Monday, 25 October 2010

Phase 1 - we're making progress already

Expedition 10J has been hard at work for 10 days, and progress is already being made on many project sites. Everyone has settled in to the jungle way of life. We have heard rumors that Alpha 2 are having far too much fun, a huge game of Cluedo has already claimed the "lives" of 4 members of the team.

Adam, our resident photographer, has been very busy visiting as many project sites as possible to document the working and playing. Here are a few of his pictures so far, to give you an idea of what our venturers in the jungle have been up to.

Alpha 1
Building a Kindergarten over 3 phases - Kampung Rumantai, Ranau District

Henry keeping in touch with field base on the radio.

James has already made friends with some very important members of the village.

Kelly - hard at work.

By the end of expedition this will be the new Kindergarten for the village - field base thinks it looks good already.

Leveling the site was the first job - Tom taking his turn. It is such demanding work with the heat, the team works in 10 minute shifts.

Alpha 2
Phase 1 of this project involves extending an existing gravity water feed system to supply the village of Maliau Pusat. Running the pipes across the river.

Alpha 2 with some of the children from the village

Josephine's birthday - celebrated in 'jungle style'.

On arrival the first job of the team was to prepare their own living quarters. Nick gets to work.

All the kit and equipment had to be carried across the river to the project site.

Alpha 4
Continuing work at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok

You have to be imaginative with Raleigh rations, at field base we're very impressed with the naan bread alpha 4 managed to create.

The walkway around the Sun Bear enclosure is being build out of reclaimed timber. Omar mans the angle grinder.

Raleigh is all about team work, SuWen and Cameron show how it's done.

Ellie continues the work on the walkway.

Here you have a quick glimpse of the lives of our first 3 alpha groups. Plenty more pictures to follow of all the others as Adam makes his way around.

Finally we have a very special message to send from Emma on Alpha 4. Happy Birthday to you both.


Rae Greene said...

Message for Mary,
Hey Mary, so good to see the work you've been doing but would have been nice to see a pic of you. Never, mind being in the jungle and all that, you try being a neurotic mummy at home with no photos! Next time you see Adam throw yourself in front of him! The kindergarten looks good, well done to you all, you must have worked really hard.
Missing you still. love you loads, mum xxxxx

Julie van Wassenaer said...

to merel van olffen:
dat huis dat je moet bouwen!! echt o mijn good!! ik hoop dat de kinderetjes schattig zijn! je moet vet veel foto's maken hoor!!! ik zag dat je je raleigh t-shirt was vergeten! hahahaha, je stond daar echt als enige in je witte topje!! ik zit nu in het woold heel hard te leren (nou vandaag niet, we gaan nu shoppen in munster, HA) Want maandag hebben we al examens!!
we missen je allemaal super erg!!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Julie

Anonymous said...

Robyn Lewes Hey we hear you have been having too much fun playing Cleudo - looks like it too from your photo! Hope you have been keeping up my tradition of always winning!! Looks so hot there and it is SO cold here, I'll heve to bring lots of layers for you when you get back to the UK. We have sent you a letter but it may not get to you in time. Lots & lots of love Mum & dad (Bren is back in Germany) xxxxxxxxx

Mexico Volunteering said...

Tell Adam to keep up the good work and keep the photos coming.

Mexico Volunteering

Richard van Hemert said...

Beste Thijs (Alpha 2)
Geweldig om te zien hoe jullie bezig zijn met de uitbreiding van het Gravity Project.
Het zal wel stevig aanpoten zijn maar tegelijkertijd wel heel erg bevredigend lijkt mij.
We leven allemaal geweldig met jullie mee. Opa Hans is even bij mij op kantoor en toevallig zagen we de laatste foto update. Allemaal lachende gezichten en dat doet ons goed.
Maak er wat moois van met jullie eerste project!
Veel groeten van ons de hele familie!

Kirsty Johnson said...

Emma Johnson - Haha! Wow, they trust you with pens in the jungle! Brave! Seriously though, you've just single handedly made my rubbish week at work on our birthday so much better! Thank you so much!!!
Nice to see you smiling and helping out the moon bears! Hope you're having the time of your life. I know I shouldn't but I'm on countdown till you're back ;D.
Hope the sun is shining and you have lots of fun on our birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Miss you Midge, love you more! Chunk xxxx

The Badgers said...

Hi Lou

Nice to see you in a picture again, not sure what happend though! and don't think your going to get fat eating those 'rations'. All well here. Writing you a letter but you prob get this before that. Sun shining today but pretty cold now. Seen Scott and his mum on Saturday, which was nice. Hope your having a great time. Thinking of you all the time. love you lots Mum & Dad XXXXXX

Lynn Bowles said...

