Monday, 8 November 2010

Phase 2 kicks off!

With the success of phase one under their belts everyone on 10J enjoyed some well deserved rest and relaxation at Borneo Paradise for changeover. Everyone was very excited to catch up with friends and swap stories about phase one adventures, especially as lots of this catching up was done poolside! We were also treated to some very entertaining (and dare I say it some not so entertaining) skits, whereby each alpha group summed up their phase through singing/dancing/acting. We've got a talented bunch of venturers and as judged by Mac, Chris and Emily in true X factor style there was most definitely a winner- congratulations alpha 8! But here at Raleigh we don't let anyone get too comfortable for long and less than 36 hours later they were off again, ready to deploy for Phase 2.

So let's find out who's going where and what they're going to be getting up to.

The community projects – where Venturers will have the opportunity to get involved with the local community while building much needed infrastructure.

Alpha 1 - Kindergarten in Kampung Rumantai, Ranau District

Su Wen Ong,Yogesh Mistry, Pia Mathews, Joseph L Treacy, Benjamin Fort, Ben Summers, Sin Mei Fong, Maxim N Terwey, Seema Sharma, Louise V Scothern, Cathrien Sickler, Tamsin J Stevens. Their PMs remain unchanged with the lovely Andrea, James and Pete.

Alpha 2 - Gravity water feed systems in the Pitas region

Robert Grindal, Eleanor Bowe, Steven Schrijen, Claire A Cottee, Khyal C Fairclough, Jay (Ceylan) Sakallioglu, Andrew T Dyke, Emily L Griffin, Evinn Soo, Aaron Graham, Christian Zazulan. PM wise Dave and Philli stay on and are joined by Jo, one of our trusty medics.

Alpha 3- Phase 2 sees the addition of an exciting new project, building a community hall in Vunui Locos. 

Thomas Webster-Dunstanm, Nicolas P Brouwers, Mandeep Ghuman, Elouise k Royans, John McFarlane, Abigail P Goodburn, Constantijn Crans, Shen Quang Loo, Lucy Jellicoe, Yannick Pelder, Laura West. Heading up this new project are our great PMs Chris, Kate and Marie the medic.  

The environmental projects – a chance for the Venturers to get to know more about Borneo’s amazing natural resources and to help to protect them.

Alpha 4 - Infrastructure for the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok

Thomas M Rumsey, Stephanie Bell, Emma M Bean, Robert Nash, Jing Wen Ong, Madeleine E Gray, Alexander A Campbell, Lisa Egeler, Christopher A Cheeseman, Kareem A Cheng, Yen Wen Heng. Caroline is staying on at Sepilok and will be joined by Emma and Leigh, a fab trio of PMs who will ensure that the venturers cause less mayhem than the orangutans!

Alpha 5 - Infrastructure Development at Imbak Canyon

Ian E Wildsmith, Thijs J Kraaijeveld van Hemert, James Peard, Shu May Han, Sherman Suntik, Olivier Uijtewaal    , Georgina Peach, Robyn A Fitzharris, Guy Scott-Dalgleish, Millie R Smith, Natalie Tunney, Leontien Roos. Keeping things ticking over nicely will be lovely Abi and Stacey and for one phase only they will be joined by Emma A, our veteran medic.

The adventure projects – a very challenging combination of trekking and diving, surviving in the harsh jungle environment.

Alpha 8 – dive/trek, currently to be found on the beautiful Mamutik Island in KK’s very own Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

Neil A Wellstead, Kelly E Lawless, Rory Batt, Josephine P van den Brink, Shi Han Chong, Cameron J Heeley, Emma Johnson, Aaron Ong, Felicity M Bone , Jack Regan, Christopher P Cracknell. Our adventurous trek leader Clive will be joined by medic Emily. 

Alpha 9 – trek/dive, can be seen heading off into the jungle from Long Pa Sia near the Sarawak/Kalimantan border

Henry C Wilkinson, Mary Greene, Daniel J Clark, Oliver A Conner, Omar Tellage, Eleanor G Tetlow, Alasdair W Gordon, Shawna Timmons, Reinier Haverkamp Begemann, Nor Hafidzah, Abin Gemma Hall. Team coach Helen returns to lead this trek along with Simon, one of the trusty medic crew. 

Alpha 10 – trek/dive/trek, at the moment these lucky venturers can be found in the beautiful Kiulu Valley region in the foothills of Mt. Kinabalu

Merel C van Olffen,  Kieran J Brady, Fiona E Jeffery, Ivy R Mills, Josh J Brumby, Joep W Claus, Louise Bajada, Jon Legge, Mun Mun Wong, Choon Wei Thian, Julie Peletier. And last but not least, Andi returns this time with Nicky and medic Becky in tow to lead these venturers around the jungle.

And back at fieldbase, manning the fort are Mac, Ed, Serge, Yolanda, Paz (medic), Paula (comms), Adam (photographer), Tom, CK and Garry (logs).

