Monday, 18 October 2010

And they’re off!

With new skills crammed into their heads and a lot of kit crammed into the buses Borneo Expedition 10J is under way.

The Alpha groups deployed from Likas, Kota Kinabalu very early on Saturday morning after 24 hours of frantic packing. New friends have been waved goodbye to and the Venturers are ready for the challenges which await them on their first project sites.

So let’s meet the teams who will be starting off the expedition!

The community projects – where Venturers will have the opportunity to get involved with the local community while building much needed infrastructure.

Alpha 1 - Kindergarten in Kampung Rumantai, Ranau District

Neil, James, Henry, Thomas, Kieran, Emma B, Kelly, Mary, Shu May, Rosie, Merel. And their PM’s Andrea, James and Pete.

Alpha 2 - Gravity water feed systems in the Pitas region
Rory, Daniel, Sherman, Tijs, Nick, Ivy, Stephanie, Robyn L, Josephine, Shi Han, Fiona. And their PM’s Philly, David and Simon.

The environmental projects – a chance for the Venturers to get to know more about Borneo’s amazing natural resources and to help to protect them.

Alpha 4 - Infrastructure for the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok

Robert G, Thomas, Josh, Joep, Cameron, Omar, Su Wen, Eleanor B, Louise B, Emma J, Eleanor T. And their PM’s Caroline and Kate.

Alpha 5 - Infrastructure Development at Imbak Canyon
Yogesh, Nicholas, Jon, Alasdair, Steven, Aaron, Shawna, Pia, Claire, Felicity, Mun Mun. And their PM’s Abby, Stacey and Becky.

Alpha 6 - Gravity water feed repair at Maliau Basin
Joseph, Jack, Benjamin, Christopher Cracknell, Reinier, Choon Wei, Nor, Gemma, Mandeep, Tamsin, Julie, Elouise. And their PM’s Maire, Nicky and Paula.

The adventure projects – a very challenging combination of trekking and diving, surviving in the harsh jungle environment.

Alpha 8 – dive/trek, currently to be found on the beautiful Mamutik Island in KK’s very own Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park
Ben, Robert N, Khyal, Olivier, Jing Wen, John, Jay, Georgina, Madeleine, Robyn F, Cathrien, Sin Mei. And their PM’s Clive, Jo and Leigh.

Alpha 9 – trek/dive, can be seen heading off into the jungle from Long Pa Sia near the Sarawak/Kalimantan border
Andrew, Alexander, Ian,  Guy, Shen Quang, Maxim, Seema, Millie, Lucy, Emily, Lisa, Evinn. And their PM’s Helen, Paz and Tom.

Alpha 10 – trek/dive/trek, at the moment these lucky venturers can be found in the beautiful Kiulu Valley region in the foothills of Mt. Kinabalu
Aaron, Christopher Cheeseman, Yannick, Kareem, Christian, Natalie, Laura, Louise S, Abigail, Leontien, Yen Wen. And their PM’s Andy and Emma.

And back at fieldbase, manning the fort are Mac, Ed, Serge, Yolanda, Emma, Emily, Chris and Gary.

We will keep you up to date with news from the project sites as everyone gets settled in. Please post your messages and comments on the blog. We will then print these and send them off into the heart of the Borneo with the Loop. The Loop is Raleigh’s trusty resupply which visits all static project sites mid way through the phase. Laden with the two most important things for anyone living in the jungle: chocolate and loving messages from home.


chiang said...

Hi Jing Wen, we are on our way to melbourne will write to u from there.

Hope u have a blast with the diving.
Enjoy your adventure and take care.

Lots of love
Mummy and Daddy

Richard van Hemert said...

Dear Thijs,
Good Luck with your Gravity Feed System. A very rewarding project and don't forget to take some regular pictures of your progress.
A real Dutch project it seems. I assume you all are getting settled in with new friends, time difference and Climate. We are proud of you!
I hope the message gets through. It is for me the first time I Blog
Lots of love from all of us,

mccluskey56 said...

