Saturday, 24 July 2010

10I Project Managers Discover Their Fate At Project Allocations...

The project managers for Raleigh's five week expedition- 10I discovered which projects they would be working on this summer at the Allocations Ceremony that was hosted by Mac and the field base team yesterday.

The volunteer staff nervously took their seats and awaited their fate.

The field base team watched on excitedly as the project allocations were announced.

It is now my pleasure to announce that...repairing a gravity water feed system in Kampung Bombong 3 will be...
Nikki & Helena

Building a brand new gravity water system from scratch in just three weeks at Kampung Mongowou will be the very capable...
Neasa, Ben & Ruhena

What a happy team they seem to be!

And last but by no means least, working on the Meter Of Rain Forest project in Kudat and living on a stunning beach will be...
Mike & Pam

And that concludes the 10I Allocations Ceremony.  Today the new PM teams will be heading out on their project planning visits where they'll acquaint themselves with the area and the people and get to grips with the task that lies ahead.  Just eight days now until the five week venturers arrive- we're can't wait to meet you all!

Introducing The Raleigh Borneo 10I Projects

Community Development
Alphas 7 & 8: Gravity Water Feed Systems in Kampung Bombong 3 and Kampung Mongowou, Pitas District)

Many remote communities within Malaysia still do not have access to clean, drinkable water. Although great steps have been taken to overcome this problem there still remains a large number lacking this basic need. Villages without a water source collect their water in large tanks and barrels from rainfall. The rainfall in many areas is insufficient to meet their needs all year round so water is often taken from polluted rivers. This has the obvious knock on effect of ill health through water borne diseases such as typhoid. Many communities use these rivers to wash in and there is additional contamination from chemicals used in agriculture, in particular from oil palm plantations. Provision of a gravity fed water system is a simple and often inexpensive solution to getting fresh water into a community. A community may also have an existing system which needs repair work to make it functional again.

Construction of a gravity feed water system involves a detailed survey of the village and area to ascertain where piping and taps should be placed as well as locating a suitable source. Sources are generally several kilometres from the kampung and will be in hard to reach areas. They are usually springs or small streams which are free from pollution or human interference. Once a source has been identified, it is damned using wire cages filled with rocks and/or cement. Piping is then laid to several reservoir tanks which enable a head of pressure to be established as well as to cope with periods of high demand. From these tanks, piping is then laid into the kampung; this will usually involve digging the pipe into shallow trenches to avoid it being damaged. Finally connectors and taps are installed as the system is established within the community to provide the most efficient supply. During the whole process the local community assist with the work and are educated on how to maintain their system in order to provide a sustainable solution to their water requirements.
Both Kg Mongowou and Kg Bombong 3 are located in the Kota Marudu/Pitas region of Sabah approximately 4 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu.  Although on first arrival into KK Sabah seems quite developed within an hour of leaving the capital the real remoteness of Borneo can be seen. The Pitas area of Sabah is the poorest of all the regions on Sabah and arguably Malaysia as a whole.
These are the sixth and seventh kampongs of 54 that our new project partner Asian Forestry are looking to support by helping them with land rights issues and social infrastructure development.  Following workshops with the locals, both communities identified that their main concern was their water supply.

The current system in Kg Bombong 3 is insufficient therefore the Raleigh team plan to improve the existing system by constructing a new dam and installing tanks at the current water source, plus a second dam and tanks to supply the smaller group of houses 1km away. Finally extra piping and taps will be laid to ensure every house hold has access to water, recovering as much of the old pipe as possible.

Kg Mongowou has never had a water system. Therefore the Raleigh team will install a complete new system in just three weeks; including constructing a dam, installing storage tanks and running pipes into the communities.

Environmental/Community Project
Alpha 9: MORF – Reforestation project, Kampung Bowang Jamal, Kudat District


MORF is a new conservation programme designed to actively pursue re-forestation through collection, cultivation and replanting of forest trees in order to reclaim barren areas. The initial objective is to establish a ‘field base’ and ‘rainforest nursery’ to supply indigenous tree species to land obtained through donation, purchase on behalf of the organisation or any other means possible.

