Saturday, 12 June 2010

Touching Field Base- The Journey Begins...

Greetings from Sabah! Welcome to the 10D/I expedition blog. This is where you can keep track of what all the venturers and volunteer managers are up to, and keep in touch by leaving messages for them.

Preparations are well underway to ensure that everything is ready for the arrival of the venturers in a few weeks time. Field Base (the nerve centre of the operation) has become a hive of activity as a team of advance staff have descended on the house to finalise plans, complete safety training and organise all of the kit needed to execute eleven amazing projects over the course of the summer.

Our Friendly Field Base Team

Let's meet the people that are determined to make this Raleigh expedition unforgettable...

Jim Clements- Country Director
“My role is to oversee all Raleigh operations in Borneo, secure projects and sponsorship, and liaise with outside organisations.”

Mark ‘Mac’ McCarthy- Country Programme Manager
“I manage the day to day delivery of the expedition along with the help of my team.”

Tom Norton- Deputy Programme Manager
“I will be working alongside Mac, the CPM, to co-ordinate the Raleigh summer expedition out here in Borneo.”

Yolanda Graham- HCV & Media Co-ordinator
“I recruit and support home country venturers who decide to take on the Raleigh challenge, and also generate publicity for the expedition and our kind sponsors."

Serge Neumand- Logistics Manager
“I’m in charge of all of the food and equipment that is needed to facilitate the expedition.”

Darren ‘Welshy’ Pugh- Logistics
“As long as England don’t win the world cup I will happily be the expedition dogs body for three months!”

Mark Skelton- Logistics
“I caught the Raleigh bug whilst being a venturer on the last expedition and couldn’t resist coming back as a member of staff to experience Raleigh life from a different perspective.”

Conor Gracey- Logistics
“I’m here to help ensure that all of the staff and venturers have lots of yummy food to sustain them whilst they’re hard at work. Essentially I stack tins.”

Oonagh Hayes- Team Coach
“I’m here to support all the project managers to make sure they feel comfortable in their role of supporting young people, to help them deal with any issues that might arise along the way, and to make sure that they get the most out of this expedition as well as the venturers”.

Helen Norton- Field Base Medic
“I have the easiest job, if everything goes well then i’ll have nothing to do!”

Abby Kirby- Administrator
“It’s my job to organise all the men at Field Base!”

Nils Wieboldt- Finance Manager
"I'm the money man."

John Minary- Photographer
“I’m in the extremely fortunate position of providing photographic services for Raleigh throughout the expedition in Sabah. I’m looking forward to taking some stunning images whilst visiting all of the project sites on both the community and environmental phases, as well as taking part in the adventure phases.”

Hayley Burnell- Communications Officer
“I’ll be writing the blog to keep you guys at home informed of all the progress being made by the venturers, as well as creating newsletters and an expedition magazine for the venturers themselves.”

Pablo- Top Dog
"Meeeeoooooowww, I like to eat lizards."