Thursday, 14 October 2010

Send us your messages!

Hello everyone!

It's a sunny day four of training here in Borneo, and the venturers have been busy learning essential skills for expedition. More news and pictures on training soon from Paula, our communications officer, but first, TWO very important announcements!

First Announcement
The groups will be deploying at the break of dawn on the 16th October (less than two days away) so why not send us a send-off message!

You have until UK time - 11.00am Friday morning or Malaysian time - 6.00pm Friday evening to get your messages in and this will give us time to post your messages up for the 10J to read before deploying the next morning.

Second Announcement
We've notice some double and even triple messaging going on in the comment section, and this is probably because your comments don't appear on the comments page immediately.

Our communications team are required to moderate comments before they can be published so when you click on "Publish Your Comment" the window will refresh and you will see a message saying "Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval." This means your comment has been entered and is waiting for moderation. We check the blog regularly for comments so it will take no more than two days for your comments to appear. We understand the anticipation and appreciate your patience!

We love hearing from you so keep your messages coming.




Kirsty Johnson said...

Emma Johnson UK - midge! It's only been 4 days but it already feels like my legs been chopped off without you!
Hope you're loving every minute of it and continue to love it for the next 10weeks! No news from here, you're more interesting than me atm! Stay safe, love you lots and I'll see you later ;) CHUNK xxx

Kirsty Johnson said...

Emma Johnson, UK - P.S HAPPY BIRTHDAY for next week! I have THE best present for you. My clue "parcel force!!!" :D love you. Kirsty xxxx

Anonymous said...

Shauna, Eloise, Ivy, Chris, Neil and Khyal. Well it's all about to start! Good luck to all of you, make the most of it...just seize the moment guys:) Great speaking to you the other day Ivy, so glad all is ok.

Ok guys, go show them what the thunder from down under is all about:) Looking forward to all the news.

Hugs and love, Nikki:)

alanbowe said...

Well, well, what your parents and sisters failed to achieve in 21 years and uni in 3, those Raleigh people are doing it in 5...DAYS! Teaching u 2 survive - well done, all of you. Lt Cmdr has returned her birthday dress claiming excessive "frumpiness" - maybe you saw it? dan flying his kite on the hills. Marketa taking her Driving Test in a few weeks. Looking forward to learning more about your Alpha group - have fun whether it's bears or bridges. Remember, we'll be following you - at a safe distance...lots of love, The Prague BadgerShop Trio oxo

alanbowe said...

Dear Moderator, please insert To Ele Bowe in previous post, thanks.The Prague BadgerShop Trio

Anonymous said...

To Ellie Tetlow,

Hi Ellie hope you arent finding it tooooo hard to get out of bed. Wish I could be there to watch you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack,
Hope you and your fellow adventurers have a brilliant trip when you finally set off!
We'll be keeping a close eye on the blog to see what you're up to.
PS I trust you found your camera.
love from
Dad, Mum, Matt and Tally

Anonymous said...

@ Robyn Lewes - "The Simpsons had entered the forest..." Good luckRobs, luv Mum & Dad :-}*

debra fong said...

This is a shoutout for Ong Su Wen,
knowing you so well of your capabilities of being such a klutz.

hahaha :p

Will drop you messages from time to time!
Love you :)

suzy_fallon said...

Dear Tamsin :)

Thank you for your message was so good to hear from you. Glad you are safe and sound and all seems to be going well. Good luck on your expedition, will be thinking of you. Make sure you stay safe and remember to steer clear of the monkeys ;) Missing you lots.
Chinese Chopsticks!!!
Lots of love Suzy xxx

Rae Greene said...

Hi Mary, so glad I can now send you messages x and can't wait for updates on the blog which I am checking about a thousand times a day! I bet you're having a fantastic time and it's only just the beginning! Everyone is good especially Jasper and I'm giving him lots of kisses from you. Miss you loads darling xxxx Take care xx Have Fun xx love you xx
Mum xxxxx

shari said...

Hey aussie vegimites (chris , kyhal, Ivy,Eloise, shauna,Neil )

hope you guys are having a blast and i told u its amazing, will write soon,

will fill you in on what i have been up to.
send hugs to yolanda from me
miss you all so much and you all having an amazing time , its beautiful and i cant wait to go back :)
love AFRICA aka shari xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi There Jack Glad to hear from dad that you are enjoying yourself. Must confess that the house isn't the same without you! I got home from work to a clear sink! Take care and enjoy the experience Love Mumx

Anonymous said...

For Robyn Lewes. Hi Robsie Doo. I missed you wrigging on my office chair trying to tell me about your day. Bren has been having his jabs and ordering his malaria tabs. Hope to see a photo of you on the blog soon. Have an awesome time and burn those calories! Mum, Dad and Brendan xxxxxx

Kirsty Robertson said...

