Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The projects are planned and we're ready to go!

Having proved that we have proved that we could survive in the jungle, it was time for the project managers to be let loose and head out to the various project sites. During the project planning visit, we would meet with project partners to get a better understanding of the work to be done, as well as compile risk assessments, equipment lists and a detailed specification for each project. The expedition is divided into three phases, giving venturers the chance to participate in a community, environmental and adventure phase. 
Drum roll please, as we find out who has been assigned to which project, and what we'll all be doing.

First, the community projects. These projects will all involve the construction of important amenities in some remote parts of Sabah. Each will mean some tough physical work for the teams, but the benefits that the results will bring to the local communities will make their efforts worthwhile.

Alpha 1 – Kindergarten in Kampung Rumantai, Ranau District
To complete this project, Raleigh will be working with the Partnership of Community Organisation of Sabah (PACOS). The PACOS Trust is a charity which aims to assist communities with basic infrastructure, building and land rights issues, and education is the primary focus of this particular project.  Access to a kindergarten is an essential requirement if children below the age of six are to reach the required minimum standard of education to enter primary school. At Kg. Ramuntai in Sabah’s Ranau district, we will be building a kindergarten, which will be staffed by local women empowered by PACOS to train as teachers, ensuring that the project is sustainable and of benefit to the community for generations to come.

Eager to get stuck into this project are the following project managers:
Phases 1 & 2:  Pete, James and Andrea
Phase 3: Pete, James and Garry

Alpha 2 - Gravity water feed systems in Pitas region
For this project, Raleigh is looking forward to working with Asian Forestry Company (AFC) again. A sustainable forestry company, AFC is a commercial organisation which places Corporate Social Responsibility among its key aims and looks to support local communities by helping them with social infrastructure development. Kg. Maliau Pusat and Kg. Bambangan Ulu are communities in the Pitas region, which live off subsistence farming. They have identified water supply as their main concern, and Raleigh will be extending a gravity water feed system installed for half of the community of Kg Maliau Pusat, as well as installing a new gravity water feed system further up river for the Pakagaya area of the Bambangan Ulu community.

The venturers working in Alpha 2 will have the pleasure of working with:

Phase 1:  David, Phili and Simon
Phase 2:  David, Phili and Jo
Phase 3:  David, Phili and Emma A.

Alpha 3 - Community Hall in Kampung Vunui Lokos, Pitas District
Working again with Asian Forestry Company, the Alpha 3 team will be focusing their efforts on the construction of a community hall. Cross-community consultation led the people of Kg. Vunui Lokos to identify their main concerns as their water supply and the lack of a central place to meet as a community. Their primary goal of access to clean water having been achieved by a previous Raleigh expedition, we are now looking forward to starting work on a community hall, which will become a vital centrepoint for the village.

This is a two-phase project, which will be manned by the following PMs
Phase 2:  Chris, Kate and Marie
Phase 3:  Kate, Helen, Becky

Now onto the environmental projects.  Raleigh prides itself on its contribution to environmental protection, and all projects are carried out with the minimum negative impact on the environment. For the environmental projects, however, the environment is our main focus, and venturers heading to Borneo can look forward to some exciting and unique worksites.
Alpha 4 – Infrastructure for the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok
Borneo is home to the world’s smallest species of bear, the little-known Malayan Sun Bear. Originally known throughout Southeast Asia, Borneo is now one of this jungle-dependent mammal’s few remaining strongholds and it is now facing extinction. The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok is a relatively new environmental initiative in Sabah which started in 2008. Its aim is to house captive and orphaned bears as well as to provide an environment for the rehabilitation of suitable bears for release back into the wild. Raleigh volunteers will be assisting with building work on the site, in particular the construction of a perimeter boardwalk around the release enclosures.

Looking forward to coming face to face with this furry fellow are the following animal-loving PMs:
Phase 1:  Caroline and Kate
Phase 2:  Caroline, Leigh and Emma P
Phase 3:  Caroline, Nicky and CK.

