Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Update for 11B Fans

Hello 11B fans!

It's been lovely to read all the messages you are sending us! We feel the love!

Just so you know, the loop has got a copy of all the blog comments received up to the day of their departure so that the groups that they visit will have a chance to look at them. Be assured that special messages for birthdays and things alike that arrive after the loop will be relayed on the radio so that they get them when needed. And for the groups that don't get to read the messages on loop, they will get a chance to read them when they come back from their project sites at changeover.

It's been 11 days since the groups have deployed to their project sites, and while over here at fieldbase we hear from them everyday on our HF radios, we thought that you might be itching to hear just a peep about them to know that they are enjoying their Raleigh experience!

It's clear skies over in Kampung Dalamason where Alpha 1 is, they have finished helping improve the chapel and are starting on the community hall today.

Alpha 2 reports it to be warm and cloudy on Pulau Maliangin, where they are moving tons of materials to their worksites. In the plan today is to lay concrete for the compost toilets they are building.

Alpha 3 are all good too, today they are laying the concrete foundations for the dam and tank sites.

At Alpha 4, it all sunny and hot and warm and scorching! Hope they drink lots of water! They will be busy tidying up their jungle camp and pouring concrete into the third upright for the boardwalk at the sunbear centre.

Alpha 5 have completed their dam at Taliwas, and after they've finished admiring their handiwork, they will start working on the platforms for the tank.

Alpha 6 are learning more about survey techniques today and will be keeping their eyes open for anything new in their survey area. It's still raining a little bit where they are.

Alpha 7 is deep in the rainforests of Long Pasia, where it is reported to be jungly and dry.

Alpha 8 is also trekking in Long Pasia, making friends with the local leeches.

And finally, Alpha 9 is on dive island. The weather has been described as perfect, and everyone will be completing their PADI open water qualifications today. Later today they are planning to sort our their kit for trekking, which starts the day after tomorrow!

Do keep updated with what the groups are up to on our twitter at, where we will be posting updates at least every two days to let you know about the progress of the groups.

Meanwhile, changeover will be happening on the 25th February, so keep your messages pouring in!

Jumpa lagi!


Luise Lotte said...

hi Mathieu in alpha 4,

Yeah,eindelijk een blogbericht uit Borneo. Hopelijk komen er ook wat fotoos.Het is echt bloedje heet bij jullie !
Betonstorten...weer nieuwe skills.Wordt de boardwalk mooi?
Hebben jullie ook zo'n geel/blauw (ikea,voel je meteen thuis)kamp ? Als het zo heet is,komt er dan zo nu en dan een verkoelende bui !? Ik hoop dat je je af en toe kunt afspoelen in een riviertje want het zal wel stofhappen zijn.
Krijg de tip dat jullie op twitter te volgen zijn,ik zal mijn skills uitproberen (hm).
Dag vent,houd het hoofd koel,liefs mama en papa

Samantha said...

Hi Kristan (Alha 7),
Hope the diving went well and that you're enjoying the trek, slightly different scenery, to what you're used to I bet. Nothing changes here, we are all watching the blog for updates and sending regular letters. Janet has rung to see how you are doing, so everyone is interested for news. We are all proud of you and what you are doing. keep it up and don't forget the sun cream!! Take care of yourself. Love and miss you Mum, Dad, Mantha and 'cat'


Hello MICHAEL WALLER and Alpha 1. Great to have an update, really looking forward to seeing some photos of you soon, we're all on blog-watch! Everyone asking how you're doing, we're very proud of you!
Continue with the good work,
Lots of love from Babs/Mam, John, Martin and all family and friends in
'sunny' FISHBURN!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam and Alpha 2!
Hope you're ok and the project's going well! Looking forward to seeing some photos- we've got lots of photos of monkeys in The Gambia! You and Jon have got a present from our cleaner !- he was really interested to hear about what you're doing. Hope you've acclimatised to the weather and food and enjoy a good sleep in your hammock! take care, lots of love, Mum & Dad xxx( collecting kittens later!)