Hi Kelly

You look like you are working very hard honey but you still have a wonderful smile on your face - well done sweetheart, we are soooooo proud of you and what you are doing. Everyone sends their love and hopes you are coping alright out there. Love you loads and look after yourself. Loads of love mum and Chris xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, have seen your picture and read your look really well and the trip sounds great...I am soooo pleased..and am very proud. Hope you have not been bothered by my favourite creepy crawlies...snakes and spiders!!!!!!Keep up the good work and have loads of fun, lots of love, Carolyn xxxxxxx

martin van olffen said...

From Martin van Olffen to Merel van Olffen

Hi Merel,

I just saw the pictures of the kindergarten that you and your team are building. Looks very impressive! I am sure that this is a great contribution to the people living there. What a chance to be part of the team to accomplish such a milestone. Hope you keep your finger nails in shape....

With lots of love from Martin, Elsbeth, Anne, Julia and Loes, all of us missing you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack,
hope all is going well at the Maliau Basin.
Look forward to seeing some pics and hearing your news,


mccluskey56 said...

For Rosie McCluskey
Hi darling,
It's good to see the photos of your project and where you are - the kindergarten seems to be coming on well how about the kitchen extension when you get home?! Ben arrives Sunday for 4 days which we are really looking forward to but very sad you won't be here, he's been following your progress. Wedding at HDV Sunday night G got home after 06.00 having been in London the night before with her friends - still recovering!! Really missing you, take care, Harry, Bendigo, Georgie, Dad & Mama xoxox

arikboo said...

It's so good to be able to see you baby. You're looking very happy and that makes me very happy. I hope you're having a fantastic time! Take loads of pictures and make loads of friends! I know how good it feels to do something out of the goodness of your heart that truly helps others. So fulfilling.

Although I do find it difficult, I have to admit, to be so far away from you for such a long time... But you know what they say: Absence makes the hear grow fonder...
And I love you more each day.

I can't tell you how proud I am of you darling. And I miss you sorely, and I think of you all the time. All I want is for you to be safe and happy, and I can't wait to hold you in my arms once again, I won't let you go though hahaha...

I love you with all my heart,
I hear you in my thoughts,
I see you in my dreams...

Take care,

All my love,



Jack Porter said...

For Mary Greene,

Hi moos hope you're having a fantastic time :D
looks brilliant there, better than kent anyway!
get in more photos monkey!

see you soon,
loads of love from Jacko :) xxxxx

Iris Johnson said...

For Emma (Johnson)So glad to see you are enjoying it so far. Like the poster even if you are in your jim-jams!!! Just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Friday, miss you loads. Your bedroom has never been so tidy and quiet. Keep on having a great time. Hope you have taken lots and lots of photo's. Love you lots Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxx

mum said...

hi abi and kareem,
no blog update on you for over a week now.... i am going cold turkey!!
i am sure you are both having the time of your life. enjoy every minute of it you lucky pair. abi your bedroom is now tidy!!
love you both, keep safe.
mum xxxxxxx

Radhia magoma said...

heeeey louise its radhia and mum we miss you loads hope your having a great time we just found ya pic and its made us so happy with ya sexy milk bottle legs out hahahaha every one from college say hi we sent you letters hope you have got them we cant wait for a reply love you loads
Mum and radhia xxxxxxxxx

Scott Collins said...

To Louise bajada (alpha 4 )

Hello lou lou, your doing well at gettin in the photos with others but next time try get in one on your own so we can see you a bit better :) , also me ma was wondering how come your the only one who had eaten all there naan bread and everyone else had theres up to the camera lol. looks like your having a great time so keep up the good work. All ok at home and missing you lots. love you millions.
Scotty .x.x.x.

Emma said...

To James Peard.
Hey J,
Trust you to be sat down pictured with the children and not working!! ha ha. Hope all is going well and that you are enjoying it. We are all keeping up to date with the blog and look forward to seeing what you are up to. Speak soon, Dad, Em and Matt

Anonymous said...

Hiii Josh! You look well in your photo, I'm so glad. And the food looks good too. Make sure you're getting a good portion. How are the bears? I've sent another letter. DJ wants us to go to Go Ape when you're back. he misses you and says hi. Love you very much. Hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

For Leigh Fairbrother:

Thank you for your letter - it was perfect!

Catherine x x

Anonymous said...

A big G'day to the Aussie contingent. Hello Ivy, Neil, Chris, Shauna, Eloise and Khyal. Great to hear that you have all settled in. I am sure you are all having a ball on your various projects. Everyone here at BTG is incredibly proud of you, keep up the good work guys. Melbourne Cup on Tuesday, will let you know the

Keep well

Love and hugs Nikki

Harrie Claus said...