Alpha 5 - Infrastructure Development at Imbak Canyon
Imbak Canyon Conservation Area (ICCA) is one of the few remaining areas of untouched and unexplored rainforest and located in the “Heart of Sabah”.  The area covers a total of 30,000 hectares of primary jungle reserves with sandstone ridges reaching 1,120m and a 25km-long canyon. It is home to many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. Our team will be working with the Yayasan Sabah Group and ICCA rangers to continue the construction of a suspension bridge spanning the Imbak river, to provide access for important scientific research in this unique area.

Looking forward to heading off to this project are:

Phase 1:  Stacey, Abby and Becky
Phase 2:  Stacey, Abby and Emma A
Phase 3 :  Stacey, Abby and Paz.

Alpha 6 – Gravity water feed repair at Maliau Basin
Maliau Basin Conservation Area is a saucer-shaped area consisting of 12 types of pristine forest and a virtually self-contained eco-system spanning 390km2.  It was designated a conservation area by Yayasan Sabah in 1981 and work has been onging since then to preserve the site while facilitating scientific research and eco-tourism. The research centre has seen a rapid expansion but the water source, although adequate enough to supply the needs of the centre, has been damaged by build up of sand and debris due to flooding. We will be working with the rangers to improve the condition of this gravity water feed system - to make it more efficient for the centre and be able to cope with future expansion.

This single phase project will be managed by Nicky, Marie and Paula.

Alpha 7 – Pitas AFC Forestry Reserve
This project marks the beginning of a new conservation initiative in partnership with the Asian Forestry Commission. AFC have identified within their area of operation which they hope to conserve and remain untouched. To achieve this they wish to conduct a survey the topography of the area, and the flora and fauna within it this may include the setting up of wildlife movement capture cameras.

A single phase project for Emily and Leigh.
And finally, the adventure phase. These groups will be diving and trekking, but not necessarily in that order. They will learn new survival skills and undergo some new physical challenges, whilst enjoying the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most exciting environments.
Alpha 8 & 9  These groups will be trekking in the jungle near the Kalimantan (Indonesian) and Sarawak borders in the south of Sabah, starting and finishing in the village of Long Pa Sia. As well as being surrounded by beautiful rivers and rare flora and fauna, venturers will have a great opportunity to interact with the local community. The local guides will be able to provide insight into local environmental issues as well as helping venturers learn new campcraft and jungle skills.

For the dive section, venturers will head off to Mamutik Island, whose sandy seabed is home to a variety of sea life.  They will have the chance to complete their PADI Open Water diving qualification to assist them in some underwater environmental work at the end of the diving phase.
The lucky PMs for Alpha 8’s Dive-Trek are
Phase 1:  Clive, Paz and Leigh
Phase 2:  Clive and Emily
Phase 3:  Clive and Marie

For Alpha 9’s Trek-Dive venturers can look forward to the company of:
Phase 1:  Helen, Jo and Tom
Phase 2:  Helen and Simon
Phase 3:  Helen and Jo

Alpha 10 – Trek – Dive – Trek
Venturers fortunate enough to be allocated to this group will first be trekking in the beautiful Kiulu Valley region in the foothills of Mt. Kinabalu, where they will practice and master the essential skills required for jungle survival. They will swap their walking boots for flippers for the middle part of the phase, having the opportunity to complete their PADI Open Water diving qualification before heading off to the virgin rainforest of the picturesque Crocker Mountain Range for the final week’s trek.
The project managers accompanying this group are:
Phase 1:  Andi and Emma A.
Phase 2:  Andi, Becky and Nicky

We are all extremely excited about starting work on these varied projects.  We'll be meeting new people and learning new skills, and getting to understand a lot more about the communities and environment that we are working in. But before we get that far, it's time to welcome the venturers, who will be arriving in just a few days. Don’t forget to check back next week to see how they are enjoying their training!


Carlsberg said...

OK, i can see that i will have to hire a jet, parachute and a PLB to come visit A5-Imbak P2...
so if you see someone in socks, birks and speedos swimming up imbak river, throw me a throw rope (if you still have one by then)


Anonymous said...

J10 Alpha 1 Dear James Mclean, you very happy in the photo with the project you've been given. I think it will be fun to build a kindergarden and with your sense of humour I'm sure you and everyone else will make it a lovely place for the children and the mothers who will run it. The photos of the area around you look amazing, beautiful country, hope your keeping welland enjoying all the challenges, and of course having fun to. Hope you recieved our card, lots of love Mumxx

Sophie Welch said...