Hi Emma Johnson, hope you had a safe journey and you're enjoying your adventure so far. Good luck with the jungle, have the BEST time, say hello to the ginger beings, and happy birthday for a couple of weeks' time! Missing you already, take care of yourself, love you lots. Kirsty Robertson xxxxx

ngwc said...

Evinn Soo, I really really miss you and your fb pokes! Hope everything is jolly and well for you. Lots and lots of love.

p/s: Don't forget your retainers. lol

kate greene said...

I hope it's going good over there, i bet it's nice and warm, it's freezing here! Mum's told me you're setting off tomorrow, I don't know where but I hope it's somewhere nice. Don't get eaten by a giant spider!
I'll write to you soon,
Lots and lots of love,

Lisa said...

Hi Tom,
Thinking of you lots these past few days and longing for some news of what you're up to! Have a wonderful, wonderful time and remember to shake out those pants & boots! ;)
Mum, Dad & Daniel xxxx

Szu-Mei said...

How are you? Hope you are well and everything's going great! Mom told me we can leave messages for you...I think that's awesome! [plenty of spam from me to come].... Wishing you lots of fun and take good care of yourself ya lil bro :p oh and remember to take your malaria pills too!!!
Lots of love from your Jie xoxo

Iris Johnson said...

Emma Johnson, Hi hun just a quick message to say hope you are well and enjoying the expedition so far. Dad and I went to see George Mcgavin last night and he was brilliant. I got him to sign something for you and he said he hoped you enjoyed yourself out in Borneo as much as he did and don't forget to check your boots!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 29th, we shall be thinking of you.Have a BRILLIANT time out there. We love and miss you (Its too quiet). Take care xxxxxxxxxxxx Mum and Dad. xxxx

Chiang said...

Hi JingWen,

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Hope u have a great time there.

Shen's gone to sleepover at his friend's house and kailing working late shift today. The house pretty quiet with u.

Do have fun and take care ya.

Love Mum n Dad

mum said...

Hey there Millie
Just read the latest news that you'll be setting off in less than 2 days,YIKES!! Hope you were listening to all the instructions and not just thinking about what you'll be having for tea ha ha. Me and Ava will be following you on your journey.Wish I was there (you'll be relieved that I'm not!)
Have fun, seize the day!
Love you loads, mum and Herbie x x

Gérard said...

Lieve Maxim Terwey,

Het ziet er leuk uit op de foto's! Volgens mij heb ik je gepot op een foto waar je aan het touwtrekken bent en als laatste staat?? Zo te zien heb je het daar wel naar je zin! Ik heb begrepen dat zaterdag het echte werk begint!! Succes en veel liefs van ons allemaal! x Papa

kailing said...

Jing Wen,
must add oil and remember to share your story with us....take care and enjoy there... Gambateh!!!=)

June Mathews said...

Hello Pia, Was sogoodto see pics.of you as miss you very much but am really proud of you for what you are doin Will send letter and gift and hope you are doing phase you want but all look gd. Billy sends many puurrs pr!Say hi to the jungle and remember allof us are sending big hugs!!!Take lots of pics and make friends with it all . Speak soon and alllove Mum

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise (Scothern)
I hope you are settling in ok. Just wanted to say how proud i am of you.
Lots of Love
Dad xx

Leanne,Lesley, Gary and Mia said...

Message for Mary Greene:

Hi Mary !!
Hope you are having a brilliant time in Borneo. Can't believe you have been there for a whole week nearly it has gone so quick!
We have just seen some of the photos online and there is one of you doing tug of war, you look like you're having such a great time and we all said whichever team you were put on must have won lol.
Enjoy the rest of your trip can't wait to hear all about it!

Lots of love from Leanne xxxx

Hi lovely Mary

We were scanning through pictures and couldn't believe we see you. Hope you are having a brilliant time you look like you are.

Loads of love

Lesley, Gary and Mia xxxxxxxxxxx

Scott collins said...

Dear Lou Lou, was happy to come on the blog today and see a picture of you :) looks like a good blast there and there doing a good job with you all.x. Home isn't the same without you :( and missing you loads,all ok here though. Hope your having fun and can't wait to hear from you. Love you loads love from Scott.x.x.x

mum said...

abi and albert,
miss you both,
looks like you are having an amazing time already. enjoy your projects, have fun, make friends and look after each other.
love you both.
mum, lot and buzz xxxxxx

Amy Bajada said...

Hey Aunty Lou Lou (Louise Bajada)

Lovely to hear off you Wednesday :D. Glad you got there safe and are having an amazing time <3. Were all ok Lumpys getting bigger and bigger-and Kalems being a house husband lol. Loving the picture of you in the river, you still look girly and rather clean :P. Hope you have a fab few weeks whatever you get given to do hopfully its what you wanted. Got my sim just need to sort my phone out, hope you got my message back to you. Im guessing ill speak to you next when you phone around the 4th/5th and find out if your having a niece or a nephew :D <3. Take care, have a fab time and speak to you soon. We all love and miss you millionsssss, love Amy, Kalem, Lumpy and of course Porscha :D xxxx

ps. aunty lou lou you rock ;) bet that made you smile lol <3

Anonymous said...

for Emma Bean hope you are having lovely tme the house is so quiet without you Robbie has no one to argue with miss you loads love from mum dad daniel and robbie xxx

jacqueline said...

