarah Barnes
Lved the scuba pictures - now in the latest I can see how much your hair has grown. Rachel is writing a creative essay for GCSE, Mum's trying to finalise a summer holiday and so I leave you a note. Rachel received your e-mail via facebook but no details on what t change. We can change your flights but need to know - also about hotel in KL still reserved for you. Still, there's time and you look as if it's all so much fun. The sun nearly came out today and this weekend the clocks go forward. Loads of love, miss you lots
Dad, Rachel, Mum, Grandma, Grandad, Alison, Tim and Ireland

Anonymous said...

Stefan ( Alpha 5)

Hi big dog, What a greta surprise speaking to you on Saturday, I am so glad you are having such a great time and loving it so much. We all good. Kris played his first match vs False Bay U 20. The won 29-11. Kris played 13 and apparently played like a star. He is enjoying it. We had a busy weekend. At the Doyles on Friday with 20 other people. Had people over Sat eve and Harmans for Subday lunch. Super15 is getting exciting Stormers top of list. Won all there games. Beat Bulls the weekend, In six nations England won but lost last game agianst Ireland. I will try to see if I can change your ticket. All depends on cost. How many days later ???? 3 ??? Dont know if you can let me know. Cant wait to see you. Have lots of fun !!! Love you loads. Dad xxxxxx

Jersey Beans said...

To Beth (now Alpha 3 at Toboh Pahu)

Great to see the photos from the final changeover. And of course very noticeable that Alpha 3 were the only colour-co-ordinated team.

Would you expect anything else whilst putting the finishing touches to the (alleged) best gravity water system ever ?

Carla loved her birthday card with the wonderful picture on the front.

Let's hope that the red and white of the Jersey flag has made an appearance in all the appropriate places and is caught on (digi)film from time to time.

Keep having fun. You'll be dining out on your fantastic experiences for many years to come !!

PS Reading are out of the FA Cup. No real surprise after a good run.

love Dad, Mum and Robster

Mon 21st Mar

Anonymous said...

Cheryl ( alpha 2)

HI big boy. Obviously you are having a great time if you have decided to stay longer. it all looks so amazing and fantastic. Enjoy your last fase and have fun. Yime to come and visit us as well. Lots of love from all of us . Fred , Louise and Max

Anonymous said...

For Sam Willetts Alpha 8 - Phase 3

Surprised and delighted, just recieved your post today! Heading out on the 23rd, for my own adventure, be gone for three weeks. So Sending best regards for trecking and diving and guess catch you on the other side, when we both are back. :)

Julie said...

TO Shaun Washington....Alpha 1

Nice to see you in a photo sweetie and looking forward to seeing all the other photos upon your return. The kiddlies say a big hello and hope you are having a great time. All the neighbours and all our friends and family constantly ask after you and send their love. Wendy and Karen came to stay for the weekend and made me laugh so much it actually made me stop missing you for just a little bit, or rather took my mind off it for a while. Have eaten steak AND have tried drinking tea since you have been away - 2 big feats for me. I do hope you have managed to try some fish while you have been out there. Chris has been looking after the garden for you and he has shown me his chickens to get me used to the idea of having some of our own - the children can't wait! Have been doing lots of ironing but still can't work out how it could possibly be theraputic? Good luck to all of you for the final stage of the expedition. You should all be very proud of yourselves for the great work you are doing.

Looking forward to seeing you again really soon. WITH MUCH LOVE. Jules, Hannah & Jack and just about everyone else we know but there are just to many to list xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Hannah Tilley

Hi Hannah, Looks like you're having an amazing time. Makes me want to pack my bag and head off to the jungle rather than the concrete jungle of London. What a fantastic experience.

Have you packed a few creatures into your bag to bring home? I'm sure UK customs won't notice the odd spider or snake.

I hear you're bringing home a water buffalo and a chicken - should be room in your garden for an orang utan, too.

Look forward to hearing more about your travels.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU RALEIGH for posting more photos!

Razmy (Alpha 4)
Cant believe that you are on your final phase!
Was good being able to talk to you over the weekend.Cant wait till you are back to hear all your stories.
Since we last spoke, arsenal have done it again! Drew 2 all to west brom!! So much for winning 4 trophies...
Was a lazy sunday. Bam had rehearsals.. Razlan was house bound.. couldnt drive coz his license had expired! Managed to renew it yesterday.
Dad has been having busy days at the hospital. Ill patients have been keeping him up at night and early hours of the morning.. Disrupts my sleep too.
Nothing planned for the week.
Deanna has her tap exam tomorrow so will have to miss school.
She has been having intensive rehearsals for anitas show.. She is knackered!
Catties are fine... naughty... Find them in my bed each nite! Refuse to go out.. Come scratching at the door if they are not allowed in! bet they miss you!!
Will print out your return flight and send it in the post tomorrow. YAY!!!! then off you are again on the 14th! What a life! Razlan is envious!
enjoy the last bits of your adventure. Hope the shoes are not a problem.
Do a good job. take care.
Love you and miss you loads.

Mummy, Dad, razlan, bam and catties xxxxxxxxxxxx

Koen Verbeek said...

Hola Pieter! (Alpha 4)
Nog maar een paar weekjes te gaan en dan zit Borneo er al weer op! Je laatste project ziet er wel echt super vet uit, heb je brief gelezen en alles gaat prima hier hoor, ook met het vrouwtje;). Ik heb zeer regelmatig contact met Alex, en uitgaan met z'n 4en lijkt me echt chill. Succes met de laatste loodjes!
Besos desde Sevilla!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becks (Hutchens - Alpha 9)

Received your second letter, cannot wait to see the photo's especially of the Orangutans. Watched Nat Geo this week it was showing the Orangutans being rehabilitated - fascinating. Although last shot showed one of them being bitten by a green viper, please make sure you are wearing your glasses at all times so you don't mistake a snake for a tree. I'm back in the uk 1st May so I will miss you by a couple of days which is unfortunate but I will have a chat to you before your next travels. By the way Nan and Grandad received your letter. Enjoy your last few weeks, stay safe and speak to you soon.
Love Mum, Gary and Matt. xx

Carole said...

