Monday, 21 February 2011

The Loop: Phase One

And so to the first loop of Expedition 11B, which this time consisted of Sarah, Martin and me (once they’d picked me up from Alpha 5)!
After a visit to the Death March War Memorial, which commemorates the deaths of approximately 2,400 allied troops in the Second World War as they marched from Sandakan to Ranau, the first site to be graced with the Loop’s presence was Alpha 3, in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu. The group, progressing well with the dam for their gravity water feed, had pulled out all the stops for the Loop, with freshly baked bread (courtesy of Sam), chicken from the local village and a delicious banoffee pie.
The Death March Memorial Garden
Memorial for the British servicemen killed in the Death March
Alpha 3 tuning into the weekly 'Raleigh Radio' broadcast
The cheeky Alpha 3 team tried to convince the Loop they'd made these!
Stunning views of Mount Kinabalu - lucky Alpha 3!
Next up was the Sun Bear group at Alpha 4, who had been working on steps and boardwalk at the Sun Bear sanctuary prior to the Loop’s arrival, and doing their best to fend off the cheeky orangutans who repeatedly tried to steal their crackers!! After a lovely evening together, the Loop left early the following morning for Alpha 5, leaving the group to spend the day on camp improvements.
The Alpha 4 team relaxing over lunch
Getting to work on the steps!
A moment of quiet reflection!
The static basher where the intrepid Alpha 4 team sleep
Our lovely expedition artist, Helen, hitched a ride with the Loop to Alpha 5, where she was to stay for a few days to work on art projects. The team impressed everyone with their efforts; making place settings and bow ties out of leaves, preparing canapes using crackers with luncheon meat and cheese, and even following our guests to the toilet and offering them hand sanitizer and DEET as they came out! PM Stu did a sterling job of making cream for the pearoffee pie, and Stu challenged the Loop to match up facts about the venturers of Alpha 5 with the venturers themselves.
Donning our leaf bow ties in preparation for the Loop's arrival
No dinner party would be complete without elaborate place settings!
Jenny taking canapes too far by serving Will's head on a tray!
The Loop's Martin sampling the 'canapes'
Catching up on comments from the blog
The following morning we were up early to make our way to Alpha 1; a journey which took nine hours (with only two brief toilet stops!)! We arrived around 5pm and had to walk up a near vertical slope for an hour to reach the site. Sarah and I were thrilled to find they had a water pipe where we could wash; sitting for hours in a Land Rover in the baking heat is not conducive to good personal hygiene! After we'd washed the group cooked a lovely dinner, which we ate in the chapel where they are now staying, and put on 'Alpha 1's got talent,' which was hilarious.
The boys of Alpha 1 introduce 'The Oracle'
Camilo blew everyone away with his singing
Another cosy night in at Alpha 1
The girls singing their hearts out!
Alpha 1 on their project site
After a brief visit to Alpha 1’s work site the next morning, the Loop drove into Kota Marudu and on to the kampung of Monguwou, where Alpha 6 (the biodiversity project) are located. We struggled to get the Land Rover up one particularly rain-damaged patch of terrain, so eventually were forced to give up and trek an hour into the site with our rucksacks, leaving the shop and other items for the group in the vehicle for collection the following morning (much to their disappointment!) The high altitude has meant bad weather conditions, but the group is making the best of it in spite of rain repeatedly damaging their tarpaulin! The girls made fresh bread and Rosco cooked up a storm with the Raleigh rations. After dinner we played a game of ‘Mafia’ in the hut where they are staying, before getting an early night ready for the final stop of the Loop, Alpha 2.
The Loop arrives at Alpha 6
Beautiful views all around
The boys playing 'takraw' with the locals
One of the species the team found as part of their survey
The Alpha 6 team
We were up bright and early the next morning to drive back into Kota Marudu and onto Kudat, where we boarded a ferry to Banggi. On arrival we were met by Doni, who took us on his small boat to the beautiful Maliangin island, where Alpha 2 are building their composting toilets. After three days of constant travelling it was an absolute pleasure pulling up to the shore and being greeted by the group on the beach. We had a quick swim before being given a tour around the island and then being treated to an elaborate five course feast, complete with Tom's delicious Virgin Colada drink! As an absolute sushi fiend, I was particularly impressed with the cooked tuna sushi rolls, though it’s hard to choose a favourite between those and the other courses (Lee’s chicken and sweetcorn soup, Paula and Gorgeous’s pasta dish, Becky’s delicious trifle and Ryan’s jam roly poly pudding).  After dinner we relaxed and lay in hammocks looking out over the sea before bed: Beautiful.
The Loop's Sarah and Martin preparing to board the boat to Maliangin island
The welcome party greets the Loop as they approach shore
Sushi, anyone?
Becky's trifle was just sublime!
The Alpha 2 team enjoying a beautiful sunset on Maliangin island - lucky things!
The following morning we were up at 5.45am to get the boat back to the mainland and head back to Kota Kinabalu, where the Field Base staff were eagerly awaiting our arrival. It was an exhausting few days, but absolutely brilliant, and so nice to see in person how everyone on the static sites was getting on.
Now we’re back at Field Base, and there is LOTS to do between now and Friday, when we go back to Base Camp for Changeover. It’s hard to believe the first phase is nearly at an end – it’s true what they say about time flying when you’re having fun!
More updates (and pics!) to follow!



