Friday, 25 February 2011

To Changeover......and Beyond!

It’s Changeover at last, and the staff at Field Base could not be more excited about seeing everyone and hearing all about their first phase out on project!
Before we head off to meet them all, we thought we'd update you with the news that our seven week 'Explorers' arrived yesterday - the lucky people even got to spend a night at Field Base and sample Loli's delicious cooking before being deployed!
First to arrive were the Sam C, Sam K, Joe, Ashleigh, Kate, Catrin, Max, Johnny, James and Fred. They came back to Field Base for some training sessions to get them up to speed with the rest of the venturers on the expedition, as well as playing some name games to get to know one another (see pics below).
In the evening the Explorer group was completed with the arrival of Akram and Jenny, after which everyone made sure they got an early night in preparation for this morning's 7am swim test!
Now it's off to Base Camp, where all of the venturers will be put into new groups and assigned to different projects for the second  phase. Exciting!
Check back here on Monday to see who is going where.

Meanwhile, ,here are some pictures of our Explorers.


Luise Lotte said...

hi Mathieu (voormalig alpha 4 member),

Vandaag bericht dat jullie allemaal op basecamp zijn.
Wat zal het gezellig zijn met alle wilde en spannende verhalen die uitgewisseld worden !
Ben je een beetje vrij gebleven van muggen-en andere beten?
Heb zo een afspraak bij de tandarts,mijn vulling is op en er gaat een kroon in. Papa zei dat ik dat bij Jannie Meyer in Cape Town moest laten doen.Ik zei dat als ik daar heen ga voorlopig ook niet meer terug kom.Leuk idee maar niet erg praktisch maar het idee is wel heel verleidelijk.
Ghislaine heeft vanavond op school een anti-valentine dance.Het is anti omdat ze vorige week niet op school waren.
De auto rijdt lekkerrrrrrr,wat een luxe.
Van de week heb ik de ramen beneden binnen en buiten gelapt,weet je hoeveel ramen het zijn ??.....100 stuks.Klinkt als gekkenwerk maar het viel reuze mee.Dat probleem hebben jullie niet met junglecamps,die zijn zo luchtig gebouwd.
Het is al een paar dagen heel zonnig en de zon komt heel mooi op in het weiland.Het is nu rond half 8 weer licht,dat is heerlijk.
Oh ja ,tandarts vroeg naar je,oma en Jolande ook.
Didier is ingeloot om een half jaar in Shanghai te studeren,bofkont.
Groetjes van ons allemaal en tot blogs,kus mama

Anonymous said...

Hi Catrin & All at Camp

Hope you all have a great time and enjoyed your early swim test.


Anonymous said...

Lieve Maud, wat fijn je stem te horen vanmorgen. Werd wakker en wist gelijk dat jij het was!!Je klinkt goed en fijn dat je zo genoten hebt op het duik eiland. Wat maak je veel mee! Wij zijn het weekend in Maaastricht met de familie en Anna. Brief volgt. Ben benieuwd in welk project je terecht komt. Geniet en veel kusjes papa en mama

Anonymous said...

For Charlotte Dickson

Friday morning: Brilliant to get your call just a few minutes ago when you arrived in.

So glad that everything has gone so well - marvellous that you have "cracked" the trek. Looking forward to hearing which project you will be on next. We will be glued to the blogs.

Good luck on the next phase.

Masses of love

Mum & Dad

Anonymous said...

To Charlotte Dickson, Alpha 7

I hope you had a great birthday, I will make you a cake for when you get back. I think that you are deep in the jungle where it apparently is "dry and jungly" which is what it says on the newest update which doesn't sound to good for your hair unless your wanting to rock a hermione style and if that's the case you will look great.

I have found an apartment in Madrid right in the centre and booked all my flights so I will be there next Friday just in time for a nice glass of vino and will start my course on the Monday for 3months, I can't wait!

I hope your having an amazing time, take care and don't get bitten by any scary insects in the night. Lots of Love Dickie, Mhairi xxx

talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley coming in with Alpha 3
Hi Hannie Bee,
First phase over- hardly seems possible. How did the water feed go? We would love some news- only had one stingy letter so far!!!!!
The photos look great and we are following you closely on the blog - you look well.Hope you are happy.
Sarah and I are out to see the King's Speech tonight and as I haven't been out for yonks we are going for pizza first and then the VIP seats. Yeh!
If that is making you jealous fear not-- we are having risotto tomorrow night so things are looking up for you. I am off to buy a new hoover tomorrow (my life is sooooo exciting) so I shall be in Watford and I'll see if Que pasa is up for refurbishment. Will let you know. More letters will be on the way soon. We are dying to know what your next project will be. How are your muscles doing?
Oodles of love Mum

Samuel said...