Anonymous said...

Lieve Bente van Keulen,
We lezen dat je op het gemeentehuis gaat werken. Wie had dat ooit gedacht. Zo maar in de voetsporen van je grootvader. Veel succes.
Dikke knuffel van ons beiden. O&O.

Anonymous said...

Dear James Mclean Alfa 8 11b, hi from as hear. Grandads still amazed at all the places you've visited, were hoping he will be able to weight bear in the next two weeks so we can plan him going home. In case I forget would you be able to bring two more of those purses you bought for me for Christmas, I'd like to give one to Geraldine and Sue, if you can still get them. You have had a letter from work again asking when you are going back, I told them you had spoken with your line manager before leaving England and you had your date to return, I think Emma Jones from the PPPA leave team has e.mailed you, to ask if you could confirm. I have told her it is not easy for you to get to a computer even at fieldbase, so may not be able to reply until you are home on the 20th April, she said not to worry, but she would send another letter next month. Look after yourself and your venturers lots of love Mumxx

The Lows said...

Hi Will (Alpha 5). Glad to hear that you have completed the dam part of your project. Hope the tank installation goes to plan. Went to Murrayfield on Saturday which was good fun although the result was very disappointing Scotland were thrashed 6-24 by Wales. There is a letter on the way and another ready to post so you will get all our news when they arrive. Got a very smelly dog at my feet as he (Major) rolled in a dead fish during our walk by the river today. Chip in disgrace as he did one of his disappearing tricks yesterday. Gone from 4 until 10.30pm!! So nothing changes.
Missing you. Lots of love Mum & Dad xxx

Carole said...

Hello Greg - Alpha 6
It is great to get some news of you.. I hope you are enjoying the adventure.. the weather in London has not been good so we are thinking of going to South Africa for a couple of weeks.. We miss you loads.
Lots of love, Mum & Dad

James Stephenson said...

Hello Daniel in Alpha 9. Hope you really enjoying the diving and the whole experience. We are following you on the blog. Grandma and Grandad are too. Belated Happy Birthday. Wednesday canned Irvine but results have not improved but at least Utd beat City! Looking forward to hearing all about it.Lots of love. Mum, Dad, Thomas, Matthew and Peeps

Steve K said...

Hi Joe! (Alpha 5)

Hope you are having a great time and enjoying the project you've been working on. Happy Birthday for last week, I bet it was different celebrating in the jungle! I'm going to see Mum and Dad next week. It will be nice to have a relax- it's been a busy term.

Steve and I are just thinking of songs for the wedding ceremony.

Look after yourself

Heather and Steve xxx

Daniel Kirk/ JSHAFAZEE said...

Hey Tom and Alpha 2
how you doing man whats it like in the world of Borneo. Joe's just left for Kenya so only me and Adam are left from JSHAFAZEE so you have to hurry back we need our organizer back. Anyway just wanted to let you know i hope your having a good time and rosie emily (ofcourse) and ofcourse adam and Joe whish you there best. Anyway im waiting for my post card haha and wish me luck for sydney, im of in three weeks and hope the rest of your trip goes well talk to you soon

michelle said...

hi kaylie alpha 3, hope you know how to lay concret now will be a great help when you home could do with concret in back garden and you know why and so does dillon, all well here still a tiny wee bit warmer but with the heat wave comes the rain but you will know that by now,every 1 is as you left them all fine your grandad has a new phone ahh ahh it has taken him a week just to send a text hope he dont read this love you dad xxxxxxxxxx take care my lovelly miss you cant wait on next update love always your mum ps roy and anton say hi

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick - ALpha 6

Hope you are having an amazing time and the weather has improved. Looking forward to seeing some photos of what you have been up to. We miss you buckets, Your dad can't believe how much room there is in the fridge now! loads of love Mum ps chopped my hair off short, Graham made me do it. I think I like it!!

helma en hans said...

