Monday, 7 February 2011

11B First Phase Allocations

The groups left very early yesterday morning - wakeup calls at 4 am, anyone? - and have all arrived safely at their project sites. 

"But just who went where?", I hear you ask. Wonder no more because, voilà! Here are the teams for the first phase of 11B for your perusal! The descriptions are brief here, but you can go to our post "And allocations!" for more details on the projects. 


Off to Alpha 1's project with PMs Leanne and Shaun and medic Charlie are

  Adam Hext, Isobel H Reid, Camilo A Gonzalez Rodriguez, Florence R Hayes, Bente L van Keulen, Jerri K Butler, Michael Waller, Ria (Alexandria) Hanish-Oakes, Seng Fung Wong, Stefan J Otto, 
William Mackintosh

Due to weather conditions affecting the roads, Alpha 1 are not able to access their kindergarten site in Kampung Sonsogon Magandai. They are now in Kampung Dalamason helping to repair a derelict community hall. Once the sun comes out to play and roads have improved, they will be working doubly hard to build Sonsogon Magandai's much-needed kindergarten.

Alpha 2 are off to help Pulau Maliangin build a better future. Together with PMs Paula, Graham and our accountant Chris are

     Rebecca Gould, Samuel H Mizen, Hidde Hinloopen, Rebecca Hutchens, Thomas Shelton, Lee Cockin Laura Coombes, Adib Chowdhury, Ryan J Hoey, Denise P De Souza  

Off to Alpha 3's physically challenging gravity water feed system project in Kampung Toboh Pahu with PMs Rory and Rob are

     Pieter Verbeek, Tijmen G Boer, Hannah Tilley, Rosalind Ingram, Samuel J Willetts, Andrew J McVitty, Kelly M Vincent, Louise Hutley, Christopher Aylward, Daniel Razmy Mohd Husni, Kaylie J Gray  


Alpha 4's PMs, Tom and Sarah will be accompanied by our expedition artist, Helen. Off they went to help the sunbears in Sepilok with ten venturers.

     Mathieu R Langeslag, Stefan J Pollitt, Mica Murphy, Sisi Liu, Pim Rusius, Bethany J Corfe, Sarah K Barnes, Syazrina R Saharudin, Nicholas Swaffer  

Alpha 5 are going to Taliwas Forest Reserve to build a gravity water feed system for their studies centre with PMs Petr and Stu and comms officer Belinda.

      Vivianne B Breuer, Mathias T Bidault, Ciara L McGlade, Simon Williams, Avril Howard, Charlotte L Jackson, Fenella Maudslay, Jenni Birch, William A Low, Joe Mangan

PMs Amy and Johnny as well as logs boy Dan are leading the Alpha 6 team, and the lucky venturers who are going with them are: 

     Nick Harman, Onne P van der Graaf, Lorne Paterson, Katherine A Twelves, Amber R Marriott, Nina L Clifton, Fiona R Wiedmann, Timothy J Silvester, Roscoe Simon Blevins, Gregory P Vieux-O'Connor  

Alpha 6, too, are unable to make it to their original project site, but are in Kampung Monguwou to do a environmental survey in the nearby jungles. When the weather improves and the roads are accessible again, Alpha 6 will make their way to their forest reserve in the Pitas region. 


With PMs Neil and Dick and medic Claire are Alpha 7's dive-trekkers:

     Eline A van der Ploeg, Kristan M Emery, Nicola Anne Bell, Arthur Derom, Robert H James, Charlotte P Dickson, Timothy Browning, Annabelle C Chelsom, Jonathan H Downing, Benjamin H Aisbitt  

Alpha 8's trek-divers are lead by James and medic Carla

  Maud C Versteylen, Marian A Sue, Georgia Harvey, Matthew Jones, Thomas Watson, Kelly N Brown, Callum M Junor, Tom Day Goodacre, Leah Cunningham, Theo Tibbitts

And finally, medic John and trek-dive-trek PM Helen will be leading Alpha 9 in their adventures through Bornean jungle and seas! 

     Robert M East, Thomas F Massicotte, Barney P Rowland, Christopher Twydell, Carly A Fletcher, Rhianydd S Jeffreys, Anjalee R Patel, Cheryl K Emvula, James D Astbury, Daniel J Stephenson  

Phew! That's all the allocations done. Don't forget to stay tuned to us on Twitter for quick updates and send us messages on the blog and through snail mail, we love hearing from you! The Loop will be off on the 13th February with supplies, letter and messages, so keep them coming!

'Til our next blog, jumpa lagi!


Barbara said...

Hello everyone, especially Alpha 1 and MICHAEL WALLER! Great to see you happy and ready for your project. Hope the weather improves, enjoy this fantastic experience.
Love, John, Babs and Martin

Helen Warburton said...

Hi Keighley Gray - Alpha 3 - great to see you got there ok - looks like you are having fun and are alot warmer than we are - we woke up to lots of snow again today! Rach is also doing her community first and is having a great time. Seen any snakes yet?
Take care, Helen (Rachels mum)

Anonymous said...

Ah Hung,

I am so happy to see you here joining Raleigh Expeditions!!! Hope you enjoy it and I'll look forward to hear your amazing stories!!

Love, Carynn x

melissasy said...

Our friend SengFung Wong is an amateur and newly born Localized Nature Guide of Sabah.We are here to cheers for him and wish him all the best along the journey of Raleigh!
Go Raleigh !

Eline.rusius said...

To Pim Rusius
Lieve Pim, Superfijn dat je even belde, goed om te horen dat je het zo naar je zin hebt! Leuk project lijkt me. En geestig je te zien op de foto, zonder wax en met pet, haha. De 1e brief met onzin uit Den Haag is onderweg. Het is wel wat stil in huis, we missen je, maar zijn tegelijkertijd erg trots op je dat je dit allemaal doet. Net wat je zei aan de telefoon, een unieke ervaring. Geniet ervan!
Heel veel liefs, mam

Anonymous said...

For Bente van Keulen, Alpha 1

Hallo lieve schat,
Wat heerlijk dat het Borneo-blog nu ook operationeel is...!!! Leuke foto's en zelfs een enorm gave actie-foto van je terwijl je over een "hangbrug" loopt met zware bepakking. Was zeker wel even slikken, maar you did it! Ook een foto van Alpha 1 groep. Hier alles goed, ik sprak je 2 dagen geleden nog.Gisteren verjaardag van Annita gevierd was gezellig. Lieve stoere KANJER, we zijn supertrots op je, succes met de fundering leggen van de kindergarten....misschien toch maar bouwkunde?? Doe voorzichtig en weet dat we aan je denken en we je missen. Muchas besos xxxxxx
Papa en mama

Anonymous said...

Lieve Bente, Vanmiddag bezocht je moeder ons. We kregen 'n les hoe om te gaan met de blog van Alpha 1. Vooralsnog 'n beetje moeilijk. Foto's van je gezien. Leuk, leuk. Je bent al aardig bezig. We wensen je veel succes met het goede werk wat je daar ongetwijfeld doet. Hier alles oké. Dikke knuffel van ons beiden uit Vleuten.

CarolW said...

Hi Simon (Alpha 5). Presume you're now in the depths of the forest. Hope you meet some elephants, but not too many leeches! Cold and very windy here - I'm sure it's much better where you are. Enjoyed Joan as Policewoman on Friday. By the way, have sold the drums and let your room out - only joking! Mum and Dad

Alison and Steve Willetts said...

