Monday, 31 January 2011

Sneak preview of a kindergarten...

While the project managers were on their respective project planning visits, some of the Field Base staff visited a kindergarten in the village of Rumantai that was built by venturers on the previous expedition. The trip was requested by HSBC, the project sponsor, who wanted to see the result of all our volunteers’ hard work! Representatives from the PACOS Trust – the project partner organisation - also attended, and the villagers held a formal ceremony to thank all three organisations for their contribution, with speeches and delicious food.
For those of you who are joining us for Expedition 11B, here’s a sneak preview of what a kindergarten looks like – and an idea of happy the community will be when we’ve built one!
This kindergarten was built by venturers on our previous expedition - and they made sure to leave their mark!
Our very own Mac and Yo (right) with the head of the village and representatives from HSBC and the PACOS Trust
There was a good turnout for the ceremony, with many of the villagers attending


Charlie Mike said...

Message for Amy Robertson......

yo yo you diddling? Are you behaving yourself out there I wonder? am very jealous all these people get to be a PM with you. i love have lOvEd that, what a blast!!

so i hope you're having a good time, hopefully with slight less bits/sun burn than you had in costa rica....i bet the leeches love you. you just attract the little blighters me think hehe

life in brizzle is ok, it's no costa rica or nicaragua that's for sure but trying to convince myself that i don't need beautiful sunshine, beautiful wildlife, flip flops, stunning beaches, delicious coffee and gallo pinto anyway!!!

can't wait to see some photos of you working that for me i'm off out to visit a local city farm...going to start volunteering there looking after the little piggies!cool hey

much love, vanessaxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Rory B and James M.
hay Rory im glad the true orangutan is back in Borneo. u practical caried me through trek, so i no you will make the best pm ur awesome Battman! dont chop anny fingers off and have a good time!
love Fliss. Xx
hay James the kindergarten looks well loved u should be well proud, and the train looks awesome even tough u still cant draw! hope the Jesus beard reapers soon, and if you get lost on trek i hear the north star is shining bright these days lol.
good luck.
love Fliss. Xx
ps wishing you both a safe trip.