maud versteylen, alpha 8
Ik stuurde deze mail maar is niet aangekomen, dan maar op de blog.
Dag lieverd

He Maud,
Ik heb je mail gelezen , een hele belevenis met veel verschillende emoties!!
Sla het op, it’s all life experience….
Nou lieverd, relaxen aan het strand, doe voorzichtig met duiken. En straks werken op het land en met de kindjes zal toch wel leuk worden. Dan zit je toch ook weer in een andere alpha?
Ik volg de blog.
Hier alles prima.
Volgende weekend naar Maastricht vanwege mijn 60ste verjaardag. We zullen je missen.
Kussen en veel liefs,
Helma en natuurlijk ook van Hans

Janine said...

Hi Leah! (Alpha 7)

Great to hear from you yesterday and to hear that you survived the trekking!! Everyone is asking after you and sends their love. All well here - envying you all going diving...Dad says it's not quite the same as sand eels off Shelley beach! Take care, letter on it's way, Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

Aan Kelly alpha 3.Er moet gezegd dat, als specialist met verbouwingen ik erg onder de indruk was van het dragen van waterteiltjes.Ik neem aan dat jullie dat leren aan de locals, evenals het bij de voeten pakken en dan op handen lopen wanneer er geen kruiwagen is.Beetje op de kroko's letten, maar daar heb je dat touw voor meegenomen toch..Kan straks een hoop van je leren. Vrijdag gaat Mike snowboarden, dus dan hebben je moeder en ik het rijk alleen.Denk dat ik maar veel vrij neem en ook een verre reis ga maken / Belgie staat hoog op mijn lijstje.Ardennen zijn denk ik wel vergelijkbaar met waar jij zit, vol met gevaarlijk ongedierte, dus dat schept wel een band. Het eten zal ook wel wennen zijn en ze drinken daar ook geen water, maar biertjes. Zo zie je maar, dat reizen van jou werkt aanstekelijk.Ik hoop dat je het naar je zin hebt en vind het merkwaardig in het openbaar te moeten schrijven.Niet helemaal mijn ding maar wil niet niks laten horen. liefs en ik mail ook wel weer naar je gewone mailadres,

Freddie Elborne said...

Dear Charlotte Alpha 7,
Happy Birthday, I hope you are having an amazing time and I am missing you lots. I am having a great time in South America and can't wait to see you soon. Loads of love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick Alpha 6
Hopeall is well with you we are thinking of you have a great time love N & Gtiagum

Barb said...

Hi Nina - Alpha 6
I haven't quite got the hang of the Blog commenting as I have just done one and lost it. So I'll try again - just want you to know that I am putting in the effort! Need more info to be able to picture you and what you are doing. Hope you are enjoying the surveying. Pictures from last year show alpha 6 by the beach, are you? What's the diet like? A programme on rainforests showed barbecued tarantula - tried it? Btw it's half term this coming wk. We are not going to Paris, but Dad & I might be going to Malta in March for a long wkend in connection with his work! George is going to Oceana tonight. Back from gym and I'm about to ring Nanny who always ask if we've heard anything from you. Love from us all, Mum xxxx

talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley Alpha 3
Hi Hannie. We got your first letter and laughed loads.Hope you have had ours.nanny and Uncle Chris are following the blog too. How are the leech and mozzy bites? We miss you loads but hope you are having a fantastic time. We have sent several letters.
lots of love Mum, Dad,Sarah

Nantucket said...

Hi Lorne, Alpha 6
Happy birthday for the 25th!!! We all send our love and hope that it has stopped raining in the jungle! Alaina says to tell you the Packers won the Superbowl. Mr. Panchy, Ms. Elder and Ms. Phaneuf all say hello and wish you the best. Have sent a letter but not much happening at home. Still freezing and windy. Hope you are having a great time. We miss you and look forward to hearing how you and your group are doing. Lots of love, Mom, Dad, Alaina, Stella and Moon.

sue bell said...