Hi Greg darling, Alpha 1
It is wonderful to see you looking so good!!! I nearly did not recognise you.. What'up with the mohawk... I sure hope you will cut your hair before you come home....
Anyway, I am working on changing your ticket to the 14th of April..
I will let you know this evening...
I am going to Miami tomorrow and on to a cruise with Michele to the Bahamas... I cannot imagine what it is like to be on a ship that takes 2,000 people..Whow!!! it should be fun..
Dad is in Canada skiing and he will be back on sunday!!
I shall be back on the 1st of April. I cannot wait to see you and hear all about your ventures..
Enjoy your last phase, I am sure you made some fantastic friends ..
My darling, I love you loads and and take care..

Minkin said...

Hi Cal (Alpha 4).
Hope you can trust that team to complete the best gravity water feed project EVER! Your little black and white water feeder has been caught drinking the shower water, a new and disgusting habit. Have a wonderful time with those little bears. You look fabulous on the photos and I am so happy you are having fun and off to see Al for a welcome rest. WE ALL MISS YOU and I miss your hugs. Have posted your last letter today. Love you. Mum xxxxx

Belle said...

To Denise de Souza (Alpha7)

Hi Ninis, so happy to hear u on the phone last week. Wow, u really r enjoying yourself there. I'm jealous cos u can go diving... Finally u get to experience diving.! U teach us when we go island k.
Next week when u pass by sipitang otw to Long Pasia don't forget to see our cptang hse...
Ow... We have another pup, Loonie's bro, Luppy. It's White n fluffy. Gumuk oh..!!
Anyway, eat well cos u need all the energy for trekking n angkat bag besar n berat...!! U gotta be strong.. Of course u r strong..!!

So ninis, take care say your prayers, we always think of u n pray for your safety.
Love From all of us here
muaahhhs n gapuz2...
Mum & Dad
Mum Belle

Anonymous said...

Adam Hext - Apha 7.

So good to speak to you for so long over the weekend. Such a change for you to stay and chat to your mother for so long!! Lol. I will expect it to continue when you get home!!

Hope all going well with the diving - know this was the bit you were so looking forward to. And the trek of course. Saving the best till last babes.

Nice to have Ryan home the weekend too. The house has been too quiet wth you both away.

Next few weeks will fly by for you so make sure you enjoy every minute.

Take care. Stay safe.

Love you loads Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

voor Eline, Alpha 6
hey lieve Eline,
Alweer je laatste project en wat vooreen! Nog even en je bent weer laatste brief hebben we gepost. Nog ontzettend veel plezier!
hele dikke kus en knuf van papa, mama, Jelmer en Annemiek

Anonymous said...

Hello Fee from Alpha 3

How are you doing?How are the water works?So nice to see the photos.I'm really sorry I missed you at the weekend.I thought you were going to catch me at Jean's-I met her,Lorna and Ruth and Eve for lunch which was fun.Do you want me to try and change your flight-what are your actual plans accomodation,cash etc will you have enough ]malaria tablets-lots of questions but you know me.I will go to town next weekend and put that money on your phone.Hazel was asking for you today at school-she says she'll come and visit when you get back. The rest of the clan are asking for you too.Not much news at this end-2 weeks till the holidays and it's still all go.Off to see Jinty and Andy this weekend-they are off soon.
Let me know what you are doing and if I can do anything.Do take care.Love you and missing you a lot-can't wait to see you.
All my love

Anonymous said...

To Hannah Tilley (Alpha 8)

Hey Han, loving the latest photos of you! You look so happy :) Hope you're having a good time in your last phase of the trip.

I think i'm driving my friends here mad by constantly talking about you. It's like, "Yeah and there's this blog where I can see what Hannah's doing...there's like photos of her too... Yeah, I really miss Hannah... I bet Hannah, you know, the one in Borneo, Yeah, I bet she's having an amazing time, I'm so jealous." Haha!! AW man I do really miss you though! I can't wait to hear all your incredible stories.

I saw a bunch of seagulls the other day fighting over some pitta bread. Then this one seagull came along with proper swagger and was like, ERRR, it's mine. And then took it. It was hilarious and made me think of you cos you would have laughed so much -With that really annoying laugh you have hahahaa - jokinggg, love your laugh - it's just...embarassing in public LOL.

Anyways Han, take care of yourself and speak to you soon. Love you lots and lots and jelly tots. Marisa (Moris) xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

voor Eline, Alpha 6
lieve Eline,
Wat sta je mooi op de foto's!
Je hebt al heel wat achter de rug met alle projecten, en nu zit je verweg in de jungle. Dat is voor mij een vervanmijnbedshow, ik wandel alleen maar in de Rodense bossen....
Oma en ik wensen je heel veel plezier toe en alvast eeen veilige thuiskomst!
liefs van oma en opa vd Ploeg

Chris Barratt said...

Paula (Alpha 2)

So nice to hear from you at the weekend and to know that the tsunami had left all of you alone.
Also amazed to see from the blog that for the first time in your life you look as though you may have a tan!
Just wanted to say that I hope you enjoy the last phase of Alpha 2 and that you have a happy birthday on the 2nd.


Anonymous said...

Hello Tom (Alpha 1)
Can't beleive you're in the final phase and I'll be seeing you soon - can't wait! Chein arrives on Friday night. I've been trying to prepare the cats, and I think Chein will recieve a few claws to the nose in the first few days. Have reserved you a private air conditioned room @ the step in lodge in Kota Kinabalu for the night of the 10th (check in time to be 8pm, but I'm sure it's ok if you are a little late or early). You can add a friend or two for extra fee if you wish. You will have to pay for your stay, I could only reserve. Hope everything continues well. Dad has a new number, but he'll be in touch when you return. Alpha 1 looks like more hard work - you'll be in great shape by now I guess. All my love, Mum

Mariette / Rob / Veerle / Roy said...