Hello MICHAEL WALLER and all in Alpha 1.
Great to see you all safe and well. Michael, seems like you're putting your thespian training at Fishburn Youth club to good use! By the time you get this you may be on the next project so enjoy the experience, keep safe and we'd love to hear from you. Everyone here well and all missing you. Take care, Love Babs/Mam, John and Martin. XXX

Anonymous said...

To Pim Rusius
Hi Pim,goed eindelijk weer eens wat over je te lezen! We zagen je 2 keer half op de foto, maar dat is tenminste wat. Bij ons alles oke, Wouter is hier 2 dagen om te leren en M&N zijn het weekend geweest, meer daarover per post. Lijkt me dat je een fysiek zware klus hebt gehad.
Veel liefs,pap en mam

Anonymous said...

To Camilo (Alpha 1)

I saw your pictures on site web. You are with a guitar, with your friends and working. I´m very happy because you look so happy.
Pablo and me, are in Miami and tomorrow (02/22)will go to San Juan. We enjoyed all days. Papi and Anto are in Algarrobo and they had "mimado" too much. (with Mimí, Ron and the Rata).
I hope you enjoy every second in your special life and be careful.
I love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Tom Shelton Alpha 2:

Great to see wonderful photos and to hear that you are showing off some of your many talents! We are all green with envy: what a beach, what views!

Hope your post has got through, and that you can read my handwriting...

Love and hugs,


Twelves family said...

Hi kitty (alpha 6)
It is so good to see a fresh photo of you it looks like
You are having great fun, even if you have had a
Lot of rain! At least you will still have your eyebrows!!! We are having a lovely time in wales with Aunty Debs and uncle David. Can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about your adventure and the next phase. We are addicted! :) love mum dad and the gang ( including Aunty debs and uncle David) xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam and Alpha 2,
Even more photos which show some amazing views-we're all green with envy!I'm sure you've put your back into every task and are looking forward to the changeover.Jon was down last weekend with Mike and Alice so the house was nice and full!Dad's got some more work so is looking forward to you joining the workforce!Take care and look after yourself pse!!Lots of love, Mum,Dad, Daisy & Remi xxx

talktotilley said...

for Hannah Tilley Alpha 3
Nobody loves me
Everybody hates me
I think I'll go and eat Trill
Short fat shiny seeds
Big fat tough ones
See how they make a big mess!
Bite their husks off
Toss out all the shells
Throw them out of my cage
Nobody knows how big I grows
On Trill 3 times a day
Miss you Hannah. Come back all is forgiven.
love Deedum

Anonymous said...

To Bente van Keulen Alpha 1

Hé mijn liefste KANJER,
Heerlijk om je eindelijk weer even te kunnen zien al is het maar op een ienie mienie foto.Er stond weinig tekst bij, maar ik ga ervan uit dat je nog steeds in Kampung Dalamason aan het restaureren bent....! Je hebt een riant onderkomen, een chapel, wie had ooit gedacht dat je daar nog eens in zou wonen. En wat gezellig om iemand in je groep te hebben (Camilo) die gitaar speelt. Ik en wij hier allemaal zijn zo benieuwd hoe het je vergaat met: eten, slapen, ongedierte, rug, knieën etc.. Eind van deze week hoop ik je weer even te kunnen spreken voordat je aan je nieuwe expeditie begint. Spannend wat dat zal zijn. Heerlijk om ook Bobby weer te zien,kunnen jullie weer gezellig bijpraten.

Hier is het nu 1 week voorjaarsvakantie, veel mensen weg.
We hebben Egbert met de kids gisteren op het vliegtuig naar Les Gets gezet, begrijpelijk had hij nog niet zo veel zin, maar heerlijk voor hem om er even uit te zijn.
Ik hoop dat er zaterdag ook post op je ligt te wachten op de basis, maar ik ga er maar van uit dat dat zo is.
Lieverd, ik vind je geweldig stoer ook al zal er heus af en toe een dipje zijn, dat mag! Jij kijkt over 6 weken terug op een tijd, die je je hele leven niet meer vergeet! Door o.a. jouw werk maak je andere mensen blij en gelukkig!!!!! Ben trots op je!
Hoop snel je stem te horen, liefs en dikke XXXXXXXXXXXX mama

talktotilley said...

