Monday, 22 November 2010

Voucher Up for Bids!

Hello everyone! 

I'm sure everyone is curious about what the groups are up to and the progress we've made so far. We've got some updates on Twitter, so don't forget to check out our Twitter page!

We've got more news about our fundraising effort for the Raleigh Borneo's Host Country Venturer programme.  In addition to the mountain climb by 10 staff in December, we have a juicy voucher up for auction. 

The Deluxe Sea View Room

The voucher is for a 3day/2night stay in a Deluxe Sea View Room inclusive of buffet breakfast at the Coffee Terrace in the award-winning Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort in Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia. 

The Coffee Terrace

With an engaging range of outdoor activities, including a Nature Reserve, Orang Utan education centre and an ecologically friendly championship golf course, Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort is the premier luxury resort in Kota Kinabalu that offers the best of Sabah in a lush, 400-acre tropical setting beside exquisite Pantai Dalit Beach.

The spacious, Malaysian-inspired Garden Wing Deluxe Sea View Rooms face the beach and the South China Sea across landscaped gardens.The room offers a split-level layout with a daybed, creating an ensuite feel. The room features dual-line telephones, complimentary broadband Internet access and a television with international channels. Bathrooms feature extra towels and exclusive Shangri-La toiletries.

The Beachfront Gazebo

Perfect for a romantic getaway or even a luscious retreat if you're looking to pamper yourself in a stunning location on the island of Borneo. Find out more about the 5-star hotel on their website

The voucher is valid from the 21st December 2010 until the 20th December 2011 and is worth £330 or RM1656.

Leave your enquiries or bids in the comments. Highest bidder wins, and the bidding ends on the 19th December 2010.

 *all images are from the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts website. 


Jeni said...

Hi Guy, Just read that the changeover is in 4 days and my letter will prob not arrive in time - hoping for email/call! All well here - lots of coat sales, just off to Hungerford for 2 day sale now with Jill helping! All going well so making some dosh for Xmas!Dad sending rugby results!Kate Middleton & Prince William engaged - wedding prob in April! You asked for news!! Hope the bridge building was fun - you'll be changing to engineering at this rate. much love M xx

Anonymous said...

For Olivier Uijtewaal, Hi lieverd, je bent alweer 6 weken weg, de tijd vliegt! nog 5 weken en dan is het alweer kerst (gaan we gezellig met de goossens vieren en 2de kerstdag turkeysandwiches met tante vicky en oma). het is nu maandagavond en vanaf donderdag verwachten ze hier sneeuw, dan ben jij net weer terug op fieldbase. Ik hoop dat je dan weer lekker kunt douchen, eten en slapen. Helaas hebben we nog helemaal niets gezien van wat jullie in de Canyon doen maar dat komt later wel. er stond wel iets op twitter (hoe modern!) dat jullie boomstammen hebben versleept voor de fundering van de brug. Ik ben ook benieuwd of je alweer zonder spalk kan. laten we proberen te bellen of smsen. Wat zul je veel te vertellen hebben! we missen je maar weten dat je aan het genieten bent, love you! mama

Anonymous said...

Hello Shauna Timmons
Hope you are well after your trek. Your post card arrived yesterday. Great to hear from you. We are all well. Jack's brother arrived today which is great. Another guest in the Kilminster Hotel. Take care. Missing you. Lots of love the Kilminster Hotel

Anonymous said...

hi emma bean not long now hope you have enjoyed this task everything ok here we all miss you loads weather here is really coold we may get snow in the next couple of days .robbie has been sneaking into your bed hes getting excited about christmas it will be lovely to have you home we will spend it here this year eveyone i see asks for you hope to hear from you on thursday love you loads mum dad daniel and robbie xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Maddy Gray

Hi Maddy Hope the sun bear project was good and you are now enjoying the comforts of the town! Phone us if you have time. Dad sends his love and heaps of hugs too! Doing lots of sales at the moment and the kitchen is nearly finished too. It is looking really good. I cannot believe you are going to be home in just over three weeks. We are looking forward so much to seeing you and hearing all about your adventure. lots of love mum xxx

Gillian said...

Dear Joe!!

Hope all is well with you dear!! To say im busy....finished one project sorta there today, just finished my part for a second project there and now im trying to start my mini literature review for my thesis proposal!! however on a bright note i am being somewhat productive these im in the library now and was last night too!! i think we could be seeing the start of a new productive consciencious me....or maybe im just rediscovering the old gillian that was hiding for the last three years....the one hiding under layers of alcohol and missed lectures! ha! emma is back from thailand and she rang me to check i wasnt pregnant cause she had a dream that i was!! oh also bought a leather jacket on friday im actually in love with it! and got it in pennys for 29 euro! and like im not just saying this but its a really nice one so im chuffed! had the most interesting day on sat...ended up in tesco with day buying whiskey and beer when i run into mrs mulligan who i was then able to talk to about my thesis. then we bumped into some friend of dads who was convinced id make the perfect wife for his son....apparently they r loaded so dad was delighted! cant believe how fast time is going by! sure it wont be long till we see you now :) Lots of love from a very cold (yet surprisingly not too rainy) ireland xxxxxxxxxx

mama-millie said...

