Friday, 27 August 2010

10D's Final Loop Is Complete.

The final loop of the Expedition 10D project sites came to an end yesterday as Tom (DPM) and Mark (Logs) pulled up outside Field base in trusty Bravo Four.  This third loop toured Sabah visiting Alphas Two to Four (we'll stop by at Alpha One next week for the grand opening ceremony of the kindergarten which should, fingers crossed, be finished!) 

It sounds like the groups went all out this time to secure a win in the last 'Come Dine With Me' competition.  They're playing for high stakes this time round as the winning alpha group will walk away with not just ice-cream based treats, but the glory of being the final, unbeaten champions of Expedition 10D's loop contest.

Alpha Two: Community Workshop on Maliangin Island

The island people at Alpha Two welcomed the loop to their very own 'Maliangin Tapas Bar'.

The venturers proudly showed off their camp which was looking pretty smart with the addition of some newly constructed benches and even a fire pit!  The community workshop has also come on leaps and bounds.  The floor is finished, the walls are coming along nicely and the roof is due to be finished tomorrow.

With the grand tour done, the loop, the venturers, the WWF and the locals all enjoyed a game of volleyball.  The loop boys refuse to tell me who won, which I take to mean that they lost!

Meanwhile, the cooks set to work creating a masterpiece out of Raleigh rations.  The menu featured homous on home baked raisin bread, followed by bean fritters, sardine wraps and meatballs in a tomato sauce.  The icing on the cake, so to speak, was a banoffee pie.

After dinner there was time to relax by the fire and let their tapas go down before the loop were treated to a beachfront disco.

Alpha Three: Infrastructure Development at Imbak Canyon

Next it was Alpha Three's turn to entertain the loopers.  First up, a tour of their work site.  Below is the winch built by the previous group at Imbak that is now being used to help transport logs across the river that will be used to build the bridge.
Followed by a (much needed) wash and a chance to cool off after their very long journey.
On Alpha Three's menu was toasted peanuts, followed by spicy bean burgers in home made buns and potentially the most amazing pizza i have ever seen created using Raleigh rations!  To round off the banquette the group produced pancakes and a peach crumble.

Alpha Four: Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok

Last but not least was Alpha Four at Sepilok.  As you can see, their boardwalk is coming along nicely.
PM Katy models for us on their beautifully constructed cat walk...
Some very happy faces as the venturers receive post from home full of encouraging messages from proud 'rents.

Alpha Four took the loop on a tour 'Around the world in eighty minutes' with an eclectic menu of tastes from across the planet.
The chefs seem happy at work in the kitchen.

After an appetizer of garlic mushrooms, the loopers were spoilt with not one but three varieties of curry served with banana leaf rice and followed by red bean soup.
Tom and Mark would like to say a huge thank you to all the alpha groups for showing them such a great time.  You spoilt them rotten guys, i hope their not expecting the same treatment back at field base!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Double Whammy: Alpha Eight's Gravity Water System Is Also Complete!

What a week it's been out here in Sabah, with not one but two opening ceremonies to celebrate the installation of gravity water feed systems in both Kampung Bombong Tiga and Kampung Monguwou. 

On Friday 20th August Alpha Eight welcomed representatives from Coca-Cola and the Asian Forestry Company to the beautiful Kampung Monguwou for a very special occasion.  This was the day that the community would, for the first time, turn on their shiny new taps to reveal clean and fresh running water.

The venturers, project managers, project partners, sponsors and locals all gathered for this momentous occasion as the sound of beating gongs filled the air.

A speech from our very own Mac (Country Programme Director) was followed by a few words from Coke, the AFC, the JKK (a political head of the village) and the venturers themselves.

Finally came the moment everyone had been waiting for... the ribbon was cut, the tap was turned on and the water came flowing.

Some very proud venturers and some extremely thankful locals clapped and cheered.

Fantastic work guys.  Your contribution to Kampung Monguwou will be treasured and memories of your time there will live on.

Here's wishing you the best of luck as you now approach your final endeavour of Raleigh Borneo Expedition 10I...the Adventure Challenge!

Alpha Seven Host Opening Ceramony

Alpha Seven: Gravity Water System in Bombong Tiga

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Alpha Seven have successfully completed their gravity water feed system!  In just three weeks the venturers managed to survey the area, plan the system, construct a dam, install water storage tanks, lay hundreds of meters of piping and install numerous taps to bring the community at Bombong Tiga a clean and safe water source for the very first time.  
To celebrate their achievements, Alpha Seven hosted an opening ceremony at the weekend. It was quite an event, with project partners the Asian Forestry Company, sponsors Coca-Cola and indeed the entire village turning up for the grand unveiling of the system.

With the speeches over and the ceremonial ribbon cut, the venturers joined the locals in the performance of a traditional Malay dance.

A massive congratulations to all those in Alpha Seven, your hard work and commitment over the last three weeks has really paid off.  Thanks to you, the community at Kampung Bombong Tiga now have a clean and safe water source that can be relied upon all year round, for that I'm sure they are truly grateful.