We will keep you up to date with news from the project sites as everyone gets settled in. Please post your messages and comments on the blog. We will then print these and send them off into the heart of the Borneo with the Loop. The Loop is Raleigh’s trusty resupply which visits all static project sites mid way through the phase, laden with the two most important things for anyone living in the jungle: chocolate and loving messages from home.


eunice lum said...

Dear Mun Mun,

must become tan ya.....^0^

Dear Shi han,

must become macho ya.....^o^

Dear Evinn,

sure eat many ice cream liao de la.....^o^

Anonymous said...

Hey Shauna Timmons
Looking good babe.Keep strong. Missing you heaps. Enjoy the trek ha.
lots of love Alicia and the Kilminster hotel

Richard said...

Beste Thijs (Alpha 5),
Van waterbouwer ben je nu bruggenbouwer geworden, over een Canyon, in een absoluut unieke en ongerepte omgeving! Ik hoop dat je camera voldoende energie heeft om de prachtigste foto's te maken. Je zit nu echt in het hart van het grote regenwoud, ver van de bewoonde wereld, dus veel bericht zullen we vermoedelijk de komende weken niet krijgen. De jungle rangers zullen zeker dankbaar zijn voor jullie werkzaamheden. Let wel een beetje op voor alle risico's en verrassingen van de natuur. Geniet met natuurlijk veel leerzame momenten. Tot slot, tussen de zware werkzaamheden door, veel plezier en ook veel gezellige momenten gewenst van ons allemaal, Paps.

bev b said...

hi abi goodburn,
it was fantastic to see a picture of you looking so happy ready to begin the second phase of your adventure. the work you are doing will make such a difference. i am so proud of you.
miss you loads. all our love mum and lot lot. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

bev b said...

kareem cheng.
hi kareem, it was great to see you looking so well and happy in the blog photo. your new project sounds great and will make a difference to all those gorgeous sun bears. i am really proud of you.
bev xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack
it was really great to speak to you the other day. Mum was especially pleased as she hadn't spoken to you since you left on the 10th! It was such a coincidence that day, (or was it!), that she happened to pop home from work for something.
Anyway your next project looks brilliant. I was just on the phone to Naomi. She said she'd been on the web and seen Mamutik, and she felt very jealous as she spoke from a very wet Warrington!!
Enjoy it Jack
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

For Thomas Rumsey:

Hi Tom! Great to see another photo of you! Well you're either getting very tanned, or that dirt will take some scrubbing off when you next get in a bath! Can't wait to hear news of your next phase - and to find out just how small those 'mini bears' REALLY are!
Love you loads,

Anonymous said...

For Olivier Uijtewaal,
Heerlijk om je donderdag even gesproken te hebben. Jammer dat je tel. het daarna niet meer deed. Kijk even of je iets kunt regelen met sms of zo. Ik heb natuurlijk meteen Imbak Canyon gegoogeld en dat ziet er prachtig uit met die waterval. Hoop dat de regen meevalt zodat het Loopteam je dit bericht kan bezorgen. Hier is het echt herfst met storm, regen maar met prachtig gekleurde bomen. Geniet van dit prachtige stuk regenwoud en ik hoop op de volgende foto's te zien wat je environmental project is. Het vorige alpha team heeft gewerkt aan clearing trails, dus misschien ga jij daar wel mee verder. Ik denk elke dag aan je, zo geweldig wat je daar aan het doen bent! hoop je op de volgende stopover weer even te spreken maar voor die tijd blijven we berichtjes sturen! x mama

arikboo said...

Stephanie Bell

Hey gorgeous!

Just wanted to say good luck on the new project, hope it is as much fun if not more than the last.

I think of you every day, you make me smile. Thank you Steph.

Much love and kisses,



eveline egeler said...

For Lisa Egeler

Hoi lieve Lies,
Hoe is het leven tussen de beren?Zit nog steeds na te gloeien van je vrolijke stem op je verjaardag, na die heftige jungle tocht. Wat een geluk had je, om juist wanneer je 18 werd met allemaal gezellige nieuwe maatjes om je heen te zitten. En hier mistte wij je, maar hebben er zelf ook maar een feestje van gemaakt. De borrel was leuk en wij hebben ook nog cadeautjes voor je in ontvangst genomen!! Ik ben benieuwd hoe je project loopt. Geniet ervan en suc6! Xxxxx van ons allen, klm

Lynn Bowles said...

Hi Kelly

Mum again, your photo looks like the ones you had a school, always with the guys!!!, you Tom Boy you ha ha, I hope it all goes well honey and you are feeling so much better now. Auntie carolyn is going to try and write a blog again - bless her and have sent instructions to Peter and Doon who sent their halloween photos- yep as weird as ever bless them.

Speak soon , take care of your self, love you so very much - mum and Chris xxxxxxxxxxxx

Puff said...

