Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Alpha Three Venture Into The Unknown!

Into the heart of Borneo they went...

To Rangers Camp at Imbak Canyon

Where they took in the beautiful sunset

And feasted on Raleigh rations

in their very own Come Dine With Me Competition.

They trekked to BBC Camp where they worked....

And played in Imbak's own Niagra Falls

What a journey.  What a place.  What a group.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Alpha Four- Their Story So Far...

Sepilok: home of orangutans and Alpha Four

Pip misses his university graduation ceremony so Alpha Four host a ceremony of their own for him.  Congratulations Pip from all of us!

Work begins on the boardwalk

Many hands make light work

A morning radio call to field base (known as a sit-rep)

One post down, five hundred to go...

Women at work

Sweat, dirt and smiles

A boys night in at the Jungle Spa

Fantastic (Alpha) Four

Monday, 26 July 2010

Dr Challoner's Take On Borneo!

The third and final Raleigh Borneo expedition of the summer kicked off yesterday as thirty students and teachers from Dr Challoner's school, Buckinghamshire arrived in Sabah.  They were met at the airport by four friendly Raleigh project managers (who will be supporting them throughout their expedition) and taken to Borneo Beach House for a tasty dinner cooked by our very own Yo and a much needed shower!  After a good night's sleep, the girls were taken to the Traverse Activity Centre where they will spend the next two days learning all the skills needed to survive in the tough terrain of the Bornean jungle.

Here are a few pics showing what they've been up to so far...

First Aid Training

 Radio Training

Tools Training

Let's 'Get Out There'

On Wednesday, the venturers will be split into two groups (C1 and C2) and will deploy out to their project sites where they'll begin work.  Below is some more information about these projects that are so critically important to the under privileged communities.

C1: Gravity Water Feed System in Kampung Maliau Pusat

The Village of Maliau Pusat has existed for over 150 years. There is a population of 250 people and a total of 25 houses. The ethnic group of the community is Dusun Sonsogon while the majority of the population is Christian or pagan. Most of the villagers are working as farmers. Types of crops usually grown are vegetables, coconuts, corn, bananas, peanuts and rubber. Most crops are grown for subsistence purposes leaving little left to sell in the local market.

Currently, the community relies on collecting rainwater and river water. The aim here is to install a brand new gravity water system that will supply the nearby households with a sustainable source of water for drinking and sanitation.

C2: Gravity Water Feed System in Kampung Bambagan Ulu

The Village of Bambagan Ulu has existed for over 100 years. There is a population of 259 people and a total of 48 houses. The ethnic group of the community is Dusun Sonsogon while the majority of the population is Christian or pagan. Kg Bambagan Ulu has no infrastructure and lacks: electricity, medical facilities, running water and communications. The nearest school is over 1 hour walk away. It is considered to be one of the poorest areas in Sabah. They survive on shifting agriculture, fishing and some cash crops. Their livelihoods have been drastically compromised due to land grabbing, logging and the boom of oil palm plantations that has resulted in the loss of their traditional hunting and farming lands.

As part of a larger community development initiative, a gravity feed water system was installed in this rural community with funding from the government. The government provided the materials however the installation was left to the community. The water system was to supply the nearby households with water for drinking and sanitation. Sadly the water system has not worked likely due to inadequate water at the source. The availability of water sources in the community therefore remains very limited.

Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene is essential for the healthy and sustainable development of all communities. Water is fundamental to life and health.  With this in mind, Raleigh intends to repair the existing Gravity Feed Water system to provide a sustainable supply of water that will meet the needs of Kg Bambagan Ulu.

Use this blog to keep updated on all the fabulous progress that the venturers are making out here.  You can also leave them messages that I will pass on on your behalf. 
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