Friday, 15 October 2010

Thanks for your messages!

Thanks for your messages on the blog and on twitter, they are on the way to the 10J team who are getting their kit and food ready for tomorrow.

Now it's time for you to get writing. The static teams will receive a visit from the loop in the middle of phase, and with them they will bring re-supplies, the blog and snail-mail - you know, the old fashioned way of staying in touch! 

If your letter doesn't arrive in time for the loop then it should arrive in time for changeover. We find that the more snail mail we receive, the more popular we feel, so send your love here: 

PO Box 14182,
88848 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia

Hear from you soon!


M and D said...

Hi Marie

The projects sound amazing and the scenery incredible. The hammocks look cosy! Have an amazing adventure. We are thinking of you and send you much, much love.

M and D

Oma Marja said...

Lieve wereldreiziger van ons,

Het strafkamp valt erg mee zo te zien! En op de foto lijkt het of je al weer het voortouw hebt genomen!! zou je voor mij, als het lukt, een krokodillen leren tas willen meenemen!Het mag ook een portemonnee zijn!!(- Oma is nu heel erg gerust dat je het zo naar je zin hebt. Dikke kus Ahmed, Sully en Oma

amz said...

message for james peard:

hey jimbo! hope you're having a really good time so far!! its really quiet n strange at home without you and "all hands on deck time" just aint the same! nothing exciting happening at home (apart from we've got the new floor down and im finally walking)

miss you loads!
love you, A. xxxxxxx

Andy said...

I miss you soo! I wont have time to send you any snail mail anytime soon though. =/ With my exams going on and what not.. But that doesnt mean you cant send me any right? heheh! =) When my exams finish, i'll try to send you snail mail almost everyday! Take care babe! miss you lots =) have fun!

Megan said...

Hey Ele,

Looks like you are having a great time so far. Thinking about you every day. Hope you enjoy your first trek.

Love Megan xx

sally James-Knyvette said...

for Omar Tellage

great to see you on the photos ...hope you enjoy your project ...look forward to finding out which it is -- have a great time lots of love sal xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Ellie Tetlow

Hi Ellie, Sat afternoon and I'm still in work! Guess you are working too!!! Early start today? Does everyone find it hard to get you out of bed or is it just your M&D!! Make sure you take lots of pictures. Isobel is off to the pics today(off grounding a day early!)Enjoy yourself. Love Dadxx

Jayne said...

message for Kieran Brady..
hi son,hope ur havin a gr8 time in Borneo,its so quiet here without u lol get intouch soon,miss an love u loads..take care..mum,yoza,stacey,alex,owen and brendan xxxxxxx

mama-millie said...

Hey there Millie Smith,
Just thinking about you as you embark on the next stage of your journey and head for your project. I'm really excited for you, so much more fulfilling than watching X Factor.....sad I know! I'm looking forward to hearing news about where you're off to.
Sleep tight, love you
mum x

Anonymous said...

For Ellie Tetlow
Hi cannot believe it is only a week ago we were running round Covent Garden looking for factor 50 sun cream! Have great fun on your first project - can't wait to hear what it was like. Really proud of you. Love you loads, Mum, Dad, William and Izzy x x x

Christina Reid said...

To Ben Summers,
Hope you're having a great time out there - stop hiding from the camera so we can see you on the blog!
Miss you and love you loads, Christina

Rae said...

Hi shu may!

Hope you're doing well there!! It has been a week plus yesss! Can't wait to go shopping with you for college outfits! I'm dragging you along. EAT MORE!

Jacqueline said...

Hoi Julie,

Loes had je al gespot op een foto en het ziet er ontzettend leuk uit! Maar een training camp heb jij toch niet nodig? Krokodillen bespringen, met tijgers vechten, ik ken je niet anders ;) Veel succes en plezier in de jungle!


Anonymous said...

hey shauna from australia we are all missin u heaps havin a bbq and drinks at mums wiv every1 as usual hahahaha neway we all miss u and love u good luck love martin marie martina lukarla chris lukemc tyler kiara cory jess alicia mark zack becky kelsey rob roseanne marek nicole hannah liam luked cathryn tom katie oliver r ma dad n daire love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mum said...

hi abigail goodburn,
still not used to the peace and quiet at home. so far have resisted the desire to wash blankie but the urge is strong!!
enjoy your adventure.
love you, keep safe
mum xxxxxx

insearchofthefifth said...

Hi Caroline,
Hope that this is the right place to leave a message for you. Sounds amazing from the descriptions and hope you are having a fab time. All well here and will write soon xx Love IZ xx

Aris said...

Ha Reinier,
We hebben je gezien op de foto's. Ziet er geweldig leuk uit allemaal. Nu de foto's uit de jungle nog....
Hou je taai en we denken veel aan je!

Frank said...

Ha Leontien,

Ik heb jullie foto gezien en jullie treffen het geweldig dat je gelijk de adventure tocht mag maken. Ziet er goed uit en we zijn erg benieuwd hoe het je in het oerwoud vergaat.

Groeten van ons allemaal( vanuit Rotterdam en Zeeland)


Iris Johnson EmmaJ's Mum said...