This project is only just starting and will benefit hugely from having Raleigh volunteers involved. During the project Raleigh plans to; build an accommodation area for future volunteers to work on the project, and install a water system for both washing and managing the nursery, and if time allows collect saplings from the local area.

The project is located approximately 4 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu and is quite close to an active community, the real bonus about this project is that it is only a short walk to a beautiful beach.

Adventure Challenge (All project groups)

Teams will come together after their community or environmental phase to a central location in order to be briefed and commence their jungle adventure challenge. The event will be staged at a secret location, well off the beaten track and amongst pristine and deep Borneo jungle. The area is steeped in tradition and folk lore as well as being one of the richest plant diversity sites in Borneo in particular for orchids, rhododendrons and pitcher plants. In addition the people of the area have an interesting history as fierce head hunters. There are many ancient legends passed down through the generations which make this a fascinating place to spend some time as well as being thick and untouched jungle.

Teams will spend their first day or so being briefed and introduced to jungle life – this will include how to live, survive and move through the jungle. Teams will then be sent off into the surrounding area to complete a number of both physical and mentally challenging tasks – teams will be self sufficient during this time and will have to move through the jungle to each task. The tasks are designed to maximise team work and to draw out all the skills of the whole group. The terrain the teams will cross will be arduous and physically demanding, as well as remote and wild. Teams will at all times have to consider their impact on the local environment carrying everything out with them they took into the jungle. A scoring system of all tasks as well as overall performance will then rank the teams after the conclusion of this phase.
The final phase of the challenge will see the teams going head to head against each other in a physically demanding race which will take into account their previous scores. This final challenge could take place over 24 hours and will see individuals challenged – the team crossing the finish line first with all members of their group will be crowned the champions. It will then be a chance to relax and rest afterwards with a party and some sleep.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Island People

Here is Alpha Two's journey so far...

The early bird catches the worm.

Pirates of the Caribbean eat your heart out!

The office.

Learning to weave Nepa leaves.

Our teachers

Living Quarters.

Raleigh: it's not a package holiday.

Camp fire.

A spot of evening entertainment with the locals.

Stay tuned for photos of Alpha's Three and Four!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

As promised, here are some pics of Alpha One's story so far...

Kampung Maliau Layung

Home sweet home.

You're never too old to play!

Men at work.

A well earned rest.

You can do it put your back into it.

Making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Take a break (wish you had a KitKat).


Lying down on the job.

Progress so far...

Alpha Six- The Wanderers Return!

I'm sure you've all been wondering how the first trekking group of Raleigh 10D have been getting on...

You'll be pleased to know that the wanderers returned last night to Kota Kinabalu after a twelve day adventure in the Bornean jungle!  The whole group were in high spirits as they arrived at the hostel where they will spend the night before starting their PADI dive course tomorrow.  

When asked what they thought of the experience, the venturers replied...

"It was absolutely amazing, tough but awesome". 

"I loved every bit of it.  Actually that's a lie, I didn't enjoy finding a leech in my arm pit!"

"I didn't think I would manage it but I surprised myself, the group morale kept me going.  I'm so proud that I did it."

"I'm going to need at least three showers to stop me stinking!"

Here are a few photos of Alpha Six's epic journey...

Fresh-faced and eager to get going.

'Jungle George'

The PMs lead by example.

Into the heart of Borneo they went...

Deep into the jungle.

Exhausting? Yes.  Rewarding? Yes.

A well deserved water break.

Relaxing in camp after a long day.

Tarzan and Jane (you can decide who is who!)

What a view.

'Nooh' the jungle guide and Tom knock up a bench in their spare time!

Alpha Six: pro-trekkers.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Who are they? Part 2

Hello again readers,
We hope your weekends have been as sunny and fun-filled as ours. Our first set of interviews of the Raleigh field base team went down really well with all their friends and family so, as promised, here is the second half of our team’s answers. Unfortunately logs boy Mark Skelton is out on phase trekking at the moment, so he will be added at changeover as he is, of course, an integral part of our well-oiled machine.

So, without further ado, may I present the rest of the team…

Nils Wieboldt, Finance Manager

 1) What is your role at field base?