Dear Smellier-than-you-normally-are,
sorry I haven't written yet but I've got my mocks at the moment and things with Max are going really well (all the juicy gossip will be enclosed in a letter very soon)
You're so annoying! Why aren't you around when I need you the most?!!
Mum and Dad are are the same as ever (that bad huh? hehe) and the dog is as snoozily as ever.
Seen some of the photos and it looks like you're having a fab time and are getting really skinny damn you! We'll have to fatten you up when you get home!
Keep the letters coming and I promise to write an extra long letter enclosed with pics and goodies soon!
Love you - try not to let your animal instinct get to you, I can imagine Raleigh calling us, "Um, yeah ... Hannah has refused to come down from this tree for nearly a week now, she claims that only the monkeys understand her and that they are her new family...'
lul Sareeeeee xxxxxxxxxx

talktotilley said...

Previous message is for Hannah Tilley - Alpha 3

karen said...

Hi Mica Alpha 4, Hairs looking good, hope you are well, you look ok,good times with the orangutangs? (hahaha),we all miss you ,we are on our own travels at the moment (sheffield)not quite as exotic as where you are ,Linda says hi,hope you are coping with the heat.take care love you loads stay well love mom, mason, bailey ,alison xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Paula - Alpha 2
Hi Paula - just got your letter today. So happy to hear from you, even though it was written quite a while ago. I hope you've received mine now - just in the process of writing another one. I hope it reaches you at the changeover. Saw your pictures on the blog, it all looks so beautiful and the feast looks delicious! Good to know you're eating well.
Everything is fine with us, thinking of you and missing you every day!
lots of love
M&D xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom Shelton from Alpha 2. this is Bridgette Radke! How are you? I would Love to try one of your virgin Colada! WOOHOO! I think it is Awesome what you are doing. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

To Bente van Keulen (Alpha 1)

Ha lieve Bente!

Hoe gaat het met je? Wat gek om je op een foto te zien, zo aan de andere kant van de wereld... Ik vind je wel ontzettend stoer zo! :-) Ben je inmiddels al een beetje gewend aan de hitte daar?

Hier is het koud koud koud; de lente is nog lang niet begonnen. Je kunt je voorstellen dat ik erg jaloers op je ben!

J. en ik denken veel aan je en missen je. Genieten daar; we houden de blogs en de foto's in de gaten!

Dikke zoen!

Anonymous said...

Hiii tom shelton,
I am bare jealous of u being on a pretty island with a sunset and everything!!
Liking the idea of a virgin colada.
Not much is going on here except I'm eating cake..
I've already got ur bday card by the way even though it's super early but I was being keen.
Also how cool, my new boyf (mike) just told me that he managed to beat the whole of tetris!!
He has got skillz.
Anyway I must do work now soo continue livin it up, c u soon!!
:D xx love hel

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte Dickson & Alpha 7

To all the great jungle trekkers a huge hello from snowy & cold Scotland. You are all such stars trekking through the jungle so far and for so long!

We are hoping that by the time you read this you may be on your way back in to Base Camp to clean up, rest,& maybe party! Well done and have a great break and good luck on the next phase.

We cant wait to see photos and read stories of the diving and trekking on the blog. Perhaps some
will come through before the next phase starts.

All well here - Mum and I had a good fun tour of misty Yorkshire. The pubs & food were great though.

Thomas and friends were in Edinburgh last night! Luckily no late night calls from there!!

What did a jungle birthday cake taste like? We thought of you masses & will crack the fizz when you are home.

Masses of love.

Dad & Mum

Anonymous said...

lief beunghaaskonijntje,

hier ben je de hollanders kier iris en juul. hoe bevallen de jungle aapjes? net als iedereen die zijn lief en leed op de blog deelt zullen wij dat ook doen. helaas heeft kim nog steeds geen nieuwe woestijnratjes. is kyra nog steeds niet genezen van haar schimmelinfectie en iris is een dikke nerd geworden. juul is into the gays in the village met glimmende pakjes. jonaa en maria gaan trouwen. kim is bezig met kindjes bouwen. anna en derk hebben gourmet stel gekocht. wij zijn nog steeds happy single helaas voor ons geen dudes met olifant tattoo's

nou meisje we volgen je op de blog, je ziet er goed uit. wij denken aan je.
check je post. we hebben je iets opgestuurd, komt waarschijnlijk volgende phase aan
we hebben ook een mooi berichtje in het engels geplaatst zodat iedereen weet dat wij aan je denken.

dikke kus

alexandra said...

Lieve pieter (alpha3),

Ik hoop dat je mijn brief inmiddels ontvangen hebt!
Ik heb jou brief ontvangen en het klinkt allemaal heel gaaf!
Morgen of overmorgen ( woensdag of donderdag 23 of 24 februari) doe ik de volgende brief op de post!
Nog heel veel plezier daar en maak heel veel foto's. Ben heel benieuwd!

Tot snel schat!


Anonymous said...

My dearest sweetest little poobear,

have you been eating well, you look a bit pale on the pictures? well my love we follow every step you make in Borneo. We as a family still hang-out in your room everyday to be one with your spririt, smell your clothes and some times put them on to be one with you.
we hope you are save babe, what are you up to these days not much as i should tho lol

nou lieve schat wij hebben hier heel veel lol om, check je post die je van ons krijgt en geniet van Borneo paradise

dikke kus

Anonymous said...

URGENT To Camilo (Alpha 1)

We sent alls yours documents for the Visa (copy of your old passpaport). Leslie (¿in Chile?) said me that all the information is in Raleigh Malaysia.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I hope that Raleigh UK will solve the problem.
Many kisses, Mum

The Lows said...

Hi Will
Great to see even more photos of alpha 5. I love the bow ties glad to see you dress for dinner! It's great to read the blog and find out what you are all up to so thanks to the Loop for keeping us all informed. Forgot to say in my last post but I am intrigued to know what you did to earn the 'hero of the day' award!
Missing you, lots of love Mum & Dad

Steven Douwes said...

Yo Hidde,

Alles cool? De foto's zien er super vet uit. Ik hoop dat je veel plezier hebt. Wel een beetje vreemd dat je er niet bent.
Veel plezier nog!

Anonymous said...

For Bente (Alpha 1)

Ik kwam onderstaand nog tegen. Beetje flauw, maar ach:

In de jungle van Borneo loopt een bloedmooie vrouw tevergeefs te zoeken naar de bewoonde wereld. Plotseling wordt ze vanuit de bosjes besprongen door een aantal kannibalen en meegenomen naar hun kamp. Bij het kamp aangekomen wordt ze opgesloten in de hut van het kannibalen opperhoofd. Het opperhoofd moet beslissen of zij zal worden geroosterd dan wel rauw zal worden opgegeten. Op een gegeven moment loopt het zoontje van het opperhoofd langs de hut, kijkt naar binnen en schrikt zich te pletter en rent schreeuwend naar zijn moeder:"Mama, mama, papa ligt op ons avondeten!"

Ciao bella.

Anonymous said...

Aha, have found the blog...
How are you?? I hope the jungle is treating you ok and you're having fun, and I hope the post has got through! (more rambling letters en route) Send news mayn, and take care,
els xxx

Anonymous said...

To Pim Rusius
Pim, ik zag dat oma R een berichtje op jouw eigen blog had achtergelaten. Aangezien je dat niet zult lezen, volgt het hieronder

Tom en Oma zei

Hoi Pim,

Leuk om van je te horen en we hopen dat het allemaal goed met je gaat. Zorg goed voor jezelf.

Veel liefs van Oma en Tom

22 februari 2011 03:14

'Biggy J' said...

Michael Waller taught Bear Grylls everything he knows, do not hestitate to ask him for help on all matters survivaly. He can also make a piece of wood sing, and will be delighted to regale you with any camp related sing songs, as long as theyre hardcore.

Keep Tearing stuff up

Anonymous said...

To: Pim Rusius
Lieve Pim, We hebben ons de afgelopen weken helemaal rot geschreven. Je krijgt pakken post! Het ziet er leuk uit wat je doet. Ik hoop dat je het naar je ziin hebt. Gaat het goed met de bergschoenen? En met de sandalen? Of heb je toch wat spijt dat je ze niet wat meer hebt ingelopen?
Hier alles ok, K weer zoals altijd. Heb weer een kandidaat geplaatst! Verder spannende ontwikkelingen - positief - op werkgebied, vertel het je over de telefoon als het je lukt om te bellen. All the best, Pap

Anonymous said...

Lieve Hidde,

Nog snel een berichtje plaatsen zodat je het kunt lezen als je terugkomt op basecamp. Leuk om te zien dat je zelfs nog in het verre borneo in de bediening zit. Op het blog staat een prachtige foto van je waar the loop sushi serveert. Geniet van je tijd op basecamp. gezellig om iedereen weer te zien en verhalen uit te wisselen. Ik hoop dat je kans ziet om ons te bellen. We willen na 3 weken weer even je stem horen.

Hier is het net weer aan het sneeuwen. Kan jij je dat voorstellen.
Dikke kus van ons allemaal. papa, mama, Daan en Merel

Mat said...

To Leah Cunningham (Alpha 8),

Thank you for the FB message last week!! It was a nice suprise and good to hear that you had made it through the jungle ok. I hope the trek (and leeches) weren't too bad and that you enjoyed the diving (especially after the 12 hard days trekking) - I am massively jealous; it is grey and rainy here.

The weekly letters are a real help; they make me look forward to Mondays for the first time in my life and they never fail to make me smile :) (ditto the pressies; THANK YOU SO MUCH!! They make me feel so lucky - you should have seen my face when Dispicable Me arrived :D and it was early so even more of a surprise!!).

I hope my letter has arrived - I sent it early enough so it's probably a bit outdated but it should be there at least. I will of course write again soon so keep a look out at the loop or next changeover.

I do have some bad news though - the first race of the F1 season has been cancelled due to political riots in the middle east. not cool. This has the double effect of pushing the season's start back so that it conincides with my project deadline. And that's not going too well either... struggling to get words down :(. On top of all that; results are on Friday. eek.

In other news, James is still a girl (you should have seen him on valentines day!) and he is convinced that he is having a mid life crisis. As if.
Ben has had his hair cut and is looking forward to meeting his orangutans and both him and James are annoyed that I now pre-heat plates.
Everyone agrees that they'd much rather be there than here atm.

Good luck with the second phase!! I'll be keeping up to date by reading the blog so don't worry if you don't have a chance to get in touch.

I can't wait till April; I miss you sooo much and love you even more :) :) :)

Thinking of you always,

Your Mat.

The Twelves Family said...

Hi Kitty (Alpha 6),
Hope you've managed to finish counting all the trees and animals before changeover.We've had a great week with Debbie in Wales but will be back home on friday
28th if you're wanting to get in touch. Bet you wish you'd bought the Rohan silver knickers now!
Love you loads and more than just a little bit jealous!You should have some post by now.
Dad xxxxx

Wiggly said...

Tom Shelton from Alpha 2:

SUP BRO. Hope you've written me a McGillian article. What's the food like? Looks almost as interesting as the pasta + ketchup + anchovies I made for dinner today because I was home alone. Om nom nom nom. Anywayz, hope all is spiffing, TOP GUN.


Anonymous said...

Daniel Razmy (Alpha 3)

Dearest Razmy
Lovely to have updates on this blog... we all look forward to it.. and i am checking it everyday.. or 3 times a day to be exact!!!
So nice to see everyone looking happy. By the time you read this you would probably be getting ready to start your next project. Cant believe its been almost a month since you left!! Nothing exciting has been happening at home. Everyone is busy doing their own thing, Bam with her dance rehearsals and shows, Razlan busy @ IMU oreintation this week. Cjay goes back on Sunday. We are going to miss him. Your room will be empty when he leaves. The catties still go scratching at your door every morning. They must miss you too. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that you will be able to call this weekend during the changeover. Missing you loads and love you tonnes.
Mummy, Dad, Razlan and Bam xxxxxxx

Tim said...

Hi Nick (Alpha 6) Good to follow you here and see that all is well. Just thought you would want to know the latest sports news.... I beat Matt tonight 3-2. Love Dad x

Chris & Sheena Seers said...

For Hannah Tilley
Hi Hannah
Looks as if you are having a great time. We are following your activities with great interest and looking forward to hearing all about all your adventures when you arrive here. Nanny is with us and doing well. We are keeping her busy. Hope that you are not getting bitten too much!!!!!!
Love form Chris and Sheena and Nanny

Luise Lotte said...

hi Mathieu in alpha 4,

Mijn laatste bericht is denk ik niet aangekomen,hopelijk deze wel.Nog een paar dagen en dan heb je change over.Ben benieuwd wat het volgende project is.
Leuk om weer een paar foto's te zien,zo vreemd dat je zoooo ver weg bent op een plek waar we nog niet eerder waren.
Papa heeft gisteren zijn auto binnen,nagelnieuw,we rijden er de eerste kilometers op.
Ga zo met de international dames wat tennissen.Ik heb me ook aangemeld bij de german conversation group.Moet toch beter uit de voeten (woorden) komen.
Vol verwachting kijken we uit naar de volgende blog.
Veel plezier en een dikke hug van ons allen,kus mama

Anonymous said...

To: James Astbury (Alpha 9 Phase 1)

Hi James
Back from the jungle- hope all went well for you and the group and you still think trekking is good, after 3 weeks. I know you were looking forward to the diving, have been looking at films from previous trips - fantastic.

Donna has been enlightening us with her encounters with leeches. If you haven't met any yet, that's something to look forward to.

Loads of others at work want to know what you're doing and how you are. They all miss you and your input. No new staff, even saw Andy in CSR one evening, working on his own, nothing changes.

Alex spent a week on crutches after badly twisting her ankle on her birthday. Lissie has been looking for bridesmaid dresses with her, so it looks as if you'll be in blue ....

Have sent you a letter, and an email via the office, so you should get it at changeover.

Enjoy the next phase - will check to see what you get allocated and keep updated. Make the most of the break before the hard work starts (have seen the photos).

Lots of love, Mum and everyone xxxxx

Kitty's Aunty Debs said...

Hi Kitty,
Had a fab time with all the gang this week despite the rather dodgy weather! Took the girls riding on the Lusos and then we had a 'Hugh Day' go-karting, ten pin bowling, visiting Harlech Castle and playing on the beach in the drizzle! All good fun! There is a man down here who seems to think I'm called Daisy (!) so that has become my new name! Already planning the shopping trips in Leeds (lunch at Harvey Nicks?)! Can't wait to hear more about your travels and see some photos. I am sooooo jealous! Hope you're having fun - enjoy every minute of it! Lots of love from Aunty Debs and Uncle David xxxxxxx (and Nero of course)

mike said...

Hi Rhian Alpha 9

Second blog comment from me and Pat in snowy day skiing today, lovely and sunny with good snow: doing short turns and backwards skiing in the lesson with lots of wipeouts offpiste. Back to Devon tomorrow...mum seems happy in caribbean though i heard it was raining [ smirk] Maybe the loop will catch up with you at some stage and you should be back to base tomorrow? so maybe hear from you then. Thinking of you lots even when having a good time, lots of love xx

Anonymous said...

For Tom Shelton Alpha 2.

Glad to see that all the training in making cocktails is bearing fruit. Have you made a Jungle Juice yet (one part banana to two parts orange plus a dash of ginger)? Or a Virgin banana colada (same as Virgin Colada plus some banana)? Cannot believe you are nearly at the half way mark.
All the best, Dad

Elisabeth Astbury said...

Hi James,

I hope you're having an amazing experience out there and the jungle has been treating you well. I look forward to hearing all the (no doubt)amazing stories when you're back.

Same old,same old here. I booked my honeymoon a few weeks back so that's something to look forward to!

Take care of yourself and see you in July.

Love Lissie xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam.... its your fav cousin Megs. Hope you are having fun,and i bet you will have loads to tell us. Thhe weather here is awful, we are on half term and im bored, but mum bought me a laptop out of her winnings and we will be connected tomorrow. Had a good time down Aunty Judes, we went to town and i got some new clothes. In the night a man came to look at your bedroom, he is a painter... he didnt look very happy when he had finished, think it was because he couldnt get in because of the mess..ha ha. Uncle Andy has got a mole in the garden just in case you didnt know. bye for now, love4 you, Megs xxxa

Anonymous said...

To Pim Rusius

Beste Pim, We zijn reuze benieuwd om te horen hoe het met je gaat, maar ik heb geen idee of jij een bericht kunt terugsturen. Heb je een aardige groep en denk je vriendschappen voor het leven te kunnen afsluiten. Dat hoort toch wel bij zo'n verblijf ver van de ons bekende wereld. Ben je al gewend om in een hangmat te slapen? In ieder geval vroeger was dat bij de marine strijk en zet. Met ons gaat het goed. Wees er van verzekerd dat wij aan je denken en dat wij ons uiterste best doen om ons voor te stellen wat jij niet allemaal meemaakt. Heel veel groeten van oma en mij en tenslotte Pim: houd goede moed en sterkte, Opa

joel said...

Hi Leah(Alpha 7), you'll be glad to know your not missing an aweful lot at home. I went up to Liverpool on Tuesday, then onto Chester with Jazz on wednesday and im going up to see Nottingham in a couple of weeks. So ontop of college and work im generally keeping busy and looking foward to my San Francisco trip. Hope things are going well and your gathering plenty of photos to show us, see you soon, Joel x

Barbara said...

To: Nina Clifton (was alpha 6)
Hi Nina....
Today, Nanny and I sat in the Chesterton Court lounge at their PC reading through the Alpha 6 update and looking at photos with magnifying glass, til I discovered how you can make everything larger. For some reason I couldn't find the "Post a Comment" link while there. Lots of people have been asking how you are getting on. I have repeated the Raleigh line that "no news is good news". We are however grateful for the brief report that gave a weather indication and description of alpha 6 work. Really appreciated the photos too. Have a good changeover wkend and we look forward to hearing what your next posting - the community one - will be. Love & kisses, Mum (Nanny sends her love too)

Roy said...

Hi Nina (Alpha 6)

I hope you're impressed with our IT skills what with using the "Blog"! I might even get the hang of Facebook one day - not there yet though!

Anyway how are you? Great to see the photos from the loop. Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves. I guess you came across some pretty interesting creatures in your survey. Hope you've got lots of photos. First phase over and what next? Can't wait to hear.

I'm off to Twickenham on Saturday to see England play France. Shame George couldn't come as well!

Enjoy the "change over days" and phase 2. Whatever it turns out to be.

Love Dad xxx

Jersey Beans said...

Beth (Alpha 4)

Blimey - you might be reading this at first changeover. Where has the first month gone ?

Cheque arrived from Pilkington that will cover the cost of the jabs and tabs. Woo hoo !! 2500 words required so keep the journal going - and photos !

Still no sign of your musical instrument in the photos. Looking forward to seeing pictures of shows/performances !