Message for Steven Schrijen: Steven we would very much like to see your new haircut! Photo is more than welcome.... We wish you lots of fun during the coming days and we we miss you in cold and wet Holland. Love and kisses, J & F & N

Marianne C said...

Nihao! Chris C. Saw your pic - case of hat recognition. Hope you having fun. Missed you. X M&D

Anonymous said...

this massege is for olivier uijtewaal

Hi ouwe,
alles goed? hier in Nederland is alles goed? we missen je wel hoor! ik wens je heel veel plezier met je eerste missie en pak een paar lekkere wieffen voor me! ik spreek je snel weer.

xx Daan en Jur

ap104 said...

Ben Fort 10J, Hope you are having a good time, the photos look really great. We all miss you so much, love you lots. Get in some more photos for Josh to see you!!
Hope you tied the knots well on your basher!!!
Love Mum, Ady, Jake and Josh

Rajbinder said...

Hey Mandeep, Hope your well and enjoying yourself! We all miss you loads! lots and lots of love Mum, Raji and Aaron. xxx

alice said...

Hey pia,
Wow cant believe you are there! its amazing! How has the first week been? As hard as I siad it would be? Just keep going it will get easier when you go out on phase.It must be amazing out there in the jungle, try to appreciate it all and think of me in London which is soo hectic! i have so much work at uni and am already behind! i think of you and wish you were here a lot but know you will have a great experience (even if you dont always realise it at the time!) I hear you will go on phase soon so goodluck with allocations, Love you loads and be brave! Cant wait to see you in thailand xxxxxxxx

Lexi said...

Hiya Tam (Tamsin Stevens)

Hope it's all going well... beeen thinking about u! We r missing u loads even tho u onli been gone a few days!! I'm not reli used to this blog stuff so hope i'm doin this right & u actually get this message!! :) Looking forward to hearing everything u hav been up to.
Loadsa luv n hugs Lexi xxxxxxx mwah

Anonymous said...

Heyy Josh,
I can't believe how much I miss you, and it's been less than a week. I've sent you a letter as well so that should be winging its way to you now. I spoke to your mum and she told me you'd got in touch. Stay strong darling. Love you so much. Look after yourself and have lots of fun. Always thinking of you. Becca (clever sauasge) xxx

martin van olffen said...

Martin van Olffen said:

Hi to Merel van Olffen and all other participants. We very much appreciate to see the first photo's and reports. It seems a different world indeed... Back home in The Netherlands we do appreciate the difficulties you need to overcome. We envy you all however for all the opportunities that you will have in Borneo, easpecially all the beautifull things you can see and experience. Enjoy your stay and heel veel liefs from Bloemendaal.

stoneman333 said...

Messages for Ian W,

Hi - haven't managed to spot you in photos, but assuming you have arrived. Baggage cover now in place! Hope you're fully trained for bears or bridges. Following blog meticulously – very envious. Have a fab time,
Much love – Mum & Dad xxx

Have a WILD time! – Love from Leila xxx

Dear Ian :)
Hello! Hope everything is going well, sorry I couldn't come and see you off on Sunday, but I gather from everyone it all went fine. Hope you're having a great time and those crocs are coming in handy!
We've been trying to work out if you're in any of the pictures, not sure if you're right at the back of one :)
Take care and have an amazing time!
Chlöe xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack (Regan),
Thinking of you.
Stay safe,
Have fun, and don't eat the peanuts!

lots of love

The Heeley's said...

Hi Cameron, missing you!!! It is so quiet here without you. No Madeline has no one to fight with over the remote control. Hope all is going well and the bed bugs are not biting. Around here the only thing biting is Darcie (the puppy) who has eaten the book about greenland ( we wont tell Alison who bought it for you ) and Madelines earphones . Which means they are probably your earphones as she usually steals yours! Love Mum, Dad, Madeline & Darcie

Anonymous said...

Hi Maries

Didnt look like you were trying to hard in the tug-a-war looks like good fun though, jaspers still biting hollie and hollies still mad, missing my gears partner keep safe, miss you lots

Papa x x x

adam said...

To louise scothern,

Hey Its adam! hope you get this message,i feel lost without being able to talk to you :( send me a letter! i read that it takes 2 weeks so if i dont get a letter from you in 2 weeks il send you one out.

Roll on 9 weeks the wait is killing me,lol.

Love you,adam xxx.

Becky said...

James Peard, hope you're having an awesome time out there! it's really strange not having you around.. will look at the blogs everyday to keep up with what you're doing, looking forward to seeing some pictures too! send a letter or postcard at some point if you can :)
i miss you millions man! can't wait till you're back already.
hope you're well,
love you, midge xxxx

Dave Saunders said...

Hey Beki (Turner) :) Hope your well my angel and enjoying every minute of the experience. I've sent you a letter out but that will prob take a while to get to you. I've managed time off work and so will be waiting for you at the airport when your back, I'm already counting down the days.
Hope to speak to you soon.
Love you, Dave xxx

Kar Lye said...

Dear all Raleigh KL venturers,

Have a blast getting out there!

You will miss the hammock, tea and sardine time when you are back in KL!

You don't even need to try very hard to give us Post-Expedition Blues (PEB), because every time we see photos of you guys in expedition, it just reminds us so much of our time out there!

Shen, Shu May, Shi Han, Mun Mun, Evinn, Yen Wen, Sin May, Su Wen, Jing Wen, Choon Wei, and Aaron - (The biggest KL contingent EVER in recent years!!) Make sure you guys know what "Sayang Kinabalu" is!

Be safe and will wait (not-so)patiently to meet the tanned healthy you in December!

Kar Lye
Raleigh KL

Papa Greene said...

Hi Mary G

Jasper & Hollie say hello and when you coming back for more training, Dad also says hello and hopes your behaving and having fun



Julie van Wassenaer said...

for: merel van Olffen

OMG hoe gaat het???? sorry dat ik je telefoontje had gemist maar hij stond op stil, voortaan zet ik hem op trillen zodat als je nog een keer belt ik de klas uit ren!! het is vast heel leuk, en ik weet zeker dat je de allebeste bent!! ik stuur je nog iets van stroopwafels ofzo op!! iik hoop ook dat je je boekje mag meenemen in de Jungle! heb al foto's gezien van je in het water in zo'n rijtje HAHA wat is dat??

Odette Gijswijt said...

Bericht voor Maxim Terwey
Hé Kanjer, leuk die foto's, hoop zó dat je het leuk vindt, en anders kom ik wel naar je toe :-)
PS Mazo Mazo, Sterretje, Jokertje en Little Princes zitten te denken aan een nieuwe serie: O O BOrneOO,
dus kijk maar uit ;-)
Hou van jou en heel veel suc6 in the jungle XXX Odette

Naomi said...

Hi Jack!

Have an amazing time, I can't begin to tell you how jealous I am! Will be thinking about you and look forward to hearing all the stories when you get back.
Naomi xx

Roger Greene said...

All messages posted for Maries by Pa Pa or Roger Greene are intended for Mary Greene.

Marianne C said...

For Chris C - leaving cold London tomorrow for warm HK. James having sandwiches everyday but have not lost weight - still chub chub. Had a lovely leisurely day with A Connie shopping last Monday and bought nought but nice to just wander around. Hope you are survivin. Keep going and be tough!

Jeni said...

Hi Guy -again - so sorry the messages didn't reach you before you left - the one day I didn't check the blogs and that's the one I had a time deadline!! Hope it's all fantastic and keep taking the malaria tabs. How're the mozzie bites?? Everyone phoning and asking how you're getting on and there's not much to tell them YET!! have fun. lol Mum xxx

mum said...

Hey mil
Was great to see you on one of the pics in the jungle. Can't wait to hear which project you'll be heading to. It's hard to believe that you're really out there, feels like you could walk through the door at any moment, guess we'll get used to it eventually!
Make sure you look after one another.
Miss you like crazy and love you.

mum x

Anonymous said...

For Mary Greene

Hope you're having a fantastic time and aren't missing me too much! Make sure you work hard but remember, most importantly, to HAVE FUN! (: Mum and dad send their love.
(Mum: always wear a vest)
lots of love and huggles from Half Pint - Jessie :) xxxx

mccluskey56 said...

For Rosie McCluskey

Hi Darling sorry we thought we had left you a message yesterday but it is not listed so can only assume we didnt do it properly. Hope it works this time!
Lovely to see the photos looks as though you are having a good time. We miss you all well here. David operation has been postponed not quite sure when it will happen now. Gina has completed two shifts at HDV and is enjoying it so far. We all went to Cheltenham today with Heather and Louise which was fun. Take great care do hope you get this message. With all our love Harry, Bendigo, Gina, Mummy and Dad

Santosh Gupta said...

Dear Paz Bitia :-) Glad to know about your wonderful though tiresome few days. Dad told me all about it. I bet you are loving it all to bits. Sorry to have missed your call today. Seen pics of few activities-tug of war, river walk, river crossing using suspension ! Very inspiring in deed. Looked as if those on the bridge across the river going for diving. I can imagine how beautiful the place is. V R going to Sheffield tomorrow.

Lots and lots of love. Be safe and carry on having FUNNNNN
Mum and Dad

evesunraytls68 said...

Aan Maxim Terweij

Zo te zien op de foto gaat het goed met je! Hartstikke gaaf ziet het er allemaal uit. Hele belevenis die je misschien niet meer zo snel zal meemaken. Geniet ervan.
Je zusje mist je wil het niet geloven maar de ochtend dat je weg was vertrokken, zat ze naar jouw stenen hoofd in de huiskamer te kijken en ze omhelsde me en riep ze wel dertig keer:..Siem! Siem! Je begrijpt dat oma en ik tranen in onze ogen kregen. Nou ja..gelukkig zien we je over 2 maanden al weer. Dus dat is nog te overzien. Tot gauw Lieverd! Dikke kus Eve en Aelan

Sophie Welch said...

Dear Paz,
Hello!! I hope the jungle is treating you well and that you are having an amazing time! Thinking of you - London all good!
Sophs xx

The Lindsleys said...

Hi NIck

So sorry we didn't get a message to you in time but we couldn't find the link and then it was too late!! We hope you are having a fantastic time and look forward to having a celebration when you return. Natalie asked how you were today and she now has itchy feet so you may have satrted something. Leicester won today against the Scarlets.

Love you lots Dad Mum Lots and Guinness xxxx

ali said...

To Ceylan (Jay)

Hope your having the most amazing time - baby Yas was pointing at ur photo saying JJ....ahh bless. Mum is doing well and feels much beta - Seniz is having the baby on 1/11......she is calling her Lilly. me & yas was talking about the bird noise kah kahhh, kah kahh loool we miss u like mad - Seniz, Ali, Yasemin, Mum and baba send there love - i keep thinking ' i'll just give JJ a call' then i member i cant :(......We love u so much.... speak soon Big Sis Ayse xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi 10 j alfa 1 James Mclean, sorry I'm not sure why but sometimes I can't get on to the comments. You may have started the kindergarten by now, the photos of your preparations looked fun. Its good to see you in the photos, it feels like your not so far away. Were quite busy sorting houses which should be finished by friday. Looking forward to seeing the progress of the school as it takes shape. Look after yourself and your ventures, lots of love Mum and Phil we have sent a couple of cards, hope you like the scenery lv Mumxx

ali said...

he ceylan hope ur well and having a good time miss u chicken :D.... i aint had no sad stories by the way woop woop ;) but not speaking to soon cos u know me lol xlove u x

Lynda Lenahan said...

Hi Louise

We are checking blogs regularly, it's great to see pictures of you. Looks as if you're having a fab time, Chris and Amy are really envious!!this is our second message - hope you see it this time. Lots of love The Lenahans

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary Greene

Wanna know how you're still looking so gorgeous IN THE JUNGLE! it's not fair! where do you plug in the straighteners? Remember we are stalking you from the UK. always remember to smile madly for the camera, a thumbs up would be good as well or maybe just a little cartwheel?? ..... Have fun sweetpea, enjoy the experience. Chrissy XXXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly

3rd time lucky hopefully.

It was lovely to hear from you last Friday and you sound so happy which is lovely. I am so glad you are enjoying it all honey. Everyone sends their love and Jake seems to be behaving himself?!!!He may pop down and see us soon and bring the rest of the washing!! Oh bliss. Chris sends his love. I love you so much and cant wait to hear all the stories. I love you loads, take care, mummy xxxxxxxxx

Ian Langley said...

Message for Kate Langley:

Hi there, Kate. Great to see all the pics of you during basic training. Looking out for news and pics of the Alpha 3 project - go for it, Kate. Take care and have fun! Sending big hugs from Florida xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Omar
Great to see another photo of you - it loosk like yr on a good project with the Sun Bear infrastructure - really looking forward to hearing from you and finding you how it all feels ...It's dark and freezing here and i open my show on tuesday Arrgh!!- Shamia seems very good at the moment - we all miss you very very much - ...Take care and have a good time lots of love sally xxxx send a message if you can no matter how short xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Maddy I hope the dive went well and you are having a good time. Good luck with the trek - I hope you boots are comfy! Keep away from the mosquitoes! Good news - exeter say yes! It's raining and cold here - much nicer there I am sure! Keep safe - we are all thinking of you and missing you but so glad you are having this wonderful adventure - love you loads mum, dad, ishbel, Tom and keira! Call or text when you can!

Ishbel Gray said...

Hey Maddy! Sorry it's taken a while, mum only just told me about this! Hope your having an amazing time! some of the blogs...sounds so much fun! I miss you so so much..going home for the weekend today-will be weird without you there! Remember to contact me when/if possible! keep having fun, lots and lots of love from your amazing sister Ishbel x x x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph, Hope you are having an amazing time....enjoy every minute...we have been thinking about you and wondering what you are getting up to while we carry on with our usual boring work and watching tv etc!!! haha Hope you have the experience of a lifetime and make a difference too...
love Bec, Mel, Rach, Marcus, Liz and boys

Anonymous said...

Alex and Tim

Hi Josh, hope you are ok. it half term here, we are all missing you. Enjoy yourself and keep your chin up, not the bears.

Anonymous said...

Dr Becks
Hope you are having a fabulous time. I am following the blog and looking forward to the next email update when you are back from the Canyon. It all sounds so amazing. We, on the other hand, are suffering the delights of Chicken Pox; so we are trapped with the small person who, other than the spots, frankly doesn't appear to be ill at all!
Sophie sends you a really big (if a bit spotty) kiss. Take Care of yourself. Lots of Love from Emma, Mark & Sophie xxxxx

Katie K said...

Hi Bamford, Thanks for your emails, sound like you are having a wicked time! there is not much news here i'm afraid. our teaching thing is going ok, i'm not goning to let you down :) and just ignore any emails you get about the audit, am doing enough work on your behalf to bump both our names up the author list(i hope). I passed my part 1 (at last). Needless to say i havent seen Laird since u went away so dont have any updates there, nothing changes. things are going ok in the new home, am waited on hand and foot, and i just love it. i do miss my old housemate though :) see you when you get back,
Katie K xxxxx

Anne said...

HEE meer! hoop dat je het een beetje leuk hebt! hier is het vet saai want ik moet alleen maar leren en iedereen is weg en er is alleen maar regen en onweer! maar boetie slaapt bij mij dus dat is wel gezellig:p mama heeft trouwens je heeeele kamer opgeruimd! hoop dat je snel maden mag eten, eindelijk iets lekkers:P!
XXXXXXX en ook groetjes van jim!

Cattykins said...

My lovely ele bowe i hope this message reaches you - even though you are so far away from me I think of you everyday out there in the jungle- i hope you think of me everytime you have pasta for dinner. I miss you so much (i might actually be cryiing right now lol) i am sending you a pack that i hope youll get in time for the first hand over...words cant even describe how proud i am of you! i hope this experience gives you everything you need! I love you SOOO much, keep strong little one. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alice said...

Hello Paz,
I hope you are having an amazing time in the Jungle. I've finished knitting your hat - but it may be a bit too hot for that in Bourneo!
Can't wait to hear all about it
Alice xxx

Alice said...

Good Naan action.

Anonymous said...

message for Emma Johnson....!!

Hello little Emma!!! How is the jungle!? Have you met many ginger friends yet!!? any creepy crawlies in your shoes!?? i hope your having a wicked time!!! Just wanted to wish you a very happy brirthday for friday! I am enjoying a well deserved half term break at the moment! Been shopping with Kirsty on monday in chester 2. Hope your having the most awesome time and made some good friends-people and animals! hehe!!!! :) Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
love miss robinson :) xxx

Jamestreacy said...

Joseph Treacy-
Hi Jos, Its James. Alls going well at home, mum got your letter today and is going to send on your letters. Ive sent you two letters and mum has sent you one. Mum got a new car, at long last, a golf.. hello! Im doing my internship every week on a wed, masters is going well i really like it! Havent seen any new coats lately but ill continue to try them on! Everyone in Liverpool is grand, No news on Nicky the date was pushed back or something. Got a new housemate, shes so sound! Mum is busy with her counselling hours and stuff, she has 30 done now. Its halloween this week so im going as a geek, it was simple! Sarah Doyle is over visiting too, so very excited about that. The restaurant closed for the winter, sad times but it might be open for New Years. Havent heard much from your friends in Liverpool but i think theyre all well. Weather is miserable at home, but its still quite warm oddly enough! TTFN, lots of Gra and slan abhaile agus ceol agus craic and all that jazz. james x

IrisJ said...

For EmmaJ HAPPY BIRTHDAY for today (29.10.10) I know by the time you get this it would have gone but I just wanted to send it anyway. Hope all is going well and you are enjoying yourself. Wet, grey and very windy here, hope it is a bit better for you. Will try and send another message before we fly on Sunday. Love and miss you lots Mum and Dad xxxxxxx ;ox

Anonymous said...

For Becky Matthews
Hi Becky
This is our second attempt to post a message. In typical style I think we must have done something wrong the first time as it hasn't appeared on the blog!. Need Thomas to be here!
How is the jungle then? Hope you are having fun and haven't had to use your doctoring skills too much! We have just had a house full of babies for a few days. Both Sophie and James ( yes, we had to put uo with their mothers too!!!!) have been to visit. For small people they don't half bring a lot of papaphenalia with them. James has grown considerably and alternates between looking incredibly like Tim with his quizzical face and then Jo with his big bright eyes. He is very cute! Sophie loved being the helpful big cousin! Tom came over for the day too - he is quite well settled in his new flat, I think. Looking forward to talking to you again next week. Lots of love Mum and Dad xxx

Lynn Bowles said...

Hi Kelly

Just mum again, the post from the Reading crowd is Jeaunette, Michelle and Daniel and glad Jake worked out how to do a post - clever lad. I hope you are still enjoying it out there, 2 weeks done 8 to go. I am still so incredibly proud of you and you are an amazing person and my daughter as well - god was truely smiling when I had you. Chris is poorly with a heavy cold but still sends his love. Maureen is watching this site closely too!!

Take care my incredibly wonderful, brave, fantastic daughter, I love you lots and think about you all the time.

All my love mama xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Eloise,
Hope you're having a great time, I've been checking regularly but have yet to see you since your arrival photos. Everyone is fine and sends their love. I replaced the battery in your car!!!:) It's so very quiet without you here, miss you heaps but hope you're having a FANTASTIC time.
Lot's of love, mum, Fletcher and Genevievexxx

Anonymous said...

Pia,Mathews , Hi Pia, time changes today here so it will be dark early.Saw Oliver and Katy yesterday and Alice on Friday
No news from you yet. All is well here. It was Halloween yesterday so lots of witches and ghosts around. Great sunny day yesrerday so went to to some painting outside. Today is S unday and wonder what you are doing? Billy can tell if a tin actually contains cat food food or not I swear before it is open! Hope all well with you and we are always thinking of you Love Mum

Anonymous said...

Hey Shauna
How is it going? Everyone is great here and some letters have been posted on to you. Alicia had her party and had a good time. Tylers party was today lots of kids around did not see much of them because of the big bouncy Castle. Everyone is missing you and wondering when you will be home. All is quite without you. Love you lots Mum xxxx

Lynn Bowles said...

Hi Kelly

Well its halloween today and I know normally you party hard to day - breaking a habit of a life time,eh! I bought you cakes as usual and I was going to give them to you for xmas but they wont be in date - I do try!!

I think of you everyday and miss our chats but I am looking forward to the very long one when you get back - it will make up for this time eh.

Still very proud and we hope you are still enjoying it all. Take care of yourself and make sure you come home safely. Love you sooo much, mama and Chris xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hello you doing? i miss you a lot and i hope you are doing well and working hard? I enjoyed the photo james put up of you on facebook a while ago...very cultural. What is the weather like? and what are the people like? which part of your volunteering are you doing first...i dont think you told me?

I am trying to work hard although there is lots to distract me and i fear i am not good enough for what i am doing-out of practice from last year and all that jazz. I hope i will feel better about it soon...and get into the swing of things again, i just have so much to read and one of my lectures is such a feminist it hurts me joe!

The flat is all good, we have been chibukuing it up big stylie and will hopefully continue to do so quite a lot. Sophie got hit by a car the sausage but she is right as rain now...bouncing back-LITERALLY. I am at ashley's watching the x factor... i bet you miss that?! i'm going to pass you over to him now
i love you big time
keep on trucking

Dearest Tracey,

Hope you are well! Have you seen/played/saved any orange monkeys yet?? I bet you are very orange too by now. It is very very cold here. I hope to see you soon

Kath said...

Hi Mary just seen mum and dad had a lovely day with them. They are missing you like mad. Hope you are having a great time and not working too hard :). Have fun and take care. Try to get in more pictures, just jump in front of everyone ha ha! Love Kath xx

Anonymous said...

Emily Griffin- hi em, sounds and looks amazing. we are all missing you, especially Bella (she likes your bed). Lucy had a good netball tour in Malta, but it rained a lot. Annie had an even better tour in Barbados, she came back very tanned! Becky had a nice time in the New Forest with Dad and I (and Anna and Beth) swimming in the 11 degree pool! Hope your having an amazing time.
Lots of Love Mum, Dad and the girls

Marianne C said...

To Chris Cracknell:
Saw Paranormal 2 with James only without Dad and guess what? He was raw on the arm with nail points.
Very scaaaaary! Would love to hear from you. Hope you are bearing up well. Not too hard. X Mum

kath said...

To Mary Mary quite contrary Greene,
Hi again just off to work, not a very nice day here, bet you are having better weather. Maggie, new dog, trying to eat rabbit food :} x When you come home you will have to come to meet her you will love her. Only 68 days till Christmas OMG! You will be back by then, and look forward to seeing you. Keep up the good work, thinking of you all the time. Be back soon love and kisses Kath, oh ok and the other lot ha ha xxxxxx

Sakallioglu Gang said...

Hi JJ ( Ceylan)

We got ur letter, was very emotional to hear from u. we miss u mre then i could possibly explain, jst feels weird for u to be so ar away. we have sent u a letter so hope u will get that soon. we have blogged a few times on here so i hope u r getting them. Lilly May Highton was born 1/11/10 @ 11:43am weighing 6.12. she looks the spit of baby yas, a proper lil beauty, will send u a pic in our next letter. glad u r coping with jungle life well, and the choc was a lil treat :-). Mum had her second treatment on fri (29th) and it went well, she is feeling ok, tired and a lil drained sometimes but u know mum. We r having the bathroom and kitchen done at minute so all up in the air at home. I have a mini bathroom in my bedroom ha haaa. We love and miss u JJ and sooo proud, i'll keep writing on here although feels a lil weird as i never know if u get these, so please let me know next time we spk. Love u sis - love Ayse xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Marianne C said...

