Thursday, 4 November 2010

Project complete - congratulations Alpha 2!

We are proud to announce the completion of the gravity water feed system in Kg Maliau Pusat, where Alpha 2 have been hard at work for the past 3 weeks.
Work first began in this community in August of this year, when Raleigh’s previous expedition team commenced work on the construction of the new water system that would bring running water to the villagers for the first time.  The task for Alpha 2 has been to extend the system across the Maliau river, to reach the houses there and ensure that the entire community is well served with water.

This project has been completed in conjunction with Asian Forestry Company and of course the villagers of Kg Maliau Pusat.  We were delighted to gather together earlier this week for a ceremony to celebrate the opening of the new water system.


The formalities over, there was time to celebrate with music, dancing, and a tug-of-war rematch between Raleigh and the village children.  Final score 1-1!

Congratulations to Alpha 2 for all their hard work!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Phase 1 Loop continues!

Leaving our friends at Imbak Canyon bright and early, the Loop heads off towards our community projects.

Our first stop is with Alpha 1 who have been making excellent progress on the new kindergarten in Kg Rumantai – a very scenic spot!

Working closely with the local community, our team have already managed to complete the main wooden structure of the kindergarten building and are now hard at work on the drainage system and concrete floor.

But it’s not all work, and the constant presence of the village children, always brings a smile to our workers’ faces...

 ... and home-baked cake from the Raleigh team is a welcome treat for venturers and villagers alike.
For now, it’s back to work for Alpha 1.  The phase 1 team have just a few days left, so we'll say goodbye for now, and look forward to catching up with the new team in phase 2.

Our final port of call for this phase’s Loop was Alpha 2, the team working on a gravity water feed system in Pitas district, a particularly beautiful part of Sabah.

One of the first - and most important - tasks for this group has been to get to know the local community, whose older members provided key input into the structure of the system... 
 ... while the  younger members provide the light entertainment.
All the fun and games has left the team in light-hearted mood, making for a very amusing evening for the Loop.  No effort was spared in the preparation of a 5 course meal, followed by a night of entertainment, complete with a dress code of top hats and bow ties!

Despite all this fun, Alpha 2 have been working hard and we are delighted to report that their phase 1 work is now complete – more of that in the next blog post.