Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Adventures Of 10I...

With their projects successfully completed, the 10I staff and venturers were ready to begin the much anticipated adventure challenge phase of their expedition.  On day one they were bused to a secret location in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu were they were given bamboo and tarpaulin to create a shelter to stay in that night.

Dinner was cooked over a camp fire and it was early to bed for the four new Zulu groups so they would be fresh and raring to go the following day.

Day two was filled with jungle craft skills, some team building exercises and a very wiggly bush tucker trial!

On day three the four Zulu groups set out on their quest to complete the adventure challenge.  The groups took it in turns to complete various tasks, some began with trekking, others completed a 'Tour De Sabah' on bikes and others built rafts from bamboo and sailed their way down the Kiulu River.

After six days of exploring Borneo by foot, bike and raft, all of the venturers were reunited at Base Camp where they re-grouped before setting out on the final leg of the adventure challenge; white water rafting down Kiulu River.

On day seven, the group rafted their way back to TAC (where their journey had began five weeks earlier) and were welcomed with a BBQ and a much needed shower!  After one last night under the Sabah stars, they made their way to Borneo Paradise where they spent their final day swimming in the pool and basking in the sunshine before dancing the night away at DJ Gerrard's beach front Raleigh rave.

Yesterday evening, the 10I venturers found themselves back in Kota Kinabalu Airport.  Five weeks in Sabah, two gravity water feed systems, one longhouse complete with kitchen and washing facilities, one action packed adventure challenge, a whole host of new friends and countless fond memories later, Raleigh Borneo Expedition 10I has come to an end.

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