Friday, 19 November 2010

Raleigh staff prepare to conquer Mt Kinabalu

While our venturers and PMs are hard at work on the project sites, there is always a hive of activity behind the scenes at Field Base.  For some, however, there is a new task to be added to the “to do” list, as they get into training for a fund-raising climb of Sabah’s mighty Mount Kinabalu.

Eight of Raleigh Borneo’s Field Base team will be joined by two representatives from Raleigh HQ in London as they dust off their walking boots and head to the hills in mid-December.

For every expedition in Borneo, we recruit 10 – 20 young Malaysians as part of our venturer team.  As with all participants, a Raleigh expedition gives our host country venturers the opportunity to recognise their own strengths and weaknesses, to develop confidence and to acquire key skills such as communication, team work, leadership and adaptability.  These skills allow participants to make positive changes, not only to their own lives, but also within their community.

All funds raised through this climb will go towards our Host Country Venturer Programme, which enables young Malaysian participants to be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience.  We are hoping to raise at least £12,000.00 for the programme, which will help us cover expedition costs for 10-13 Malaysian participants on a 10-week expedition.

Our climbers will be:

Debra Hay – Alumni & Individual Donor Manager, Raleigh Head Office
 Tony Willetts – Head of Operations, Raleigh Head Office
Yolanda Graham – Recruitment, Support & Media Coordinator, Malaysia
Sarah Hoare – Country Programme Manager, Raleigh Borneo

Edward Laschet – Volunteer Manager – Country Expedition Manager, Raleigh Borneo

Serge Neumand - Volunteer Manager – Deputy Programme Manager, Raleigh Borneo

Tom Styles - Volunteer Manager – Logistics, Raleigh Borneo

Chris Beer - Volunteer Manager – Logistics, Raleigh Borneo

Emma Parfey - Volunteer Manager – Expedition Administrator, Raleigh Borneo

Adam Hollingworth - Volunteer Manager – Expedition Photographer, Raleigh Borneo

If you would like to donate, please visit our Just Giving site:   

Many thanks for your support!


Brumby Family said...

Message to Josh Brumby of Alpha 10from Dad and Mum

Just been reading about Field Base Team's fund raising trek. Sounds brilliant. Hope it goes well and raises a load of cash.

How are you doing? Great to hear that the diving went well and can't wait to hear what you saw underwater. Any sharks?

We are all well and looking forward to seeing you in a few week's time. It was nice having Becca to stay last weekend. Jon still enjoying uni.

Cornwall has been in the national news over the past week. There have been terrible floods just to the south of where we live. Many homes and businesses ruined in Lostwithiel, St. Blazey, Pentewan and Mevagissey after torrential rainfall. Luckily, our immediate area was not affected so we are fine.

Other big news is that everybody has gone royal wedding mad with news that Will and Kate are officially engaged!

Love Mum and Dad (not forgetting Bramble)

Anonymous said...

Dear James Mclean 10j alpha 1, its interesting to see the progress of all of you, you all must be getting fitter by the day. Weve been out in the camper today round Rhyader in mid wales very beautiful, then we called on Fayne she lives in Kington, we were comparing camper vans, I haven't been to Faynes house before, she has a collection of swords, I hadn't known about, she's keen now to see Jonathan's. Were going off to meet Geraldine and Bryan in the peak district next weekend another adventure. Everyone from home sends you lots of love, The trek to mount kimbalu sounds very interesting, its also good local malaysian young people join in. lots of love Mum and Philxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Eloise (alpha 3)
Got your letter, it was wonderful to hear from you. Everyone sends their love. You won a photography session with image in Perth! Well done!! I've finished Tafe now but still have the exhibition to do. I'm really excited about it. Take care and look forward to hearing and seeing you again.
Lot's of love mum, Fletcher and Geneivieve xxxooo

Jon Brumby said...

Hi Josh,

Great to hear about the diving. Envious of your Orang Utan encounter and canopy walk. Big news, I have done some ironing! New Harry Potter film very good and I saw Dr Who turn on the Christmas lights in Cardiff with his sonic screw driver!
All the best

Anonymous said...

message for gemma hall in alpha 9 from dom
Hi sis, hope youv had a great time with the diving and trecking! iv broken up now for xmas!! yay! working loads at the bar over the holidays so il get to hang out with perry lots
iv got some very exciting news, next weekend im woking at a cooking show in london called taste of christmas, and il be preping food for Heston Blumenthal and Anthony Warrel Thompson!!
Hope everything is great in the jungle, miss you lots and lots and il cant wait to see you on your bday when u get back!
love you lots xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Delta 1, hows it all going?? it looks like you guys are having an amazing time still, it really sucks being back in the uk! It is so so cold it is ridiculous. I hope you guys all get good groups for third phase and cant wait to see all the pics when u guys get back and hopefully see some of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Alpha Wooooo, hey guys hows it all going it looks like your still having an amazing time. I hate being back in the UK i wish i had stayed a lot now!!!! Philli i hope you recovered from Dengue and Rambo is back to her best. Simon I hope you manned up about your feet and didnt whine to much whilst trekking. Fi i hope u and Ivy survived the trek especially with all those pots!!! I cant wait to see all the photos you guys are putting up and it will be good to catch up with you all soon. Oh yeah i also hope Rory hasn't destroyed the jungle and himself in the process!! It really sucks being back home and i wish i could still be out there with everyone cya guys soon