Sunday, 19 December 2010

A final message from Expedition 10J

Hello all,
I hope you enjoyed the blog as much as I have. We tried to keep you up to date with all our volunteers, staff and venturers.  Yes, apart from myself, all the staff team were volunteers whose family missed them too.  We are sorry if your loved ones haven’t managed to get a picture on the blog but remember we were making a difference to communities and environments that were very remote and it is simply impossible to have a constant stream of news and pictures from these locations.  Ultimately for everyone the main priority is delivering expedition and the projects that will make a difference to the communities and the teams involved.  
I would like to thank everyone on Expedition 10J  your commitment to make a difference  and will count for so much in Kg Ramuntai, Kg Vunui Lokos, Kg Pakagaya, Kg Maliau Pusat, Maliau Basin, Imbak Canyon, and Sepilok.
I finally I would like to thank you, our followers, for your support.  Whether a letter, a telephone conversation snatched at changeover or a blog message, it meant a lot to the team out here thank you.
Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year
Mac McCarthy
Country Director
Raleigh Borneo

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Lynn Bowles said...

I would like to thank everyone at Raliegh for giving my daughter - Kelly Lawless the experiance of a life time - Thank you