Message for Gemma Hall Alpha 9.

Hey Gem gems!!!
Hope the trek started off well and you're getting on well with your new group well! There's a lovely picture of all you guys with you pulling a seriously nice pose, good work! Have checked out pictures of Long Pa Sia, it looks incredible! Lets hope its not so hard this phase and you have as much fun/more!
Love you lots and miss you too,
Stay safe cat, love love

Rae Greene said...

Hello little Mary,
you are on your 2nd stint but you prob won't get this until you get back. Lovely photo of your new group, fetching poses! Have much fun, still missing you. loads a love, Mum xxxxxxxxxx

Rachel Gillies said...

For John Mcfarlane - Its rachel, didn't know if this was the right place to leave a message but a will just hope it gets to you. I've been meaning to write to you but just been to busy I'll write to you tonight. Look like your having an amazing time, and you don't even look that burnt! Keep smiling and live every moment looking forward to your stories, speak to you soon wee man take care xx Rachel

Samantha said...

Hey Ellie, we are so proud of you! Enjoy every momenyt,the memories will stay with you forever!! We will get started on organising your birthday party, all welcome just bring a sleeping bag and a pillow. Love you lots,take care and be safe! Aunty Sam and Uncle Ian xoxoxox

Midge said...

Alpha 5 - James Peard.
heey Jim! hope you are alright out there :) seems like you've been gone forever, bad times. been checking up on what you've been doing and it looks like you're having a great time ;D tagged the pictures of you on facebook so your friends can see what you are up to, i know Jakes had a look :) think a few friends wrote saying they hope your having a good time so yeah. shall wish mum a happy birthday from you! got my first GCSE in 4 and a half hours, meaning it's 4:30am - oops! oh and the kindergarten structure looked spiffing and good luck with what you're doing now. miss you, lots of love from midge ;D xxxxx

Anonymous said...

for Olivier Uijtewaal
hee lieve o! ik zit nu bij je mams op kantoor ik moet stage lopen voor school. ik hoop dat het heel erg goed met je gaat en dat je het naar je zin hebt, ik zat net foto's te kijken van je groep wat ziet het er leuk uit! bevalt het een beetje in de jungle tussen de aapjes?! dikke kus, Renee

Anonymous said...

Hi Omar
Great to talk briefly the other day ..will send a battery for yr camera asap ...Haopy Happy birthday for the 12th - I hope you get something good to eat that day ( any sugar left?) Hope you enjoy the treck ...Rebecca says you can come to Tibet on her next treck if you get through this!! looks like yr going to an amazing area - have a wonderful time.. stay safe and hope its not too challenging!
loads of love from us all ..we miss you ...
I am off to Richards place in Spain and going riding in the mountains for 10 day will be thinking of you love sally xxxxxxxxxxxx

Indrani said...

Hi May !

Just received your snail mail, so that's a first ! been checking the blog everyday eagerly for news and photos of you ! Am so happy that you are enjoying yourself, make the most of this wonderful experience ! I am super busy with work this month, going crazy, you guessed it, I am really missing you ! Dad is going to Italy on 23rd, just a short trip, so there will be lots of cheese in the fridge for you when you are back ! Been reading up about your 2nd phase and it sounds amazing, can't wait to hear all about it. write loads back k. Work hard, play hard and take care, love, Mom

Jayne said...

message for kieran brady (alpha10)..Hi Kieran,lurvin the pics looks like ur havin a gr8 time,cant wait 2 hear all about it,love an missin u millions..hugs n kisses Mum,Yoza,Stacey,Alex,Owen an Brendan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

Lynn Bowles said...

Hi Kelly

I have just got your letter and yes of course I blubbed!! It so lovely to hear all your news and how you are feeling. I can not wait to hear your diary news - of course I wont be bored!

I am so proud of you. Jakes letter is also here I will ask him if he wants me to send it or keep it till he comes down - probably on the 27th may be with Esther to, we will see.

You take care of yourself and speak again soon honey. We are so terribly proud of you.

Love you loads and loads mummy and Chris xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Scott Collins said...

To louise bajada (alpha 10). Hello Lou Lou I see that you have bought a nice new raleigh t-shirt and you look all nice and clean and refreshed ready for your trek dive trek (owwwch) don't no weather you will get this on the loop but if you do hope your having a good time and hope it hasn't been to tough. Thinking of you every second of the day and can't wait to speak to you again soon. Love from Scotty .x.x.x.

Sakallioglu Gang said...

Jay (Ceylan)

You still look beautiful in the pics even though ur in the jungle lol - we miss u loads and cant wait to hear from u again! Baby Lilly and Baby Yas are both well and yas adores her lil sis....mum is doing well and coping. the house is still being done so will be nice to have it finished! same old with me really, nothing amazing like treking thru Borneo u loads sis and miss u so much - all my love ayse

Anonymous said...