I am the finance manager – I re-stock the fridge and count money

2) What three things could you not live without?
• 80s pop music
• My cello
• Skype

3) If you were stuck in the jungle, which person dead or alive, would you want to be with and why?Loli, because she can make the most amazing meal from nothing

4) What attracted you to working in Borneo?
The dry weather…

5) What is your favourite Raleigh ration?
Tinned sardines – I love them

Serge Neumand, Logistics Manager

1) What is your role at field base?
I make sure everyone has enough food on expedition and that they are using equipment that’s safe and does the job.

2) What three things could you not live without?
• Friends
• Family
• Loving

3) If you were stuck in the jungle, which person dead or alive, would you want to be with and why?
Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) as she would keep me safe

4) What attracted you to working in Borneo?
Because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to such a remote place that I would never have thought of going to before

5) What is your favourite Raleigh ration?
Beef curry

Hayley Burnell, Communications Officer

  1) What is your role at field base?

I’m essentially the gossip queen - I collect gossip from the venturers and staff and share it around…

2) What three things could you not live without?
• Pyjamas
• Loli’s cooking
• Gossiping

3) If you were stuck in the jungle, which person dead or alive, would you want to be with and why?
Bear Grylis – because he’s a beautiful, yet functional, man who could build me a perfect camp to stay in.

4) What attracted you to working in Borneo?
The sun, the varied environment – beautiful beaches and islands next to dense, scary, jungle

5) What is your favourite Raleigh ration?
Sate sauce – it’s tasty

Conor Gracey, Logistics

 1) What is your role at field base?

I stack cans

2) What three things could you not live without?
• Cheesecake
• Films
• Water

3) If you were stuck in the jungle, which person dead or alive, would you want to be with and why?
Inas, my trek leader from last expedition – he’s a legend – he knows everything!

4) What attracted you to working in Borneo?
The sun, the people and the land

5) What is your favourite Raleigh ration?
Peanut brittle

Tom Norton, Deputy Programme Manager

1) What is your role at field base?
Helping Mac run the expedition and sitting with my feet up on the desk telling people what to do

2) What three things could you not live without?
• My wife
• Ipod
• Sweets – Haribo in particular

3) If you were stuck in the jungle, which person dead or alive, would you want to be with, and why?
Nelson Mandela because he’s such an extraordinary bloke. I’d like to speak to him about how he managed to survive in solitary confinement for so long and still come out of it forgiving people.

4) What attracted you to working in Borneo?
It was one of the few places I’ve not been with Raleigh and I really wanted to see the rainforests that it’s famous for

5) What is your favourite Raleigh ration?
Nutrigrain bars – you can’t beat them when you are trekking

Darren Pugh, Logistics

1) What is your role at field base?
I’m the food and equipment man

2) What three things could you not live without?
• Music
• Cheesecake and Haribo
• Friends and family

3) If you were stuck in the jungle, which person dead or alive, would you want to be with and why?
Billy Connelly, because he’s such a legend.

4) What attracted you to working in Borneo?
I’d been on the previous expedition as a venturer and absolutely loved the culture, people and the climate so had to come back!

5) What is your favourite Raleigh ration?
Condensed milk

Oonagh Hayes, roving reporter, even though Hayley is back from project…

Monday, 19 July 2010

Raleigh 10I Is Now Underway!

Raleigh's five week summer expedition- 10I kicked off yesterday as the volunteer project managers arrived in Kota Kinabalu.

All of us at Field Base were ready and waiting to greet the new members of our Raleigh team.

With the formal introductions out the way, we got to know each other a little better through the medium of dance...

"My name's Nikki and I dance like this".

"My Name's Helena and I dance like this".

"My name's Pam and I dance like this".

"My name's Ruhena and I dance like this".

"My name's Neasa and I dance like this".

"My name's Mike and I dance like this".

"My name's Ben and I'm too cool to dance".

"My name's Ed and I'm going to sit this one out".

Having showed off their very best dance moves, the five week VPMs set to work ensuring everything will be ready for the arrival of the venturers on the 1st of August.