Monday, 10 January 2011

And So Expedition 11B Begins....

Greetings from sunny Borneo – and Happy New Year!
The team at Field Base have now welcomed the advance staff team of volunteers for expedition 11B, who (after an initial induction and several of Loli’s delicious meals!) are already getting down to the all-important business of preparing for the arrival of the rest of the staff and the venturers in the coming weeks.
This week is the calm before the storm, as everyone settles into their respective roles to ensure the smooth running of the expedition when it officially kicks off on 1st February. To get everyone in the Raleigh spirit, the new team was shown the slideshow of the previous expedition before being taken into nearby Lintas for a Malaysian roti dinner – already we’re learning to make the most of all the delicious Malaysian food on offer, as once the expedition starts it’ll be porridge and Raleigh rations all the way for those going out to the project sites! We’re also making the most of the space, as once the rest of the staff team arrives on Sunday there’ll be nearly forty people under one roof, and barely room to swing Pedro the Field Base cat!
The atmosphere here at Field Base is fantastic, and everyone is really excited about what the next few months will bring. One thing’s for sure – there won’t be a dull moment!

Pedro, making the most of the opportunity to relax before Field Base becomes a thriving hub of activity!


susie said...

Hey Chris
Was great to see you and it won't be long before we get to see where you hang out.. Can't wait!

Steven Schrijen said...

Rory Buttface,

Here my first blog message from me! I'll hope your going to have fun! I will expect some e-mail of any kind how it is on the new Raleigh! Of course it can't be better then 10J ;-) I need to say looking at the pictures make me so jealous of you! I really want to be back in Borneo! It's way to cold here.. And everyone is stressed out! What happened to Sabah time!?

We'll meet again! ;-)

X Steven

Pete said...

Miss Nicola Bell!
Can't seem to see you on that Raleigh photo...please say you're there 'cause we've been waiting for you to go for ages lol!
Hope you're enjoying yourself!


Sam said...

Hi Amber and Rob,

We hope you are having a great time and will keep watching on the site for news of the activities you are taking part in.

Love Shirley and Steve XX :)

Mum Dad and Rachel said...

Sarah - you look great - all well here

carole said...

Greg hope all is well and you are enjoying yourself. You look great in the picture- keep us posted and take good care.xxxx

karen said...

Hi Mica, Hope you are okay, smiling on the blog photo so I presume you are, We are all missing you, Bailey says Hi,No parcels I'm afraid so can't send what you asked for.

Take care of the sun bears and watch out for the orangatangs as well.
Love you loads take care from all of us xxxxxx

Georgina said...

How you doing babes?? Nice to see the humidity has got your hair in a mega-frizz....saucy. Hope the water-project's going well; you'll have to explain later what it is as I don't really get it!
Not much is going on here, weather's miz, just working away. We all miss you and love you so much (although I have raided your impressive nail varnish collection)
Also, your mates are being rude about you on facebook; know you can't do anything about it, but thought you should be informed.
George xxxxxxxx