Saturday, 6 February 2010

Venturers Arrive

Expedition 10A is now truly underway with the arrival of 120 venturers 4 days ago. This year venturers have come from a wide range of countries including the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Malaysia and the UK.
After arriving at the Kota Kinabalu Airport,venturers were split into 9 delta groups and taken to TAC (Traverse Activity Centre) for 4 days training on the essential skills needed to survive in the jungle. 

In the last 4 days venturers have learnt a wide variety of skills including how to:

Set up and use a radio properly

Put up a hammock and basher 
Learnt jungle skills

  • Cross a river safely 
  • Cook dinner in the jungle 

Venturers have also:

  • Trekked into the jungle, to spend a night in one of the harshest environments in the world
  • Got essential medical advice from Raleigh's expediton medics
  • Got to know other venturers
  • Taken part in Raleigh Olympics

    Trekking into the jungle

    Playing 'Evolution'

    Raleigh Olympics  

    Today venturers finish their jungle training and everyone will be regrouped to form new Alpha groups for phase one. Venturers will also find out what project they will be working on for the next two weeks.

    Tuesday, 2 February 2010

    Volunteer Managers get ready for venturers arrival - 2nd February 2010

    Volunteer managers have had a busy week preparing for the arrival of 150 venturers from around the world arriving today. Over the course of the last week all the teams have visited their project sites and finalised plans for the next ten weeks. They've drawn up route cards, visited local hospitals and met with project partners.  

    Alpha 1 went to Kampung Sulit Paitan where they will be building a kindergarten from scratch with the support of a local NGO called PACOS. While on their visit they met with Sister Dorothy who oversees kindergarten education in the region. They also looked at different routes to work and the project site.              
    The project site. This will be a kindergarten in ten weeks!                                    


    Laura and Sister Dorothy

    Alpha 2 visited Kampung Kopuron where they are building a new gravity water system that will provide clean drinking water straight from the tap without having to boil it. Here they met with the local community and talked about project plans for the next week.

    Alpha 3 are building a new pipe network supplying water to the people of Kampung Lingka Bugan 2. They are also installing a completely new water system in the village of Kampung Vunui Locos. During their visit they went to Lingka Bugan 2 to meet with the project partner Asian Forestry Company and to look at the existing pipe network.

    The existing pipe network in Lingka Bugan 2 and the water source for the new water system 

    Alpha 4 went to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok where the team will be involved in a variety of work and will hopefully get to see the sun bears released into their home around March, more news on that to follow. While at Sepilok, the team met with the architect for the centre and looked at the plans for the construction of a new bridge.

    Alpha 5 are working in Imbak Canyon further developing the infrastructure at both Rangers' Camp and the BBC camp. The team visited the site and planned out the next ten weeks.

    The existing infrastructure at Imbak

    Alpha 6 is working on a reforestation project in Kampung Bawang Jamal in the Kudat District. During the project planning the team drew up plans for the next ten weeks as well as carrying out safety assessments on site.

    Completing risk assesments on Kudat Beach and testing out the accommodation at Kudat

    Alpha teams 7 and Alpha 8 will be trekking from Long Pa Sia and diving from the Tungku Abdul Rahman Marine Park in Mamutik. On their visit the team drew up emergency plans and met with local guides. They also checked the accommodation on Mamutik. Alpha 9 is trekking through the Kiulu Valley and Crocker Ra as well as diving in the Tungku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. 

    After returning from their visits staff spent three more days in intensive training. The team are now fully prepared for the arrival of the venturers and looking forward to the start of expedition 10A!

    Sunday, 31 January 2010

    2 new volunteer managers arrive - 31.01.2010

    Expedition 10A has been joined by two new volunteer managers, Sav Wijesingha and Kim Wilder who both arrived this week.
    Sav is joining Alpha 7 for one phase as a medic, she will support the team in an 11 day trek through the south western corner of Sabah  starting from the small village of Long Pasia.  Kim is also joining Expedition 10A for one phase as a project manager she will work with Alpha 3 to build a new pipe network supplying water to the people of Kg Lingka Bugan 2.

    10A welcomes them both!!