Hoi lieve Maud!
Hoe gaat het met je? Leuk om de foto's te zien. Nog even en dan zien we je weer gezellig. Hier is alles goed, de eerste dag van de lente is begonnen, het is lekker warm en vanavond hebben we samen gegeten maar het is leuker als jij er ook bij bent!!!
Heel veel liefs van je mamaatje ;) en van Veerle en van Roy en van Rob dundee

Anonymous said...

HI Nick (now alpha 9)
It was so so good to hear your voice for the first time since January!! You sounded happy and excited which was great. Your dad and I had a fab weekend in Northumberland, lots of beautiful scenery,excellent beer and grub and lots of interesting history. We ended up on Sunday at Cragside and really enjoyed seeing inside the house for the first time, amazing place. Got home to some sad news though I'm afraid as Auntie Sheila passed away on Sunday quite suddenly so Formby is reeling. She was a fantastic lady and it hasn't really sunk in that she is gone yet.
Anyway on to more postive things, have a blast on your finally phase babes, enjoy every minute, stay safe and be happy. Your dad gave your little car some love today still looking good and I am sure it is missing you too! Lots of love mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Stefan Otto alpha 5

Hi Sweetie ,it was absolutely amazing speaking to you sat> You sounding so positive and happy. Also seen some of the pics on the blog , noticed that your hair has grown quite a bit ,will sort ben ten out for your return.We had a super weekend , dinner at the doyles , then had kings, baileys and norris s around on sat eve . Sunday the harmens came so a lot of socialising ,need a few quiet nights now.
Hope your parcel has made its way to you by now. Also wanted to ask whether you have been taking lots pf photos. Cant wair for you to be back and sit over a huge costa ab=nd hear all yous stories !!! I think my new car will be here in the next 10 days ,finally!!! i have been taking good care of your car though !!!.Please let us know exactly what day you want to change your flight to so that we can see what we can organise , will be good if you can all be on the same flight back.Enjoy this last phase , hope all goes well for you . Missing you and love you!!
Mummy x x x x

McCusker Family said...

Hi Lorne! Quite the "do" you styling there! Looks like you are
having a great time and I'm sure you will have loads of great stories for us when you return. You'll be the toast of the island and probably on the lecture circuit shortly upon arrival home.
You know how bored we are on Nantucket in March and you are keeping the hope alive...please be safe as we are living vicariously through you. We miss you but are elated you are not spending your time on the rock right now as it really is "hate" month on the island and frankly we are afraid to so to the Stop and Shop. Planning our exodus! Love, Liz, Peter, Quinn, Perrin and of course Bob.

Anonymous said...

To Jenny Kohnhorst (Alpha 9 now I think).
Hi sweetheart, good to see your photos and also the ones where you were tagged on Facebook! You look really well. Your next assignement sounds like fun, the dive sites look great.

Jenbob!!! hey my love, it's your sister here x i really hope you're having an absolutley AMAZING time! missing you so much, life's pretty stressful right now...drama piece, spanish orals and THE REAL THINGS IN 5 WEEKS : O aah! i'm so scared! i loved reading you letter, it was so nice to hear/read what you've been up to. Sounds like such hard work, you brave girlie <3 just think, when you're trekking somewhere i'll be lost in the foothills of middle england! i'll think of you whilst freezing in my d of e tent xxx love you so much jenny, i'm missing you a lot here, especially our food runs and mini parties on the way home from school ;) you're so brave to be out there alone and i' so proud of you, LOTSANDLOTSANDLOTS of love and a million kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx meggy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x x

Mummy is well, at singing practice and off on her school trip tomorrow so it will just be your sister and me. I am worried.
all good. see you soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam (clift alpha 5)
hope you are ok? Hope you're all settled in to build wells? Bet it's gona seem a Bit weird staying in one place after the trekking previously? Hope you got my previous message? I was incredibly hopeful that some one would end up singing happy birthday to u cos as much as you try to stop yourself
You can't read it without singing! Well it highly amused me, lucky me!

Saw rick and amanda the other day, amanda has proposed we all go on a climbing/ camping trip with the club as they are doing outdoor climbing and it's only £2 per Plot! We are taking bets as to how you will react it varies from 'not more camping!!' to 'bring it on!' haha.

I've got lucie danni and linzi staying at mine tomorrow as it's Dannis birthday gona have a rite little party ( no parents or rest of the family!)

It's aggges till youre home!!! Was proper gutted you couldn't call over the last few days, missing you like hell!!! However I really do hope your having fun! and I'll see you soon

Love kisses and cake helen

Anonymous said...

Hello Tom (Alpha 1)
Salut Mon 'tite Bou-Bou! Right now everything is too far from the post office - don't expect any letters. But, multiply by ten, and it's the number I would wish to be able to send you. I don't know much of your doing, mine are not so relevant right now. Take care of your hands, and your feet. The minimum I know look pretty good for you. Wish to talk and see you soon. Love you like the K2, and so proud of you. All my love, Dad.

Patrick said...

To Ashleigh (Alpha 3),

A gravity water feed system eh? Who would ever have thought gravity could be our friend, I always found it rather oppressive (always bringing me down). I'm doing a similar thing but in a more impoverised part of the world; West Belfast.

Bad news on the uni front for this fresh-faced friend in fine fettle, Glasgow were ..very.. bad boys and didn't give me an offer I'm afraid.

Well I'll be seeing you on the 12th of April (it is the 12th right..) so that's pretty soon, a month after that is Annabelle's first birthday!

Hope yer well and the blackhole in your camera screen hasn't swallowed you up yet and you're showing laminated pictures of friends and relatives to the indigenous peoples.

