Thursday, 14 October 2010

Training's almost over!

With all the venturers safely arrived at the training camp, it’s time to set the jet lag aside while the hard work begins!  But first, we need to get to know each other.

Names learned, it’s down to business.  First things first: remembering to stay hydrated in the tropical heat.

And then there are numerous new skills to be learned, from campcraft to CPR, radios to river crossings...

... before heading off for the first glimpse of Borneo’s beautiful jungle.

Remember those three bowls?  It seems we take them everywhere with us!

Time to put the new skills into practice.
But it’s not all about work!   As well as acquiring all those new skills, there’s a lot of fun to be had, teams to be built and friends to be made.

Well, it’s the last night at our jungle training camp and the question on the venturers’ minds as they settle down for one last night in their hammocks (for now), is which project will they be assigned to, and who will they be working with.   Check back at the weekend to find out!


Jenny Bowe said...

To Ele Bowe:

Great to see your photograph and very glad to observe that you are pulling your weight ha ha!! Have a wonderful time on your first project.

lots of love,
Mum xx

PS Best wishes to all the groups! Look forward to the next report.

Pascal said...

Hi Maxim,

Great foto of you pulling the rope with the teambuilding activities..... Do you also have an account on "waarbenjijnu"? Live your life up to the MAX, love you, hugs&kisses, mum Pascal X

Rae Greene said...

Message for Mary Greene.
Hey Muscles Mary, did your team win at the tug of war?! It's so great to see you xxxxxx I can't believe you're really there :) but with photographic evidence it's official! love you x
Mum xx

alanbowe said...

To Ele Bowe

Great photos - good to see you in action in the tug-of-war! But you're all looking so happy - must be the sardines. We're just back from a relaxing river cruise in the Prague afternoon sunshine, dan having his daily Weetabix - we could always post one to you, then bath, story and bed....stay hydrated, Ele! The Prague BadgerShop Trio oxo

The Badgers said...

To Louise Bajada

Hi Lou, sorry about the blogs, guess it was working :).

Glad you listened to us and managed to get in a picture and are learning new skills. Sounds like your having a fab time. Can't wait to see what your first phase will be.

Have fun and be careful. Thinking of you all the time.

Lots of love
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

For Ellie Tetlow
Hi, have great fun on your first project. They all look fab. What an early start! Take lots of pictures. Love you loads Mum and william x
Have a great time. Lots of love Izzy x

Anonymous said...

Looks to be hot and very steamy.
Working in weather conditions like that we look forward to seeing Abigail as a size 0 model. Love from Nan and Grandad.

Nanny Blanchard said...

Message for Mary Greene. Take care, love you darling. From Nan xxxxx

magali said...

to Nicolas Brouwers,

contente de te savoir bien arrivé,
tu nous manques déjà
des bisous

Anonymous said...

message for Olivier Uijewaal

Lieve Olivier, wat een gezellige foto. Kunnen daarop goed zien dat je het naar je zin hebt . Over 2 dagen ga je doen waar je voor komt : de jungle in en bijdragen ! Geniet van elk moment, het zal een bijzondere ervaring zijn ! Liefs Papa,Mama en Jur

Richard said...

To Fong Sin mei,

Harlo, I'm so glad to see that you seem very enjoy the expedition. Everything seem good, well keep it up ya. Boleh Ba kalau Kau!!!!

From Richard Teh

Richard said...

Hello there also the Raleigh KL friends,

How's the expedition? U guys seem enjoy it alot and that's great!! Well, feel excited about the project that u had assigned to ? Remember to take lots of picture and have max fun out there ya!!

From Richard

Anonymous said...

To Tom Rumsey

Tom, good to see you in the photos getting to grips with survival techniques - perfect preparation for Uni! Have a great time on your first assignment, and remember to take lots of photos!!!

Love, Mum, Dad and Daniel

Poh-E said...

Dear KL Venturers,

Have fun and explore the nature!
Take good care of yourselves and GET OUT THERE!


Anonymous said...

message to Olivier UIjtewaal
Hi Otje, Heb al foto s van je gezien en het ziet er erg leuk uit. Zet vooral je rode pet vaak op dan ben je goed herkenbaar. Tot de volgende keer, sterkte en plezier Dikke kus Oma

Suzy said...


Good to see you are still in one piece, your going to come back with bigger muscles then me... hehe. Loving this blog thing, trying not to send you a million messages all the time. All is good here, going to Brighton tomorrow for the day instead of the spa weekend but we all know whos fault that is :D

Missing you bestest, nearly a week down already, enjoy every minute of your adventure, just don't come back too buff!

Big hugs Suzy xxx

simodino said...

Look here,

Evinn, SinMei, YenWen, ShuMay, ShiHan,ShenQuang, MunMun, Aaron, JingWen, SuWen, ChoonWei !!!

Are you there yet ?! Definitely !! You are getting out there !

Go go go !! have a good time and enjoy to the max !

Looking forward to see your tan when you get back and hear stories from you all !


sally James-Knyvette said...

Omar Tellage

Hi Omar great to see photos of you all getting stuck in ...cant find you yet , so maybe yr swinging in a hammock somewhere!! Do hope yr enjoying it ..we have a fine pair of sunglasses here that minnie is wearing ... hope yr eyes are ok!! -- were looking forward to hearing news and send you loads of love we miss you. - Sally, Nigel and Everyone from home.. Fatima called today and seeing am Shaimaa tomorrow xxxxxxxxx

Fiona Peischl said...

Hey Gem,

Photo of the river crossing is so cool! You are going to have a blast!!!

All my love, mum ( AKA MAMA ) xxxx

Jeni said...

Hi Guy (SD)- Great to see you (!!) walking the plank! Have a fantastic time - it all looks very exciting and I hope you're enjoying it all.All fine here - lots of coat sales. Half term next week for Leck. Weather cold and cloudy here so enjoy the heat. Lots of love from us all Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Ellie Tetlow
Hi there Ellie and all your fellow campers! I have just had lunch at Ardarden with your mum and Izzy, so heard about this blog and that you had arrived safely and were about to hear of your 1st "trial"/adventure. The photos all look amazing and you are sure to have amazing tales to tell on your return. Hope the early start is not too much of a horror, have great fun, and we will look forward to the updates. What a star and a wonderful thing to be doing - go girl!! Love Neil, Kathy, Ellen and Fraser xxxx

eveline egeler said...

Hoi Lisie,

Wat super dat je het top hebt gehad de afgelopen week! Zo leuk om je op de foto's te zien! Nu de bush in wat wel spannend en heftig zal zijn, maar als toetje duiken
en daarna ben je bereikbaar op je verjaardag! Ik ben zo trots op je en denk aan je!
Xxxxxxxx klm en van ons allen

Anonymous said...

this message is for olivier uijtewaal

hey olie

et ziet er allemaal goed uit op de foto's. en je ziet er nog gezond uit. leuke groep mensen zie ik dus je zult je wel vermaken.

groetjes peter en jur

Preeti said...

Hey Deepi,

I would have come to the airport on sunday but we had another function on the other side that I couldnt miss :(

Seen ur pic on tug of war, goosh looks like ur pulling hard lol....

Aw miss u, cant wait till u get bac and I want to hear all about ur adventure.

Mwah Preeti xXx

Gill said...

Hi Tamsin,
See you are getting the hang of it but the hot steamy conditions must be exhausting. Melony is eating all that chocolate cake and your mum and dad are home from your Grans who was fine. TTFN Gill

sally James-Knyvette said...

Omar Tellage

Hi Omar

Its me Shaimaaa and Sally saying how are YOU ...We are very happy yr on this trip and hope yr learning a lot from it- we are all missing you ana behibeck...big hugs from everyone enjoy enjoy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Robert Nash
Hi Robert
Hope you are getting used to the conditions and having a great time.
Love Gran & Grandad

Anonymous said...

To Olivier,
Hi gozer,wat's up?Hopelijk maak je het goed.Hier begint het koud te worden.Je hebt daar geen last van, toch?Een dikke kus van Alessia en Ilaria.Dag vriend.We keep in touch.
Als ik het goed zie heb je nog de ketting.Dit keer als dubbele armband.Klopt het?

Imogen Loat said...

Ele my sweet!

Missing you so so much! I've had a mosey through the photos. You look like your having such a great time! Jel! Especially the backbone your putting into that tug of war! ba ha love a bi'o'bowe! Hopefully you will get my letter at the first changeover, but if not then you will have this and you know it will be on its way!

Aaaaaaand most importantlty... i hope the grub is good and the porridge is up to your experienced standards! if not, show them how its done!

Aw miss you and cant wait to hear all about everything when you get back!

All my love mogey bogey xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Max lieverd,
je bent een topper.
hahaha die foto's!
Mis je gek,
kus dido

Nicola Baptistaaaa said...

Babyyy!! Looks like you are having an amazing time! Missing you loads, cant wait until you are back and i can see youuuu. You would be proud though, heading to a Devlin gig on Tuesday, eeeeeeeee! Keep up all the good work, think of all the people you will be helping out. SO many. Lots of LOVE. Xxxxxxx

Nicola Baptist said...

p.s. that was for Miss Bowe.

Anonymous said...

hi kelly (from not so sunny reading)

hope your having a great time out there and all your hard working raising the money has paid off! were all immensively proud (and a bit jealous) of you!
not much to report from here apart from peter shilton has just gone from strictly and jon has just gone from x factor! bet your gutted you missed those! lol!

take care of yourself! were all thinking of you!

Preeti said...

Hey Deepi,

Hope your well and having a fab time.

Everyone here is well.

Missing you loads Preeti xXx

p.s. tried writing on ur wall last week but couldn't

Iris Johnson said...

Emma Johnson A quick message from mum and dad out here in Thailand. Seen your latest photo's on the web site, your hair seeems to have gone quite blond!!! Also you seem to be enjoying yourself. We are fine and having quite a nice time. You should be off to do the second part soon. Is it the diving part???? Hope you enjoy it if it is. Take good care. Love Mum and Dad xxxx

camycastanet said...

Hey George!

I can't believe you're really there! I've only found two pics of you but I'll keep looking. Send me an e-mail when you get back or when you have a sec and a connection I don't know how it works, to tell me all about it.
I miss you, it looks fantastic!
I hope to hear from you soon,
Bonne chance!


Anonymous said...

God I’ve missed you! I want to ask you loads of questions but know a reply is unlikely so am just going to say that I really do hope your having a good time out there mate! I hope your actually looking after yourself and not just being a lazy *! Things have changed a bit for me…am working 34 hours this week and havn’t managed to mess anything up as yet, nothing really important anyways. I could write pages to you man but will leave it there. I shall go continue my missing you… Kim xxx

Preeti said...

Hey Deepsy,

Sorry I never wrote on ur wall last week my laptop got a virus :(

Hope your well and having a fab time..

Goosh five weeks left, days are flying by.

I wonder if u hav started eating meat or fish yet lol....

I'm at home this weekend, aw feels sooo good lol....

I'll write to u soon...

Love u & miss u loads Preeti xXx

Anonymous said...

Hi tamsin, just got onto ur blog thing! technology don't you just miss it!!lol. Thinking of you all and praying you'll be totally blessed and a blessing. soooooo looking forward to hearing all your adventures loads and loads of love auntie Belly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx