Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Phase 1 is drawing to an end – what news of our venturers?

After a couple of weeks’ hard labour in the field, it’s time for the workers on our community and environmental projects to receive a visit from some friendly Field Base faces.  “The Loop” is a trio of Field Base staff, who visit each of our static sites during the middle of each phase supplying the groups with any new equipment they may require, delivering post and the all-important comments from the blog.  It's also a great chance for them to see what sort of feast the groups can rustle up from the good old Raleigh rations!

The Loop for this phase was manned by the intrepid trio of Serge, Garry and Paula, who started the tour with a visit to each of the environmental projects.
Our first port of call was Alpha 6, who have been hard at work repairing the gravity water feed system at Maliau Basin.  The first part of the project required the group to transport all their tools and equipment to their work site, a steep trek away.  The numerous trips, up hill and down again, has introduced the team to muscles they never knew they had, and ensured a good night’s sleep at the end of each day!

The equipment finally in position at the beautiful waterfall work site, it was time to start work on the project itself, rebuilding the broken dam, and clearing the build-up of silt that has been blocking the system. 
But after a hard day’s work,  there’s time to relax...

...and to enjoy a tasty evening meal...

...feeling proud of all we have achieved.

Our next stop was Alpha 4, at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok.  This team have been making great progress (and honing their carpentry skills) building raised walkways and handrails...

... and enjoying the interesting wildlife that is spotted daily around both their worksite and camp.

Despite all that manual labour, the group still had the energy to conjure up a delicious repast, which the Loop was delighted to share with them!

The third environmental project is manned by Alpha 5, working away in Imbak Canyon in the heart of Sabah.  The team have been working on clearing trails in this important conservation area, which will facilitate the work carried out by the rangers, and by scientists who visit this unique area of primary forest to carry out  research.
Despite all their efforts on the trails, the team have still found time to introduce some important new features to their camp.  They proudly presented their work to the Loop.
A duo of tools to facilitate the set-up of the radio dipole:
An easy way to remember who is the team’s “day leader”:
 And a good place to relax at the end of the day:
The creativity extends to the kitchen too, where the team have been working magic with the Raleigh rations:
After that whistlestop tour of the environmental projects, check back very soon to see how our venturers are enjoying life on the community projects!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jack,
great to see pictures of your team, ( Alpha 6 ), working away at the project at the Maliau Basin.It must have been tough going dragging equipment etc up the slopes, but satisfying by the evening.
We're all missing you
love Dad

Amy Bajada said...

To, Louise Bajada :)

Todays the day im very nervous but excited!! Had my early phone call off bamp to kalem was wondering what was going on lol. Love seeing you on the photos rocking out your pj bottoms i see lol :P! You look all nice and clean but i bet you dont smell it!! Cant wait to hear from you on the weekend from a phone call or text whatevers easiest for you <3 Did you see that arangatan or how ever you spell it lol?? bet it was mad seeing it in the trees, although youve probly seen lots of different animals/creatures! Hope the food isnt too bad looks like your all doing a good job with the cooking. Not sure if that phase is over now but if it isnt enjoy the last few days of that phase and ill speal to you on the weekend hopfully. Keep having fun and enjoy it :D

Lots of love kisses and hugs Amy, Kalem, Lumpy(hopfully just for today) and Porscha (oviously cant leave her out can i lol)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<3 <3 <3

Perry A said...

Message for Gemma Hall in Alpha 6!!!:

Hey gorgeous! Finally got some pics of you on the website! So happy to see you smiling, have been slightly worried, just slightly, as haven't heard or seen anything in awhile!! Waterfall looks amazing, and you looked tanned already! I hope you're as happy as you look in the pictures and the jungle is treating you well. Sending you another letter today. Love you lots, everyone misses you! Speak soon!

Perry said...

P.S. A big thank you to everyone who runs this site and helps us stay closer to our loved ones.
Thank you!

bev b said...

abi and kareem j10,
hi both,
news has just been posted on the blog about some of the projects. you are all doing a wonderful job. no news about your team yet, obviously i am checking every 5 mins!!!
next door send their love, especially neela who informs me she is never leaving her mummy!!!
keep safe, love you both.
mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Suzy said...

Hi Tamsin,

I left you a message on the blog yesterday but I think I forgot to do something on it so it didn't get put up, sad face! Good to see some pictures of you finally and it looks like your having a great time, even though it seems your working pretty hard! Things are all ok here going to London tomorrow to see the Lion King, im very excited, Rob has got a new iphone and found out his angry birds was backed up so has not lost his 3 star streak after all so now I come second once again hehe! The Halloween party was pretty awesome, had a dance room, sound system, smoke machine and everything! Oh and I ate a dead cricket...Im a bit gutted my message didnt get posted yesterday because I pinch punched you and everything, maybe next month ill get you. Really missing my bestest at the moment, need you back so we can waste days playing little big planet :) Hope all is going well and your meeting lots of cool people and that you are having the time of your life, although dont have to much fun, you need to come home! See you next month schmestie :D
Big hugs XxxxX

Anonymous said...