Great to see a picture of our lovely son Sam Willetts on the blog looking happy and healthy with all the smiley folk of Alpha 3. Here's wishing you a brilliant 20th birthday Sam. Hope you have a fabulous day and a great time all together. You may be far away in person but not far away from our thoughts. Loveya loads and really proud of you, Love mum and dad xx.

Jolanda en Peter said...

Lieve Bob en natuurlijk ook Bente,

Leuk om uiteindelijk jullie foto´s te zien. Wij waren natuurlijk heel nieuwsgierig. Het lijkt ons een leuk gezelschap. Wij wensen jullie veel plezier en avontuur!

Pappa, mamma en Flip

Anonymous said...

Aaaah Maudje! Als eerste de trek, zet m op lieveeerd, je kan t!! ik ga overmorgen weg, vind het heel spannend! maak er een mooie tijd van en zet je verstand op nul als t even niet meer lukt ;) xxxxsucces! Clem

Luise lotte said...

Hi Mathieu,
So this is your family for the next few weeks !
Seeing the pictures you are getting along pretty well.
Sunbearproject....must be amazing to see some of the smallest bears in the world and be able to help to make them a safe place to live.
The house is empty,it's Ghislaine and me by ourselves since oma and papa have left for Holland today.
Liefs uit Hannover,mama

Anonymous said...

Nick Harman Alpha 6 11B

Hi Nick its Meg,
I am so jealous of you right now, wish I could be out there getting dirty and hungry too!
It's good to see you looking well and happy in the photos :) and was amazed when I read the blog and saw where you had ended up. It must be fate... you went to Kmg Mongawou by accident! I hope the taps were still working... we (Alpha 8 10I) built them and they took a lot of TLC and digging :)
I hope you're enjoying Raleigh life as much as I did!

Anonymous said...

Bobby Breuer Alpha 5

Lieve Bob,

Eindelijk aan begonnen waar je voor ging..... lekker bezig zijn met je handen en een beetje nadenken. Wie weet wordt het toch de HTS na deze ervaringen......:)
Hier alles goed, regelmatig achter de comp om te zien of er weer wat nieuws van jullie is.
Vanaf vandaag ook Anne volgen in Costa Rica.
Heel veel liefs en take care!
Knuffel Bente over 3 weken namens mij, ik neem aan dat jullie elkaar dan weer zien

rhonda said...

hi son ryan hope u are having a great time out there,we all are missing u.laura had a bady boy aiden james.we are all missing u the family all said hi and have a gret u mum, reanne, ray ,katy and suger.xxxxxx

KarenBrad said...

Hi Sam!
Great to see you with your group ready for action!Hope all's well especially re weather and food! So proud of you-everytime we meet someone, we tell them what you're doing!
Gambia's wonderful-we have monkeys on our terrace! Jon had a good weekend with his decks in the kitchen!
Take care-lots of love from M & D xxx

mum & dad said...

Hi Denise (alpha 2), we are so happy to see you in the pictures and able to adapt to your new home. We miss you so much especially Nenek, who keeps asking "hinonggoh zi ninis?". Do take care and have fun and we look forward to your next call. Love mum, dad and the rest at home.

Aydan said...

There’s only one James Astbury,
One James Astbury,
Walking along,
Singing a song,
Walking in an Astbury wonderland.

Hope you enjoyed TAC, see you’re part of Alpha 9 going to Crocker Ridge, I did that back in April with Ali… awesome Trek.

Hope everybody is well in field base, Sarah learned to cook yet?

By the way Big Guy, Liverpool totally outplayed Chelsea Sunday and Torres was RUBBISH.

There’s only one James Astbury,
One James Astbury,
Walking along,
Singing a song,
Walking in an Astbury wonderland.

michelle said...

hi kaylie gray alpha 3
great to see you are loving your adventure,we love the photos,glad you got there ok bet you were tired lol, never nind the snakes how big are the spiders lol dont run away the might chase u xxxxxxxxxx all as u left it cold wet and more snow every1 says hi take care out there love from all especialy from me mum xxxxxxxxxx

Laura Spronk said...

Heee lieve maudie!!
Wat zie je er heeerlijk uit in je groene pakje, haha;). Ik zie dat je meteen trek moest doen?? Dat zal wel even zwaar zijn, maar dan valt alles daarna wel weer heel erg mee, dus ik denk dat het juist wel fijn is! Ik hoop dat je het super hebt en je de mooiste dingen ziet en meemaakt! Geniet ervan en hoop snel een teken van leven te krijgen! Dikke kus, laura

carole said...

This message is for Greg Alpha 6
It is wonderful to see you in the photo.. You look so happy as in ready to take the challenge!!!
We miss you and love you loads.
Take good care. xxxxx Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

Lieve Eline,
Wat leuk om je op de foto te zien en te lezen wat jullie tot nu toe gedaan hebben! Veel actie, zo te zien! Kun je een beetje tegen de warmte? De eerste indeling van de groepen is klaar, begrijpen we;we wensen je heel veel plezier en laten nog wel eens wat van ons horen.
Dikke knuffel van Sipke, Joost en Magdaleen.

michelle said...

hi kaylie, glad to see you looking well and it also looks like your having fun on your adventure,miss you lots, every 1 says hi. all is fine here just as u left it we had more snow yesterday lucky you in ur shorts and t shirt,never mind the snakes have u ran away from any spiders yet lol, take care oot there love from all especialy me your mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Maureen said...

Hi Paula - nice to see lots of photos of you on facebook - looks like you're enjoying it all. Just noticed the Loop is leaving in just a few days, didn't realize it would be so soon and not sure my letter will reach you in time. But we're thinking of you and hope it's all going well. Take care and have fun.

The Lows said...

Hi Will (Alpha 5). Great to get news of you via the blog. The photos are great and you all like you are having a good time. Hope you enjoy your project. Been snowing again here. Very quiet at home without you. Everyone sends their love and we all look forward to hearing how you are getting on.
Lots of love
Mum & Dad xxx

Tim said...

Hi Nick (alpha 6)

Really good to hear what you're up to and see the old cheeky grin on the photos. Enjoy every minute babes, love mum x ps Blue does nothing for Torres - Chelsea 0 Liverpool 1 !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura- Alpha 2
Looks like you've already started to have a good time, hope the rest is just as much fun. Great to see pics of you and that you are save and well. Hope you have an amazing time, don't let the mosquitos bit!! It's strange not having you ringing, but quiet. Thinking about you.
Lots of love Mum,Dad,Gordon,Emz&Rach X X X
P.S.You missed the Best Episode of Vampire Diaries and We hope you Have loads of Stories to tell, Make them Good! x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan - I think it is you in the picture with Alpha 7 although you seem anonymous! Pleased to see lots of happy faces so hope you are having a great time. All well up north this week, Granny, and Headlands. Just got back home today. Love Mum x

Joep Claus said...

Hey Rory,
It's good to see you got your gravity water feed. Have a lot of fun and be nice to the volunteers. Hope to hear from you soon how the first phase was. speak to you soon buddy and i miss you. Thailand was awesome.

Bernadette said...

to Denise(alpha 2), so excited to know that you have volunteer for the 10-week expedition. I'm sure you will have great experiences and fun at the same time. Enjoy and embrace this opportunity. Good luck, luv anty bern.

Robert-Jan Hinloopen said...

Hey Hidde, goed om je enthausiate verhalen te horen zaterdag. Je zult vast onvergetelijke ervaringen opdoen op het Pulau Maliangin eiland. Zag foto's van witte stranden, blauwe zee en groen oerwoud. Er zijn slechtere werkomstandigheden. Hoop dat het weer meewerkt. Hier alles goed. We missen je uiteraard maar door deze blog ben je ook dichtbij. Veel liefs van ons allen!

Dawn Tibbitts said...

Hi! Theo - Between the three of us at home we have battled through the elements in the garden, struggled single-handedly with a king-sized duvet, waded through piles of paperwork and encountered strange animals in the concrete jungle. Tryning to empathise -possibly not working!! Loved seeing you in the photographs. Letters on way. Everything fine. Take care. Enjoy.
Love, Mum, Dad and Sophie xxx

Jude said...

Hi Addie - (Adam Hext - Alpha 1)

You probably won't believe this is my third attempt!!! Yes you probably would. Well third time lucky. Dad and I are just packing to go to Paris. Well When I saw "we" I mean "me" as Dad is still on Mole Watch. He's demented!!! Lol. Dad not the mole. Hope you are eally enjoying this Ads - sure you are. Take lots of photos. Ry is going to message you himself. Wll write again after our trip. Love and miss you loads. Mumxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vahid Mathiscyk said...

TOM!!! you look so happy bro! I hope your having the time of your life and may you receive the ultimate experience you've been longing for! I hope for nothing but great things on your trip and am excited to hear all about it when you get back man! Keep in touch tho, and remember I love you man and I'm so happy for you!

Felix en Jose said...

Lieve Pieter, Alpha 3, fijn even van je gehoord te hebben! We zijn natuurlijk reuze benieuwd hoe de reis was en hoe je het daar hebt, naar je ervaringen, alles! Je doet eerst een waterproject zo te zien, dus de trekking komt later! Houd je taai, succes, maak er wat moois van en heel veel plezier! We volgen je op de voet.... (!) Ik zal Koen ff zeggen dat hij ook berichten kan verzenden (als ik het kan.....). Liefs Jose, Felix, Rex

Mike C said...

Hi Rob (Collier)
Glad you've settled in. Emails you may have missed are on their way to you via snailmail.
All well here - mum and I off to St Lucia early Friday.

The Twelves Family said...

Hi Kitty on Alpha 6,
Its so good to see you got there ok. Looks like you are all having great fun and are raring to go with your first project have a great time! Look forward to hearing from you when you get a chance.
Love Mum, Dad, Charlotte, Jessie, Hugh, Martha Babes, Tiggy and Roly
xxx :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fee
Looks like you are having a great time.Nice pictures.All the clan asking for you.I hope you are following Grandad's and Alistair's advice about the leeches!!Snow still om the Ben -wish we could have a bit of your heat.Accomodation sorted.Miss you.
Lots of Love mumxx

Sophie Barratt said...

For Paula Barratt, Alpha 2

Hi P - great to see the pics of you on the blog and on facebook! Jungle hair aside, you look great :-) By the time you see this the first few days on site will be over - hope it got off to a cracking start and you enjoy the experience in the field as much, if not more than you did on base. I am getting sick of winter, snow etc. and looking forward to holiday in Mexico - it won't be as hot and sticky as it is there, no doubt, but I'll have a poolside bar to swim up to!

Take care and lots of love,

Koen Verbeek said...

To; Pieter Verbeek (Alpha 3)

Hey kerel!!
Ben echt zo blij om te lezen wat je de afgelopen tijd daar allemaal hebt gedaan en hebt beleefd. Je groepje zag er leuk uit en je je project lijkt me ook echt super vet om te doen! Ik hoop echt dat jij het daar ook een beetje naar je zin hebt.
Ik zit sinds zaterdag in me nieuwe studentenhuis. Super chill, gewoon elke dag met elkaar koken. Alle nederlandse studenten hier zijn nederlands, maar dat heeft ook z'n voordelen:P (zij koken meestal, kijk ik toe met een biertje en wat chips, PRIMA!).
Ik denk elke dag altijd wel ff; hoe zal hij het daar hebben. Hoop snel wat van je te horen.


wilba said...

From Emrys and Lorraine Wheeler

Happy birthday Sam,best wishes from nan and bamps have a fab time got a bottle opener ready to have a drink for you. Seen your picture with Alpha 3 looks like you are having a tremendous experience. Lots of love.

alievannoordennen said...

Lieve Kelly,
Wat geweldig om de foto's te zien. We kunnen ons een beetje voorstellen hoe het daar is. Leuk om je in actie te zien bij al die sportieve activiteiten, echt jouw ding,hahaha. Maar zo te zien had je het wel naar je zin. Ik hoop dat je in een leuke groep zit. Zo te lezen moet het wel zwaar werk zijn om een waterleiding aan te leggen. Je zal wel uitgeput zijn 's avonds. Lieverd heel veel plezier met elkaar en hopen snel wat van je te horen. we schrijven van de week een brief,
Heel veel liefs en een dikke kus, mamma

Anonymous said...

Hi James Mclean 11b alfa 8, You all look very happy off trekking, have a great time, will look forward to seeing your photos. Great news, the parcel we sent you has arrived home, we were really pleased, Phil is going to resend it tomorrow with your name, but not to be signed for, we hope it will get their this time. We had a great time skiing in Austria, lovely people, beautiful place, very pretty. we will all go one day when your both in one place. We loved it so much we plan to go sometime with the camper in summer or spring. everyone here sends hello, Alf always asks after you. lots of love Mum and Jonathanxx and Philxx

alievannoordennen said...

Lieve Kelly,
Wat geweldig om je zien op de foto's. We zagen je in actie bij de sportieve activiteiten, echt helemaal jouw ding, hahaha. We kunnen ons een beetje voorstellen waar je zit en hoe het daar toe gaat. We lazen dat je bent ingedeeld bij een groep die een waterleiding aan moet leggen in een dorp, dat lijkt mij zwaar werk, je zult wel uitgeput zijn 's avonds. Zo te zien wel leuke mensen
allemaal. We zijn heel benieuwd hoe het gaat allemaal. Hopen snel wat van je te horen. Liefs en een dikke kus, mamma

Anonymous said...

Hi tijmen
super foto van jou en je groep, geniet van een prachtig project, heel wat uitdagingen lijkt ons .
Bij ons is het wel wat rustig nu ook je zus met Raleigh in India is, ook van haar is er een blog dus we houden zo met jullie beiden toch nog al is het op afstand contact.
Geniet ervan en gezien de foto doe je dat zeker
gr papa en mama

Anonymous said...

Hi Becci (Gould) Alpha 2!
looks like you're having a great time, looks so much fun in the pictures!Everything good here,a letter will be on its way to you soon with all the latest news. Miss you Love Sarah xx

for matt bidault said...

hey matt (alpha 5)
daisy and rose here, we miss you loads hope you're having lots of fun!
can't wait for thailand. we love you so much xxx

Jersey Beans said...

Beth (Alpha 4)

Was great to spot you in the human pyramid ! Have a fabulous time in Sepilok - Durrell would be almost as proud as we are - and watch out for the bear behind ...

Dad, Mum and Robster

Nicole said...

Hi Tom of Alpha 9! So nice to see your smiling face! Hope the weather improves for you soon. All is well here, Neil goes to Scotland this weekend, and Allen says hello. Very proud of you - enjoy your time in Borneo! Miss you, Mum

nadia.visser said...

To Pim Rusius
Pim, ik ben trots op je dat je dit avontuur hebt durven aangaan! Geniet van ieder moment van deze unieke ervaring, het is voorbij voor je het weet. Ik wacht je verhalen af! Nadia

Anonymous said...

Daniel Razmy (Alpha 3)
Nice to be able to keep track of your progress. Wish they would update the blog more often though...
Lovely pics! You all seem to be having a a wonderful time.
Enjoy yourself and keep safe.
We all miss you!
The house is so quiet without you. Catties missing you too!
Lots of love, Mummy, Dad, Razlan and Bam xxxxxx

mariem said...

Hey Joe hope your having a great time and enjoyed your birthday .
Best wishes Mum and Dad x

Anonymous said...

To Rob East, Alpha 9

Hi Rob, It was good to see you in the blogs and everyone looking happy. It all looks great fun. We are looking foreward to getting news of your adventures on the Crocker Range and the Scuba diving. There is a letter on it`s way. Bye for now. Love Mum and Dad xx

The Twelves Family said...

Hi Kitty,
Congratulations we are soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy and proud of you.
Lots of love Relax now and have a great time! :-)
From all the Gang xxxxxxxxxxx

Carole said...

This message is for Greg - Alpha 6
Hello my darling Greg,
Hope you are enjoying the project.
It loks like such an adventure.. I am envious.. wish we were with you in Borneo.ah!ah!. If you can send a message,please do, it will make me so happy!! Take good care
We love you loads..xxxx Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

Andy mcvitty alpha 3
Hey baby didn't put my name cos I don't know how to haha! On the train home from a drama trip atm and just saw the picture of u with ur group, u look so happy and tanned verrryyyyy jealous right now :( but glad to see ur having a good time!!
Will told me ud sent me a parcel and I got it today but my mum got to it first so she's hidden it from me till valentines day.. Not happy!!! But it'll be something to look forward to :)
Hope ur having such an amazing time it looks sooooo nice where u are, missing u so much! Love you, speak to u soon! Xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

for andy mcvitty alpha 3
im having an absolute mare and this is my third comment.. and I have sent other ones on other blogs.. so confused right now!! anyway all the messages that have stuff about a parcel is from me, Carly! HAVE FUN! p.s xxx

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Patricia Ellison Dickson. I just sent you a message but think it was on the wrong blog. I wrote a message under the title 'And then the venturers arrive!' so go onto that one and look at the blogs because i wrote it there thinking it was on your one. so please check it or get someone to read it to you! if not i will write you another one in a couple of days

love you lots and lotsxx

Anonymous said...

To Dan stephenson, well done matey u made it there at least! hope ur having a great time in the jungle or wherever you are, englands already becoming a more boring place without your comments and we will be preparing a return gathering for you! happy birthday anyway and have a good one mate! maximus x
ps. look out for the countless deadly animals out there :)

jacqueline said...

To the best pm in the whole wide world Rory Batt!

I envie you!! My hands are aching when i look at the pictures on the blog! I'll hope you will survive?! And got some great dutchies in your middle! I've seen the n'ames and i'm guessing pieter and tijmen are the Dutch in your group this phase!

Back here i finnaly got a job:D And everything is doing well here. Yesterday a burglar robbed our house that is annoying but that happens..

I hope you don't cut yourself anymore!
And I'm expecting a e-mail ore something when you got some rest from Borneo paradise;) My e-mail =

Looking forward to see you again!

xx Steven xx

Anonymous said...

Daniel Razmy (alpha 3)
Tetttttt! Cjay spotted spotting spotters spotting cjay. Hope your having funnnnnnnnn. We love youuu from zahrin, razlan and cjay. We miss u.. Cjay is using your it smells really good now. :)

Alexandta said...

Lieve Pieter,

Heel fijn dat ik hier over je kan lezen! Gelukkig zit je bij alpha 3, niet eerst de jungle in! Ik ben natuurlijk heel benieuwd hoe alles daar is! Hoe jij het vind maar ik hoop een brief te krijgen. Ik ben bezig met een hele lange brief die ik zondag verstuur! Dus je krijgt snel wat meer te horen, verder hebik hier contact met Koen over hoe erg we je missen.

Over 8 weken ben je weer thuis, ik mis je!


Alexandra said...

Lieve Pieter,

Heel fijn dat ik hier over je kan lezen! Gelukkig zit je bij alpha 3, niet eerst de jungle in! Ik ben natuurlijk heel benieuwd hoe alles daar is! Hoe jij het vind maar ik hoop een brief te krijgen. Ik ben bezig met een hele lange brief die ik zondag verstuur! Dus je krijgt snel wat meer te horen, verder hebik hier contact met Koen over hoe erg we je missen.

Over 8 weken ben je weer thuis, ik mis je!


Luise Lotte said...

Hoi mathieu in alpha 4,

Ik probeer oma nu een blogmessage te laten schrijven via de telefoon!

Benieuwd of het lukt

Liefs mama

Luise lotte said...

Hoi mathieu in alpha 4,

Ik probeer oma nu een blogmessage te laten schrijven via de telefoon!

Benieuwd of het lukt

Liefs mama

oma annie said...

hallo mathieu ,hoe gaat het bij jou , even proberen of het lukt . groetjes oma.

Luise Lotte said...

Hoi mathieu in alpha 4,

Ik probeer oma nu een blogmessage te laten schrijven via de telefoon!

Benieuwd of het lukt

Liefs mama

Anonymous said...

Amy Roberton, we miss you! The Stage Door is not the same without you :(

You look like you're having an amazing time, get in touch if you've got time at fieldbase


Carole said...

Hi Greg - Alpha 6
Hope the first phase of your venture went well.. thinking of you all the time.. I think it is such a wonderful experience.. Carry on enjoying it.. How is Callum? I know he is in Alpha 8. Do you get to see each other? How is the weather treating you?
My darling I hope you will be able to write us some news... Everything is fine in London except for the weather.. I think we will take a trip to Vietnam a the end of the month so we will share stories ...
Looking forward to hearing from you. Love you loads, xxxx Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

To Pim Rusius
Hee jongen!!

Hoe is het?? Je hebt het vast heel goed naar je zin tijdens deze hele mooie tijd, ik ben jaloers op je haha!! Je moet snel maar wat van je laten horen als je daar de tijd voor hebt, en ik hou je blog natuurlijk goed in de gaten!

Ik ga om half 4 de trein in naar valtho met mijn club, wordt echt heel mooi!!! Over een weekje ben ik weer terug dus helemaal top!! Jij gaat dat volgend jaar ook doen dus er staat nog een hele mooie tijd op je te wachten!!

Geniet van de mooiste tijd van je leven jongen!!

Dikke kus

Dennis said...

To Thomas M of Alpha 9 -

Hi Bou Bou! What a smile I saw in the picture! Hope you don't sweat (it) too much. But, surely you'll have the ride of your life! Love you like the K2 and forever. Dad. P.S. I bet you don't have much time to read ... but please take some to write (for you).

Slyvie said...

Hi Thomas M of Alpha 9! Hope you have a very good trip. Love you Auntie Sylvie.

Nicole said...

Above comment from Vahid Mathiscyk for TOM is for Tom M of Alpha 9.

deanna said...

Daniel Razmy (alpha 3)

hi razmy, your mum and i have sent you letters via post laju. hope you will receive it! xxxx

lots of love,
lauren c.

deanna said...

dear razmy,

i have just called up the post office in kl and they said that someone has to collect the letters from the post office in sabah because it was mailed to a po box and there is no one to receive it! hopefully someone will collect the letters! :(

lauren c.

Dawn Tibbitts said...

Hi Theo (Alpha8!)
Not sure if you'll get this blog on the first loop but thought you'd like to know that we have viewed the house in Brisley and it ticks a lot of boxes! Will write with more details, should we go ahead. Hope Bear Grylls advice is proving useful and that you're giving him a run for his money...! Everythng fine. Take care. Love Mum & Dad XX

Anonymous said...

Hé Bente, kanjer!! Wat een stoere foto's met de vijand op je rug over die loopbrug...Zeker wel ff afzien al dat gebikkel, gezwoeg en "waar ben ik aan begonnen"gedachten, maar ook wel weer zzzzuper het te delen met bent nooit alleen!!
Net je moedertje gesproken die het contact wel erg mist, jij wrs ook wel..Het is hier grijs en saai weer, Carlijn en HJ zitten een weekend in Barca hun Valentine en 1jarig"bestaan"te vieren. Ik ga hier verder lekker saai zitten doen in vergelijking met jou! hopen snel iets van je te horen, haal eruit wat erin zit lieverd.
Ik denk aan je, een hele dikke X uit Oegstgeest. Ine

Anna Siodlak said...

To Beth C,

Thinking of you, seems like you're having a bloody brilliant time already!!!!!!! I AM JEALOUS.
Good luck!! :)

Lots of love xxxxxx

Anna Banana

Anonymous said...

To Rob East Alpha9

Hope everything is going well. We are watching Man U leading City 1-0 at half time which is good.
I understand you are trekking and diving at the moment, which should be good fun. We are looking forward to seeing more pics and news on the web site when it appears.

Best wishes from all in cold and wet Lincolnshire.

Anonymous said...

Pim Rusius; Alpha 5

Ha die Pim, Stoere foto's en goeie verhalen! Er zal een andere Pim terug komen dan die er vertrokken is. Foto's zien er gezellig uit, grote verschillen in types, en achtergrond lijkt me. Zal in het begin wel even wennen zijn, maar maakt je een (nog) beter mens. Sterkte, groet en geniet, Kitty en de rest

Alexandra said...

Hee lieve Pieter,

Ik neem aan dat je benieuwd bent naar de kampioenswedstrijden van vandaag! Eerste hebben we 5-4 gewonnen terwijl we 5-1 voorstonden... De tweede hebben we door een domme fout 2-1 verloren. Dus almere heeft met 1 punt meer gewonnen. Heb vandaag foto's geprint en morgen doe ik mijn brief op de bus! Heeel veel plezier daar lieverd en ik mis je!


Uncle Peter said...

Beth (Alpha 4)

Have just come round for my haircut (to be paid in beer at The Smugglers) and have seen you in the pictures - you are better looking than your mother (who wouldn't be half way up a human pyramid) !

Love Uncle Peter and Julie

Kathryn said...

Bethany Corfe- aka the corfester, corfette etc etc (Alpha 4).
Oh my gosh, hope you are having a super amazing time. Checking the blog has been a daily occurance for me. I see you are doing environmental shiz first so have lots of fun with that you eco warrior. Skiing was awesome- I survived. Just finishing refresh week at uni- a letter with gossip will be making its way to you shortly.
Remember- enjoy every minute and stay safe from leeches and buggies.

Love love Kathryn xxxx

Angie Hayes said...

To Flo Hayes - Alpha 1

Hi Flo
I hope all ok and that you are having an amazing time - just hope you have managed to get some clothes dry!!
Ali has got the job, so we will celebrate that and your homecoming with a big bottle of fizz when you get back. England doing well in the rugby so Dad happy!! Letter on its way.
Take care and lots of love
Mum, Dad and Miff Xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah (Tuckwell)
Hope all is going well with the sunbears. I'm sure you'll do an amazing job! We're looking forward to more updates. With love and hugs from the UK, Naomi and Ben xx

Anonymous said...


Hey mate,

How are u? hope everythings going well and you are having a good time! seen the blog photos - building first then eh! Remember you are literally not missing anything much is bad, i had an exam last week which was ok, and had my birthday - just had a meal with my flat and then to cuba afterwards which was good! Thanks for the present, have watched a bit of it already its really good!

Looeth is fine, i caught her with a leek the other day...stupid dog! Dad is really stressed about the mole and following a tip from Liz is going to track it to the source somewhere in the, just watched the rugby and getting ready to go to wrexham for the next placement. Anyway, i have tried to write the longest letter for u, missing Gran Turismo 5, and your company of course mate! have a great few weeks and hopefully talk to u soon!

Take care mate (try not to get a leech on your corpus spongiosum!)lol,

Love Ry xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky Gould (Alpha 2)...
Very pleased to see your smiling face on the blog. Mum relieved to see you are happy and safe. Fletcher says "woof" and Chubby says "glug". Cathy has a small bump now and is doing very well. Sounds like a fantastic place you and the alpha 2 team are island paradise?
Mum & Dad
p.s. Mum says - Keep flossing!

Roy said...

Hi Nina, (Alpha 6)
Great to see your picture on the blog, looks like you are really enjoying yourself! Look forward to hearing whether Alpha 6 have made it to your main project site and reading more about what you are doing. Hope you have a really great time and enjoy the experience.

Lots of love Mum and Dad xxx

PS Nanny sends her love as well.

Janet McNeill said...

To Charlotte Jackson,

Happy birthday from Mali for Wednesday Charlotte! I'm sure it will be a memorable one and a bit warmer than last year! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Have a great time!

Love Janet

P.S. Interesting that you got the environment phase to start with ;)

Jude said...

Hi again ads!! (Adam Hext -Alpha 1)

Don't no whether u will get this before u finish your first project but just to say 'Hi'!! We're now home from our little trip away. Will now start to tackle tidying your room. Be Soooo afraid!!! Miss and love you loads. Mum & dad. Ps mole still at large!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is for Andy McVitty in Alpha 3. Hope the 'phyically demanding' project is going well - sounds really interesting. Is weather still wet? We hope there will be photos on the blog. Rugby latest Engl 59, Italy 13. Your 'parcel' was sent as you wanted. Will's group won the House drama! We have sent a text as well. Have a great time - Mum, Dad, Will.

Anonymous said...

Hi Addie, (Adam Hext - Alpha 1)

Am going to write today but thought I'd blog on the off chance you get this first!! We're now home from France and I am cracking on with your room today. Paint chosen - you will be so impressed. Hope you are having an amazing time. Look forward to hearing from you when you are able. Love you and miss you loads. Mum xxxxxxx ps mole still at large

merel said...

hee hidde Hinloopen,
Hoop dat je het echt heel leuk krijgt daar maar dat gaat wel lukken;)
Heb al foto's gezien en je groep ziet er leuk uit heb je ook al een kaartje gestuurd maar weet niet of je die al hebt gekregen.


Anonymous said...

Lieve Maudje,
Als je dit leest ben je terug van de trek.Hopelijk is het allemaal goed gegaan en ben je een zeer intensieve ervaring rijker. Laat maar snel horen hoe het was!
We missen je wel hoor, het is erg stil hier. Dag junglegirl, veel xxx papa en mama

Mike Vincent said...

Lieve Kelly, Alpha 3
Leuk om al die foto's te zien joh, heb ze samen met mama zitten kijken. Wel hard werken, maar daar hou jij natuurlijk van! hahaha. Heb je een paar dagen terug ook nog een brief gestuurd, maar die zal nog niet aangekomen zijn. Ik hoop dat je het naar je zin hebt met je groep, en dat je geluk hebt met het weer! Ik mis je wel, maar ben ook benieuwd naar al je verhalen! Kusje van je broertje.

Anonymous said...

Lieve Maudje,
Als je dit leest ben je terug van de trek, en een hele ervaring rijker. Laat maar snel iets horen als het kan. We missen je wel hoor, het is erg stilletjes. Dag jungle girl, heel veel xxx papa en mama

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom Shelton,

Hope you're having a great time and adapting to the heat. Thinking of you often (not all the time though, that would be weird and obsessive).

Love and pride,


P.S. I'm taking all your DVDs and there's nothing you can do about it. NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura Hope you are enjoying yourself, even with the hard work you will have to do. I am surem you will get a lot of satisfaction from it all. Pictures look as if you will have some good fun days.Take care of yourself we all miss you. Love Grandma & Grandad

Anonymous said...

Hi Nico Swaffer - (Alpha 4)

How are you and how is Borneo?
Good to see you in a group photo.
if it is possible, it will be good to hear from to see how things are.

Both UCL and Durham say yes.

with lots of love

from Mum and Dad

Martijn Rusius said...

To Pim Rusius

Hoi Mart!

Hoe ist in de bush bush? Al dikke vriendjes gemaakt met de bomen? Heb je een leuk project? Leuke mensen? Zorg dat je ervan geniet, zo vaak haal je niet van dit soort stunts uit!

Veel plezier!


talktotilley said...

Hi Hannah,great photos of you on the blog. Hope all is going well.We have sent several letters.Miss you loads! Mum, dad,Sarah

Martijn Rusius said...

To Pim Rusius

Hoi Mart!

Hoe ist in de bush bush? Al dikke vriendjes gemaakt met de bomen? Heb je een leuk project? Leuke mensen? Zorg dat je ervan geniet, zo vaak haal je niet van dit soort stunts uit!

Veel plezier!


talktotilley said...

This is for Hannah Tilley (Alpha 3)
Don't know if you will have got the last one. The photos look great. How's the feed system going? We hope you are having a fantastic time. You certainly don't want to be here. Cold, wet and grey. We miss you hugely.
lots of love Mum, Dad, Sarah

Angela Strach said...

This is for Tim Browning:
Great to see the photos of you! Have finally worked out how to post something on this blog (with Laurence's help!)Impressed with some of the other Mums' & Dads' efforts - though spotted one or two who obviously had same difficulties as me! You'll be off on that long journey in the 4by4 now.Thinking of you and I know you're having a great time now...looks like a great crowd! Do Raleigh do projects for pensioners??!!
Love you - letter on its way.
Mum xxxxx

niroo said...

Hi Nico Swaffer (Alpha 4)

Sent you two comments but none of them seem to have got through - lets hope this one gets through.
How is Borneo?
Good to see you in group photo.
it will be good to hear from you to see how things are.

Both UC and Durham says yes.

With lots of love

mum and Dad

Raleigh India said...

To Tijmen Boar From Florine
Hi liefe broertje
Hoe goat het daar in Borneo? Lekker weer? Hoe waren de eerste 3 dagen trekken etc. Waar ben je als eerste ingedeeld met Charlie, echo of tango? Hier in India is het heel & eilk, leuke grop en ben begonna met community in een leilk dropen lekker wc’s oon het bouwen. Wij hebben geluk dat we een reservoir in de buirt hebben en elke middag lekker kunnen gaan zwemmen. Hier wel heet en al stippen op mijn houfd gehad en sari’s aon gehad. Hoop dat je het goed hebt door! Xxx je zus
PS Jij geniet vast ook von de porridge elke ochtend!

Helen Shelton said...

Tom Shelton,
It's Valentine's Day!! So far no roses for me but give it time..
Hope you're having an amazing time and meeting lots of great people.
Here's a couple of jokes for you:
What language do penguins speak? Fin-nish.
Why did the 2 penguins jump up and down when they first met? They were trying to break the ice.
You'll be glad to know i've been telling jokes such as those on my radio show every week, proud of your big sister?
Lots of love,
Helen xxxx

Sophie Tibbitts said...

Hey Theo (Alpha8),

Hope your doing ok out there. Hopefully we will have an update from you again soon.

All is well here. I have a second interview with the BBC Proms tomorrow, so I have my fingers crossed for that.
I think my Kidney infection has cleared up but I'm speaking to the doctor later today.
Seun moves into his flat in Chelmsford on Saturday so we are going back to Mum and Dads on Thursday, also to see Mum and Jennys show. I'll be sure to take photos for you.

Take care, much love

Sophie xxxx

Fergie McCullough said...

Charlotte Dickson - Alpha 7....

HI CHARLOTTE!! i hope it is all going very well and you are enjoying yourself in the jungle....i just wanted to write you a message saying happy birthday fr the 19th, because i didn't know how often you get these things and i didn't want you not to have a message on your birthday...(i would get you a present if you weren't in the middle f the jungle...) so i thought if i said it now you would hpefully get it in time.....anyyyway looks like it is a lot of fun from the photos and there are lots of nice people there...i am sure they are all releived to have a tuck shop prefect as part of the group. hope valentines day was good...mine was nothing on last year's chocolate fest......hope you are extremely well and i can't wait to hear all about it, miss you loads..looking forward to seeing you all mucsley and brown...lots of love and have a good birthday xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anniek Akerboom said...

Maud @ Alpha 8. Liefiee!! Het is nu 14 februari: Valentijnsdag en als het goed is ben jij nu heel romantisch aan het duiken en bruin aan het worden op een mooi tropisch stand nadat je een zware trek hebt overleefd. Ik daarentegen heb vanochtend rijles gehad en moet straks weer werken. Hopelijk niet met sjeanneke haha! Ik ben ontzettend benieuwd hoe je het allemaal ervaart en zou zo graag met je willen skypen of een email willen ontvangen van 3 pagina's maar helaaas. Ik zou het moeten doen met een smsje denk ik. Het leven hier in Nederland gaat zo z'n gangetje. Heb mijn theorie-examen gehaald, ik werk veel, shop en ga uit. Ik ben nog steeeeds niet begonnen aan mijn portfolio voor decentrale selectie, maar dat ga ik morgen doen! Tes en mo vertrekken morgen, dus weer 2 minder. Dimphy is onwijs aan het knallen in NYC, optie voor PRADA en dat soort gekkigheden.
Nou dit berichtje is veel te lang al denk ik voor op die blog. Schattie hou je sterk. Soms kan het echt vreselijk zijn maar daar moet je echt doorheen bijten en later niet meer aan denken. Hoop dat je thuis niet teveel mist, want dat is nergens voor nodig het is oersaai hier!!!
Hele dikke knuffels en kussenxxx

karol said...

Hi Lee found you in the group photo alfa 2,you look happy hope u are behaving!!!we are glad you have survied so far !ha ha work hard ,miss u we are all very proud of you love and miss u loads hope it doesent rain to much he he,love mum jez dog and cats xxxxoh jamie as well xxx

The Twelves family said...

Message for Katherine in Alpha 6
Hi Kitty,
Hope the bush tucker trials are going ok and that the Deet is doing it's stuff. Have you got any pet leeches yet?
At first changeover could do with getting in contact to firm up uni place!How pleased are we for you!
Hugs sends a big Valentine's kiss.
love you loads from Mum,Dad and all the gang. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Dickson Alpha 7

Hope the diving was amazing - longing to see some pictures. Did you see any sharkies?! We are thinking of you masses. Huge good luck with the trek through the jungle - what an experience.

Special thoughts for where ever you will be this Saturday on your Birthday. We will crack the fizz & choccies when you come home for Easter.

We are heading to Yorkshire for a few days on Wednesday so will raise a glass to you.

Hope to get some news on the blog of what you are all up to.

With lots of love from Mum and Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

To Bente van Keulen Alpha 1

Hé liefste LIEF, happy valentine!!
Hoe gaatie en waar zit je toch, ik ben benieuwd of je al in de fundering van de kindergarten zit, helaas wordt het blog niet geupdated tot vandaag aan toe.(14/2) Twee dagen geleden je een briefpakketje gestuurd, met wat foto's en 2 oude/schone T-shirts omdat ik denk dat je er nog wel een paar kan gebruiken vanwege regen-modder en zw... en de wasmachine zal niet dagelijks draaien:-) Lekker weggooien als je ze niet meer gebruikt, scheelt nl. 3 ons bagage op je rug.
Ben trouwens benieuwd wanneer je dat ontvangt.
Ben benieuwd hoe het met je gaat en hoop heel snel wat te lezen.
Molto Bacio, ti amo Mama

Anonymous said...

Becci Gould.

Hey Becs Happy Valentines day! thanks for the present, I think I owe you one now! anyway looks like your having loads of fun from the photos, keep up the good work. Oh and just in case you were wondering I sent you a letter but not sure if you got it yet but anyway look forward to it.
Love and Missing, Tom x x x

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah (B)
I've had a go 3 x now to leave a message - you look great and we're really interested to hear more.

I've sent a letter - stay well, enjoy

Dad (in Crisklade), Mum (in Birr), Rachel (in Paris)

Daan Hinloopen said...

For Hidde Hinloopen ALPHA 2

Yoo Hidde,
Het is hier wel saai thuis zonder jou maar ik hoop dat je een leuke tijd hebt in Borneo met je groep. Ik ben wel een beetje jaloers op je want die eerste foto zag er wel erg aantrekkelijk uit. Zeker omdat het hier altijd zo'n fijn weer is.
Veel plezier

Freddie said...

Hi Stefan Alpha 1

Glad to see you made it to Borneo safely. Hope you are having a most fantastic time and experience !!!! enjoy every day.
Thank you so much for your letter, what a surprise !! It brought a smile to all our faces. All well here.
Let us know it there is anything you would like. say hi to Cheryl and Sly !!
Love you lots and missing you crazy

Dad xxx

lyn mcglade said...

Hallo Ciara!! (Ciara mcglade, alpha group 5) Dhia dhuit mo ghra (hallo my love!). you look great!! I hope you are having a great time. its valentine's day , so chocs, wine and roses here. all is well, tessy misses you, but I am trying to keep her happy. Molly is out and about and squawking like a love bird, your harps are cold because it is still freezing and icey here. Ooonagh Kieran and Meabh here for dinner yesterday Kieran coming to paint tomorrow, everyone sending you their best , presumably Michael is in Perth, havent been in touch this week. Saw Cliona in hse of frazer yesterday, but didn't get a chance to talk to her ..can email Karen and Denise if you like? looking forward to hearing your news and what you have been up to, hope you enjoying all!! ? Dad has sent you a letter, will keep in touch, the house is v quiet without you! love from Mum&Dad xx

Daan Zijlstra said...

Heee Hidde!

Ik heb net alle foto's eens even bekeken en ik kan alleen maar zeggen dat ik heel jaloers ben op je! Als ik zit te leren denk ik wel eens: waar zou Hidde nou zitten...! Haha. Ga er van genieten kerel! Ik weet zeker dat je het naar je zin heb (als ik zo naar de foto's kijk!

Ik kan niet zeggen spreek je snel, maar ik ga je in ieder geval volgen via deze blog!

Later man!

Ps: het is wel echt raar dat je niet in de buurt bent..!

Anonymous said...

Hello Tom Shelton (alpha 2):

Don't worry: I'll keep Pete in order. (Can't promise about Ed though!) You're not missing anything here: the dishwasher's still kaputt and the weather's turned really cold again! All the grandparents and uncles send their love and look forward to hearing your stories as do we all.
Lots of love, Mum

Anonymous said...

For Charlotte Dickson Alpha 7

Hi Cuck!
I hope everthing is going well and that this reaches you by Saturday, if so then Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day and that it is not too much of an intense one! I hope trekking is going well,and that the you are making good progess through the jungle! Im really looking forward to hearing all about it!
I also hope the diving went well and that the weather got better so you could see in the water. Did you do a night dive?!
Cant wait to see you at the end of it all and hopefully will be able to catch up with you when you are changing over,
lots of love
Thomas xxx

Anonymous said...

Hoi Hidde, alpha 2

Snel een berichtje via het blog. We zijn benieuwd hoe je het hebt op je eerste projekt. Hoe is het op je tropische eiland? Is het hard werken of een bounty gevoel. Zijn benieuwd naar je update als je weer verbinding hebt met de buitenwereld.
Liefs Mama

Anonymous said...

Big shout out to Nicola Bell!
Good to see you're enjoying yourself and off on your first project.
I can soo tell you're missing our lovely Manchester weather lol.
Enjoy yourself and I look forward to hearing stories of your adventure.

Anonymous said...

To Nick Harman (alpha 6),
Hellooooo out there in the jungle! Hope you are enjoying your experience. Meg and Sam are extremely jealous keeping tabs on the blog. You will be glad to know you are missing lousy weather and miserable news. So Molly, Olivia and Flick have decided they would prefer to out there with you and the bugs! Hope the food isn't proving too challenging. You never know you might come back loving fruit and broccolli stalks! Take care lots of love Charlotte, Molly, Olivia, Felicity. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Voor Maud Versteijlen

Ha lieve maud,
terug van de jungle, geen spitting cobra's accidents of whatever?
Nu werken met de kindjes of op het land, of eerst relaxen aan het strand?
Maak er wat van en geniet van alle ervaringen,
veel liefs,

Anonymous said...

voor Eline uit Alpha 7
Hey lieve Eline,

We lezen dat je het droog hebt in de jungle!
Gelukkig voor je, en we zijn natuurlijk benieuwd naar jouw duikverhalen. We missen je wel hoor, nu al bijna 2 weken geen kontakt.Wel raar om niet even een verhaal te horen.....
We hopen ook snel foto's van Alpha 7 te zien. Nou lieve meid, geniet van alles en we zijn benieuwd naar je belevenissen!!
dikke kus mama papa Jelmer Annemiek

Anonymous said...

Hello Rob of the Easts (Alpha 9)

Hope that you are having a good old time! Hope that you're taking lots of photos. Dad thought he saw a photo of you, he said you looked like 'a young George Michael'...not too sure if that was a compliment or not. Looking forward to hearing your tales, bet you're missing Metheringham though, think of all the new deliveries of cold meat arriving at Metheringham co-op and you're missing out! What a shame!!

Take care

Lots of Love Rachel ands Joel xx

Carole said...

Hello darling Greg - Alpha 6
How is jungle life treating you??
I hope the mosquitoes have not been feasting on you... Pls don't forget to put plenty of cream .. It must be so amazing.. I cannot wait to hear from you...
We have decided to go to South Africa on the 22nd of Feb and will be back in London on the 6th of March. The weather will be much nicer there. We miss you and love you loads
.xxxxx Mum and Dad

Lisette said...