Hi Chris Cracknell

Gotcha on pic. You look like you are bearing up well and nice, clean and happy eating your well deserved meals. Going to beijing tomorrow - will be so cold and so envy your heat. Missed you lots xxM&D

Anonymous said...

Message for Begemann

Moet het in het engels?
naja omdat iedereen het doet.
Of zit je alleen met engelsen.

ik wil alleen even zeggen dat je wel gemist wordt. Ik hoop niet dat je te veel verandert.
Dat je serieus wordt daar.
Serieuse begemann dat kan niet!

later pik hoop dat dit bericht aan komt;)


Anonymous said...

To Mary Greene

Hi again Mary saw your pics, very nice. Just waiting for mum and dad to come round and we are off to the Bull for dinner. Hope you are enjoying yourself still love Kath xxxx :)

Julie Conner said...

Hi Oli Conner
Just thinking of you from a chilly UK, hope you have settled in OK and are working hard with your new buddies. Please let us know what you are up to - are you in the Alpha 1Team?
Much love from Mum, Dad and Josh xx

Anonymous said...

Merel van Olffen!
Mop, ik heb geen idee hoe dit werkt haha maar ik heb het eindelijk uitgevonden! Echt heel stom ik weet! Maar hoe is het daar? Nog steeds lekker warm enzo? Het is hier in koude nederkut zooooo koud niet normaal tenen vriezen er echt af! We hebben net se week gehad en het was echt hell for life! Maar ben wel blij dat het eindelijk klaar was. Weetje wat heel erg stom was, ik had een enorm lang verhaal geschreven al een tijdje geleden, ook op deze site, maar ergens verkeerd, en toen flipte mn pc hem en toen nja. kon ik m niet meer posten! Dat was echt een leuk verhaal... heb je hier een max? Ik mis je! Zo saai zonder jou! Maar voor de rest mis je hier niet zoveel hoor, iedereen zat tijdelijk een beetje in zn eigen isolement door de se weken enzooo... Je zal denk ik vast al gehoord hebben dat wij (julie, anne, eline en ik) het schoolfeest niet binnen kwamen? Zo asociaal!! En nog heel veel andere dingen maar die kan ik nu een twee drie echt NIET bedenken! Ah nee ik voel me helemaal schuldig omdat ik nu pas een berichtje stuur terwijl jij daar helemaal alleen zit te zweten!!!!! Ga heel veel berichtjes sturen beloofd oke? Ik ben echt een slechte vriendin!! Kut vind het echt irritant dat ik geen vragen kan stellen want je kan ze niet beantwoorden grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... maar blijkbaar heb je wel af en toe internet want je had me geaccepteerd op facebook (ja, ik ben een nerd dat ik dat nu pas heb!) Maar mop, blijkbaar zit hier geen maximum op en dan ga ik echt hele bladzijdes schrijven misschien een beetje asociaal en ook heel grappig omdat niemand dit snapt hier behalve die ene drie NLers hahahah. Dus ik ga maar weer stoppen! En ik zie jou heeel snel weer als je terug komt! En dan hoop ik dat je maar niet meteen door gaat naar Engeland. Vast niet. Ik wordt echt gek als deze het weer niet doet! Vast niet, laten we het hopen!!!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 etc etc, jwz.


Ps. de pc flipte m serieus weer, die code deed het niet, echt een kut grap. Maar ik had mn verhaaltje copy-space gedaan veelste slim ben ik. God ik irriteer me echt aan me pa, even tussendoor ok nu echt DOEI!(L)

Katie V-E said...

Hi Guy

Hope all going well with you. All good here - Will had his first driving lesson yesterday, Tom has his on Friday and apparently Leckie had one on Monday, you can imagine how competitive they are all going to be about who's the best and who's going to pass first! Mum said all was good apart from hideous trip over - can't wait to hear all.

Lots of love the V-E's x

Anonymous said...

For Eleanor Tetlow,
Hi Ellie, Building work is coming along but the whole house is full of dust. Mum and I are still in your room and its freezing - its probably a bigger mess than when you were in it!!!!
I'm being forced to watch I'm a celebrity - are you in it? The blog says that it is raining constantly for A10 - I guess you are getting wet? No rain today here, but very cold.
Harry Potter out on Friday - yes we will go when you get back!
Have emailed Tammy and she is looking for you to fly out on the 6th.
Love Dad

Ishbel said...

For Madeleine Gray:
Hey Maddy! It was my 21st this weekend and brian and I went to london was so much fun. Saw harry potter with friends aswell..(we will watch again with you when you return-don't worry!) and went out for dinner! I miss you paddles...brian doesn't understand our humour. I was trying to explain to her how funny the dumbo song is about the stalks..."Look out for Mr. Stork,that persevering chap,he'll come along and drop
a bundle in your lap" haha even if you don't want a baby and you start running from the stalk he will hunt you out! so funny! Brian didn't understand but i knew you would..i need you to return! keep having fun matthew and see you on the 18th where lots of snuggles and fun times await you! LOVE YOU, Ish x x x x x x x