For Rosie McCluskey
Monday morning (18th!) - Just made the early morning tea and thinking it must be mid-afternoon with you and maybe you are having a tea break! Just checked the blog to see your project hope its going well. It looks amazing from the photos. The blogs are great, many thanks to those who do them as it is a great way to keep in touch. We all miss you like mad and can't wait to hear about all your adventures. With all our love darling Bendigo,Harry,Georgie,Mama & Dad xoxo

mama-milie said...

Hey there Mil
Just read that you're part of the Alpha 9 team you lucky thing. Looks like a great bunch of people and a fantastic challenge ahead. There's a lovely picture of you with the group just to prove that you're actually there! I have to say that you look rather fetching in your green sarong too.
It's very very quite without you here and we all miss you.
Love you loads, mum x

Anonymous said...

Robyn Lewes - Robs, it was great to see your photo - I assume you weren't smiling because you were shouting whooo! Brendan has sorted out his flights for Thailand and has a good place to look for flights to Oz. Malaysian airlines say you have to catch a bus at KL as the aerotrain has stopped - don't know whether this affects you?! Can't wait to see you and hear all about yor adventures. Mum, Dad & Brendan xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Seema!!

Nice photo! haha...hope you're having fun.... you're sorely missed in England and Africa...

Much love
Cheeks Crew

Alison said...

Yo Abi and Albert!
It looks all good in the hood and all too cool for school! Severe envy this end I can tell you!
Have fun and enjoy - letter in the post.
Big hugs to you both
Auntie A x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack (Alpha 6)
after all the preparation, you are now finally down to the real work! I've looked at the Maliau Basin on the internet and it looks spectaclar. Hope you get some good pics.
have a wonderful time

Jeni said...

Hi Guy - so exciting - finally we know where you're off to and I've been studying the group!!! By the time you get this I presume you'll have finished the trek/dive. Hope the diving amazing and the trek not too exhausting! It'll make Jersey diving seem a bit dull I suspect. Couldn't see any mozzy bites but it wasn't a very clear pic! Everyone asking how you're getting on and now I can tell them something. Saw Peets yesterday and Mikey working in a music company editing articles for magazines and applied to Oxford & Bristol. Alice in social whirl at Cambridge!!! Got so many questions to ask but will just have to wait! SO much love Mum x

jeni said...

Guy - I notice you haven't been around for a while so I've started making funny electronic noises to attract some attention. Your parents are very puzzled and keep threatening to turn me off and put me out for recycling but are terrified that they will never be able to use the TV/DVD again so I think I'm safe. Hope it's fun out there mate. PS3

ali said...

JJ looks amazing - we are all missing you, and hope ur enjoying urself - all our the the Sakallioglu Fam xxxx

eveline egeler said...

Message for Lisa Egeler:
Lieve Lies, wat een spannende berichten allemaal! Ik kreeg nog net je sms-je toen ik zelf op trail ging. Intussen weer thuis...
Ben zo benieuwd naar al je verhalen en je ervaringen. Wellicht gaan we nog eens samen op trail...! Hier alles goed! Kus van ons allen, Papa

sangi said...

Hey Yogesh

Mum has only just found the website so sorry for not posting earlier! Having seen your picture Mum has finally stopped panicking !;-)

Hope you're having funa dn learning lots.

By the way Leicester drew 1:1 with Hull and I passed my dissertation.

Everyone is ok here. Hope you have fun on the project and there's not too many spiders!

Take care

Sanguben, Mum & Dad xx

Anonymous said...

Message for Jack Regan, Hi there Jack, It all looks amazing! I know that you will be enjoying the whole experience, savour every moment! We all miss you loads, particuarly for dog walking! Thinking of you, stay safe Mum xx

Rae Greene said...

Rae Greene said...
Hi Mary, it's so good to see another picture of you! and to know what you are doing. I watched a video of 10D building a kindergarten and it looked brilliant. Take care, missing you loads, loving you much, mum xxxx

Phil Legge said...

Hi Jon
We've just looked at Imbak Conservation area on the net and WOW. Have a great time and miss you lots Dad and Gail xx

info said...

Voor Joep Claus

Lieve Joep,
Zag dat je de beren gaat helpen. Lijkt me een leuk project. Heb een foto van het leuke kleine beertje gezien. Benieuwd wat je moet doen en hoe je het daar hebt. Zag op foto's dat je je wel vermaakt. Geniet er van en heb veel plezier.

