Thursday, 25 November 2010

Phase 2 draws to a close

As the end of the phase approaches, it’s time for our wandering Field Base staff to head back to the office and let us know how some of our groups have been getting along.  

Administrator Emma has now returned from the Sepilok jungle camp, where she and Alpha 4 have been getting to know the wildlife in the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, and the neighbouring orang utan sanctuary.  She gave us an insight into their project.

During this phase, members of Alpha 4 have been building a boardwalk around the perimeter fence of the sun bear enclosure. The boardwalk will be used by rangers to check on the bears and also to watch and maintain the fence. Construction of the boardwalk involves many different stages, from cementing in the upright posts, to attaching and clamping the cross beams and bracing the centre planks to minimise bounce.

Week one of this phase involved a lot of drilling and clamp-makingThe team worked hard to drill all of the holes required along one length of walkway to bolt the pieces together, as well as completing braces on a length around the corner.  This was all done manually – no mean feat through thick pieces of belian (iron) wood!  At the end of the week, however, not only did the whole group feel their muscles had grown, but one entire length had been completed, as well as some cementing-in of posts around the next corner, ready for week two.

During week two, the team finally got their hands on a power cable long enough to enable power-drilling of the holes on-site - a happy moment indeed!  This meant that the majority of drilling now could be done very quickly, with only a few holes having to be finished off by hand.  Within just 3 days, the team managed to complete 5 bays of walkway – great progress!  There was still plenty to do, however, with lots of wood-sourcing and more cementing ready for more posts.
But for most, the highlight of the week was not the progress on the work site.  The group were treated to a surprise visit from and orang utan, which decided to try and lend a hand, drinking from the group’s water bottles, and trying on some work gloves.  The team also had the opportunity to visit the "nursery" in  Sepilok's orang utan sanctuary, and get a great insight into the rehabilitation work taking place there.
Photographer Adam has also returned from the jungle, where he has been spending time with some of our adventure groups.  Having successfully completed their dive phase, Alpha 8 headed off to the south west corner of Sabah to begin their 12 day trek.  Off into the jungle our intrepid team went, with their trusty guides. 
 Uphill ...

 and down dale,

they too had close encounters with some furry friends, if a little smaller than those at Sepilok.

Finally it was time for Adam and Alpha 8 to say their farewells and go their separate ways.

For his next task, Adam found himself on beautiful Dive Island – not too much of a hardship.

After an arduous (and wet!) trek, Alpha 9 did not seem too disappointed with the choice of location for the final days of the phase.
After a day in the classroom, the group were keen to put their new knowledge into practice.

That’s it from phase 2 – we’ll be back in a couple of days to tell you who is going where for the final phase of Expedition 10J.


Rae Greene said...

Wow Mary Photos!!
I've not seen this much of you for ages! You all look like you've had a fantastic time and you look beautiful. Keeping fingers crossed to hear from you soon!
love you loads xx
Mum xxxx

alanbowe said...

To Ele Bowe, Alpha 2

Hi Ele,

Marketa passed! What a star!

So now I have to "share" the car with its legal owner - and I'm looking forward to long journeys viewed from the back seat.

And yesterday, Marketa was told not to come back to see her oncologist until February; the latest tests were again negative and so we now move to quarterly tests and consultations. We were very relieved but much more so with today's news - a second driving licence in the family. So, we're off to Cafe Mysak in town on Friday - Dani has invited Daniel for lunch and his afternoon nap, to celebrate with Mysak's trademark caramel sundaes - remember, you and I went there from the hospital two hot summers ago?

Temperatures now hovering around zero as we eagerly await our first snow! Strange view from here with sun bathing the Old Town but the river valley full of cottonwool clouds.

We guess you're relaxing at Borneo Paradise after all the hard work - sorry not to see any photos! Hopefully, you might get some trekking and diving in Phase 3 - big hugs from all the Prague Badgers, especially daniel, George and Tiger, grrrr oxo

Anonymous said...