Hello Nick (ex-alpha 6)!

Your phase looked awesome! Theres a photo on the blog of you lot unleashing some sick volleyball skills. Looking forward to finding out your next one!

Met up with your mum and dad today at the cluny, great to hear you're loving [(sort of) maybe not so much] the porridge banter! Going to meet up with them again soon for a badminton session [*cue the montage training music drinking raw eggs running on the beach in ridiculous red shortshorts*].

Football news:
Carroll yet to play for 'pool but they SPORTS RESULT SPOILER thanks to kuyt came out on top against sparta prague in the europa. Torres already played a few for Chelsea but is yet to score a goal!
Chelsea vs Man U next Tuesday. I'm sure you're hearing all the results on Raleigh Radio anyway.

Big news over the last week about another big earthquake in Christchurch, NZ as well - awful stuff. It'll no doubt have calmed down but I reckon you'll probs notice the effects when you cruise round in a few months.

However, what is indeed the biggest news is that Radiohead have finally released their new album (after it was announced about 5 days in advance). It is called "The King of Limbs" [honest], 8 tracks, more mellow but still pretty great. Most comparable to Amnesiac but a bit poppier I think. They'll probs be touring late 2011 so we'll have to go !!

Anyway, just thought I'd pass you a cheeky update. I hope you're having a less damp day today big guy. You got this.

Sam x

Jersey Beans said...

Beth - Alpha 4 just coming back from Sun Bears in Sepilok

Sat 26th Feb

Your letter of 14th Feb arrived yesterday - what an unexpected and fantastic surprise. Brilliant descriptions and excellent drawings. Had already found you (well, not actually you in person) on Google maps.

*** Dull points alert ! ***
Take up offer of local insurance if you do anything (particularly if it is "extreme") that isn't part of the standard expedition Not sure if diving counts, so ask.

E-mail from airline advises that MH2631/10 Apr has been retimed to depart KK at 19:00 and arrive KL 21:25. Still gives you 2 hrs at KL.
*** Dull points over ! ***

Jersey Live headliners will be Madness and Plan B. Also The Streets and others that I've never heard of, though Rob seems impressed.

Offer from Imperial. Woo hoo !

Darn those pesky 'squitos !

Dad, Mum and Robster


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe good to see you arrived safely. Hope the 7am swim test went well. Not often you see 7am lol. Hope you have a great time DM&W

talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley returning with Alpha 3 to base.
Hi Hannie,
Absolutely brilliant to get your phone call today and we are thrilled to hear you are so happy and having a mega time! It really cheered up our cold, wet rainy February morning. We await news of your next project with huge interest.
King's speech was very good last night, Colin Firth was excellent. Sarah has just gone down to Camden to meet up with her Northwood College mates for lunch and then sleeping over at Emma's. Mickey is looking very eeyoreish as it is so wet outside and he can't go out. As i said in the last blog, risotto tonight so I bet you wish you were here!!!!!
Keep well, keep happy, eat enough.
An enormous hug from me.
Love Mum

Mike C said...

Rob Collier (Alpha 3)
All well here - hope it is with you too.
Update email sent: will post if you don't receive it by next weekend.
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

Stefan Otto(alpha1)

What a surprise to have heard from you !!! It made our weekend. So glad you are having a most fantastic time!!Have to say it looks awesome!! Still cold and wet here. Work is good. Going to watch Eng vs France today. Should be a great match.Kristian is training hard and all well with him. Mum is going to Paris next week with the school. Maxine just had half term . Hardly seen her!! Im back training again. The ribs are slowly getting better. Say hi to Cheryl and Sly.Love you very much Take lots of pictures. XXXXXX

Anonymous said...

To Sunil Mistry, India, T5

Hey Sunil how u doing, hows the experdition going?


Anonymous said...