Aris said...

Message for Reinier Begemann:

Lieve Reinier,
Leuk om je steeds weer op een foto te zien. We zijn natuurlijk erg benieuwd hoe het is en of jullie de pijplijn werkend krijgen. Hoop dat je first-aidkit nog onaangeroerd is...Vergeet niet om veel foto's te maken, kan je er ook mee filmen? Iedereen leeft met je mee hier, zet um op en dikke knuffel van ons allen, mum

Anonymous said...

Message for Olivier, Alfa 8

Wat een geluksvogel ben je toch, eerst duiken en daarna de trek.De Groep ziet er gezellig uit en ik zie je al helemaal liggen in een hangmatje op het strand tussen 2 palmbomen!! Vergeet je geen foto's te maken. Robert, Daan A. en B., Familie en andere vrienden vragen bijna dagelijks of we al iets gehoord hebben, gelukkig hebben we nu wat foto's en weten we waar je zit. Ik kook nog steeds voor 4 dus ik moet er nog even aan wennen. x mama

Berend Nix said...

Message for Cathrien Sickler alpha 8:

Lieve lieve Cathrien,

Heb je vandaag twee brieven gestuurd een met de normale post en een met garantiepost hopelijk komt er een aan en heb je de tijd en mogelijkheid hem ooit een keer te beantwoorden! Anders zal ik Raleigh maar overspoelen met een hoop van dit soort berichtjes (best handig). Je gaat als het goed is morgen of overmorgen op trail, maar je redt je vast wel. Zo zit je immers in elkaar. Heb vandaag de groepsfoto gezien van je expeditie en je ziet er gelukkig vrolijk uit, dat was een opluchting voor mij. Pas alsjeblieft goed op jezelf, want ik mis je zo erg en wil daarom dat je in één stuk terug komt! Ik denk de hele tijd aan je en hoop dat je dat ondanks alle drukte stiekem ook nog een beetje aan mij denkt.. Hier in Utrecht gaat het verder zijn gangetje. Hoop dat je het leuk gaat krijgen met dit project en dat je snel van je laat/kan laten horen! Er is gezegd dat die brief ongeveer de 25e aankomt, dus ben benieuwd.

Hou van je! xxx(Beer)

Berend Nix said...

Message for Cathrien Sickler:

Lieve lieve Cathrien,

Ik heb vandaag twee brieven naar je gestuurd een met de normale post en de ander met garantiepost. Hopelijk komt er minimaal een van de twee aan. Anders zal ik Raleigh, maar moet Volgens het postkantoor doen ze er meestal 8 a 10 dagen over, dus dat zou beteken dat hij op zijn vroegst de 25e er zal zijn en anders zal ik Raleigh overspoelen met dit soort berichtjes via de site (best handig overigens). Je bent nu volgens mij nog lekker aan het duiken en over twee dagen ga je volgens mij die track doen. Ik hoop dat je dan goed op jezelf past, maar jou kennende gaat dit ook wel goed komen. Heb vandaag verder de groepsfoto van jouw expeditie gezien en gelukkig sta je er blij en lachend op! Dit luchtte heel erg bij mij op. Hier in Utrecht gaat alles prima behalve natuurlijk dat ik je heel erg mis. Lieve Cathrien hopelijk heb je nog tijd om een beetje aan me te denken, want ik denk ook aan jou.

je altijd toegewijde liefde,


milly said...

Hi lieve Maxim,

Even een berichtje van oma en mama vanaf oma's computer, Quinten en ik hebben hier net gegeten, jouw lievelings spaghetti, yammie. Quinten mag 4 nov afzwemmen voor zijn A diploma. Hoe is het daar in de jungle? Leuk jullie groepsfoto, veel succes en we kunnen haast niet wachten op weer een nieuw levensteken van you Tarzan, me Jane uit de jungle, kus van oma P en mama en dikke knuffel van Quinten Xx

milly said...


PS wij zijn van 24-31 okt in Turkije, zal je ook daar vandaan bloggen en old school post sturn, kus mam

Anonymous said...