Lots of love,
Patrick x

luise lotte said...

hi Mathieu in Alpha 7,

Ben razend benieuwd hoe het duiken bevalt,dat is een wereld die nog onbekend terrein voor je was.Het zal ongetwijfeld adembenemend mooi zijn onder het wateroppervlak.Kan niet wachten op de verhalen en dat duurt nog een maand voor we je weer eens in levende lijve zien !
Misschien nog ten overvloede maar de vlucht staat voor de 18de,de lodge heeft de 10de een bed en met de uni's loopt het goed.
Dankjewel voor de leuke brief,goh,wel afzien als je moet schrijven onder de sterren op een tropisch eiland ......
Dat wordt afkicken terug in Hannover,maar ja,dan kan je wel lekker douchen zonder zout,zand en met zeep en slapen tussen schone lakens.
Dat is je beloning na de trek want die doe het laatst.
Daar zal je wel van genieten,heel anders dan de tochten die je gemaakt hebt.
Er is nog een brief onderweg,verwacht dat je 'm voor je weg bent nog ontvangt.
Daaaag,veel plezier,kus mamasits

Sofa Maudslay said...

hi nell
have a good one
frankie's up here at the moment so weve been looking through all your blogs and stuff! quite weird she says some people were there when she was how crazy
love you

Anonymous said...

helen & paula
i miss you guys a lot!
how you're second expedition? is better than the first expedition?
are you enjoy to become are PM more fun than your latest job as are communication officer?
how about you helen?
have you already make a oilyballs for you team? and can you make a big fire now?
hahahaha im happy to see you guys again..:P

keep in touch both of you!!
and a lots love & big hugs for rory and chris!! <3

XxxxXXxx fidzah XXxxXXX

Anonymous said...

To Pim Rusius

Lieve Pim,
Fijn dat je belde, ik had me daar enorm op verheugd. Goed te horen dat de trekking en het duiken goed zijn gegaan. Je blijft superenthousiast, fijn!

Nu alweer je laatste project en dan lekker reizen. Het zal best moeilijk zijn om afscheid van iedereen te nemen, gelukkig zie je nog wat mensen in Thailand.

Heel veel plezier nog, we zijn trots op je dat je deze uitdaging bent aangegaan, een unieke ervaring!
Veel liefs van pap en mam

Mike C said...

For Rob Collier - Alpha 3
We could do with an update from you if we are to make arrangements to meet up with you between your assignments.
All well here - OK with you?
Love Dad
(Mike Collier)

Anonymous said...

Message to Amy!

Hola chica! como estas? hope you are well, and having crazy times! dancing and singing...and yeah working as well, miss you a lot!
basically I have an addiction to Tea, Thanks British people! so now I have my cup of coffee and tea...both! I can't decide! haha
lots of love! K. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi to Leah (Alpha 4)

Wow! Sunbears..... they look adorable in the conservation link photos and something tells me that you'll absolutely love this phase!!
Joel is safely back from San Fransisco and has gone to visit Nottingham Uni today with Jaz so we have yet to hear the details of his week away. Jacob,Dad and I had a quiet week! The weather has improved so shouldn't be too cold on your return:) Enjoy your last couple of weeks and take care,

Lots of love from us all,

Mum xxxx

The Lows said...

Hi Will
Great to see more photos of you on the blog. By the time you get this you may have finished the diving phase. Hope it went well and you enjoyed it. I hope there aren't too many creepy crawlies on your trek. We're having fantastic weather here in France. Much better than last year.
Enjoy the last weeks of your adventure. You'll be back to reality soon enough.
Lots of love mum & dad xx

Anonymous said...

To Bente van Keulen(Alpha 9)

Hallo mijn schat,volgens mij zit je eerste deel van de trek er alweer op, en ga je nu lekker een week aan het strand chillen. Gaat ie goed? Fijn je afgelopen weekend gesproken te hebben. Ik ben trots op mijn dochter. Hier alles goed, lente begonnen, 16 graden,zonnetje,heerlijk. Verloren met 3-0 van Roda. Was niet best.Feest bij van den Bosch was leuk. vele bekenden van jou waren
er, veel groeten natuurlijk. Ook van Benk en Olivier.
Veel sterkte met het duiken, hoop dat je het leuk vindt.
Oh ja, ijsbeer Knut is dood.

Richard James said...

Robert James (Alpha 5)

Hi Rob,

Hope you had a great BIRTHDAY out there on the 23rd. Certainly one you will never forget! Its still your birthday here if not out there. We had a few drinks and cake on your behalf.

Great to speak to you last week.

Look forward to seeing you again!

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Dad X

Julie said...

To Shaun Washington....Alpha 1

Please phone home a.s.a.p Need to talk reference family. Can't find papers with raleigh number on to phone you. Sorry to do it this way but need to talk urgently xxxxx

Belle said...

Hi Denise (Alpha7)
Guess u r enjoying yourself there. So how's your diving? Siok ka? Nanti ko ajar siorang kio.

Bah, take care, eat well cos u need all the energy fir your trekking kan? Don't forget to say your prayers ok love.

Don't worry about us, we are fine here.
So, have fun...! : ) Thinking of you always....

Mum & Dad

Anonymous said...

TO CAMILO (Alpha 5)
Querido Mimo, hoy recibimos tu carta del 13 de febrero. Igual nos emocionamos mucho al leerla. Aquí te estamos echando mucho de menos pero estamos orgullosos y felices de todo lo que estás haciendo.
Todos estamos bien, trabajando y estudiando...Supongo que debido a la tardanza en el correo será imposible responder a tus peticiones de bandera o pañuelo ya que no alcanzarían a llegar. Lo la foto le diré a la Anto que a través de facebook te mande.
Los cachupos están muy bien, igual que siempre. Tu abuela te manda muchos cariños y nosotros te enviamos todo nuestro amor...
Muchos besos y sigue disfrutando muuuucho. Mami

Anonymous said...


Rico! Estás demasiado mino! Soy tu adorable hermana chica. Te mueres como te echo de menos tontito! Te juro que la casa es otra cosa sin ti. Bueno, no sé si te agrade la noticia, pero hablé con la Andrea y me contó que por allá también te echaban de menos, que preguntaban arto por ti y bla bla bla... Otra cosa, te cuento que en estos momentos estamos con visita en la casa, se llama Bryony y vino desde Dallas por dos semanas de intercambio a la casa. ¿Basquetbolista, rubia de ojos azules? Es encantadora.
Los cachupos están bien, operaron a la Mimi y todo salió perfecto.
José Pablo sigue vivo, y el colegio intenso. Los papás lateros como siempre (pero se les quiere arto igual) y la Marlyn igual.
Supe que llamaste a la casa dos veces y ni una vez pediste hablar conmigo. Eres bastante pesadito, que quieres que te diga. Pero bueno, esas son mis noticias por ahora Camilito. Cuídate mucho y no seas tan pinchón!
PD: manda una carta a mi nombre! Es mi sueño recibir una carta, PORFIS!