To Bobby Breuer (former alpha 5)

Lieve Bob, wij zijn net thuis gekomen en daar lag jouw brief op de mat. Natuurlijk gelijk gelezen, leuk geschreven! Tijdens jouw telefoontje stond ik in de rij van de skilift met veel geroezemoes om mij heen, dus kon niet alles verstaan , maar wij zijn blij dat je het erg naar je zin hebt.

Thuis lag ook een brief van de KPN met een nieuw simkaartje en bijbehorende puk code. De code werkt alleen met het nieuwe kaartje. Die zal ik opsturen en hoop dat je die voor volgende changeover krijgt. Is de kaart al aangekomen? Wij gaan nu slapen. Veel plezier en veel sterkte tijdens de trek. Xxxxxxx van ons allemaal.

Rachel said...

Hey Tom (Alpha 4),

I've been reading up on the blog and the BSBCC - the Sun Bears are adorable (mainly as babies). Some of the photo's that are up on the blog are amazing - inspiring.

From a conservationist point of view I thought I'd add your a real credit to us, it's people like you who help us achieve what we need to do, we would never be able to do half the projects we do, so thank you and say thank you from me to everyone else.

I see your moving to the next stage of your expedition on Monday, so hopefully you will get this message before you go back off to your incredible adventure!

I have to admit it is weird at the flat without you - you can come and stay again (might need to ask dad though)!

I can't wait to hear and see all the photo's you have from your expedition, you must have some great stories to tell everyone.

Try and give us all an email with some highlights when you can.

Backing the beard I see :)!! Keep up the good work.

Lots of love

Rachel, Julie, Paul and James...

and no doubt the rest of the family!!! - including all the furry creatures!

CarolW said...

Message for Simon Williams
Hi Simon
Great to get some news of what you've been up to and some photos. We just came back from our week in Lanzarote yesterday, Gavin has been here at home for the week, and Grandma was here too, so we all got excited about seeing you on the blog. Looks like your group really worked hard, but had fun as well. Thought the picture of you with your mouth wide open was absolutely typical! We had a good week, and have sent you a postcard - don't know if or when it will arrive as I think the place we bought stamps just took a guess on the postage for Malaysia!

If you get a chance to phone/email/write, it would be great to hear - but don't worry if it's too hectic.

Gavin is going back to London tomorrow, has been busy doing essays and stuff this week at home. Grandma is pretty good at the moment and sends love. Lots of people asking after you. We finally have an allotment so will be putting your digging skills to work in the summer maybe!

Love from home, Mum and Dad

Adrian Blake said...

I've been told I can leave messages for Nick Harman here?

Just wanted to say that he left the tap on and by the time we broke down his door, all his prized porn collection was ruined.

Tell him we will postpone the memorial for it until he comes back.

Helen Cook said...

Hi James
Hope you enjoyed the diving today. We are enjoying the blog. Thanks for your email. Next email from us has been sent to you but compared to your news I expect it's a bit dull!
Love M D and E

anke verschoor said...

to tijmen boer
Hi Tijmen, wat een feest je gisteren zo uitvoerig aan de telefoon te hebben gehad. Fantastisch om al die belevenissen, inspanningen en ervaringen te horen. Heb de site van de sunbears ook al bekeken. Moet weer een geweldige uitdaging gaan worden (en ik weet nu dus ook wat sunbears zijn!). Zet 'm op de komende weken en we blijven het weer volgen.
Je geweldige enthousiasme en positieve instelling en benadering van de hele expeditie geeft deze regenachtige zeeuwse zaterdag weer een prachtig gouden randje! liefs Anke

Anonymous said...

Message for Jenny Kohnhorst

Hi sweatheart, sorry we got cut off when you called, just as we were getting to the important part.
Let me know where you want me to book+ dates (phone, text, email, FB) and I will get on to it.
Have a great time (from Oma and Opa too)

Karen said...

Hi Mica, Great to speak to you, good to know you are in one piece, hope you enjoy your diving trip next week, we are all missing you. I will post the letter on monday hopefully you will get it next time you are back at base.Glad you got to experience the sun bears hope the next place is fun and not too much hard work,I have lots of DIY things for you to do when you get home to keep your new skills going.Love you loads talk soon love Mom xxxx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Stefan Otto (former alpha 1) I am such a plonker !! just wrote this long message but never said who it was to ! so here we go again. It was the high light of my week ( or many weeks ) hearing your voice this week .. So pleased you are loving it ,think your other 2 phases will be even better.Sent you a parcel today,2vests ,a t shirt ,your hard to get and some percy pigs to share. did you get your previous parcel? Please let me know. Our half term is now over so back to school tomorrow . Good luck for your next phase , take lots of pics. will contact uni`s this week as well as get your remark result .Missing you so much . Love you loads. mum x x x x x x x x

Anonymous said...

hiya catrin :D
mae o lovely gweld bo t cael amsar da!!! missing u like hell!! di feindio'r website fy hun ha!! how super be dwi! gwbo lle i watchad be t neud wan! danny a cynan yn deu hello a gobeithio t okay!! see u soon xxxxx

Josefina y Antonia said...

To Camilo Gonzalez
Camilo, te echamos de menos! te acabo de mandar un inbox, que bueno que pusiste esta pagina porque la tenia guardada en mi cmputador!
Ojala este todo bien, vimos una foto tuya cantando jaja deja de intentar picar!
Te vamos a ir mandando mensajitos! y esperaremos hasta abril para que contestes!
Un beso gigante, y en julio volvemos a hacer lo que siempre hacemos :)
Josefina y Antonia

Nicole said...

Hi Tom (returned with Alpha 9),
So good to hear from you the other day - really made my day! Glad to know that you are well and have been learning so much - keep up the good work. I am totally addicted to the blog and keep looking for updates obsessively. Everyone at work asks what you are up to daily - you have a lot of fans! Can't wait to learn about you're next project. Spoke to Vahid and told him your news - he said he was so happy about your cool experiences, and especially for your happiness. Dad says there is a letter on the way, and he's working on a new one. Thinking of you all the time, and missing you lots.
Love from Mum, Smudge, Sammy, and even Whiskey.

Rachel Smith said...

To Kaylie Gray - Hello sweetcheeks! How is it in Borneo? India is amazing!!! Everyone is soo nice and I'm such a different person MWHAHAHAHA! Your mum wrote to me and I've send you a goodie bad of things I things I think you might need :) Miss you soooo much and I think of you often :). Lots and lots and lots of love, Rachel xxxxxx

karol said...

Hi Lee Alpha 2 hope u are still having a great time,photos are good.Are u nice and brown now we are all pale and wanting the sun.All is well and boring here,we havent booked your flights yet as we dont understand your tex!!but it will only take 5 mins to do .Keep up the good work miss you love you loads will write to at weekend love mum and all xxxx

Anonymous said...

Adam Hext Alpha 5,

Hi my love, just sat here using megs new computer but she doesnt know! You all look really settled now but am worried as you look really skinny and your hair is still ginger! lol Please try and eat more and get out and do some sun bathing. Moles still don't want to leave the house but i think your mum secretly needs some company when alone! Haha. But only four days to go until the 'ITV crew' film 60 minute makeover as they attack your bedroom!
Lots of Love Aunty Pauline xxxx

Anonymous said...

Adam Hext Alpha 5,

Hi Ads, how ya doing? Just done some of my science exams so im chuffed i don't have to do any revision for a while and i can sit back on the xbox for a little while! Ha, sounds fun. You look like your having a great time and i really hope it continues to be full of meeting new people and fun. I'm off on work experience at the vets next week which is going to be great!

Have a great couple of days, catch you soon, Love Liam x

Anonymous said...

Adam Hext Alpha 5
Hey Adam, Friday was a bad day for me as i bit into my lunch and felt quarter of my tooth fall out! It was awful, i ran to the toilets to find my mouth covered in blood. By that point the school rang mum to pick me and we finally got to see a dentist on the Monday. I was hoping they could glue it back on! lol They had to remove the rest of the tooth instead, i was in the wars eh?! Tooth faries gave me a pound though! Yay! I got into the high school of my choice down the road, not the same one as liam though, but its five minutes from the house. Liam is away this weekend so mum and i are having a girlie weekend and watching the rugby. Wales aren't doing too good. Aunty Jude says your room is looking good now, for once!! But no news on the mole yet... Lots of love, Megan! xxxx

Belle said...

Hi Denise (Alpha6)
we r on the way to kundasang now with aunty Colette & family & daphne & alex. So how was the church service? Wonder where will u be next? Oohhh.... Another 3 weeks...!! We have new puppy. Dad named him Loonie... So cute oh...! Looking forward to ur call.. Till then, byee

Love u
from mum, dad & everyone in papar..