Saturday, 14 August 2010

Veni Vidi Vici

On the 11th of August 2010 at 05.47am twenty two couragous girls from Dr Challenors school along with two teachers and five Raleigh volunteer staff reached Low's Peak, the summit of Mount Kinabalu at 4095.2 meters above sea level.  With aching muscles, stiff limbs and an overwhelming sense of pride, we watched the sun rise over the enchanting landscape of Sabah. 

Ordinarilly, I would talk you through our journey, but these photos speak for themselves...

Veni Vidi Vici!

(Photos by our very own John Minary

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Phase two loopers return.

Hi all - Its Abby, 10D's Admin here standing in for the lovely Hayley while she is away trekking up Mount K with the Dr Challoner's group.  I was lucky enough to go out on the phase two loop of Expedition 10D and wanted to share with you all how our Alpha groups are doing in their various projects.  So with an early morning start, the phase two loop left fieldbase for their whistle stop tour of Alpha's 1 to 4.  In the trusty Bravo (the name for our 4x4's) this time we had Serge Logs Manager extraordinaire, Conor one of our fabulous Logs boys and myself.

First stop was Alpha 2 on the beautiful Island of Maliangin. 

After a tour of their camp and work site we were lucky enough to go and see the ladies that make the beautiful mats on the Island.

All the Venturers are very taken by how friendly the locals are and some are even starting to learn the local dialect.

As well as working very hard on their work site there is always time to sit and talk to the Islanders.

Alpha two kicked off this Loop's Come Dine with Me Competition with a feast of Tom Yam Soup, Pasta and Tomato sauce with freshly made garlic bread and then a fantastic concoction of baked bananas, condensed milk and raisin and cinnamon bread.

After an early morning start we headed to Alpha 1, and were joined by John our photographer.
After a trek across the river we arrived to be greeted by lots of smiling faces from Alpha 1.

With our arrival also came the arrival of letters from home...

Alpha 1 have even made their very own Monopoly board.

Soon the prepartations for the second installment of Come Dine With Me started.

Alpha 1 pulled out all the stops and we were served pizza crackers and fresh tomatoes and Beef Pie...yes people Beef Pie!!!  The meal was finished off with Alpha 1's take on Bananoffe pie but with Pineapple (AKA Pineoffee Pie..YUM)

The next morning we hot footed it across Sabah to visit Alpha 4 at their beautiful Jungle Camp in Sepilok.

Not a bad camp i'm sure you will agree.

Washing up Jungle style!

Alpha 4 treated us to a welcome reception of Fruit Punch and warm roasted peanuts, followed by Sabah Summer Salad, Tom Yam Noodles and fried Chicken luncheon meat and then rounded it off with banana frtitters with a chocolate mouse...Impressive. 

Before setteling down into our jungle beds for the night, there was time for a staff verses venturer in a blindfolded taste challenge which the ventureres thrashed us at!

Next morning we made the long journey into the heart of Borneo and arrived at the magnificant Alpha 3 camp in Imbak Canyon.

Good view from their dining room!

We had time for a quick dip in the fantastic falls before the queens of the kitchen started prepartation for our last meal on the road...and what a meal it was.  Homous, garlic oil, sweet chilli dips and fresh bread, Tom Yum noodle soup and warm poached pears with condensed milk.. 

Our evening was finished off with a star gazing session by the falls where we saw the milky way and numerous shooting stars...Magic!

We then bid a sad farewell to Alpha 3 and got back on the road to make our way back to fieldbase. The fieldbase clan had missed us so much we were treated to a mad hatters tea party to celebrate our return!


Home sweet home!

What a way to finish a truely magic tour of Expedition 10D's project Sites.
Stay tuned for updated on our intrepid Trekkers of Alpha's 5 and 6 who are all out in the Jungle as I type.  This is Abby signing off.