Monday, 11 October 2010

The expedition has begun!

We are delighted to announce that Expedition 10J has now officially begun, with the arrival of the first group of venturers.
A Raleigh expedition offers participants a wonderful opportunity for cross-cultural exchange, bringing together venturers from multiple continents.  First to arrive were our host country venturers, a group of 14, comprising Malaysians from both Sabah and peninsula Malaysia.
Next, we were pleased to welcome our Australian contingent.  This group of six joins us from Bridging the Gap, a development organisation based in Western Australia.

 The hard work has begun straight away for our Malaysian and Australian venturers.  After a quick kit check and one last home-cooked meal, they have headed off to the training camp, where  they will be joined by  the another 74 venturers joining us from the UK, France and the Netherlands. 

But first, we have to work out how to cram all the kit into the bus!

Check back in a few days to see how the venturers enjoy their first taste of the jungle.


eunice lum said...

Malaysian Venturers,

this is the first experience for you all in you all....

sow chan

Odette said...

Message for Maxim from Amsterdam:
Hey Maxim, I hope you feel well now, and I hope you will have a great time!! Miss you already, big kiss, Auntie Odette :-)

Santosh Gupta said...

Dear Paz

We are so glad to see it all coming together so well. We wish you and everyone associated with this expedition very very best of fun filled exciting satisfying times. Can,t wait to see all those photographs of returning troops having accomplished their first challenge!

We love you loads.
Mum and Dad

The Badgers said...

To Louise Bajada

Hi Lou, trying to leave a blog is not easy!

Thanks for your message yesterday, tried to reply but obviously no signal. Have a fantastic time and be careful. Love you lots mum & dad xxxxxx

The Badgers said...

To Louise Bajada

This is hopefully third time lucky!!

Glad to get your message yesterday. Sent you a reply but obviously no signal. Hope your havng a fantasic time. Be careful. Love you lots. Mum & Dad XXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Hello to the Aussie brigade from all at BTG. Good to see you waving the flag. Have a great expedition guys.


Rae said...

To shu may,

HIIII! Smail, have fun! Gain weight and build those muscles! Homg I miss you already. No more takoyaki till then. Do send me postcards if possible. (: Can't wait to see the HOT, NEW you!
Take care!

The Badgers said...

To Louise Bajada

Trying all ways to leave a blog, not easy.

Glad to have your message yesterday but unable to send a reply. Hope your having a great time. Be careful. Letter in post (very small)

Lots and lots of love Mum & Dad

The Badgers said...

To Louise Bajada

Still trying to get a blog posted!! glad to hear from you yesterday :), tried to reply but didnt go through. Hope your having a great time!

Love Mum, Dad, Amy, Kalem & Lumpy :)

Anonymous said...

message for Olivier Uijtewaal, the netherlands
Ik hoop dat de jetlag niet al te erg is. Ga lekker genieten en stuur me even een smsje als je weet in welk alfa team je zit en wanneer je van het basiskamp weggaat. xxxx mama,papa en Jur

alanbowe said...

To Ele Bowe

Great to get your txt on Monday and know you're hard at work. dan has decided to follow you disguised as Czech hardrock star. Hope you leave your basher tidy in the mornings!!

...lots of love, The Prague Badgers oxo

Roger said...

To Mary Greene

Hi Maries how's it going are you having fun, hope their not making you work to hard (not really)miss you lots


Anonymous said...

To the lovely MIss Emma Bean,

I hope I've done this right, it's taken me ages to find this!
From all the pictures i know you'll be okay and have a fantastic time!
Tried to reply back to you but it still hasn't gone through..I'll keep trying though.
And I'm writing the first of many letters today so your going to be bombarded with contact from me you lucky thing :)

Well that's enough from me miss you and love you like crazy!
Holly xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Maxim Terwey,

I hope you having a great time!!! We all miss you! Hope to hear soon from you!Big kiss Aelan, Eve and GĂ©rard

debra fong said...

Dear Ong Su Wen,

Everyone back here misses you and asked me how are you. I've met up with the guys (Shaun and etc.) about 2 days ago and they asked me how are you coping in the jungle. I said,'She's a monkey, she'll have no problem blending in well.' HAHAHAHA. Kidding! :)

And oh, in the first picture (the group picture) of this blog post, did you steal my boyfriend's pair of boardshorts??? o.O He has the EXACT dark blue, red stripe at the side. OMG SU WEN. No, seriously.

Anyway, jokes aside, everything back here is fine. Anything, leave me a sms!

Love, Debra Fong :) <3

Raleigh Borneo said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Shauna from Australia have a great time on your adventure we are all missing you.
Love Mam, Dad, Dairef

Anonymous said...

Message for Rob Nash

Hope all is well and you are enjoying the jungle.

All fine at home.

Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

to Sin Mei,

Hope you have fun and enjoy the expedition.

I'm fine here, just miss you soooooooo much.

I love you, take care~

With love,
Stephen Tai

gengqian said...

10J HCVs, have a great time of getting tan! :p

p/s:eat more & work more!

geng qian

Anonymous said...

Hi Eloise,
Have a fantastic time on your adventure. We all miss you,
Take care

lot's of love mum, Fletcher,and Gen xoxo

Anonymous said...

to Yen Wen,

All of them missing you here! :)
We're all doing great btw, hope you're having a blast too!


Anonymous said...

Hi pia ,thinking of you today and hope you are finding the lanndscape amazing . Take care and lots luv as always Mum

Jack Porter said...

To Monkey Mary Greene,

Hope you're having a great time moos,
its a lot quieter over here without you!
miss you!

Thing1 Jacko xxxxx

karen bell said...

To Steph hope you are having a fantastic time can't wait to hear from you again. Love you and miss you loads mum and charlotte xxxxxxxxxxxx

Alka Sharma said...

To Seema !!
don't worry no-ones forgotten about you, but hope you're well and having a good time ..
we all miss you !
Especially me, the house and everything is soo empty without you :( :(
Loveeee youuu
Alkaaaaaa :) xxx

andy said...

hi lucy hope everything is going well and your having a great time missing you loads as is everyone cant wait to see you again.we never stop talking about you woundering what you will be up to out there in the jungle.i hope you are watching out for them spiders lol,good luck so very proud of you love you more than ever andy xxxxx

psceramics said...

Hi Tamsin 10J

It's probably best if you're up the jungle. Your rooms a mess, heating in bits, attic room filled with rolls of insulation. We're having a great time. Can you stay there longer? Your mum's off to do pottery at Alison and David's, so plenty time for the Professionals and the Sweeney. Keep working hard, there will be plenty more to do when you get back.

About 12°C here - cooool.

Cheers Dad

Frank McCluskey said...

For Rosie McCluskey

Hi Rosie,

Ben is with us for a few days and we are all thinking about you and wondering what you are working on at present.

Sam lost your link and was asking Gina for it so he has not forgotten but will probably leave you a message as soon as he has the link.

Hope the mossies and humidity are not getting to you. Whats the food like? We wont ask about showers and baths!

We all miss you very much but we also hope you are having a great time and we are looking forward to hearing all about your adventure when you come home.

Oh tell Nick that the Wallabies just beat the All Blacks in a warm up match for the Autumn internationals which was held in Hong Kong earlier Today.

Lots of love from all of us.

Mum, Ben, Gina and Dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

To George Peach

(hopefully the right place, but if not, please pass it on??)

George George George. I miss you lots! I've been Bourneo stalking and it all looks incredible!!!! How are the jungle leggings going down?

When you get home, we must go on an adventure, urgently!!

Stay away from the snakes...

loads of love

Sarah S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx