Saturday, 22 January 2011

Into (and out of) the jungle…

After two days of training, trekking and camping in and around Base Camp, the staff members of 11B have returned triumphantly to Field Base, their survival skills honed to (near) perfection.

Now everyone is back at Field Base and waiting nervously to find out which projects they’ll be going out on. Once the allocations have been announced, the project manager pairings will spend three days at their project sites, making sure all the necessary arrangements are in place to start the expedition. It’s not long now until we meet our intrepid team of venturers, and we can’t wait to get started!
Check back tomorrow to find out which projects Expedition 11B will be working on, and who will be going to each one…


Charlie Mike said...

Calling Alpha 9's Soft Hands!!!

Hey soft, how you doing? got the trekking bug for life now hey! ah well some leisurely scuba diving should be a nice reward hehe

i was very jealous of your wall post that said you were going dark for 10 weeks, sounds like heaven to me and brings back many good memories of escaping from the outside world. adjusting back to bristol brizzle life is as uneasy as i knew it would be. i'm all about the career change now. air conned offices and no windows and strip lighting are not for me!

had a look at some of your pics on the blog, looks awesome out there. i shall keep an eye on you and that naughty amy to see what's happening.

so take care of yourself, beware of the leeches. take some photos of some disgusting leech encounters, id love to see them :-) enjoy your raleigh rations and ill try be in touch soon with some classis scottish jokes. much love, charlie mike xxxxx

jules said...

Hey Rhian, this is my blog - the weather at home is .......... oops just dropped off! Hope all's well, letters in post. LOL maman xxx (Hope this works!)

Lorraine said...

Hello Sarah T.
Just to say we miss you and hope you are having an amazing time?
V.cold but sunny today. Louise back safe and sound from India. Take care of yourself much love Lorraine & Barry xx

pippa said...

Hi Max, have been looking at your pictures on fliker! They all look amazing. Hope your well and having a good time. Lots of love Pippa xxx

emrys&lorraine Wheeler said...

To sam willetts alpha 3.
Hope you are well and your project
is going to plan.I expect you have
picked up a few blisters by now, but you can handle it.It will give
you a great sense of achievement when it is completed.Nan and I are well.Hope the mosquitoes are not biting too much,but I expect you are enjoying the whole experience.
Thinking of you, Love Nan&Bamps