Saturday, 10 July 2010

Looping on Monday!

Hey there readers!

Just to let you know that The Loop, that is the he official tour of the Raleigh project sites, will begin their tour on Monday. Tom, Darren and Nils will be making a road trip to all accessible project sites (Alphas 1 to 4) to deliver kit, supplies, messages from the blog and of course the all important post! 

You have 30 hours from this post to leave a message for your loved one(s) to make it in time for the loop, so get your fingers busy typing!

Don't forget that we also have a Twitter account for snap updates. As the lovely Hayley is out on tour of the Alpha groups at the moment, I will be keeping you updated on the happenings on all the teams until she makes her return. Follow us on Twitter here: Raleigh Borneo Twitter. And if you like the classic way of getting in touch with pen and paper, you can send us mail to this address: 

(Name of recipient)
(Expedition code - It's 10D for the 10 week expedition that is on now)
Raleigh Borneo
P.O.Box 14182
88848 Kota Kinabalu

We love hearing from you!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Moment Of Truth... Phase One Project Allocations

Tension filled the air this morning as the venturers gathered to discover which project they will be working on during phase one of the expedition.  One by one each venturer discovered their fate...

Alpha One: Kindergarten- Maliau Layung

Robert Lamont, Emma C Frobisher, Manisha Hirani, Chee Huan Lee, Andrew Daniel Clapham, Emily Foster, James R Walmesley, Trenaye Trott, Henry B Harris, Thomas C Williams, Catherine Melis

Alpha Two: Community Workshop- Pulau Maliangin Besar

Christopher whitehead, Mica J Ming, Alannah J Gauld, Christopher Robinson, Geng Qian Choo, Sim Wen Yi, Jessica L Jackson, Ben Griffith, Carolyn Smith, Abby K Walker, Gary A Williams, Abigail A Bush

Alpha Three: Bridge Building- Imbak Canyon

Candy may, Chung Shin Ho, Helen Y Kwok, John Edgar, Charlotte Lucy Hall, Narin Cakir, Rhys Howells, Isabel V Burgess, David-John Gibbs, Eloise B Samuelson, Shane p Kemp

Alpha Four: Sun Bear Cobservation Centre- Sepilok

Finlay g macleod, Arina Amalina Md Latif, Charlotte E Grimston, Phillip Ly, Elizabeth Bird, Stephen Nunes, Alexandra Gell, Stephen D Longfellow, Sarah Luton, Danielle Lightfoot, Dean (Mohammad Izzudin), Lucianne Kelsall

Alpha Six: Trekking & PADI Dive Course

Aaron Thomson, Ange Seok Ling Tan, Daniel J Ferriday, Deborah Oxley, Floss Severs, George G Ashwin, Laura Richardson, Naomi C Jenkins, Primrose F Miller, Stacey M Bartlett, Tom styles

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Welcome To Borneo!

On Saturday 3rd July 2010 sixty eager venturers arrived at Kota Kinabalu airport.  With pristine walking boots and backpacks that were bigger than some of them, they swarmed through the arrival gate- only to be welcomed by this motley crew...

The Staff Wait Excitedly For The Venturers

Here They Come...
After a quick meet and greet, the venturers were divided into five delta groups- the teams they would be in for the next few days of training at TAC (Traverse Activity Centre).

The bus ride to TAC provided a good opportunity to have a spot of lunch and a quick power nap.  Everyone seemed revived and ready to get stuck in when we arrived.

The first task of the afternoon was to pick a bed, or in this case a basher (static hammock) to sleep in and set up our mosquito nets to keep the critters at bay in the night.

Next up was some name games (because no one can remember sixty names straight away), followed by a bit of admin and some mug shots for the venturers' identity cards.

After a fun but hectic day, we all enjoyed some dinner before a welcome presentation from Jim and a fabulous cultural show performed by our very talented host country venturers.

With everyone feeling a bit weary after their long journeys, the venturers headed off to bed to spend their first night in the Bornean jungle.

Feeling refreshed and seemingly unphased by their night in the jungle, the venturers were up bright and early for a tasty Raleigh-ration breakfast of porridge.

Deltas One and Three spent the morning learning some jungle craft skills. 

They then donned their backpacks, hats, boots (not forgetting oodles of suncream and deet) and trekked into the depths of the Borneo jungle where they would be spending the night.

After a three hour trek, the venturers arrived at jungle camp, exhausted but in high spirits.  They set to work creating a group shelter and putting up their personal bashers.

A Comfy Bed For The Night

 The Living Room

Which was followed by a well deserved and hugely refreshing swim.

And some dinner- a tasty beef curry and noodles cooked from Raleigh rations on a tranger stove.

Meanwhile, Delta's Two, Four and Five completed radio training, a river crossing, a lesson in how to assess whether a swimming area is safe, some first aid training, and a few team building games.

Radio Training

River Crossing

'Sheep'- A Team Building Game!

Over the next couple of days, the delta groups will swap over so that everyone is well trained up and fully prepared to deploy out to their first phase on Thursday.

A mere two days into Raleigh Borneo Expedition 10D, and already the venturers have learnt so much about themselves and their surroundings.  Just imagine what they can achieve in ten weeks!