Anonymous said...

hello Tom Shelton Alpha 7!

Remember Center Parcs way back when you were knee high to a grasshopper? Well, I suppose the diving is rather different from the watery fun you had then, and I don't suppose the grasshoppers will be the same either. I also remember how you were the family underwater endurance champion...
Have just got back from a couple of nights in Loggerheads. Your trip provoked Opa into - repeatedly - recalling his experiences of Borneo and, more particularly, of Java. He has now found his box of medals which add a little je ne sais quoi to the photo album. Btw Uncle Denis says to remind you he's looking forward to mates' rates.
Dad's bday tomorrow. Lisanne and Jorgen are over from Denmark and are coming to dinner with Jan and Mike. On Saturday we're off to the Hendersons' with Pat and Pia and Colette, so Pete's looking forward to entertaining the gang - the usual suspects - while we're out. I must remind him to watch out for Ed. I wonder what will be on their menu? Hmmm, can't possibly guess...
I must put my head around what on earth to serve tomorrow for the birthday meal, and what to do for a cake. I'm assuming the usual order for you? Not long to go now!
Lots of love, mwah, Mum xx

Dawn Tibbitts said...

Hi Theo,
Great to see all the recent photographs of the groups.
Interesting to see your Robinson Crusoe look - like it!
Hope the feet are standing up well (excuse the pun!).
All being well you should receive final two letters before returning home, the last one is in rhyme(I know, I've finally lost it!).
Everything fine at home.
Looking forward to seeing you soon. In the meantime, have a wicked last session, make the most of it, it's job-hunting when you return!
Lots of Love,
Mum, Dad and Sophie.xxxxxxxxxxxc

mike said...

Hello Rhian Alpha 2.
I've been following your progress on the Raleigh website with enormous pleasure. The pictures remind me of Trengganno fifty years ago when there were no bridges on the East Coast and the roads were red laterite. I'm so glad you've enjoyed Malaysia.
Selamat datang.
Grampy B.

Anonymous said...


Rico! Estás demasiado mino! Soy tu adorable hermana chica. Te mueres como te echo de menos tontito! Te juro que la casa es otra cosa sin ti. Bueno, no sé si te agrade la noticia, pero hablé con la Andrea y me contó que por allá también te echaban de menos, que preguntaban arto por ti y bla bla bla... Otra cosa, te cuento que en estos momentos estamos con visita en la casa, se llama Bryony y vino desde Dallas por dos semanas de intercambio a la casa. ¿Basquetbolista, rubia de ojos azules? Es encantadora.
Los cachupos están bien, operaron a la Mimi y todo salió perfecto.
José Pablo sigue vivo, y el colegio intenso. Los papás lateros como siempre (pero se les quiere arto igual) y la Marlyn igual.
Supe que llamaste a la casa dos veces y ni una vez pediste hablar conmigo. Eres bastante pesadito, que quieres que te diga. Pero bueno, esas son mis noticias por ahora Camilito. Cuídate mucho y no seas tan pinchón!
PD: manda una carta a mi nombre! Es mi sueño recibir una carta, PORFIS!

Anonymous said...

To Chris Twydell, Alpha 6
Hi Chris, have finally worked ou how to send a message - better late than never!
We have been following you on the blog and looks like you are having a great time. Thanks for your letter. I am just watching a program on the Japan earthquake and so glad you far enough away not to be affected.
I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing all the photos. Jess is missing you and has done a power point presentation for her class about her brother in Borneo.
Sadly Spurs are still winning although could not score against the mighty Hammers (we got the Olympic stadium by the way.
keep enjoying it all and soon you will have your trip - will you be able to stay in Borneo OK? Keep well and safe.
love Dad, Wendy and Jess

talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley Alpha 8
Hi Hannie Bean,
Just cleaned out the bird and the fish and thought of you so a quick note. Hope all is going well. When i walk Mickey round the field early I think you must just be resting your weary legs and setting up camp for the night. Dying to know how this phase is going. Make sure you are keeping up your diary - you'll love it in years to come and make sure you are putting the date on everything you write. i have just been looking through old letters and that is really important.
Gorgeous weather here at the moment and all the hyacinths and daffodils are out. Am busily planting in the garden and the raised beds at the side. Stay well and happy. Miss you hugely but I am so glad you are enjoying yourself.
An enormous hug
Love Mum

Jenni said...

Leah (Alpha 4)
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, so excited, wish you hadn't found out by facebook, that's James job, but if you will leave me like that! Letter is on it's way full of excitement, from me and the fiancee!!!!! though it might not make it, but the timings not my fault, well it sort of is but you'll find out more about that when you get back! Hope you're having an amazing last few weeks can't wait to see you, I am definitely up for lunch when you get back, I have LOTS to tell you!!!! Love you Jenni xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Dickson Alpha 3

I hope all is going well on your final phase, you all look very smart in your red shirts in the photo!

Dad has just sent you one of his long letters so I hope it arrives in time. We were dog sitting for Dave and Angie yesterday as they were playing golf over here. It was a beautiful day so we are hoping that spring is here to stay. Thomas is coming home on 3rd April, he seems to have been very busy!

I am glad you have managed to sort something out after you finish with Raleigh let us know where you are going etc when you get a moment. Cant wait to see you and hear all about it. A big hug and lots of love from us all Mum xxx

The Easts said...

To Rob East - Alpha 4

Hi Rob, We have just got back after a really good time in the Peak District staying at a B&B in Chelmorton. The weather was great for walking. Unfortunately we have to go back to work next week !

United beat Bolton last weekend while Arsenal only drew with West Brom. No Premiership matches this weekend as England play Wales in the Euro qualifiers. India beat Australia in the cricket world cup quarter finals. England play Sri Lanka tomorrow.

Will have to start looking at arrangements for the weekend you come back. In the meantime have fun with the sun bears! Have a great time and take care. Love Mum and Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

ha Maud,
Ja kan altijd nog loodgieter worden, ha ha!! Nog 3 weken en dan zien we je weer. Met een heleboel levenservaringen er weer bij.
Nou liefie nog even genieten en aan de slag.
Wij hebben een mooie trip gemaakt in south-africa, olifanten en leeuwen heel dichtbij gezien.
veel liefs van ons,
Helma en Hans

Anonymous said...

For: Bente van Keulen

Ha Bente,
Leuk om weer foto's te zien op internet. Ik zie je volgens mij op een foto staan waarbij alleen je achterkant zichtbaar is. Ben benieuwd of ik dat goed inschat. Volgens mij zit je eerste deel van het trekken er alweer bijna op. Ben heel benieuwd hoe je het duiken zult vinden. Lijkt me gaaf om dat een keer samen met je te kunnen doen. Hier alles ok. Ik heb vandaag (vrijdag 25/3) het bericht gekregen dat ik mijn "diploma" heb gehaald. Daarmee rond ik dus een belangrijk onderdeel af! Volgende week ben ik van plan om lekker een paar dagen te ontspannen. Waarschijnlijk net als jij, maar niet in zo'n mooie tropische omgeving...Hopelijk krijg je onze kaarten nog tijdens de Loop of daarna. Weet in ieder geval dat we veel aan je denken en dus ook zeker gewone post hebben gestuurd!
Succes, doe voorzichtig en geniet!
Liefs en knuffel, J.

Anonymous said...

sammy! (clift alpha 5)

PROPER HAPPY!!! :D got your letter today!! all ican say is WOOOOOAH!!!!... umm yea thats a good word lol. im v v glad u survived the last few days of trekking sounds flipping hard!, especialy the part where it never stops raining :p. bet youre very glad to be somewhere you dont have to set up your bed each night and can have some nice food! ull have lots of 'character' when you get home! :p

speaking of food iv discovered a new talent!... i can cook!!! SHOCK!! been left to fend for myself for a few days and so been cooking for myself, theres been all kinds of food on the go i shall get FAT!!! and no i dont mean fast food like pizza! :p PROPER food! i shall have to demonstrate for you when you get home :D

i have been busy organising. so far there is a trip to the comedy store on may 15th everyone is going! and maybe that camping trip but ill keep you updated with anything else.

beyond that nothing else is new really i hope your enjoying building wells (now that you know what they are) im v v v much looking forward to seeing you soon! only two weeks on monday... not that im counting...
take care :p

love kisses and cake

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe Alpha 5
hope you enjoyed the diving and hike (hope the boots were ok) Looks like a lot of fun. Gran says she has a litle treat for you when you get back and are you ok for euro's lol. All well here and we look forward to seing you bck in the soon (we will pick you up from the Airport so text us when you land) Weather is good here but i bet its better there.
Hope you have a great birthday on Tuesday and enjoy the present.

Catch up with you soon Mum Dad and HB

Jessie said...

Just got your letter yesterday. Thank you so much for it and the postcard. Definitely made my day! I love hearing all about your adventures in Borneo and am happy to hear your doing well. I'm also happy you kept up your promise to me before you left. I got the postcard but now I'm just waiting on my monkey! Anyways I can't wait till your back. I want to hear all about your adventures and see all the pics. I've been up to so much after Beijing so can't wait to tell you about my travels as well. I was going to write you a letter back but I figured there was no point because you're leaving soon. Hopefully you get a chance to read this before you leave. Take care xx

Anonymous said...

Hannah Tilley (Alpha 8)

Hannieee, it's Marisa :) Went to the Bristol Museum yesterday. I thought of you as we went round the Natural History section because there were loads of animals you would have loved! I could even imagine what you'd be saying.. like, "Ohhhh look at that itchy witchy wittle thinggg. OHHH HOW IDDLE AND CUTE" - Yep. that is definitely what you would have said. Hahaha.

Oh and also.. I think you should come back home. I know it's being selfish but I miss you. You don't even understand how much!! Therefore, you have to come back. Now. Okay? Cool. Oh, but don't come back with a tan, because I'll be ultra jealous and will definitely not talk to you... Well, maybe I will. But only because we'll be needing a major gossip sesh! :) Hopefully you've got all our letters by now (apart from maybe two which we sent just before the deadline this week) - So you know pretty much all the gossip at my end haha!

Anyways, keep safe Han. Love you lots and lots and jelly tots. Moris xxxxx

Rebecca Matthews said...

To the old 10J PM crew...Paula, Helen, James and Chris:
Sorry to have taken so long to write to you guys but hopefully this will catch most of you on the phase 3 loop at least. Looks like another awesome expedition! Watching the blog has made me really quite jealous, although settling into the end of summer in sydney has not been too much of an ordeal either! I'd like to say i'm writing to you from the beach at the moment but its actually raining so perfect time for a bit of blogging i thought.
Paula - hope you've coped with the unrelenting demands of the venturers and that being on a paradise island has helped a little! Looks like you've been doing some great work.
Helen - i see you still have you're trusty trekking stick! Can't believe this is trek number 4 for you crazy lady! Hope you haven't been eating too many oily balls!
James - its your birthday today when i'm writing this so happy belated birthday for when this reaches you! Hope you didn't get lost in the jungle and are enjoying being back on static site and not having to make your bed EVERY night for this phase.
Chris - looks like you've been running a tight ship on the logs front but then i wouldn't expect anything less from you! Great loop report and glad to hear you didn't get yourselves stuck anywhere a la Ed! Still looking trim too!
Enjoy what's left of your time there know it will be over before you know it! Say hi to borneo from me, much love, Becks xxx

Jenni said...

Leah (Alpha 4)

Just another really quick one! Thank my letter, so brilliant to here from you! Not sure which of my letters have made ti through to you, I've sent 3 in total, but a you mentioned it, I thought I'd quickly reassure you that Larry is friendly and likely to be a lifelong friend! I hope that that makes sense to you! Love Jenni xx

Anonymous said...