For EmmaJ, Sounds like you have a really good project with the sunbears. Hope you are enjoying yourself. Dad and I are beginning to get our things together for our trip to Thailand. When we get out there I should be still able to send a message to you on here. Hope you are well. Its getting much colder here now so your not missing much. Will send another quick note in a day or so. Dad sends his love and so do I. Miss you. Mum xxxx P.S. Shamus might just get his annual wash while your away!!!! ;oP

Anonymous said...

hi emma bean seen your group photo you look well miss you loads hope you enjoy your project the kindergarden we are all well letters on the way love you mum dad daniel and robbie xx

Mum and Dad said...

hi claire cottee,
Hope you haven't fallen out of the hammock, have filled your bedroom with our bedroom furniture, still waiting for dad to make a start. Looks like you're having fun. Have seen the photo's. Missing you. love Mum, Dad and Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben Summers,
Looks like you're all having a fantastic time. Glad to see you got infront of the camera. Enjoy every experience and have a great time. Love from us all. Mum x

Anonymous said...

Hi Maddy The dive and trek sound amazing. I hope you are enjoying it and managing to get your hammock fixed at night! We are so proud of you. What an amazing adventure you are having! We are all thinking of you and send you all our love! Looking forward to hearing all your stories at Christmas. Take lots of pictures. We love you lots mum and dad

Jenny said...


I miss you so much in the house but everything out there looks amazing, I hope you're having a brilliant time. Things are all the same here I'm just trying to get myself in gear to start preparing for my trip but I keep getting distracted by reading about yours! Have fun and I'll keep watching.

Jen x x

Anonymous said...

Hey Shauna second week nearly over missing you heaps hope you are having great fun and doing lots of work. Its very quiet here without you talk to you soon. Lots of love Mam, Dad, Dairexxx

Floor said...

Lieve Stib,
We zijn ontzettend benieuwd hoe het je vergaat in het tropische regenwoud! Wat een gaaf project heb je! Hier is de herfst begonnen en gaat alles goed. Mama checkt de blog 5 keer per dag in de hoop dat er een foto van jou kale koppie opstaat. Dus laat ons niet langer in spanning aub!

We missen je maar we vinden het heel gaaf wat je nu aan het doen bent!

Dikke knuffel en kus van papa, mama en floor

Sophie Welch said...

Hey Paz!
Seen the photo looks like you are having lots of fun!! I hope you are having an amazing time and enjoying the jungle! Thinking of you!
Lots of love
Sophie xx

Anonymous said...

Hi James Mclean 10j Alfa 1, looking forward to hearing how your building work has gone, and to seeing pictures of the kindergarden. Alf and Eddie came to salsa friday, they seem to be both finally enjoying it!they both send hello, as of course does the rest of the family. Hope alls well with you and your venturers and your enjoying yourself even though we realise its hard work. lots of love Mum and Philxx

eveline egeler said...

Message for Lisa Egeler

Lieve Lies,
Ben zo benieuwd hoe je het in de jungle hebt.... Kan niet wachten om wat te horen, maar dat zal nog ff duren.Dus ik check heel vaak de site of er nieuws is.Jij in de warmte, hier koud storm en regen.
Denk veel aan je en wij missen je!
Maar wat een waanzinnige ervaring doe jij op!Zorg goed voor jezelf
Dikke Xxxxx, klm en de rest

Anonymous said...

For Ellie Tetlow,

Hi Ellie, big surprise this morning as we saw the picture of you with the drill! Mum was pleased that you had sun cream with you!!!!!!! I showed the picture to Marvin And Fraser - they wondered if you'll want a job with Raymond when you come home - if not there are plenty of building jobs around the house that you can get on with! We all thought that you looked well although that green t-shirt must be pretty manky now. Lots andlots of love Dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

hi james peard see you have made friends already nice to see you are ok Dad and dsawn

sterwey said...

hoe is t nu ? ziet er allemaal super leuk uit!!!
schrijf je af en toe een beetje in je boekje ??
heb je mijn adres , kan je brieven sturen..
hier gaat alles goe !! heb net met je vader gebokst !!!
dikke kus

Louisecowling said...

Message for Peter Cowling -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! We miss you lots. Hope you are having a good time. With lots of love and birthday hugs from Louise xxx

rachel said...

hiya millie
thinking of you and missing you hope you are having a great experience really proud of you!!!!
eageringly awaiting photos and news of alpha 9's expedition grab every moment! letters on the way!
loads of love dad and yvonnexx

the same goes for us millie hope you are having a wonderful time
Panny, Rachel and the boys xx

Odette said...

Berichtje voor Maxim
Hé Kanjer, gaat het goed daar? Aan je 2e expeditie begonnen, klonk superleuk! Hier alles goed, stormy weather en lekker druk aan het werk :-(
Mis jou, have fun, kaartjes weer onderweg!! LY, Odette en Anton X!

Anonymous said...

To Pia Alpha 1
Hi Pia sorry for lack of contact but seem to be racing here but think of you all the time and hope the community is good fun Think you are very lucky to be in sun too as here is def. winter now.Xmas beginning here too but would swop for a garland from Borneo. Miss you lots and lots will write again and stay well All luv mumxxxx