Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A rare visitor to field base

Field base is very excited to introduce you a rare visitor who joined us during breakfast on Monday morning.

This beautiful little bird is called a Fairy Pitta. It migrates from Southern China and Japan, to winter in Borneo. The Fairy Pitta is classified as vulnerable and is on the endangered list due to deforestation in its breeding range. This particular individual was probably not improved by knocking itself out on our window. We protected it from Pedro, the field base cat, until it had recovered and could continue its journey. All in a morning's work for the field base team.

Many thanks to the Symington family for spending several hours identifying our guest.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Phase 1 - we're making progress already

Expedition 10J has been hard at work for 10 days, and progress is already being made on many project sites. Everyone has settled in to the jungle way of life. We have heard rumors that Alpha 2 are having far too much fun, a huge game of Cluedo has already claimed the "lives" of 4 members of the team.

Adam, our resident photographer, has been very busy visiting as many project sites as possible to document the working and playing. Here are a few of his pictures so far, to give you an idea of what our venturers in the jungle have been up to.

Alpha 1
Building a Kindergarten over 3 phases - Kampung Rumantai, Ranau District

Henry keeping in touch with field base on the radio.

James has already made friends with some very important members of the village.

Kelly - hard at work.

By the end of expedition this will be the new Kindergarten for the village - field base thinks it looks good already.

Leveling the site was the first job - Tom taking his turn. It is such demanding work with the heat, the team works in 10 minute shifts.

Alpha 2
Phase 1 of this project involves extending an existing gravity water feed system to supply the village of Maliau Pusat. Running the pipes across the river.

Alpha 2 with some of the children from the village

Josephine's birthday - celebrated in 'jungle style'.

On arrival the first job of the team was to prepare their own living quarters. Nick gets to work.

All the kit and equipment had to be carried across the river to the project site.

Alpha 4
Continuing work at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok

You have to be imaginative with Raleigh rations, at field base we're very impressed with the naan bread alpha 4 managed to create.

The walkway around the Sun Bear enclosure is being build out of reclaimed timber. Omar mans the angle grinder.

Raleigh is all about team work, SuWen and Cameron show how it's done.

Ellie continues the work on the walkway.

Here you have a quick glimpse of the lives of our first 3 alpha groups. Plenty more pictures to follow of all the others as Adam makes his way around.

Finally we have a very special message to send from Emma on Alpha 4. Happy Birthday to you both.