Message for Maddy Gray

Hi maddy

So lovely to talk to you and hear all your news - it all sounds fabulous and what a great adventure you are having. The sun bear project looks good and I hope it is going well - look out for the orang utangs!. Lots of rain and gales here so enjoy the sun while you have it! Lots of love Mum, Dad Ish Tom and Keira xxxx

Anonymous said...

for Joseph Treacy
hi jos how was changeover hope you enjoyed it all wall here it is raining and windy at the moment i hope you are enjoying your new project the photos look great Keep up the good work take care
love Mum x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Seema,

Sent your scrawney be-hind an mp3 player today!! Booom! U better b sendin some kudos this way! Although put it back in its original packaging to protect it, so feel like it could b stopped by customs or sumink =o...anyways loaded it with a bunch of stuff, so hopefully cover whatever ur feelin...also was so even if it does arrive might not work! :s...was workin last time i checked tho...anyways sent it on my lunch break (eurgh) in a rush, kinda got it in my head that if i sent it by today might get to you by the loop...anyways hopefully ul get it by the next time i chat to u at least...put a quick letter in there tellin u wots on there and stuff, will send u a proper letter bout work and stuff this weekend...

Anyways still missin u loads (really! :s) and cant wait for december...

Jamal xx

Martin van Olffen said...

Hi Merel,

Ik zag net de foto van de nieuwe groep, hoop dat je daar leuke vrienden en vriendinnen ontmoet. Zal vast een zware maar mooie tocht zijn die je nu maakt. We hebben je brief ontvangen, heel leuk om te lezen waar je allemaal mee bezig bent en hoe je dat ervaart. Drop, thee en koeken zijn weer onderweg om de ergste nood te ledigen. Ik zie dat jullie ook gaan duiken, allemaal heel spannend en vast erg mooi.

Heel veel plezier en alle liefs uit Bloemendaal.

Pa, ma, Anne, Julia en Loes

PS Loes zendt een lieve knor.

bev b said...

hi abi goodburn,
well done on passing your advanced diving qualification.
now the hard work starts. your project will make a lasting improvement to peoples lives.
i am really proud of you.
love you loads
mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

bev b said...

hi kareem c.
how are the sun bears? you are not allowed to bring one home... despite what abi may say!!
bev xxxxxxxxxxxxx

yosa said...

ok kieran m8,yer look like yer having a ball.the kids are made up seeing your pictures on raleigh website.we all miss you loads,keep enjoying it m8 ,get in touch soon,love yosa,mum,and kids xxxx

Emily said...

Just thought I'd write my weekly message at 01:52 - it seems an appropriate hour to be surfing the net and contacting my peers! It seems like the trip is going really well so far and I really hope you are enjoying yourself. I'm slightly jealous of the fact that it's friggin freezing back home atm and you're in some gorgeous exotic climate getting tanned and being healthy. Lets just say my life is a bit Bridget Jones, big knickers and stomach but a severe lack of Darcy presence. Anyway Before I ramble on much longer make sure you continue to have an awesome time and if you are more tanned than me (inevitable), then I guess we will just have to go back to Zante so I can catch up. :)
Love Emily xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Shauna
I hope this finds you well. I have posted some more letters for you. Kelsey came runner up in the Apprentice of the Year last night. She is very happy. Missing you
Lots of love the Kilminster hotel

mama-millie said...

Hey there Millie Smith
Was great to hear from you at the weekend, sounds like you're having a whale of a time.Going to be following you on your next project, sounds like hard work!
We've had another lap top casualty, Ava stood on MY laptop on Sunday, another one bites the dust, I could Kill her!
Speak to you soon, love you loads, mum x x x

Rae Greene said...

Monyit Mary!
Just got your are so funny, you should write a book.
We knew you would win the tug of war!
Miss you so much, but you make me proud x
Love you, mum xxx

Gillian said...


Well arnt u looking well and still surprisingly blonde....must be sorta ur natural colour after all!! Im just back from a meeting with my thesis supervisor she wants me to have something written for next week....STRESS!!!...agh i have no idea what the hell im doing!! No major news i have a shocking boring life at the min, remind me why im doing a masters??...after ordering my graduation photos there ....think it could be a bit dodge looking but sure hopefully it will be grand. Trying to be super healthy this week after the disaster that was last week! Graduation monday out monday night grad ball tuesday and then i basically was recovering for the rest of the week! Oh got my hair cut, she chopped loads off so much for me asking for a trim! Hope ur keeping well dear nice to see your face!! miss ya lots love u gill xxxxx

Suzy said...