Hi Alpha 7, Hi Nicola
Hope the dive and trek was good and you enjoyed them.
Enjoy the rest of the tasks ahead of you everyone sends their love.
Take care see you soon
Lots of love mum, sue and ste

sue bell said...

hi alpha7, hi nicola
hope the dive and trek was good and you enjoyed them.
enjoy the rest of the tasks ahead of you, everyone sends their love.
take care see you soon
lots of love mum, sue and ste

Carole said...

Hello my darling Greg Alpha 6,
I hope the project is going well for you...We are so proud of you,Dad and I..You really are doing
something amazing!!!
We will be going to South Africa on the 22nd of Feb and will be back in London on the 6th of March.. We will be as usual with our laptop so we can keep up to date with news of you...
Mon cheri, tu nous manques et nous pensons beaucoup a toi...
Avec enormement d'amour!!!
Dad and Mum

Minkin said...

Darling Callum Alpha 8.
I am keeping an eye on the website, checking up on your adventures. Thank you for your fabulous Birthday Present. I love him! Thinking of you all the time. Panda has stopped sulking and is now sleeping on the Booshkin's bed most days! We love you. Mum Xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Mathieu(Alpha 4),
wat leuk om eindelijk wat te horen :)
ik ben echt jalours dat het zo heet bij julie is!! ik heb echt wat zon nodig. hier friest het weer :(
ik mis je al en klein beetje hahahaa
hopelijk komen er wat meer fotos en updates van julie in de toekomst
p.s. hopelijk zijn er geen spelling fouten :/

Eveline said...

Hi tijmen alpha 3
Leuke foto van je groep je moet het goed naar je zin hebben en een prachtige achtergrond
Vandaag je zus florine die in india zit aan de telefoon gehad na inmiddels ookm3 weken met raleigh onderweg
Gaat goed met haar ze had haar community project ook erop zitten en hoort morgen wat ze nu gaat doen voor de volgende 3 weken.
Was blij even naar de stad te kunnen om pizza of iets dergelijks te eten en een redelijk ontbijt te hebben na alle Indiase curry''s hoop snel wat van jou te horen
Gr. Papa

The Easts said...

Hi Rob Alpha 9 ,

Hope the trekking and diving has gone well without too much bother from leeches and mozzies. We have been having fun decorating the upstairs bedrooms . It will look a bit different when you get back. United beat City 2-1. With about 10 minutes to go Rooney the gaol of the season to win. However last weekend United only managed a really dismal 1-0 win over Crawley in the FA cup which was well worth missing. Next weekend Dad is hoping to go fell walking in Derbyshire on Friday then Wendy and Mike are coming to stay for weekend. Looking forward to hearing more news of your adventures and seeing some photos . Lot of Love Mum and Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear James Mclean 11b alfa 8, What an amazing shade of green that bird is on the site,I wondered if you had visited death valley, it must have been very moving. I'm still trying to get myself insured so I can work for myself, I have found a new insurance company so am hopeful they might be the right one for what I need. Jonathan appears to have a job in Korea, he has paperwork to sort out, I know its what he wants to do, but I wish it was nearer to England. We went to the NEC Caravan and Motorhome show today, was more interesting than I thought, we found a water free cleaner for cars, trucks and windows, some people were buying refils so we were quite hopeful it will be good. We bought water purifyer for the water tank, some currys from a place called curry tree spice mixes, there based in London, made without Hydrogentated fat, MSG, no chemicals, no artificial colours, were trying it tonight, it smells very good, will finish this with the results of how it tasted. Chicken Karahi was very good, Jonathan approved, it was a bit hot for me I put some yoghurt on mine, Phil persevered with out yoghurt, we have a Rogan josh and a Fish fry to another time. We met a lovely elderly couple who have been travelling in their truck for about 15 years, they told us about a dutch company ACSI who have big and small sites all over europe and now have 9 sites in England now, we will try some out when we go to Barcelona in the summer, which you may be able to make for aweekend if nothing else for our 25years, looks like Jonathan will have to be present on skype, better than nothing. We have great hopes taht Grandad will be able to start wheight bearing on Monday. Geraldines coming on Tuesday evening here so we will have a lovely catch up evening, before she goes onto Crewe on Wednesday. Its salsa night this Friday, Alf has been saying for the last month that he is going to try classes near him, but we don't think he's actually got the courage to go through the door yet, still at least he did make it to the door, so maybe one of these times he'l make it. Everyone sends their love and asks after you, lots of love Mum, Phil and Jonathanxxxxx

Aisbitt said...