Beth (Alpha 3)


Just checking out some photos of you that were uploaded to FB and I'm still getting over the fact that you've managed to look incredible even though you're prancing around in the jungle, as if!

I've just got back from Durham, been working at the Greffe (and still have two gas weeks left) - had a delightful chat with your mother, it made me miss you.

Enjoy the last few weeks, you look like you're having the time of your life, I can't wait till you're home!

Love you,

Alison and Steve Willetts said...

Bora Da to our gorgeous son Sam Willetts,

Well Sam, you're on the last phase of your adventure! It's clear from the pohots that you are having the time of your life and we're delighted it's going so well.

I really hope you enjoy your trek and the finale - diving of the beautiful coastline. We can only imagine the weird and wonderful things you'll see (that doesn't include the rest of your Alpha by the way. lol). Can't wait for you to tell us all about it and see your photos.

Uni has written asking you to confirm your place by the end of March! We asked for more time for you and they moved it to the 14th April. Dad and I wanted to give yo time to consider your next move? Don't feel pressured into taking it if it's no longer what you want to do.

Dad and I off out tonight with the Sulli's - feed our faces, quaff some wine, weather here has been really Spring like and quite warm.

Kate wants to get together on your return to get the lowdown on your trip, bring back memories of her own time in Malaysia and Thailand as well.

Nan and bamps in the caravan at the mo but thinking of you every day and checking out the blogs on the hour. Nan's missing you and worrying that you're wasting away! Expect Red Cross parcels any time soon. lol.

Well, enjoy every last minute now, one last thing - We hope you received our letters and - by the way where's ours?!!

Take care Sam, love you loads, can't wait to see you. Love Mum an Dad xxxxxx

Jersey Beans said...

To Beth (Alpha 3)

Woo hoo ! Offer from UCL.

Dad, Mum and Robster


Anonymous said...

Hi Catrin (alpha7)
I hope that you are well and enjoying yourself.The weather here for the time of year is good. Don't be too shocked when you come home as you can now see your bedroom carpet.Lora says that she isn't missing you and the house is very quiet wihout you. See you soon. Love mam,dad & Lora

Anonymous said...

Hey Mica (alpha 3 I believe),

I got your letter today m'dear, and am suitably shocked and horrified about the insect issues - aaargh! Also I really hope you've received some letters from our direction now too - I've sent like four or so... I guess the three weeks business might have been a bit optimistic - I blame the orangutans! So from now on I shall switch back to emails you can pick up at the end of the last cycle :)

Have fun on the last task, and don't let evil jungle creatures get you down m'kay... miss you!

Take care, & talk properly sooon! ellie xxx

ghulam said...

Nice to see you in a photo sweetie and looking forward to seeing all the other photos upon your return. The kiddlies say a big hello and hope you are having a great time. All the neighbours and all our friends and family constantly ask after you and send their love. Wendy and Karen came to stay for the weekend and made me laugh so much it actually made me stop missing you for just a little bit, or rather took my mind off it for a while. Have eaten steak AND have tried drinking tea since you have been away - 2 big feats for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Becks (Hutchens) Alpha 9

Couldn't see my last comment so in case you thought we had forgotten you - we haven't. Received your second letter and hope you haven't been leeched since we last spoke. Just looked at Pulau Mamutik on the web - all I can say is WOW you lucky girl, I hope you are taking loads of photographs. Pretty much the same here in Dubai although we are looking for somewhere else to live and have seen some nice properties with 3 bedrooms, should you decide to come here and live for a while. Matt and Nan due to fly here on Wednesday so it will be nice to see them both. I'm returning to the UK on the 1st May and will miss you by a couple of days which is disappointing but cannot be helped. Will speak to you once you land in the UK in the meantime enjoy your last few weeks and keep safe. Love Mum, Gary and Matt. xx

Anonymous said...

To Bobby Breuer Alpha 2

Hoi Bob, Op Google Earth ziet het ernaar uit dat je weer op een idyllisch eiland zit. Ik hoop dat je een leuk project hebt! Pappa en ik zijn net terug uit Rotterdam om een TV te kopen met Oma. Zij heefteen mooie met witte rand gekocht. Oma helemaal blij. Flip is hard aan de studie. Hij is geaccepteerd voor Brown en gaat daar 2 weken heen op 10 juli, dus als het goed is zie je hem nog na terugkomst. In de meivakantie gaan wij veel golfen om het peil wat omhoog te brengen. Als het echt lelijk weer is, gaan wij misschien nog met een last minute weg. Als je weer klaar bent met Raleigh en weer kunt skypen/mailen moeten wij maar eens over de zomervakantie praten. Wij wachten met boeken of jij mee wil. Heb jij de brief van oma ontvangen? Wil jij de beide opa's en oma's een korte krabbel sturen? Hier was het een paar dagen lekker weer, leek wel voorjaar, maar dat is nu helaas weer over. Nog veel plezier de laatste weken, veel liefs pappa, mamma en Flip

Anonymous said...

To Bente van Keulen, Alpha 9

Lieve Bente, toevallig dat je nu ook weer dezelfde trek doet als Bob. Ik hoop dat zij jou een beetje voorbereid heeft, maar volgens mij vond zij het wel meevallen. Ik hoop dat jij een leukere duikinstructeur hebt, want zij vond hem niet chill. Enfin, nog even twee weken afzien en dan kunnen jullie lekker doen wat jullie zelf willen. Veel plezier op het Bounty eiland (vond Bob heel chill) en sterkte met de laatste loodjes. Deze ervaringen kunnen jullie niet meer afgenomen worden. Peter, Jolanda en Flip

Anonymous said...