Hey Tamsin,

Was awesome getting to chat to you the other day looking forward to catching up again soon! I got your letter and will start your reply today, but you know what im like I prob wont send it for another week or so so dont hold your breath! I hope you are enjoying this next phase of your trip and all is going well! Keep building up those teeny tiny muscles! :D I havn't been up to all that much since we last talked although I do now have a draft form of my personal statement! Scary stuff hehe. Well I just wanted to say a quick hi and a miss you! Catch you soon TammyK Lots of love Suzy xxx

Aris said...

message for Reinier Begemann Alpha 9

Lieve Reinier,
Hoe bevalt de 2e fase en met name het avonturistische gedeelte? Jou kennende kan het niet spannend genoeg.
Heb je je sokken nog kunnen redden? en heb je de sarong? en je camera??? misschien krijg je die met deze loop weer terug. Hier weinig nieuws, Siebe zit af te knappen boven z'n boeken omdat hij volgende week SE week heeft; you know the feeling. Dit weekend komt Adriaan hoogst waarschijnlijk thuis, kunnen we z'n verjaardag alvast vieren.
Geniet maar lekker van dit avontuur, we hopen snel weer een (actie)foto van je te zien! Heel veel liefs en een dikke knuffel van ons allen (ook van Jootje), pap en mam en Siebe

Anonymous said...

Dear James Mclean 10j Alpha 1
MOD have said since its difficult to be in touch with you, they will be happy to wait until you come back to England to discuss your return to work.
Were looking forward to seeing the next photos of the kindergarden progress. Jonathan will be home either 9th or 16th december, will be good to have you both home for a while. Weve been sorting out a bit at home, you should be able to get into your beds by Christmas. look after yourself lots of love Mum and Philxx

Anonymous said...

For: Joseph Treacy

Hi jose!
How are you? Alls good here, been too busy to write you letters and this is a bit faster. No craic just so busy with college and my internship. Theres a new show which is the irish hills, and im going to the launch tonight through work! very excited! no craic for u really.. ill write properly soon! ps its freeezzing in ireland x

Anonymous said...

Mary Greene,

Good Luck with Phase 2. Hope you enjoy every minute and are storing up great memories. I bet you are a fantastic addition to the team. Keep smiling Mary and keep on being you.

PS. It makes me smile whenever I see a picture of you on the blog.You is sooooooooooo cute.

Lots of Love, Chris XXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

For Olivier Uijtewaal

Hi O , even snel bericht vanachter het buro. Wat een avontuur nu weer, ben trots en ook wel beetje jaloers. Wat maak jij veel mee in korte tijd, vergeet er niet af en toe van te genieten. Hier gaat alles prima, rust keert beetje terug, dagen worden korter en eerlijk gezegd zijn we best beetje aan het aftellen naar 17 december.
Jammer dat je op stopover zo weinig communicatie mogelijkheden hebt , ook weinig foto's gezien dus dat wordt 3 dagen sessie om foto's te kijken als je terug bent.

Anonymous said...

For Reinier - fase 9
Beste Reinier, wat een avonturen. Wij als grootouders zijn blij dat deze Raleigh organisatie erg professioneel schijnt te zijn, waardoor jouw Borneo-avontuur een goede basis heeft.Geeft jou veel ervaring en veel blijvende vriendschappen hopen wij. We genieten van de foto's , die een goede indruk geven van jouw leven daar. Bij je terugkeer zal je veel te vertellen hebben. Schrijf nu alvast veel op in jouw dagboek.
Oma en Opa Borculo

Anonymous said...

For James peard
Hope you enjoy your next task looks cool what a experience
hope you are fit and well
Bet you wont want to come back
See you next year
Dad Dawn Emma And Matt

Anonymous said...

For Olivier Uijtewaal,
Alpha 5 Imbak Canyon. Volgens mij ben je nu op een plek die echt heel erg mooi is. Zag foto's van jullie huisvesting incl. douche en prachtig uitzicht op waterval en rivier. Dus volgens mij zit je daar helemaal lekker. Is wel helemaal my sort of place NOT. spinnen, schorpioen en slangen. Echt heel fijn!!!! Maar ik zag ook mooie vogels en schildpadden dus die zijn wel weer leuk. De rivier ziet er ook heel mooi uit maar ik denk dat je vooral hard aan het werk bent. Dus pas goed op jezelf want we willen je graag helemaal heelhuids weer terug hebben in December. Time flies when you are having fun dus die zal ook wel voor jou gelden. Geniet, geniet , geniet en geniet nog een beetje meer ook voor ons.

Szu-Mei said...

Hey Jing-Wen!!
Hope you're having a great great time over there..looks like things are going good! So proud of you for living this dream and have lots of fun while you're there!!
Be good [ha!] and I'm sure you'll smell like orangutan by the end of it.. ewww... LOL.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do! [haa again!] lol and take good care of yourself kay (:
Missing you heaps, on behalf of mom and dad and Shen too..

Lots of love,
Szu-Mei aka. your Jie <3

Anonymous said...

Msg for Mary Greene
Hey Mary,
Just want to wish you a great time on your trek/dive phase, Sounds like you are having an amazing trip and it looks soo brilliant in the photos. Here it is cold, the wind is howling and it's pouring so I think you are defo in the right place!
Lots of love and hugs
Alison and all xxx

jane webster said...