For Paz Tayal Alpha 8 Dive-Trek
Hey Paz!!!
Ok - so it has taken me too long to work out how to post this - so I hope I am right and I hope it gets to you!!All good here - have just written you a letter! The treking and diving sounds AMAZING! Love the photos - you look like you are having a fantastic time - love the hat! Miss you lots and sending you lots of love! London is just not the same...
Love Sophs xxx

The Badgers said...

Hi Lou, thanks for the message tried to reply but not gone through. Thought I would need to send ew phone!. Have a fantatic time and be careful. Love you lots mum & dad xxx

Pascal said...

Dear Maxim, how is your first impression of Borneo?I can't hardly wait to see some of the photos of your expedition on this blog!
Tomorrow Im gonna write you a letter, old school ..
Love Pascal Xx

Scotty said...

Hi Lou Lou,was nice to hear from you today :) sounds like your having a good time and all your phases look like there going to be a lot of fun. Can't wait to hear from you again soon. Missing you lots already.x. Have fun and look after yourself. Love you millions and billions love from Scott.x.x.x.

Anonymous said...

Hello Paula - we're all thinking of you and hoping it's all going well in the jungle. You must be an expert at getting in and out of a hammock by now. Only just over 2weeks until we leave on our trip - will try to access the blog whenever we can.
Don't eat too many witchetty grubs!
We miss you.
lots of love

Pascal said...

Hi Maxim,

How are you doing? Learned how to survive ;-)
Can we subscribe you for Expedition Robinson 2011?
You survived life in Amsterdam, so.......
Thinking of you and love you very much, kisses mum Pascal and a big hug from Quinten and Herman xxx

mum said...

hi abi and kareem,
abi i hope you are carrying your own pack!!! kareem enjoy the diving!! it wil make a change from free running!!
miss you both loads.
all our love mum and lot lot xxxxxxxxxx

Pascal said...

Hi Maxim,

Ik hoop dat als je dit leest je weer helemaal je zelfde "oude" ik bent en weer terug bent bij je groep in de jungle. Heel veel plezier en bijna duiken, super chill ;-)
Hou van je en dikke knuffel,mam&Herman&Quinten

Joe Clark said...

To Dan Clark, Alpha2

Hi Dan!

Mum's asked me to show her how to use 'The Blogger' so she can leave you a message. She's shown me some pictures too - looks like you're having an amazing time over there. Make sure how they teach you to live off the wild - the way the country is going, you'll need all the skills you have when you get back...

Be good!


Jenny Clark said...

Message for Dan Clark, Alpha 2

hi Dan. Glad to see you are enjoying your Raleigh experience. I check the website every day - Borneo looks beautiful and the experience is amazing. Please take loads of photos - I can't wait to see them! Have a wonderful time - love you lots. Take care. Mum x

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having an amazing time!
Looking forward to seeing you. Lots of love from the family in Kent - Aunty Mavis, Uncle Don, Aunt Marie, Uncle Billy and Christine. From Jess and Dan who are in Kent for the weekend. Love you lots like jelly tots!

Philippa said...

Yo Clivey

1h24...Not bad, shame i was not 4 mins quicker. Slowed down quite alot at the end.
Watched Michael Palin in Borneo the other day, V.Nice. Cant wait to hear more about your trip on the 22nd when I pick you up from the airport. (Hope you have no other plans as I have taken anual leave to pick you up from the airport).
Lots of love,

Pascal said...

Hi Maxim,

Wij zijn weer terug uit Turkijke, op wat regen na was het weer heerlijk. Hoop dat jij het ook naar je zin hebt? Zal blij zijn als je over dag of 4 weer contact kan opnemen. Hou van je, have fun kanjer X mam

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy girl. Not much news this end house is warm lovely. Dad working on cars now, yours in for MOT Mon 22nd. Megane ready to go when insured, Hooray! Mel's b'day today - she is still enjoying it, fitting in a little work here and there! Will hear soon I expect at your next changeover. Thinking of you always lol mum and dad