Monday, 12 April 2010

Expedition 10A Complete

All the tools have been returned to field base, the last expedition skits have been played out, the radio has been switched off and the last cans of prawn sambal and mock duck eaten. Expedition 10A is now officially complete.

Last Thursday the entire expedition including venturers and volunteer managers celebrated the end of the expedition in an official closing ceremony sponsored by the Sabah Ministry of Youth and Sports. The event, attended by Tuan Haji Awang Damit Awang Anak, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Sabah Ministry Youth and Sports, as well as project partners and sponsors, featured traditional Malaysian dancing and food.

The welcome dance

Tuan Haji Awang Damit Awang Anak, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Sabah Ministry Youth and Sports with Expedition 10A Malaysian participants

It also featured more than a few emotional participants as it was the first time the end of expedition slideshow was played. I am sure I was not the only one with a tear in my eye.

The bamboo dance

On Friday venturers attended the final expedition meeting and showed some fairly dismal final skits. I am sure this must have been the only expedition featuring two scores of minus one out of ten.

Venturers then left Borneo Paradise before heading to Bukit Naga for a well deserved beach party, marking the end of the expedition and a final chance to say some tearful goodbyes before leaving yesterday.

The longhouse at Bukit Naga

Saying goodbye

Mac's final speech

Ali at the BBQ 
Getting ready to party
Jim busting some moves

Expedition 10A has been the largest in the last few years. In the last ten weeks participants have made the following achievements:

• Built a kindergarten from start to finish in Kampung Sulit Paitan

• Installed a gravity water feed and unique filtration system to Kampung Kopuron, supplying the community with clean water straight from the tap

• Refurbished a pipe network in Kampung Lingka Bugan 2, ensuring everyone in the village has access to water

• Built a gravity water feed system in Kampung Vunui Lokos, supplying the community with clean water

• Constructed a bridge and boardwalk providing access for future visitors to the new Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

• Started on foundations for a new suspension bridge at Imbak Canyon, providing better access for scientists visiting this vital conservation area

• Built accommodation for future volunteers for a rainforest reforestation project in Kudat, helping to protect the unique biodiversity of Sabah

• All venturers have completed challenging treks throughout Sabah and nearly all venturers have learned how to dive then took part in a conservation coral planting programme in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

To all the participants of 10A we would like to say congratulations, your achievements have been amazing. Thank you for making the expedition so successful and good luck in the future!