Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Loopers Pay A Visit To The 10I Project Sites

On Saturday the 14th of August, Ed, Mark and Abby left Fieldbase for a whistle stop tour of Alphas seven, eight and nine.  They packed up the infamous Bravo with post and goodies for all the hard working venturers on Expedition 10I and set off on their adventure.

Alpha Eight: Gravity Water System Repair in Kampung Monguwou

Alpha Eight waited eagerly for the arrival of the loop, whom they welcomed to their project site with a Raleigh rap complete with authentic rapper-esque costumes including baggy trousers, bandanas and plasters on their faces!
Having suitably impressed the loopers, they then took them on a tour of Kampung Mongowou and unvieled all the great progress that had been made with the gravity water feed system.

After the guided tour of the site, the venturers set to work making a slap up lunch to satisfy the hungry loopers.  To start they served a sardine and marrow salad, which was followed by chicken chowmain and topped off with a delicious sticky toffee pudding.

And then the rain everyone retired to the community hall for an afternoon of games and banter.

Later that afternoon Alpha Eight bid a fond farewell to the loop who got back on the road and hot footed it to Alpha Seven.

Alpha Seven: Gravity Water Feed System in Kampung Bombong Tiga
As light was fading, the loop were welcomed to Kampung Bombong Tiga (3) with floating candles, flowers and a good old cup of tea (which was much appreciated by the now soggy loopers after their trek into Alpha seven's home).

Alpha seven's set up was very comfortable and cosy  in the kampung's community hall.  The group all pulled together to create a feast for their candle light soire.  A chillie bean salad kicked off proceedings which was followed with Tomyam fried rice accompanied by steamed bokchoi.  Alpha seven then pulled out all the stops and produced not one but three puddings- the bread and butter pudding being the pick of the 3!  Spoilt loopers.
After a good night's sleep, everyone was up bright and early for a breakfast of porridge. 
As the sun beat down on the valley, the group lead the loopers on a tour of their project site.  Evidently, the group had worked tirelessly to construct a dam, install water storage tanks and lay hundreds of meters of piping to connect the village up to their new clean and reliable water supply.
Once again, the loopers packed up the trusty Bravo, said their goodbyes and disappeared into the distance, Alpha Nine was calling...

Alpha Nine: Metre Of Rainforest (MORF) Project in Kudat

The final stop on Expedition 10I's loop was Alpha nine in Kudat.  The loopers found the team hard at work weaving wall pannels out of bamboo for the longhouse and constructing the framework for a shower block.

Here is the longhouse, built by a previous Raleigh group (ie me), impressive I think you'll agree.  Alpha nine had been beavering away adding a kitchen extension, internal walls to create 5 new bedrooms and connecting the longhouse to its own permanent water supply.

The loopers eventually managed to persuade them to down tools and have a well deserved rest.

Dinner preperations soon began.  On the menu tonight it was Tom Yam soup, followed by corned beef hash and to finish Pamcakes (made by Pam) with fruit.  Dinner was served on the nearby beach... the backdrop of the setting sun. 

The next morning the loopers (reluctantly) returned to Fieldbase full of stories of their adventures.