Friday, 12 November 2010

Phase 2 work begins!

After their well-earned, but all too brief rest at Borneo Paradise, our teams are  hard at work once more.  The Field Base team have been catching up with a few of the groups - let’s find out how they’ve been getting on.
Alpha 1
After a warm welcome from village residents to the new team at Alpha 1, it was time to get down to work.  Having seen the excellent progress that had been made so far on the structure of the kindergarten, the new workers were delighted to discover that the previous team had nevertheless left some digging for them.
The rainy season firmly with us, drainage around the work site is an important area to focus on, and the first day’s work saw the team cutting a stepped drainage ditch into the hillside.  This was done not a day too soon, and the team were relieved to see a waterfall cascading down the channel the following day when the heavens opened in dramatic style.

A construction project such as this requires many different skills, however, and some of the team have already had their first taste of brick-laying and carpentry.

But before they spend too much time on that, there’s more digging to be done:  a cess pit, in preparation for the kindergarten toilet.

Alpha 3

Our team at Alpha 3 has now begun work on a brand new project in the Pitas district in the north of Sabah.  Over the next two phases, they will build a community hall (balai raya) in Kg Vunui Lokos.  This will be an important focal point for the village, providing a venue for meetings and formal ceremonies, such as weddings.
At the start of a new community project, there are two important tasks which must be completed.  Firstly, the team needs to get to know the local community, and as usual, the children of the village are quick to help this process along!

Secondly, our workforce needs to a place to rest their weary heads after a hard day on the construction site, so work begins with the adaptation of the village marketplace into a home.

Finally, with cosy bashers ready, it’s time to start work on the project itself.  There are plans to be consulted...
 ...stakes to be planted...

...and of course, there is always equipment to be moved!

Alpha 10
As the week drew on, we also had a rare opportunity for a brief catch-up with one of our trekking groups – the intrepid Alpha 10.  
Despite experiencing heavy rain almost every day, the group were smiling and happy, enjoying a cosy afternoon in camp before they head off for their dive phase.  With a hot cup of Milo and a campfire to dry the damp socks, what more could a group of trekkers wish for?

Monday, 8 November 2010

Phase 2 kicks off!

With the success of phase one under their belts everyone on 10J enjoyed some well deserved rest and relaxation at Borneo Paradise for changeover. Everyone was very excited to catch up with friends and swap stories about phase one adventures, especially as lots of this catching up was done poolside! We were also treated to some very entertaining (and dare I say it some not so entertaining) skits, whereby each alpha group summed up their phase through singing/dancing/acting. We've got a talented bunch of venturers and as judged by Mac, Chris and Emily in true X factor style there was most definitely a winner- congratulations alpha 8! But here at Raleigh we don't let anyone get too comfortable for long and less than 36 hours later they were off again, ready to deploy for Phase 2.

So let's find out who's going where and what they're going to be getting up to.

The community projects – where Venturers will have the opportunity to get involved with the local community while building much needed infrastructure.

Alpha 1 - Kindergarten in Kampung Rumantai, Ranau District

Su Wen Ong,Yogesh Mistry, Pia Mathews, Joseph L Treacy, Benjamin Fort, Ben Summers, Sin Mei Fong, Maxim N Terwey, Seema Sharma, Louise V Scothern, Cathrien Sickler, Tamsin J Stevens. Their PMs remain unchanged with the lovely Andrea, James and Pete.

Alpha 2 - Gravity water feed systems in the Pitas region

Robert Grindal, Eleanor Bowe, Steven Schrijen, Claire A Cottee, Khyal C Fairclough, Jay (Ceylan) Sakallioglu, Andrew T Dyke, Emily L Griffin, Evinn Soo, Aaron Graham, Christian Zazulan. PM wise Dave and Philli stay on and are joined by Jo, one of our trusty medics.

Alpha 3- Phase 2 sees the addition of an exciting new project, building a community hall in Vunui Locos. 

Thomas Webster-Dunstanm, Nicolas P Brouwers, Mandeep Ghuman, Elouise k Royans, John McFarlane, Abigail P Goodburn, Constantijn Crans, Shen Quang Loo, Lucy Jellicoe, Yannick Pelder, Laura West. Heading up this new project are our great PMs Chris, Kate and Marie the medic.  

The environmental projects – a chance for the Venturers to get to know more about Borneo’s amazing natural resources and to help to protect them.

Alpha 4 - Infrastructure for the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok

Thomas M Rumsey, Stephanie Bell, Emma M Bean, Robert Nash, Jing Wen Ong, Madeleine E Gray, Alexander A Campbell, Lisa Egeler, Christopher A Cheeseman, Kareem A Cheng, Yen Wen Heng. Caroline is staying on at Sepilok and will be joined by Emma and Leigh, a fab trio of PMs who will ensure that the venturers cause less mayhem than the orangutans!

Alpha 5 - Infrastructure Development at Imbak Canyon

Ian E Wildsmith, Thijs J Kraaijeveld van Hemert, James Peard, Shu May Han, Sherman Suntik, Olivier Uijtewaal    , Georgina Peach, Robyn A Fitzharris, Guy Scott-Dalgleish, Millie R Smith, Natalie Tunney, Leontien Roos. Keeping things ticking over nicely will be lovely Abi and Stacey and for one phase only they will be joined by Emma A, our veteran medic.

The adventure projects – a very challenging combination of trekking and diving, surviving in the harsh jungle environment.

Alpha 8 – dive/trek, currently to be found on the beautiful Mamutik Island in KK’s very own Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

Neil A Wellstead, Kelly E Lawless, Rory Batt, Josephine P van den Brink, Shi Han Chong, Cameron J Heeley, Emma Johnson, Aaron Ong, Felicity M Bone , Jack Regan, Christopher P Cracknell. Our adventurous trek leader Clive will be joined by medic Emily. 

Alpha 9 – trek/dive, can be seen heading off into the jungle from Long Pa Sia near the Sarawak/Kalimantan border

Henry C Wilkinson, Mary Greene, Daniel J Clark, Oliver A Conner, Omar Tellage, Eleanor G Tetlow, Alasdair W Gordon, Shawna Timmons, Reinier Haverkamp Begemann, Nor Hafidzah, Abin Gemma Hall. Team coach Helen returns to lead this trek along with Simon, one of the trusty medic crew. 

Alpha 10 – trek/dive/trek, at the moment these lucky venturers can be found in the beautiful Kiulu Valley region in the foothills of Mt. Kinabalu

Merel C van Olffen,  Kieran J Brady, Fiona E Jeffery, Ivy R Mills, Josh J Brumby, Joep W Claus, Louise Bajada, Jon Legge, Mun Mun Wong, Choon Wei Thian, Julie Peletier. And last but not least, Andi returns this time with Nicky and medic Becky in tow to lead these venturers around the jungle.

And back at fieldbase, manning the fort are Mac, Ed, Serge, Yolanda, Paz (medic), Paula (comms), Adam (photographer), Tom, CK and Garry (logs).

We will keep you up to date with news from the project sites as everyone gets settled in. Please post your messages and comments on the blog. We will then print these and send them off into the heart of the Borneo with the Loop. The Loop is Raleigh’s trusty resupply which visits all static project sites mid way through the phase, laden with the two most important things for anyone living in the jungle: chocolate and loving messages from home.