Hey Omar (Tellage)

I hope you have a good change over and a day or 2 of luxury! love to hear how the first phase was for you - it looks amazing from here in grey cold fulham!
Show is going really well & am enjoying it - Shaimaa came over for a film the other night she's doing well....I'm sure it seems miles away from yr life now , but Nigel and i would love to hear how your are .. The wildlife looks amazing .& .How are the leeches??
look forward to hearing what yr next phase it Big kiss and loads of love from us all salxxxxxxx

debra fong said...


I swear you look super different now with your new tan! YOU'RE SO DARK NOW, LIKE FINALLY. hahaha :) how has it been??? Looks like you're having so much fun!!! :) and WHEN AM I GETTING A REPLY FROM YOU?!?! Your new Melb unconditional offer came in today, sent it to your email already. You've got until 15 December to accept the offer.

Things have been good back here. I had my mid sems last week. It was a waste of time, lol. Have a quiz coming up the next week and then finals at the end of November! ahhhh :( It was Shaun's birthday yesterday. We were suppose to go to Genting for a day trip but it got cancelled last minute! Was really looking forward to enjoy the cold air and sit on the Solero Shot over and over again. Boo :(

Shaun and Shing have contacted me about sending letters to you. I am not sure whether their letters have actually reached you though... LOL. And since I always leave you longgg comments on the blog , it's analogous to a letter right? :p hehehe.

I hope all is well for you! And i'm pretty sure you are not regretting a single bit :) Eunice left a wallpost on your facebook wall saying she hopes you don't come back in a cage :p

One last thing, I already bought my one way flight ticket to Melb on the 19th February. 10pm flight. I'm flying with my mum. Just thought of letting you know in case you wanna be on the same flight as i am. PikYeng bought hers on the 15th Feb night instead. She's flying with her mum and sister.

I'm expecting a reply from you! I DONT CARE!:p hehehe. UPDATE ME! you take care and have fun!!!

Love, Debra :)

emily k said...

Save, ate you eating cheese on toast in the jungle? Nice work. We miss you!

Harrie Claus said...

Joep Alpha 4

Mooi commentaar van degenen die de loop reden. Jullie zijn goed opgeschoten en blijkbaar ook nog werken op hoogte met raised walkways. Geen last van je hoogtevrees? Je hebt altijd al graag getimmerd. Mooie vlinders en vooral ook leuk dat er blijkbaar bij jullie naast die beren ook orang oetans zijn. Moet een unieke ervaring zijn om die in het wild in de jungle te zien. Ook nu weer een foto bij het eten. Er wordt blijkbaar goed gekookt. Dat is wel zo lekker natuurlijk. Van wat we zien, heb je in ieder geval veel plezier. We missen je allemaal hier. We horen graag van je als je in het basiskamp bent.
Liefs, Pap

Aris said...

Hoi Reinier,

Ik hoop dat je het daar naar je zin hebt. Als je kan reageren of thuiskomt moet je me even uitleggen wie die meisjes zijn op de foto ;) Eet je daar ook lekker? Mam zei dat je daar ook soms loempia's eet, of moet jij je eigen eten maken? Nu je weg bent is het wel al een stuk rustiger thuis, maar ook een beetje stil. Terwijl je in de Jungle aan het werk bent zit Jobje lekker bij de verwarming te chillen. Hij word wel met de dag dikker en luier. Ik zie jouw weer in December of Januari Als je in Januari terug bent ben ik wel benieuwd hoe jij oud en nieuw gaat vieren. Wij gaan het niet vieren zoals altijd. De 2 families zijn op vakantie dus dat wordt dan ook lekker saai.

Groeten van je broertje, Siebe

Trouwens in jouw AH postvakje zitten stapels VETTE loonstrookjes, en Q gaat nu ook naar Australië. Hij zei: ' als ik terug kom is jouw broer misschien Teamleider'.

Aris said...

the blog from a few minutes ago posted by his brother Siebe is meant for Reinier Begemann Alpha 6

Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,
Just been reading the blog, nice to see your picture. Looks like you all are having a good time. Hope you have taken some pictures.
Everyone is following you on the blog.
its Diwali on Friday so wishing you a Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year. We will be thinking of you eating all the food I have made.
Any way lots of love and best wishes from Mum

Kirsty Johnson said...

Emma Johnson - Well I'm officially the only Johnson in the country for the next 4 weeks. How boring! On the plus we're moving our Roller Derby bout to January so you'll get to see me play!!!!! Hope you're havin lots and lots of fun and aren't too scared of the sun bears :P Love you lots xxxxxx

Brumby family said...

It's very dark here by 5.30 now, the clocks went back on Saturday night! I'm enjoying "Strictly" though! There you've escaped that this year! Work on the Sunbear project looks as though it's coming on, well done! Will take some firework pictures for you at the Bodmin fireworks (with lazer show this year!)on Friday.
Love you lots,
Mum and Das

Jon Brumby said...