Hey there Millie
I hear you'll be moving onto your next project soon. Hope you're enjoying life out there. Just sent another letter with a few sweets inside! Sam and Dexter are staying with us for a few weeks as they are homeless until their new place is ready, Dexter is VERY VERY noisey in the mornings!
Weather freezing now and snow on the way. We're having a family gathering on the weekend of your return so will be great for you to catch up with everyone. We all miss you very much.
Sending you a big hug, mum x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandeep,
How are you? Just read the blogs and saw the photos- looks like you're having an amazing experience. Well done with the tasks- the first one sounded really hard. Saw you flexing those muscles! We're off to Wolves this weekend... it's gona be weird not seeing you there! But not long now hey! Can't believe how quick the weeks have flown by. Anyway, see you when you get back. Lots of love Bal (massi) x x x

jacqueline said...

hoi Steven,

Balen dat we al deze tijd geen bericht of foto's van raleigh hebben gehoord over de 2e periode.Vind dat eigenlijk best wel slecht.Als het niet lukt en daar is een reden voor dan kunnen ze dat best zeggen dan hebben we daar natuurlijk begrip voor maar zo niks laten horen is niet echt aardig.Maar ja we hopen dat we dan wellicht weer even kunnen bellen.Verheug me erop.Donderdag werk ik en vrijdag heb ik een uorsus dus misschien sms hoe laat het misschien mogelijk is,Ben reuze benieuwd,
dikke kus mam

Julie v W said...

to merel van Olffen:

hee meer!!!
hoe gaat het?? nog maar een paar weekjes en dan ben je thuis!!!! hoe was het duiken?? heb je het gehaald?? vast wel!!! ik heb morgen mn herkansig wiskunde zoals echt iedereen!! 3kwart van de klas doet wiskunde over! had maar 1 onvoldoende, haha, dacht echt dat ik er duizend zou hebben!! het gaat deze week sneeuwen, echt niet normaal vroeg!! het is ijskoud, wees maar blij dat je niet hier ziet?? merk jij en borneo wel iets van de ''opwarming van de aarde''??? ik denk dat ik wel met je ouders meekom je ophalen, maar dat blijft nog wel een verrassing!! je krijgt de groeten van mn moeder! haha, die zit nu naast me. erg gebeurt niet heel veel hier in nederland, niks shockings,maar prins william gaat trouwen met kate!! dus we wachten allemaal op de jurk! ik wil echt alle verhalen van je horen!!! viel de trip nog een beetje mee??? ik hoop het maar, ben nu al bang, ik ga al over een jaar!!!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Julie

Emily said...

Hiiii Mary, I thought it was time for my weekly blog/rant. Firstlyy I hope everything is going swimmingly - it was nice to see you were alive from the facebook status today. Secondly - life in england just gets more and more ridiculous we're about to have a 'big freeze' and I have to say it is bitterly cold outside but I'm sure we don't quite compare to the ice age just yet. So until I see Sid the sloth walking the streets I think i'll be okay. Although just imagine how amazing that would be... have a couple of job interviews this week and am slightly bricking it but I'm hoping I'll be lucky and get an offer from them all and then I can chose which one I actually like. Chances of that happening are nil though. I'm having major Jasper and Jerry withdrawals and Mary one obvs! I miss you too much for you to stay out there much longer - COME BACKK SOON! Anyway I must be off i'm going to see the new harry potter film :). I really do hope you are continuing to enjoy yourself. Have a lovely week Emily xxx

Sue said...

Would like to start the bidding for the voucher at £50. (Hope nobody else wants it....)
Planning to come to Sabah next year provided my little brother decides to stay there and work on logistics a bit more

Sue Beer

Anonymous said...

Ha Merel,

Wij waren blij te horen dat je weer veilig op het basiskamp bent teruggekeerd. We maakten ons wel een beetje zorgen of zo'n zware tocht wel zou lukken. Afgelopen maandag is eindelijk je neefje Hugo geboren. Twee weken later dan verwacht en uiteindelijk met een keizersnee omdat hij echt niet uit zich zelf wilde komen. Hij was er niet zo blij mee en heeft wel een uur hard gekrijst. Dinsdag ben ik even in het ziekenhuis gaan kijken en het is natuurlijk een lieve baby. Nico zat trots met hem op schoot. Wat je kaart betreft is het zo dat je daar in het buitenland vaak in winkels niet kunt pinnen en alleen geld kunt pinnen bij banken met een maestro vignet. Volgens de bank is er niets mis met de kaart. Hopelijk lukt het je om ons even te bellen.
Groetjes, mama

Anonymous said...

The Rumsey family will start the bidding with £100. Come on guys, join in to raise some funds for this great cause!

James said...

I will bid £120 for the voucher please

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Bex!!

Hope you are having a really amazing time! Can't believe you are back so soon. Not much gossip here, but we will fill you in on everything soon! Wedding 19th Nov next year, we need you back in UK by then. Lots of love Anna and Mike x x x x

James said...

Where are we with the voting for the vooucher? what is the latest bid?

Anonymous said...

140 pounds for the voucher from the Rumseys!

Anonymous said...

The Rumsey clan are increasing the bid to £130. Only another 5 days until the end of bidding!