Message for Mary Greene

Wow Mary! great to see you on the blog. Hope the water was warm. Bet you're sick of being told that it's f-f-f-freezing here! but we're bearing up. Jack is coming home for weekend. Actually looking forward to seeing him!! (don't tell anyone) I expect he's bringing all his washing. Nearly christmas. Enjoy the last phase sweetpea. Groses Bisous
Chris XXXX

Kirsty Johnson said...

Emma Johnson

Wow Emma, I know you said you were brown but jeeeeeeeeze!!! You can just about make out your facial features!! Hope the trekking was fun and it wasn't too knackering! Nice to see you're representing the Imposters! ;)
Somerset had their first snow of the season last night (24th Nov) according to Facebook! Lol. Interpol were amazing, they played Evil and I thought of you!
Love you xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,

Found the right one i think. Looking good in the pictures :)

Nice walking stick too. What happened to the one you bought? The jungle makes better walking sticks?

Looks like good fun, but your bags all look really heavy. Shouldn't have packed all that make-up and fancy shoes. I told you you wouldn't need an evening dress.

Hope all is good otherwise, and the hotel must seem like the height of luxury.

speak to you soon,

Jake xxxxxxxxx

Alison Hargreaves said...

Message for Ben Fort. Hi Ben, glad to see your smiling in most of the pictures your in! I am so jealous, it looks like your having a fantastic time. Ady tells me your off scuba diving next - Ollie is green with envy. He told me your living out his dream!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see your pictures. We are sooooooooo proud of you. Love Aunty Ali & Uncle Gaz xxx

Lynn Bowles said...

Hi Kelly

You didn't look like you were very keen at the beginning, but you looked like you were striding out on the other photos.

It was sooooo lovely to hear your voice this morning and that you enjoyed the trek in the end even if you were a little nervous - well done honey - I continue to be blown away by your courage and I am sooooo proud of you.

Spek soo honey, loads and loads of love from mummy and Chris xxxxxx

Jamie Dumbleton said...

Hey Mary,
glad to see you are doing some good in the world. Just had a nose through the blog and pics, i especially like the one of you swinging in the tree. (though i have to say i didnt realise you were so hairy or ginger.)
I am very jealous of what you are doing and as proud as a cousin could be.
When you get back i'll come see you and you can tell me all about it.
Be good sweary.


Anonymous said...

Hi Oli Conner
All quiet here - Josh gone off guitar already! Building work been at a halt for 3 weeks, hope to start again soon - not too sure it will be done by Christmas, but we should be able to fit you in somewhere!!
Hope you enjoyed the diving but think you may have to work for it now!
Much love from us all, Mum, Dad and Josh xxxx

Anonymous said...

Mary Greene

You must steal me an orang utang. I don't care how you do it. A little brother or sister for Jess.

thank You Chris XX

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack,
great photos of Alpha 8 on the latest blog. You look like you are enjoying yourself on the trek. How did the diving go? Can't wait to see the pictures.
Hope the last phase goes well. Looking forward to seeing soon
love mum and dad
x x

Anonymous said...

For Thomas Rumsey,
Hi Tom!
What an amazing story of the Orangutan who came to visit. That's one to dine out on when you get back! It sounds like to are really looking forward to the trek/diving phase. Make the most of the few days rest & recuperation before the big departure.
Keep shaking out those boots!
All my love,

alanbowe said...

To Ele Bowe, Alpha 2

Australia 220-5 at early close of play, 40 behind an England total wrecked by great bowling from Siddle with his amazing hat-trick. Steven Finn and James Anderson going well for the Poms - Ponting out for 10, Clarke for 9, but Hussey still there with 81 no! The Aussies are going to regret shining their torch on Big Ben!!

Great to hear from you yesterday - reports from Georgetown to Prague of fainting Bowes recovering from shock....only slightly joking!

dan heavily into Jack and the Beanstalk - lots of fee, fi, fum's and smelly, bloody Englishmen.

...big hugs from The Prague BadgerShop Trio oxo

Anonymous said...

Lieve Yannick (Alpha 3),

Hier een berichtje vanuit het altijd gezellige WLZ.
Inmiddels is bij ons de koude ingetreden.... brrrrrrrrrr.
Zag vorige week een prachtige foto van je midden in de jungle.
Goed om je zo te zien.
Bewonder je doorzettingsvermogen, hou vol!!!!
Ook mag je trots zijn op jullie prachtige familieband, dat bewonder ik zeer.
Contacten via je moeder volg ik op de voet. Het doet haar enorm goed en ze kijkt er iedere week erg naar uit.
Ik wens je verder nog heel veel succes, geniet ervan, voor je het weet is het alweer voorbij.

Heel veel liefs, Janet

Nick said...

Mooi dat je je daar zo vermaakt, Yannick, dat je niet eens een gitaar nodig hebt bij het kampvuur. Ben aardig jaloers op je avonturen. Als ik groot ben ga ik dat ook eens doen. Maak je belevenissen nog even zo bewust mogelijk mee. Zie ik je weer tijdens de Yuletide sferen in Nederland. Hopelijk met sneeuw en ijs. En dus ook al heel snel.....ja....idd....oliebollen!


Sophie, Mickey, Jag, Arnick

Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,
It was really nice that you rang me and glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself. I let Sangeeta know you rang. I need to know about your card. Its really cold here now, no snow yet but expecting some tomorrow.enjoy your few days of rest before the next adventure.
All the best and lots of love Mum

Anonymous said...

To Jack Regan:!
GOOD LUCK!.... I guess -_-

To all other venturers on their 3rd phase! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Chris 'Round-Eye' Cracknell

Anonymous said...

Hi Yannick,
Ik begrijp dat je inmiddels je draai hebt gevonden en geniet van je verblijf op Borneo. Ik ben er zeker van dat de ervaringen die je nu opdoet als zeer waardevolle bagage in je rugzak blijft zitten. Vaak zal je terugdenken aan de ontberingen en zeer bijzondere momenten.
Geniet nog even, voor je het weet stap je in het vliegtuig en wordt er van je verwacht dat je je weer aanpast aan 'onze' (lees: de maatschappelijke) verwachtingen.
met 'n warme groet uit een bevroren Monnickendam

Anonymous said...

For Thomas Rumsey

Hi Tom
Sounds as if you are having a great time. It is wonderful to be able to catch up with all you are doing. Enjoy the next part of trip. I am sure there will be loads of beautiful sights to see and new things to do.
Love Auntie Jan xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Omar

Great to see you in close up with diving gear! You look terrific and very brown ......God I am jealous - We have just been digging cars out of snow drifts over the last few days .. so be prepared!! freezing here.. worst november/ dec in years ....Still were are really looking forward to seeing you ...I shall l be there on the 17th hopefully with the others have a great time on the last phase... cant believe it has gone so fast you a tutor for the 27th who is apparently a genius and students at Dulwich College love him! ...lots of love to you and enjoy the last 2 weeks building the Kindergarden from everyone at home .. me and Nigel xxxxxxxx TAKE PHOTOS!!

Kath said...

Hi Mary great to see your pics. You look especially lovely in the one with your wet suit on (I'm not joking). Hope you are loving it. We all miss you and look forward to you coming home, just in time for Christmas. Take care and see you soon :) xxxxx Kath

Ray Dunstan said...

Hi Thom,

Snowed in again here !
Heathrow closed today causing chaos but hopefully getting better by the time you fly back. Alex's flight from Amsterdam to Gatwick was cancelled so he will be diverted and sleeping in Luton tonight !
Jack is in London with your sister so your Mum and I are still on our own.
Looking forward to seeing you and catching up on all the tour (tall ?) stories.

Lots of love Dad xx