Hi Pia,
How's it been so far? Must be amazing in the jungle, hope your enjoying it- and are not too ravaged by the leeches! Is the waterfall as good as you thought it would be? And have you met lots of new species of creepy crawlies? As for me its been an emotional week, i am moving out of the flat in London for one reason or another which is disapointing- not sure what I'll do next. Anyways miss you lots and lots alice xxx

Anonymous said...

For Ellie Tetlow
Wow! Great to see a photo of you! Look forward to hearing how you get on!! SOOOO proud of you!! lots of love Mum, Dad, William and Izzy. By the way I have lots of building projects in the garden for when you get home!!!

Leckie said...

Guy! hello it's Leckie! i hope it is amazing...nice photo...NOT. kidding you look wicked. what have you been up to? i have just had my sports scholar fitness assessment and it was soooo horrible. feel very sorry for me! I hear that you are diving an trekking at the moment...sounds average but whatever cos i am going to BERMUDAAAAA! haha unlucky!! anyway had better go now. love you loads and can't wait till you get back. Love Leckie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Indrani said...

Hi Shu May !

it's been thrilling to see all the photos. Been showing them to popo to assure her you're still in one piece !

Work hard, play hard & take care !

Aunty Susan & Ian says hi. Aunty Susan wish she was there too ! She's here helping me to send this message to you !

Miss you and all our love ,
Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Hoi lieve Yannick,
Wat fijn je te zien met je groep.
Dat doet ons goed. Erg benieuwd naar je ervaringen. In gedachten zijn wij bij jou. Hier is het vooral herfst (regen, wind en fris), verder alles ok. Mail en post zijn jouw kant op gegaan.
Maak er mooie tijd van en geniet vooral!
Met een lieve hug en kus van ons,
Papa, Mama en Cahrin.

pascale said...

Lalou to Nicolas

Contente de te voir à nouveau en photo et ce d'autant plus que tu as l'air en pleine forme !
Espère que tu auras l'occasion un de ces jours de nous envoyer un message perso
Donc d'après ce que je comprends tu es dans la phase "protection de l'environnement"
Kises from Paris

debra fong said...

Dear Ong Su Wen,

I'm guessing you don't have your phone with you now because i texted you and you didn't reply me! How's working with the sun bears like?!?!? Sounds super fun :D Jealous A LITTLE because we've been having yummy food back home without you. ahahaha :p (Cai Jin wanted to rub it in your face to disturb you hehe) I just hope you don't piss the bears off with your clumsiness. hahaha.

Anyway, just to update you, i already got my unconditional offer :) and is flying off on the 17th of Feb. PY is flying off on the 15th Feb. And I've just sent in your transcript for you.

I do hope you're enjoying every single bit of it and please do take care!!!:) See you during or after christmas :D

Anonymous said...

message to olivier uijtewaal alpha 8:

Hee pikkestijn, hoe is het leven daar? Rustig neem ik aan. Afgezien van je gebroken duim(mongol). Ik begin nu toch echt problemen te krijgen met mezelf vermaken hier in de buurt dus ik ben de dagen al aan het aftellen. Het uitgaan is nou niet echt bepaald hard geweest maar na morgen heb ik vakantie dus dan ga ik daar even wat verandering in brengen. De feestjes daar zijn zeker gek met de inheemse verslavende middelen en eigenstook:) je neemt wel een tonnetje/flesje/gevulde boomstam van die troep voor me mee hè. Veel plezier nog, geniet ervan en wees aardig voor de dames. Succes met het behalen van je Padi, ik DUIM voor je. tempo doeloe xx roffa

Anonymous said...

For Marie Thomas (alpha 6 - Maliau Basin)

If possible could this message be radio'd on the 21st October, it would be very kind of you.

"Thank for 4 perfect years. I love you" from Matt

Anonymous said...

Message for Yogesh,
Great to see you are having a good time. Have seen all the pics posted on blog. The place looks fantastic, hope the weather is OK. Enjoy yourself and take care

Lots of love Mum xxx

Martin van Olffen said...