Scenery looks blimmin' amazing and we loved the photo of the basher - plenty of ventilation to waft away the smell of deet and feet (amongst other things).

Line-up for Jersey Live is announced tomorrow (Fri 25th) so look out for another entry on the blog soon !

Looking forward to finding out what you will be doing in your next phase.

Dad, Mum and Robster

Alison and Steve Willetts said...

To Samuel Willetts and all the lovely peeps of Alpha 3.

Brilliant to see you Sam looking so well and happy, enjoying your first project and I can't think of a better one for you! All that childhood experience building dams in Techniquest, up to your elbows in water, is being putting to good use! Good to hear you're keeping yourself and others fed with your bread making skills - tidy. Place looks absolutely stunning - lucky you. Have as good a time on your next project and a letter is winging its way to you shortly. Starting to miss you a little bit now but boy the house is tidy! Take good care of yourself, make sure you eat plenty of protein veggieboy, keep munching those malaria tablets. Virtual big Cwtch from your Welsh mam and dad. Love ya loads.
Mum and Dad xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Kelly Vincent (Alpha 3)

Ha lieve, stoere dochter.
Leuk om van de week weer een bericht te lezen over jullie project en helemaal geweldig om foto's te zien waar je op stond. Wat een schitterend uitzicht hebben jullie daar zeg. Zo te zien is het daar niet al te warm 's avonds want je stond op de foto met een dikke trui aan. Het zijn waarschijnlijk de laatste dagen van jullie project. Ik ben zo benieuwd naar al je verhalen.

Hier is het nog steeds saai en koud weer. Mike gaat morgen met zijn vrienden op wintersport dus dan wordt het helemaal stil hier in huis. Heb ik mooi de tijd om je weer een lange brief te schrijven. Oma schrijft je trouwens ook bijna elke week een brief of kaart. Ik hoop dat je ze ontvangt.

Lieverd, ik hou van je, mis je en wens je heel veel plezier de komende dagen in het basiskamp. Het zal wel leuk zijn om alle andere vrijwilligers weer te zien en hun verhalen te horen. Ik ga proberen je te bellen want ik zou het leuk vinden om weer even je stem te horen

Veel liefs en een dikke kus van mama, papa en Mike

Anonymous said...

daniel razmy(alpha3)

:))))) got your letter! nice drawing! hope all is well. we are missing you! cant wait to hear from you soon! <3

lots of love,
lauren c.

lauren c said...

daniel razmy(alpha3)

cant wait to hear from you!


karol said...

Hi LEE,big change over for u this weekend what project next?i bet your alltired now,posted you a lettr today.Hope you dont have to many blisters!!!do you feal fit now no beer gut anymore?We really enjoy the photos lovely to see u.Well good luck with the next phase looking forward to new photos miss you love u loads sending you a huge hug.lots of love your pale family ,please send some sun to us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Andy McVitty Alpha 3.
Good to see you in a couple of pics. The mountain view is stunning. Did you manage to complete the task? Think I would enjoy that one. Hope you have managed to take some pictures.
We have just had a w/e away while Will was on camp - cats not happy being put in the cattery! Went to Southampton to look at getting some new doors. Good hotel and nice day out in New Forest.
Can't believe you've been gone a month. Will finds it a bit odd with you not there - probably because there's no-one to drive him to school!
England vs France Rugby on Saturday so we'll text the result in case you can get it.
Would love to get a call from you if that's possible. Mum is writing a letter but guess you won't get it for a while.
Take care of yourself.
Dad, Mum & Will

karol said...

hi lee alfa 2 great to hear from you today you sounded really happy,we will sort those flights out whaen yousay ,Duds is here at the momeant and says hello it is pooring with rain and cold,we are so jealous of you?Hope you enjoy the next project Miss you lots of love mum and all xxxxxxxx

mike said...

Hi Rhian [ alpha 9]

so great to talk on the phone today, but did make me a bit envious even though it all sounds challenging. All we need now is some PICTURES of you [ maybe someone will take the hint!]Its 7pm now, pat has his mates round for pizza beer and dvd's and I've had a happy day getting courtney pine tickets and watching the rugby. Wales beat Italy thankfully and england beat france : you can imagine the misplaced hype and innapropriate singing of negro spirituals!! Have just downloaded the new radiohead album to send on to anton for extra present. Otherwise loads of love , dad xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam Mizen!!
Hope the changeover's going/gone well and you're raring to go exploring! We're just off for a meal with Jon and will toast you so don't feel left out! can't wait to hear more updates, it all sounds so fantastic! It was great to get your text :) Lots of love, M,D & J xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Tom Shelton!
We (Dad, Ed and I) have just got home from visiting Helen for the day (last Saturday of half term) to find your phone message (Pete must have been in the bath when you rang)!! SO good to hear you, and to hear that all is going really well. Remember to write down your stories as we'll want details.