To Tom WD
Great photo of you wielding the hammer-hope the bears were cute-been meaning to write and your dad keep threatening to-hope you're keeping a journal of your adventures to share when you get back.Hope you had the chance to relax and enjoy some rest before the next phase-the house is too quiet..
love mum

Kirsty said...

For Emma Johnson.

Alright Midgeface!

Thank you sooooo much for ringing last week, it was absolutely brilliant to speak to you! I'm so glad you're having fun! Hope you've enjoyed your days tanning and learning to Scuba ;P
You're a tough cookie so I know they next phase will be a piece of cake for you!!

Nothing much to report here, off to a London Rollergirls bootcamp and bout at the weekend and also meeting Marie for an evening in London (possibly Soho) as she's just moved down there with her modelling so that should be exciting!

Miss you lots, love you more!
Stay safe. Chunk xxxxxxxxxxx

Alexa said...

Hey! hope all is well. um mum said you wanted to hear about house shout so basically c1 did this song called world's greatest which you will know when you hear it and for house harmony they did this unknown song but it was basically just george admiraal doing a massive solo but it was really good. if you are interested mm did smiley faces by gnarls barclay and b1 (who won house harmony) did raindrops by basement jaxx which was amazing! i hope you are having fun building bridges...!! school is sooo boring and difficult and i have so much greek and latin set text to learn! everyone has just gone off on the french exchange trip and there are loads of spanish exchange at marlborough!! it is so weird. ok well i had better go do greek. love you loads. also the v-es have got black ops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alison said...

Robert Nash (alpha 4)

Great to hear your voice the other day and read your email. Glad you are having such an amazing time. Hope phase 2 is just as good! All well this end. Building work going up, hope to get a roof next week - if the gales stop! Then the mucky stuff inside starts. Your new photo looks like you are having the time of your life.

Take care and enjoy. Hope you fixed the camera.
Mum XX

Rajbinder said...

Hey Mandeep, Hope your well! it been snowing up here, soooooo windy :( it looks soo nice where you are!i'm jealous! Jack died in Corrie and Hollyoaks has been really good - Warren came, Steph died and and there was a massive explosion! Hope your next project is good and people are nice!I don't know if you got my message about ringging 3 - but i can't because i don't know your passwords and they won't tell me any info. I was driving your car around last weekend - you left no petrol in it! my steering wheel felt so light after driving yours!Takecare, love you. Raji, Mum and Aaron. xx

Amy Bajada said...

Hope all is ok! was lovely talking to you the other day! and thank you very much for the letter :D <3 hope you got your one, theres another one on the way with the scan pick in :D kalem is/was looking after me untill he BROKE his ankle/leg ouchhh! so i am now looking after the renferd reject too lol not good! hopfully youll get this soon, hope the treks not to bad and you have a fab time diving! love you lots me, renferd reject, lumpy and porscha <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,
Thanks for the short message to Sangeeta. Hope you are well, good luck with phase 2. I'm off to Malaga with the masis this Saturday and then stopping with Ba. Everyone one was asking about you at the Diwali party. Elina and I sent cards to you, I hope you received them. Your dad says Hi.

Take Care Luv Mum

Anonymous said...

Dear Bitia

We know you are having a wonderful time. We wish you a very happy Birthday Eve today and the DAY tomorrow. Tum jiyo hazaro saal, saal kedin ho hazar happy birthday to you..happy birthday to u.

Dher sara pyar xxxxx
Mum and dad

Harrie Claus said...

Joep Claus Alpha 9

Hoi Joep,
Fijn dat je zo geniet en ook nog zoveel leert. Mooi dat je steeds nieuwe vrienden en vriendinnen maakt. Leuk dat ze je even hebben kunnen spreken in het base camp. Benieuwd hoe de trek gaat. Lijkt me zwaar maar wel mooi. Daarna voor jou lekker rust, vrij duiken. Benieuwd hoe deze groep je bevalt. Hier stormt en regent het. Echt herfstweer. Hoop dat het bij jullie niet teveel regent. Zo lastig als je met je rugzak en alles door het bos loopt. Maak maar veel foto's. Veel plezier. We missen je, Pap Mam Floor

libeng said...

Hi Yen Wen,

Ben came by and have dinner in Banting with us, he is leaving for Tianjin for his mandarin lesson. is a suprise visit!
Phase 2 sound interesting, you sound better than the first phase, at least tougher now, by the way i sent out ur vitamin m as u requested.
Take care and miss you

from mum

kate greene said...

Hello miss mary greeeeene
Hope all's well in the jungle!
omg Andrew just sent me the cutest picture of Buzz ever!!! He is wearing his winter coat he looks like a little old man, he is sooooo cute, wish you could see him! I might post it to you,

Loving and missing you, I'll write soon
Kate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hi emma bean alpha 4 hope you are enjoying your new projet . i have just been to belfast had a lovely time they all send there love to you cant believe its been 5 weeks not long till your home so pleased your going to challange the trek good for you i miss and love you loads speak soon love mum and dad xxxxx

Rachel Gillies said...