Joep Claus Alpha 4

Lieve Joep,

Je staat weer breed lachend op de foto. Het spat er weer van af. We zien dat je veel plezier hebt. Wie heeft weer als eerste zijn brood op? Ziet er wel allemaal lekker uit. Iedereen zo aan zijn mess tinnetje. De spork eet goed zo te zien. Had er eigenlijk niet zo bij stil gestaan, maar electriciteit zie ik niet bij jullie midden in de jungle. Wel twee kleine kaarsjes op tafel en veel hoofdlampjes. Je zal wel snel door je batterijen heen zijn op die manier. We zijn benieuwd naar je verhalen. Leuk dat we je nu op de foto zien. Mam zal je zelf nog wel schrijven. Floor mist je en wij ook trouwens. Doe het goede werk en we horen wel weer.


bev said...

Hi abi and kareem,
how was the diving? i have so many questions i am bursting!!! you know me ... nosey!
its getting cold here, so make the most of the sunshine.
buster is still a twit!!!
keep safe, love you both.
mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Omar
Great pic of you making the' walk way' ...I wish we could find out how yr feeling - I'm so proud of you ..It looks like yr really getting stuck in ! - hope that you can email us briefly at yr change over - just to know if yr happy ..( someone keeps sending me email on yr email address but its about electrical good - guess its a hacker!)... Anyhow please stay well and safe so hope your enjoying things ...lots and lots of love from us all ...Do take photos when you can ..especially of sun bears if you actually see them!! We miss you so much!! xxxxxxxxxx sally

eveline egeler said...

message for lisa egeler

Hoi Lies,

Ik zie mijn post niet op het blog staan dus doe het nog maar een x.
Als het goed is kom je nu zo'n beetje uit de bush en begin je met duiken.Wij zijn super benieuwd hoe je het hebt gehad.....
Hier missen wij je erg, maar ga ervanuit dat het een waanzinnige ervaring is, wat je allemaal meemaakt. Iedereen vraagt aan mij hoe je het hebt en dan zeg ik maar geen nieuws = goed nieuws. ;-)
Lieve Lies, heel veel plezier en suc6 met dit spannende avontuur.
(Nog 1 week en dan ben je al jarig!)
Heel veel liefs en dikke Xxxxx klm&co

Kevin Walker said...

For PMS Clive and James:

Is that God I see? And SpecialBoy?

Have agreat time Clive and James...Borneo looks amazing!!

Take care guys,

The Ginger Menace

Papa Greene said...

Hi Mary Greene

Hows it going, been eaten by any spiders yet, can I send Jasper and Hollie yet me and mum need a holiday, dont worry it will only be for a couple of weeks. Cant wait to here from you missing you loads your even better gear partner Papa XXXXXX

Jolien Roos said...

Lieve Leontien,

Hoe gaat het daar? Begin je al te wennen aan de warmte? Gaat alles goed? Hopelrijk heb je het erg leuk. We missen je wel!
Hier alles goed, alleen heeft Evianne gips! Ze is met gym op haar pols gevallen en ze weten niet zeker of het gebroken is. Daarom voor de zekerheid nu 10 dagen gips en dan nieuwe foto's en dan horen we of het echt gebroken is. Dan nog eens 10! weken gyps.
Siets is vooral bezig met Sinterklaas en heeft al een verlanglijstje gemaakt met 30! dingen erop. Nu maar hopen dat ze wat krijgt...
Met de dieren ook alles goed. Sam is lekker druk en de konijnen gaan ook goed.
Heel veel liefs van ons allen, Mam

brumby family said...

Message to Josh B from the Brumby family,

Hi Josh, The photos of the Sunbear team look like you're having some fun. Jon, Dad and Mum all looked at them together. Great work! Everybody back home well and proud of you. Auntie Eileen on the phone last night and sends her love. Hope next phase of expedition goes well and is enjoyable for you.
All our love, Mum, Dad and Jon x

Anonymous said...

From SHIS to Emma Johnson.

Happy Birthday - we miss you lots, hope your having a wicked time!


eunice lum said...

Dear all Malaysians....

Love you,you and you.....!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey baby,

Just a quick word over the t'internet. Hope all is well in the jungle. Not too many bites i hope, although with 30 litres of deet you'd be doing well to have one. I've sent a letter so unless someones taken it it should be getting to you soon. Hope the foods good also. Haven't seen any pictures of it yet. Any meat? Monkey?

Miss you loads and loads. Been trying to organise myself, get some job going or something. Also i got rid of the broken chest of drawers and am going to build the new one soon. :)

Love you loads boots, hope to hear from you soon.

Jake xxxxx

Jodie said...

robyn Fitzharris (alpha 8)

Hey!! After the longest wait ever, I got four letters in the post today. Very relieved to read that your missing me but still having a good time. Im on my second advent calender yay. look forward to your phone call and expect lots of tears heehee. Jodie x

Anonymous said...