Fantastic to see you having such a good time, hope you are keeping well. The project looks spectacular and I am very jealous of your jungle lifestyle. Great picture of you hard at work, the goggles suit you sir! I am sure you will continue to have a phenomenal time!

Have fun Baldrick, will write soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi There Jack saw your photos today you certainly look happy enough! Lost weight though, you better not beat me! Can't wait to have a chat with you , everyone asks after you and sends there best wishes. Thinking of you stay safe Mumx

Anonymous said...

Hi Eloise,
It was great to see pictures of your team (alpha 6). Looked like hard work, you all should be proud of yourselves. We're all thinking of you and everyone sends their love. Look forward to seeing the next phase on the blog. Take care and have fun.
Lot's of love mum, Fletcher and Geneveive xxx

ap104 said...

Ben Alpha 6,
Great to see the work you are all doing, you all seem very happy. Great to see your beaming smile! You look really well so the jungle life must be suiting you. All is well at home. Try and write before you go on the next phase.
I have sent you a letter with the VPN details so i hope you have lots of photos.
Lots of love Mum, Ady, Jake and Josh

The Badgers said...

To Louise Bajada

Hi darling hope your OK. Your doing a great of of getting in all the pictures and you look really good in the latest. Pictures are amazing. What an experience! Can't believe it's nearly 4 weeks since we have seen you, it's going quite quickly (good). Hope to hear from you on the weekend, don't mind if you text, save your money to speak to Scotty & Amy. If you need me to top up your phone text to tell me how.

Love you lots and lots

Mum & Dad

PS. Letters are in the post but don't think you will have received them yet. Started writing some more.

Jenny M said...

Ha ha - I have to agree with Emily, I can't believe you've got cheese on toast in the Jungle, good work! Looks like you're all having an amazing time - love reading all about it. We miss you lots and will keep eyes peeled for the next update.
Jen x x

Anonymous said...

Hello Josh,

Good to see you working hard on the angle grinder action man. Abbie lookng forward to the firework this weekend and Nat coming home for the weekend too. Nat going to take Abbie icestaking (on proper stakes). Make sure you take lots of picture for Alex. Speak to you soon.

Love Alex, Tim and Abbie xxx

Anonymous said...

Gemma GAY Hall, Alpha 6

Hello Stinker! Just thought you would like a sneaky message from the one and only Fizzle Wizzle. Hope you are having an amazing time lovely and have been playing with lots of bears and the like. The photos are awsum! Can't wait for your return..I have many a funny story to amuse you with!I miss your face BEAR(see what I did there!) loads. Loveage to the max little lady xx Filth Wiz aka Liv

Anonymous said...

For Madeleine Gray

Hi Maddy - am longing to see a photo of you on the blog and checking all the time but haven't spotted you yet! The projects look amazing. I hope the trek went well and you didn't meet too many creepy crawlies and your rucksack wasn't too heavy! Phone or text us at the changeover if you can. No news here - it is boring and cold now and the builders are creating chaos but all should be good for Christmas - I hope! Tom was home at half term and got bored very quickly! We are all missing you but are so proud of what you are doing and the wonderful experience you are having. Lots and lots of love Mum. Dad Ishbel Tom and keira xxxxx

Gursharon said...

Hey dips! love the pics u look like your enjoying your self! yay keep up the hard work! mwah love gogo xxxx

Rajbinder said...

Hey Mandeep, how are you? seen your pics,looks like your having fun. Guess what Wagner is still in X-Factor!!lol, Simon Cowell is well annoyed about it, Jindi was saying that there is a Facebook page trying to make him win!! Shall I join it on your behalf.I've been getting mum to write you a letter, but you know what she's like - probably be finished by the time you get back. Aaron's got his provisional and had his 1st lesson. It's really cold here - no surprise! There's a new program called the only way is Essex - its like the cheap cheap version of The Hills - its crap but its addictive, i love watching it! Hope your well and taking care of yourself. Love you loads, Mum, Raj and Aaron.

Anonymous said...

To Pia Mathews,Pia, was really good to talk yesterday and hope you are really enying your next phase. It all looks to be lots of involvement with the community!It was bonfire night yesterday with deluges of rain and it must be so good not having to think of winter darkness, so keep well and try and do me a w/colour of something indigenous. Miss you lots, love Mum xx

Rajbinder said...

Hello Deepi, we're watching strictly come dancing and Pinder and Aaron are doing fireworks, there from two years ago. there not going up very far! Pinder said he's missing you. I'm missing you loads too, Bibi's missing you the most. She said she's missing her 'raunak'. Look after yourself, love you loads. Mum xxxx

sue legge said...

JON LEGGE hi jon it was great to hear your voice today wish i was over with you its -1 here in sunny old exmouth hope i have finally mastered the art of message sending .... if so i will write more next time hope your bites are ok lots of love mum xx eug sends hugs and sam says bababba