For John Mcfarlane
John its Rachel again, should have seen cher on the xfactor tonight she did a bit of eminem. Thinking about you lots can't believe you've been away for just over a month! Hope your having an amazing time! Love rachel, appreciate the stars remember x

Li Beng said...

Hi Yen Wen

Bad news, Ah Kong car got stolen last night after asam laksa in summit, i supposed to returned car today to him after his 2 weeks trip in xianmen.

from mum

Sakallioglu Gang said...

hello ceylan, hope ur well and having loads of fun getting all dirty i no its never bothered u before :) ha. well im missing u loads this is not kool u shud come bk like now?? so yeh wen u get bk u will have loads of sad storys so make sure u have a free diary for the whole week lol love u lots an lots xxxxxx love yasemin xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oi Arry alpha 2... whats with the beard?? trying to look older are we, or just plain lazy :P

How about writing? i suppose one of us could get round to it one day. To be honest i'm too busy with Tony on the phone. He's in Germany for 2 weeks, I bet you he's working hard there :)) Besides the fact that once i've written and got round to sending you'll be home.

Looks like Pet might have a manager for his band, done a couple of gigs and they were loved.

Off to Jim's recital tonight and listen to his master piece that he's written.. things haven't changed at all

Love you millions, missing you loads Mum and ALL the Boys XXXX

Anonymous said...

For Thomas Rumsey
Hi Tom
Wonderful to see pictures of you. Looks and sounds as if you are having a good time. Hope you made the most of Borneo Paradise. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the Sun Bear Conservation centre and hopefully more pictures of you. I am very proud of you.
Lots of love Auntie Jan xxx

Hamish said...

Dear Guy,
Just thought you would like to hear the results of the rugger this week end
England 35 australia 18 England were impressive and made relatively few mistakes
Scotland 6 New Zealand 49
Altogether a sad day
Wales 25 South africa 29
Wales well ahead at one stage
Ireland 20 Samoa 10
France 34 Fiji 12
Chealsea 0 sunderland 3 !

Mum is too embarrassed to send blog but has sent you a letter.Hope all well
Love Dad

marion said...

Hi Mary hope ur aving a great time saw the picture of you an it looks really exciting. In fact im finkin of catching the next plane over to join you. See you soon mary take care. love marion. XXXXX

Anonymous said...

To: liesidesuperpiesi (lisa egeler)
Alpha 4.

lieve liesssiii super skaadiiikk,

Hopelijk zijn je nieuwe groep en je project leuk! Ben erg benieuwd wat je aan het doen bent! HIer in valencia gaat alles prima! Ben dit weekend naar barca geweest en was erg mooi... Wat super top dat je op je verjaardagje contact kon hebben! Hopelijk was je verjaardag top en anders lekker nog een keer beter hier! Mis je lieve liesi ben echt zo benieuwd hoe je het hebt en of je helemaal anders terug gaat komen :P.. Succes lieverd!!



Lynn Bowles said...

Hi Kelly

Well I haven't put a message up for a couple of day and so here it is honey.

I hope you are ok now and you enjoyed your trek!

I have cooked the christmas cake - ready for you to decorate ok. Started my xmas shopping - yep very very late this year. Wrapped what I have bought and taken over Chris's conservatory with them - loads to still do though!. Sloe vodka now in fancy bottles!!!!!

Steve and Lorin are back this Friday - Steve's birthday and we are doing them a roast! then back to cottage before going to see Roy and Cathy for the weekend - all go go go! Chris has decorated my bedroom - looks wonderful already!!

Wee half way through already - where has the time gone.

Still miss you so much and love you loads and loads. Speak to you soon hopefully. Loads of love mummy and Chris xxxxxxxx

Rae Greene said...

Hello Mary,
no news of you :( but to be expected as you're in the middle of nowhere!
On Saturday me and Dad went to Earls Court and helped on an OC stand and we took Jasper!! he was a superstar and got loads of fuss and collected lots of money. He literally bumped into the legs of any passer by and stopped them in their tracks, ensuring a cuddle every time! I'll tell you more in my letter, with pics!
I hope you are loving this phase Mary and I can't wait to hear all about it.
love you and miss you, Mum xxxx

Kate Greene said...

Hi Mary,
You're coming home in a month!! Yay (although you're probs not that excited)
Here's some info that will help you when you have to integrate back into western society:

Prince william is marrying that Kate girl (not me unfortunately) so the telly is going crazy talking about a royal wedding (i'm holding out for our invitation)

Will Smith's 9 year old daughter has released a single called "whip my hair" which is basically about whipping your hair and it is SO GOOD (don't judge me) she sounds like a little rihanna.