Lieve Eline!! (alpha 7)
Ik had al eerder een berichtje gestuurd, maar kan hem niet meer terug vinden. Raar.. Ik hoop dat je het heel erg naar je zin hebt in de jungle! Hier gaat alles z'n gangetje, woensdag voor de eerste keer getuige geweest van de beruchte mannen avonden. Was heel grappig, ging stiekem met Martien als verassing daarheen. Verder nu ook het tweede blok gehaald, dus helemaal op schema:) Vandaag heerlijk even een dagje vrij, morgen gezellig weer om 0700 beginnen bij de AH.
Hoop snel weer wat van je te horen, toch raar zo lang niets. Heel erg veel plezier nog in de jungle, en geniet van alles wat je beleefd. Ben erg benieuwd naar je verhalen!
Heeel veel liefs! xxxxxxxx Lisette

Anonymous said...

This message is for Charlotte Patricia Ellison Dickson in Alpha 7 'dive-trekkers'!


Just saw your wee picture with you gang (Alpha 7) you look so cute and happy in all your new gear like that your wearing your 'Tuck shop prefect' t.shirt you have already got ahead in the leadership pose because you were sweety manager! I hope your making lots of new friends and that there is chocolate available to you because i don't want you getting withdrawal symptons from the odd choccy bar!

I also hope you read this as i dont know if i have written it in the right place but if not then hopefully someone will tell you its on here!

Currently on stuart island with friends and the views are amazing and i fed a while bird at supper it was crazy i felt like bear grills! anyway keep your pecker up and only two months basically till i see you! woohoo

i love you lots and lots and miss you lots and lots and thinking of you lots and lots and can't tell you how excited i am to see my bezza which is...lots and lots and lots

Georgina xxxxx

p.s. lots of new zealand sweeties for you in ym suitcase for you to gobble up!

Anonymous said...

birthday girl charlotte dickson alpha 7

OH MY GOLLY GOSH! i almost forgot HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY! hope you celebrate with a choccy bar...or two

all my love gerogie x

Sarah James said...

Hello Rob James (alpha 7)

Sister Sarah writing, just to let you know that I have now shown mum how to use this comments area. so you should expect something from her.

I am so jealous looking at all the pictures! Hope you are having a fantastic time. Just off to take the dogs for a walk in the lovely British weather.

Love Sarah xxx

The Twelves said...

Hi Kitty (Alpha 6)
Hope it is all still going well, cant belive the first three weeks are over already! we are all off to stay with auntie Debs in Wales for a few days. The girls are going to ride the lipizzaners! :O Grandpa and Granny campbell are on the blog everyday desperate for more photographs and really enjoying tracking the experdition! Look forward to hearing from you in change over! love Mum, Dad and the gang.
P.S, Charlotte looks great in your clothes!! :D :D xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tijmen Boer alpha3
Hoop dat je het goed hebt in de jungle, je hebt een stevig project onderhanden, dus net als je zus in India zijn jullie beiden behoorlijk aan het klussen.
Onno was dit weekend even in Nederland, samen met Jurrien en Jannis zijn we bij de opening van het strandseizoen van Vooges geweest en met min 2 graden voor het eerst weer gegeten op het strand ( binnen was het wel wat warmer gelukkig ) gisteren Anke en Piet op bezoek gehad, die waren op weg naar hun kleinkind.
We hopen na 3 weken snel weer eens wat van je te horen
zondag 20 feb gr papa en mama

Aunty Debs said...

Hi kitty!! (alpha 6) all the gang have arrived in Wales! Charlotte getting me into blogging! Sooo happy to hear your news about uni, we can meet up for shopping trips! You can relax now and really enjoy your time out there! Have fun, looking forward to seeing more photos! Love from Aunty Debs and Uncle David xxxxxxx!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tijmen, hoe is het daar? We kijken elke dag even op de site van raleigh om de belevenissen te volgen. Ziet er allemaal erg stoer uit daar in India! Wel even wat anders dan de rocky mountains. Eerste sessie zit er nu waarschijnlijk op, dus op naar het volgende project. We blijven het volgen. Hier is alles ok. Wij veel kou; jij veel regen, zoals we op wat foto's zien. Succes en veel plezier daar, lieve groet uit vlissingen. Piet en Anke

Carole said...

Hello darling Greg, Alpha 6
It was great to see your picture on the website..You look so good. Wow!! what happens next??
Dad and I are off to Johannesburg tomorrow and then on to Gorah Elephant camp.. We will be thinking of you.. this will be camping in the middle of the jungle, not like Londolozi.. It should be very exciting. We will go to Plentenberg Bay to see Robert and Gail and then will take the garden root to Capetown.. We will definitely go to Robben Island
on this trip and will be back on the 6th of March. I will be looking at the website everyday in other to keep up with your progress.
Have fun, enjoy and lots of love,
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

To tijmen boer
Hi tijmen, zie nu dat ik india en borneo door elkaar zit te halen. Komt omdat ik ook flo volg op de site van raleigh. Vandaag hier een lekker dagje op de golfbaan doorgebracht, koud maar wel een lekker zonnetje. Je hebt de hartelijke groeten van opa en oma, die leven ook helemaal mee met je avonturen daar in borneo. We zijn het weekend in heemstede en amsterdam geweest. Lekker bijgekletst en uit eten geweest met je ouders. En in amsterdam weer genoten van onze kleine prinses! Piet gaat nu weer naar de kookles. Zal eens vragen of hij t.z.t nog eens een lekkere curry wil maken als jullie weer terug zijn. Lijkt met lekkerder dan porridge! Groetjes en succes, je hoort wel weer van ons. Piet en Anke

Minkin said...

Hello Darling Callum,
We have been talking about you and trying to trace your trek on the map. Wow! Hope you survived the leeches and the blisters. Have tried to blog you before but not sure if they get through as I see no trace of them! The B hates school at the moment so I suggested she get thrown out by doing something dreadful. Miss you madly, baked potatoes not the same without you! neither is an evening beer! Love you all the time. Mum x

Anonymous said...


Hier ook een berichtje van mij, het duurde even, maar ik kwam niet helemaal uit de site :P Maar dankzij Lisette ben ik er uit gekomen haha. Ik hoorde dat je gisteren even met Lisette had gebeld en dat alles goed gaat! Fijn om te horen! Heel veel meegemaakt al zeker? Zag dat jouw groep nu de jungle in is?:) Super leuk! Wel raar hoor dat je nu helemaal aan de andere kant van de wereld zit!
Ik hoop dat je er erg van geniet en super veel leuke dingen meemaakt! En nu nog veel leuke tijden gaat hebben!:)
Dikke kus, Cathelijn

Mary-anne said...

Ryan J Hoey alpa 2
Hi ryan been keeping an eye on your progress out there !! andy doing great, can't believe how fast the time is flying ,take care and have fun hun c ya when u get back xx maryanne (Andys mum)

Anonymous said...

heyy Mathieu,
hopelijk gaat alles goed, zo te horen wel :) hier is het echt lekker warm, vandaag de heele dag lekker buiten gezeten!! nog bedankt voor de verjaardags kaart, hij is goed optijd gekomen. ik hoor dat je 18 april ofzo terug komt, ik heb wel zin om al je avontuur verhalen to horen :D ik zit ook nu te denken om mischien ook raleigh te doen, maar ik weet het nog niet, gelukkig heb ik nog wel wat tijd om daar overna te denken.
(hopelijk zijn er deze keer minder spelling fouten)