Monday, 18 October 2010

And they’re off!

With new skills crammed into their heads and a lot of kit crammed into the buses Borneo Expedition 10J is under way.

The Alpha groups deployed from Likas, Kota Kinabalu very early on Saturday morning after 24 hours of frantic packing. New friends have been waved goodbye to and the Venturers are ready for the challenges which await them on their first project sites.

So let’s meet the teams who will be starting off the expedition!

The community projects – where Venturers will have the opportunity to get involved with the local community while building much needed infrastructure.

Alpha 1 - Kindergarten in Kampung Rumantai, Ranau District

Neil, James, Henry, Thomas, Kieran, Emma B, Kelly, Mary, Shu May, Rosie, Merel. And their PM’s Andrea, James and Pete.

Alpha 2 - Gravity water feed systems in the Pitas region
Rory, Daniel, Sherman, Tijs, Nick, Ivy, Stephanie, Robyn L, Josephine, Shi Han, Fiona. And their PM’s Philly, David and Simon.

The environmental projects – a chance for the Venturers to get to know more about Borneo’s amazing natural resources and to help to protect them.

Alpha 4 - Infrastructure for the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok

Robert G, Thomas, Josh, Joep, Cameron, Omar, Su Wen, Eleanor B, Louise B, Emma J, Eleanor T. And their PM’s Caroline and Kate.

Alpha 5 - Infrastructure Development at Imbak Canyon
Yogesh, Nicholas, Jon, Alasdair, Steven, Aaron, Shawna, Pia, Claire, Felicity, Mun Mun. And their PM’s Abby, Stacey and Becky.

Alpha 6 - Gravity water feed repair at Maliau Basin
Joseph, Jack, Benjamin, Christopher Cracknell, Reinier, Choon Wei, Nor, Gemma, Mandeep, Tamsin, Julie, Elouise. And their PM’s Maire, Nicky and Paula.

The adventure projects – a very challenging combination of trekking and diving, surviving in the harsh jungle environment.

Alpha 8 – dive/trek, currently to be found on the beautiful Mamutik Island in KK’s very own Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park
Ben, Robert N, Khyal, Olivier, Jing Wen, John, Jay, Georgina, Madeleine, Robyn F, Cathrien, Sin Mei. And their PM’s Clive, Jo and Leigh.

Alpha 9 – trek/dive, can be seen heading off into the jungle from Long Pa Sia near the Sarawak/Kalimantan border
Andrew, Alexander, Ian,  Guy, Shen Quang, Maxim, Seema, Millie, Lucy, Emily, Lisa, Evinn. And their PM’s Helen, Paz and Tom.

Alpha 10 – trek/dive/trek, at the moment these lucky venturers can be found in the beautiful Kiulu Valley region in the foothills of Mt. Kinabalu
Aaron, Christopher Cheeseman, Yannick, Kareem, Christian, Natalie, Laura, Louise S, Abigail, Leontien, Yen Wen. And their PM’s Andy and Emma.

And back at fieldbase, manning the fort are Mac, Ed, Serge, Yolanda, Emma, Emily, Chris and Gary.

We will keep you up to date with news from the project sites as everyone gets settled in. Please post your messages and comments on the blog. We will then print these and send them off into the heart of the Borneo with the Loop. The Loop is Raleigh’s trusty resupply which visits all static project sites mid way through the phase. Laden with the two most important things for anyone living in the jungle: chocolate and loving messages from home.