Hello Thomas (Alpha 1) - Don't see my earlier post so I'll give you a quick update. Finally received your letter and the bracelet you sent ... LOVE it! Was so happy to get all your news - Dad recieved one the next day. It's been busy here, and finally looks like spring! Chein arrived last night in Cassidy and I can't believe what a nice dog she is. She's been very respectful of the cats, but both have told her off at least once, but no blood. Smudge is starting to show some interest in her today - lying down about a foot away from her. Sammy just walks right by her, not interested. I've been exercising her like crazy, and she seems pretty tired tonite. I don't see the post from Dad that he put up this week either - I'll get him to re-post. Can't wait to see you soon. Have made you a reservation at Step in Lodge in Kota Kinabalu for the night of April 10th - I told the check in would be around 8pm, but I was't sure and said you may be there earlier or later. It's not paid for yet, so you'll have to do that. Lots of Love Mum.

Anonymous said...

Ashleigh (alpha 3)

Hi Ash!! Can't beleieve you only have 3 more weeks left!! crazzy!! How are ye? hope your making the most of the good weather! I'll be super jealous if you have a wonder tan! guess what...I've scored twice in 2 games in hockey!! shocking!! Looks like we will be qualifying for play off which is in May!! so you will prob make your come back!!lol! andy misses you!! lol. Hannah Walker was asking about you! lol! Twins are brilliant craic!! loving the trampoline-especially with the saftey net on. Ya just set them in and zip it up and watch them go mad!

Anyways, see you really soon! Missing you loads and loads!

Lots of love, Hansie and Mike xxx

Anonymous said...

Alpha 4 Laura
Hi Laura hope things are getting sorted out for your extra week diving. Mum told us all about it yesterday , when we went over for Emily`s birthday we also met Craig.
I have been following all the blogs and pictures of you. I do hope you enjoying your new group.We miss you and can``t wait until your home to tell us all and show us your marvellous pictures. Love from both of us Grandma & Grandad XXX SETRIAG

Dad Barnes said...

Hi Sarah Barnes
and so another week of adventures brings you closer to the UK. The sun came out this week and we now have lighter evenings. It was Mum's birthday today and we went out for a meal. Rachel's in London and met the cast of Jersey boys. We've booked a holiday 1st 2 weeks of July - seems strange not to include you. However, you and I have still to organise Ireland and Bavaria and Rachel wants a girl only trip to Paris with you. I have a WOMAD ticket for you so Rachel and friends can go. Your Waitrose supervisor spotted me and I told her your news - they're all fascinated. No letters or news from you this week but we know you must be well and have so much to do - enjoy it all. All our love, come back with great stories. Dad, Mum Rachel and your England and Ireland familes send their love.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ria (Alpha 7), whats happening?? Looks like you are having a great time still, feels like you have been away for ages now!! Im going home on saturday for the first time in 10 weeks which will be nice but apart from that just working and partying, been quite nice. Hope you are still having a wicked time, will see you in a couple of weeks. Lots of love Camille xxxxx

kelly said...

hi camilo crazy chile guy:) how are you my friend? enjoying your last phase? I am at the Gili islands right now, a paradise for relaxing; no transport you have to walk everywhere, no police so you can do everything you like, and there are places to lay down, watch movies, dance, listen to good bands, snorkle and ofcourse schmoking and schwiming so yeah i am having a good time. Next to that I am trying to arrange a flight to get to phuket the 11th of april but have some difficulties wiht airasia, anyway i will fix it one way or another babyyyy keep u updated! make the most of your last days and a lot of love to our other musketeer and ofcourse say 'hi lekkerding' to everyone from me! hou van je! xx dutchie

E.W.&G.L.Wheeler said...

To Sam Willetts Alpha 8 phase 3.
Bet you can't wait to arrive at dive island, I read its one of the best dive spots in the world,so it should be something really special,
take plenty of photo's.
Hope you are well, as we are this end.Won't be long now until you will be boarding that big bird for your return flight home, have a safe journey. Love Nan&Bamps

Anonymous said...

Hi ya Kristan (Alpha 6),
Really happy to see some more photos of you. You look good (also quite clean!!)and definately happy, must be the climate, at least you are not getting the english spring weather. Hope all goes well with this last phase.
Take care of yourself, and enjoy all that comes your way.
Nothing going on here, except the usual, dull, uninteresting trudgery!!
We all miss you loads.
Good luck and have a good time.
Love Mum, Dad, Mantha and 'cat' x

Thomas Boussauw said...

To Arthur Derom


Tzit er bijna op, volgende week zijde weer bij ons :D!! Kheb u echt zot gemist. Gelukkig blijfde nu een tijdje in België. Ale nog een weekske zweten en alsde terug zijt, dan gade ook afzien ze ;). haha.

CU soon maat!

veel kuskes, Thomas

Pete said...

Nicola Bell of 11B!
GREAT photo of you under the arrivals part.
I know you were packing light due to all the stuff you were taking, but surely you remembered to take a bra? lol! That photo is hilarious.
Glad to see you're having a great time out there.
See you soon

Anonymous said...

Hey Mathieu (Alpha7)
Jeetje het einde is alweer in zicht, jammer. Maar ook wel weer leuk dat we je binnenkort zien en je verhalen horen. Weten nog niet zoveel van wat je allemaal gedaan hebt. Je vluchten zijn omgezet naar de 18e nog geen bevestiging van Malaysian fairways maar dat komt vast goed. We houden de Universiteiten in de gaten, Delft was OK nog niets uit Canada, blijft spannend.
Heel veel plezier nog deze laatste dagen en tot gauw.
Veel liefs en groetjes, Rene

... said...

Tim - Alpha 1!

Hello bro, looks like a truly 'mazin time you been having. So pleased. Looking forward to your photos. Ma and Pa enjoyed your letter.

Listen - I need to know if you're departing Cambodia on 22nd as planned or staying longer..? Drop me a quick email if you can.


Charlee x

Anonymous said...

Adam Hext Alpha 7
Hi love, i cant believe u are home soon. mum and dad cant wait, and your new bedroom awaits..... i bet u will be sorry to leave all the guys but after having such an awesome experience u will make some incredible friends! Mum and i had been discussing doing a "very mature gap" and i was all set for the off.BUT..... NO ALCOHOL!!! SOmum and i have decided to give it a miss and do some charity work from home lol ... Got u your easter egg today love, enjoy your party night and give all the girls big hugs and kisses.... see u very soon , lots of love aunty paul xxxxx

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