Hello Ben
We got your letter thanks. Hope you are having an amazing time! We are missing you lots. Sophie is bored without you and Dad's outnumbered! Nana sends her love. We are going to London tomorrow - lunch at the Ritz, then the palace, and a pint in the v=big ben pub. Tim and Dan are going to stay with Sharkey on saturday night. Sophs going to Washington on monday and is very excited. Nothing else interesting from Darlo! I bet you've seen some unbelievable things! How are you finding sleeping in the jungle? Hope you're looking after yourself! Take care lots of love from, Mum, Dad, Sophie, Tim and Nana xxxxxxxxxxxx

junor.nb said...

Hello Callum,
this is very annoying, I just wrote you a lovely message and then it wouldn't post. But since I am a lovely sister I shall go through the effort to write it again. Firstly, I hope you are having an amazing time. Nothing much has changed over here, school sucks and i want to leave. I just got back from half term, and i have to say i did miss you at home- it is very weird you not being in the country. i cant think of anything exciting to tell you, except it was my birthday yesterday! whoop. again odd not being able to hear from you and not having you around. But thank you very much for my speakers, they will be soooo useful when i am driving!! scary isn't it, they will probably cause me to crash. but only 364 days for me now, very exciting. Panda has taken up residence on my bed, according to mummy this is because she explained to him that i was coming home... I thought you should know that your card to mummy made her cry and it was rather messy! she then named her monkey maclean, because obviously he needed a name. I really need to sleep now, but i will try and post more now, even if they are just short and you only get them on the 'loop' whatever that is. I hope you are having the most incredible time and i am so jealous of you diving. I miss you my brother.
Love always, Booshkin xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Fee
Still wet and sleet here at the start of the week though snowdrops finally appearing in the garden.Good to see your photos-shame you had rain, still it will remind you of home!Martin and Ann here so off to Glasgow on Saturday.Eve would like some photos for her eco project of any rare species you find.Letter to follow soon.Lots of love mumxx

Anonymous said...

Ro Rum!! Didnt realise you could write message or would have writeen you sooner. I have heard that you are having an amazing time and loving life. I hope you are having some great adventures and will have lots of good stories to tell. Things are good here, mum and dad have been in Bristol for FUZE, final night tonight so really excited although has been hard work. Hopefully will speak to you seoon, but hope you keep enjoying yourself! miss you loads, lots of love Camille xxx

Minkin said...

Hi Cal (Alpha 3)
I love the photos of you on the website, I was very concerned because I could not see you, as you were in blue and I was not expecting that. Like the hair cut! Well, it is cold and raining here, the central heating is on. P and I are working our way through "The Mentalist" because we have no friends and rarely go out! Actually we were at The Walking with Wounded Ball last night and nursing sore heads today. It is very quiet here without you picking up Panda 30 x a day. He has forgotten what it is like to be constantly harassed. Miss you all the time and cannot wait to hear your new. Love you. Mum x

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIA!! Hope you are still haveing a fantastic time out there. I am writting this a bit early but thats because of the time difference for you. 19!!! Getting on a bit arent you. Hope you have a great day though, and have some fun celebrations. Will have a recelebration when you are home. Nothing interesting here, handing in my dissertation scary! but then its party time (apart from the 2 other essays i need to write in the next week and a half.) Missing you loads, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! lots of love your big sis Camille xxxx ps heard the headaches were bad but hope its not getting you down to much and you feel better. xxx