Am just a bit, umm, bothered: you mention Dad's "nice letter" but nothing about my THREE (so far). So - either you haven't received them, or you couldn't read them. Perhaps I'd better type in future.

Hope you get this before you set off.

Love you!


All love,


Anonymous said...

Hi Ria. seen lots of pictures on the blog of you looking very happy. hope you've received some of our letters by now. wishing you a very happy birthday for the 7th and we look forward to celebrating when you get back. missing you lots but glad you are having a great time. lots and lots of love. mum, dad, camille, nanny and saphie. xx

Anonymous said...

To Maud Versteylen, alpha 1

Lieve lieve mauddie, heb je 2 minuten geleden een berichtje gestuurd maar weet niet zeker of die is aangkomen. Voor de zekerheid dus nog een keer! Heerlijk om je zo te zien op al de foto's, hopelijk geniet je met volle teugen lieve schat en maak je mooie momentjes mee. Ik mis je enorm hier, kijk uit naar je terugkomst en de top zomer die we tegemoet gaan :) :) Heb je zo veel te vertellen! Maar eerst moet jij lekker genieten van al je avonturen daar en volg ik jou vanuit dit extreem koude kikkerlandje. Mis je, hou van je en ben trots op je! Tot snel meisje, kusjes Anne.

Bas van den Berg said...

He Hidde,

Dat ziet er geweldig uit! Prachtig eiland, leuke groep (?), mooie foto's. Bas en Floor willen allebei zo met je ruilen. Dat cement sjouwen nemen ze dan op de koop toe. En nu op naar de jungle begrijp ik.

Groetjes uit Arnhem, Bas, Floor, Karin, Christ

Pieter said...

@Alpha 3, Eline

Dear Eline,

haha...ik ga maar gewoon verder in het NL als je het goed vindt. Volgens mij heb jij het echt ontzettend naar je zin, getuige de blogs en de foto's die ik heb gezien. Geniet ervan, want voor je het weet is het alweer voorbij. Je zit er inmiddels al weer best wel erg lang! Ik vond het leuk om je smsje (in de auto in Deutschland, terug van skien) te lezen :). Ik denk dat je het erg druk hebt en niet veel tijd om eens rustig je hele mailbox etc te lezen, daarom houd ik het even kort. Lien, heel veel plezier, geniet ervan en als je terugkomt, mag je gaan leren om doktertje te worden, is dat geen fijn idee? haha. Enjoy!! x

Casper said...

He Maud,

Casper hier! gaat het nog goed? een gravity water feed system is een fancy naam voor een aquaduct? ga je toch de ingenieurs kant op! goed to horen! Hier is het carnaval! dus dat is wel gezellig, jammer dat je helma's verjaardag hebt gemist, het was heel leuk, je krijgt de foto's,


edouard holcomb said...

arthur! eddy hier.. :)

oeist maatje? zot daje een bericht hebt kunne sturen! zotte verassing!:p het begint ier echt wel saai te worden zonder u gene zever! kmis mijne wingman! ;)
enfin khoop daje u daar ziek amuseert! kheb u ouders laten weten da alles super gaat medu en ze waren zeer blij! en zeg keer da ze daar wat meer fotos van u pakken ge staat meer op 1 en tis mini.. :p fait un peu de ton playboy quoi beau gosse ;)
ptit, amuseert u nog! ciao en tot binnekort e!!!!!!!
x ed

bas en floor said...

He Hidde,
Het plaatsen van een reactie lukt ons maar moeilijk, digibeten dus, maar we blijven volhouden. Net als jij met die zware zakken cement. Het lijkt ons dat je de goede volgorde hebt gekregen, eerst op en fraai eiland, dan iets leuks doen in de jungle, daarna een jungletocht en dan nog een weekje duiken!. Bas wil nu ook naar een Raleighkamp. Nog even wachten dus.
Hang on there. Dan doen wij het hier.
Groeten van K,C, en vooral Bas en Floor

Anonymous said...

to Eline van der Ploeg
Dag Eline
We, dwz ik,kijk zo nu en dan eens naar jullie activiteiten in de wildernis van Borneo. Zul je veel ervaring opdoen om te weten hoe je in heel primitieve toestanden toch nog iets nuttigs kan doen voor mensen die nog in de middeleeuwen leven , maar technische mogelijkheden aangeboden krijgen uit de wereld van 2011. Veel plezier gewenst. Het ga je goed.
Opa en oma van der Ploeg.

James H said...

To Mat Bidault - Alpha 5?
Hi Mat
Hope Raleigh has been a great experience and that you have done some good works and had some good fun.
Please get in touch when you are back on-line. We will be in Bali from 26 June to 14 July, then in KL for a few days and would love you to join us for some of the time, if you are around.
Have a great time with the family in Thailand.
James, Alli and Felix