Mary Greene
Me, michelle and mum went to Leicester sq to watch a film on weds. didn't know you have to book cos we don't get out much. going back on Friday to try again. we too are intrepid, braving the tube twice in a week. are you proud of us? Good, cos we are very proud of you.
Keep up the good work. Tell Adam you are VERY photogenic. Chris XX

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Emma J!

Hope you're having an awesome day


Sue Davies said...

Emma happy birthday xxx Looks like you are really enjoying yourself.
Love Sue and Holly xx

Anonymous said...

Merel van Olffen

heeeeeeeee lieve meeer hoe gaat het daar?? ik ben zo benieuwd naar al je verhalen, ziet er in ieder geval heeel leuk uit!! hier gaat alles zn gangetje.. ben net terug uit New York en ben alweeer keihard (niet dus) aan het leren want maandag begint toetsweek!! popje ik hoop dat je het heeel erg naar je zin hebt en kan niet wachten om je te zien met kerst!! we missen je allemaaal hier xxxxxxx Anne

Emily said...

Mary Greene,
It was my birthday today and you weren't her :(! Anyway I thought I'd let you know that I was missing you on my b-day! Keep up all the good work and I'll blog to you again next week or something like that! got sooo much gossip to tell you when you get home. Also, HARRY POTTER WORLD IS FINISHED!!!:O I'm thinking that we take a little trip to Orlando and go adrenaline crazy! Missing you loads Em xxxx

Marianne C said...

Hi to Chris Cracknell :
James has gone back to school after a week of lazing around and getting chub-chub. Nana & Grandee send their love and hope you are having a fun time. Been looking out for photos of Alpha 6 but none posted as yet. Already 3 weeks gone! Not too worn out we hope and enjoying all the sun and company. hope you are recording all your exciting experiences

stoneman333 said...

Hi to Ian Wildsmith,
Just to say thanks for the birthday card. Great picture - but what a fright - almost as though you were back!! No more photos of Alpha 9 on the blog as yet - but hope the trekking and diving is going well. Enjoy the heat - you've just missed the first frost here!
Love Mum & Dad

mccluskey56 said...

For Rosie McCluskey
Hi darling, hope all is going well. Monday morning here and the clocks have changed but we are now having fires which is cosy! Ben in good form. We had lunch at the Cherry Tree and G was able to come before her shift but we missed you very much. Most beautiful morning here so I must get on and walk the dogs as they don't realise the clocks have changed! Ben and I are going over to Moreton Road for tea - David's operation is now 7th. Its very odd not being able to talk to you and we can't wait to see you. I think Sam is still having trouble getting the blog details because G heard from him asking for the link but I did email it to Nadine so I'm not sure what happened there! Hope you are in good shape and enjoying yourself - can't wait to hear all about it. With all our love darling, Ben, Dad, Mama, G, Harry & Bendigo xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Eloise,
Have yet to see other than your arival photo. I'm sure you're having a wonderful time though. We all miss you heaps and it's very quiet here with out you. Poppy sends his love. I replaced the battery in your car !!!! :) I sent you a parcel today, hopefully you will get it next week.

Take care, love mum, Fletcher and Genevieve ...and Harry xxx

Aris said...

Hoi Reinier!,
De eerste periode zit er bijna op en we zijn natuurlijk zeer benieuwd hoe het is geweest en wat voor een nuttig werk je hebt kunnen doen. En of je groep een beetje te doen is (zal toch wel?). Van andere groepen hebben we wel foto's gezien, maar Alpha 6 zat te diep in de Jungle..... Je kan je voorstelen hoe teleurgesteld mam elke dag is als er steeds (een stuk of 5 keer per dag) geen nieuws is...
Nou hou je taai en we kijken uit naar nieuws!
PS: maak je ook foto's?
PS2: als er iets is, trek je dan bij de leiding aan de bel?

Anonymous said...

Alfa 1 James Mclean, hi the kindergarten looks a very impressive structure, you must have all been working so hard, good to see you in the photo. Weve been in London this weekend with BarteK AND Justyna was a bit of an adventure, Stash and Yash christened the camper van, both vomitted, it was interesting cleaning up on the move, the rest of the weekend was somethhng like normal with two energetic young boys ,they asked how you amnd Jonathan were, send hello to you. I had an e.mail from Jonathan today he will be home over Christmas, he may come mid December, if so we'l all come up to meet you, it will be lovely to have you both home for a while. Were going away for a few days to ry out the camper van, from 3.11- coming home on the monday 8th, we will try to e.mail you while were away, if not hope we will be able to speak to you before you go on your next venture.lots of love Mumxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
I don't believe what I am seeing, are you actually working or are you just posing for the camera because your mother told us you were going there just so you could sunbathe. The other photo with the red face proves this. Anyway apart from that, we are proud of what you are doing and hope that you have some time off to see some of that wonderful countryside that is all around you.
With lots of envy Peter and Doon.