The girl group from the only way is essex (I don't remember if it started before you left, it's basically a really embarrassing program about people from essex that makes me ashamed to admit where i'm from - its filmed in buckhurst hill!!), oh yea the girl group from it (Lola theyre called) performed at our school in monday morning assembly.

Chantelle from big brother sat on top of the xmas tree outside of lakey for some reason, it looked pretty uncomfortable (bet you miss lakeside!!)

Eeeerm what else... oh yea i'm a celebrity has started, i havent watched any of it but stacey soloman's in it (apparently she's really funny).

That's about it! there's other boring stuff about banking crises in Ireland but oh well

Hope you're having fun trekking!
Lots of love from your very informative sister

Kate Greene said...

Hi Mary,

I forgot to tell you in the last comment that they're showing the christmas coke advert!!

It's officially CHRISTMAAASSS!!! (nearly)

Holidays a comin' :D


Alice said...


Met one of your lovely uni mates at Country Living who came to say 'hello'

Looking forward to getting together as sisters at Megans xmas extravaganza.

One word 'Goldeneye'


Alice said...


Glad you are having such a great time. It looks and sounds amazing. same old, same old with me, but I'm happy. Was in London for a couple of weeks at the start of Nov and managed to catch up with most of the gang - so I missed you more than ever.


Erzja said...

Dag lieve Constantijn: we zijn vreselijk benieuwd naar je belevenissen; zo te zien een mooi project en een leuke groep. Geniet van wat je meemaakt!
laat je wat horen als je weer communicado bent?
veel liefs van Pap, Mam, Andreas, Pavine en de vieze hunjes (en van Jesica die vlak na kerst naar NL komt)

Erzja said...


Hoe is het daar dan? Bevalt het een beetje in de rimboe? schrijf je op wat je allemaal meemaakt?
ga je nog bloggen als je weer in de bewoonde wereld bent?

hou je taai,
Later, pik!


Anonymous said...

To Constantijn Crans:
Dag lieve jongen: het was een heel gedoe om berichten te sturen, maar het lijkt nu te werken! We zijn zo benieuwd of het allemaal aan je verwachtingen voldoet! Schrijf je wel alles op wat je meemaakt?
We hopen wat van je te horen als je weer contact kunt maken.
Kussen van ons allen,

Lynn Bowles said...

Hi Kelly

We are at Uncle Roys and Auntie Cathy's yep drinking copious amounts of alchol and having a wonderful time as always. They are going to come down just before New Year so thats exciting and something to look forward to eh.

Hope the trek went well honey.

Love and miss you loads

Mummy and Chris xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Eleanor Tetlow
Hi Ellie, still living in your bedroom!! House is still a building site!! Have managed to buy four Christmas presents but no birthday ones! Very wintery here it is suppose to snow here next week and I can't find my hat,scarf or gloves in the mess!!! Hope you are getting all our letters. So proud of you.
Love you lots, Mum, Dad, Will and Iz x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamsin Stevens

Your car passed its MOT nothing had to be fixed. Now I need some dry days to service it.

Cheers Dad

Anonymous said...

HI Eloise,
Glad you're having a great time despite the rain. We're all well, poppy sends his love as usual. I set up for our exhibition tomorrow, but the opening isn't til friday. I've sent another parcel but you probably won't get it till after your birthday. By the way you won a photo shoot with image photography WOO HOO!!
Take care, love you HEAPS,
Mum, Fletcher and Genevieve

roy said...

Hi Kelly!!
I'm sorry to hear that you are not having any fun and that you are being forced to go diving in unspoilt waters and trekking in virgin rainforest. It sounds just terrible. Just kidding! We're really glad that you are enjoying your time in Borneo. I'll bet the time is flying by now?
As your mum said, we had a lovely weekend visit from the Pensilva Posse and managed to eradicate the Christmas wine storage facility! We are looking forward to our return visit very much ; )
See you soon.
Love from the Lawless Clan (Somerset Brigade)

IrisJ said...

For Emma Johnson. Hi hun, I don't know when you will get this but it was great to see your picture on the blog page. It won't be long before you are home again. Dad and I go home on Tuesday (30th) Apparently it is FREEZING at home. I must say you do look VERY tanned or is it dirt lol. Miss you loads, see you soon love you lots. Mum and Dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

any way we can send you some funds for xmas and birthday as you are on your travels after your voluntry work
Get into contact when u can
Happy birthday for the 5th /Dec son

Emma Widnall said...

Message for Dr Becky...


It is very strange to see the pictures of you in the sunshine given the 6 inches of snow we have at the moment. Sophie got very excited when it snowed because that meant that Aunty Becky was coming back and then Father Christmas would come! It was hard to tell her that she had to wait for another few weeks before you came home. We are all really looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks time. Until then have a fantastic "Endex" and safe journey home. Can't wait to hear all the stories and see all the pictures. Lots of love from Emma, Mark and Sophie xxxxxxxxxxxx