Van Martin van Olffen aan Merel van Olffen

Alpha 1 - Kindergarten in Kampung Rumantai, Ranau District. Klinkt goed Merel, de aanduiding op de site. We zagen ook de foto van de groep, iedereen lacht dus dat ziet er goed uit. We zijn heel benieuwd wat jullie aantreffen bij de Kindergarten en wat jullie daar precies aan het doen zijn, zien we ongetwijfeld bij de verdere berichten. Hier alles prima, alleen Loes zoekt nog een nieuw slaapmaatje.
Veel plezier en alle liefs van Ma, Pa, Anne en Julia.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sin Mei,

How's your diving and trekking experience? Got your scuba diving license already? I'm fine here, hope you enjoy and take good care yeah. Miss you.

With love,


Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron of Alpha 6~~!!!

Hisashiburi~ Ogenkidesuka?

Having fun I'm guessing? Well, I'm assuming that from your big smile on the picture.. You still Do look alive without your laptop.. Hahaha, do enlighten me with what time you are waking up these days.. =P What kind of lifestyle are you having over there? Been keeping in touch with nature? Chirping of the birds as your alarm clock, taking showers under a waterfall and having mosquitoes as your best mates? =D

Anyways, have fun, play safe and do build a bridge that won't collapse when the river water rises during rainy season.. =D Will send you another message when I'm half way through another one of my assignments due next week. @@ Can't wait to listen to your interesting stories!!

<3 JieJie ^v^

Perry Hawkins said...

Message for Gemma kay Hall in Alpha 6;

Hey baby sorry it took me so long to write on this thing!! Hope you're doing well, follow this blog site evry day, love the pictures of you, good to see you're not getting too much stick! Everyone misses you lots here, especially me! I hope the task isn't too hard and you're having fun with everyone there! Love you lots! Letters in the post!
Lots of love Perry xoxox

mama-millie said...

Hi Millie
Just sat here wondering what you're up to! How's the wildlife out in the jungle, made any new furry friends? The scenery looks just amazing out there, I hope you have time to appreciate it and take it all in. Hope you manage to get some sleep too, comfy hammocks?
Off to Poland tomorrow so will message you again when I can.
Still flipin quiet around the house without you singing and arguing with Ava/Ian!!
Love and kisses, mum x

Alison said...

Hey Rob (Nash)

Photo of you looks great. Hope you have a fantastic time trekking and diving.
Lots of love,
Mum, dad and Gaz.

Anonymous said...

For James Peard Alpha 1
Hi Jim
We were pleased to hear that you had arrived safely and that you are working at the kindergarten.It's good to see the photos and it all looks amazing. It's very quiet and tidy without you! We miss you and check the blogg everyday and look forward to any news and pix.
Luv Mum

Anonymous said...

For Tom Rumsey

Hi Tom,
You're not missing much in Singapore - the haze (pollution) from forest fires is terrible at the moment. Glad to hear your campfires weren't the cause....! Mail on it's way!
Miss you loads,

Suzy said...

Hey Tamsin

Hope your enjoying your first expedition and all your hard work and training is paying off ;) Also that you are working off all the Dominos Pizza you ate before leaving!

Sent you a letter via snail mail so hopefully you well get it next week sometime. Got a nice 50 hour work week this week sob so I will be thinking about you lazing about in a hammock sunning yourself all day not really doing much :P Looking forward to the next update on the blog to see what you are up to. Its freezing cold here and our central heating is broken, so annoying you dont find these things out until you need to turn them on! Was minus 1 the other night so got the old fleecy pj's out! Hope you are enjoying your adventure lovely and see you in 8 weeks!

Miss you, Suzy xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Seema!
hahaha about your pose in the photo. missing you lots, hope you're having a great time. look after yourself, and I'll keep checking the blog to see how your trip is going. lots of love, Dudu xxx

Oma Eline said...

Lieve Thijs (Alpha 2),

Dank zij Pap, kan ik je nu een e-mail sturen. Hij stuurt deze e-mail voor mij door, want ik kan het niet. Ik geloof dat jij al bericht van hem hebt doorgekregen daar in de rimboe! Het project dat jullie uitvoeren lijkt me leuk. Letterlijk opbouwend werk. Is het erg warm? Je zult wel bruin worden. Hoop dat jullie een gezellige ploeg hebben. Slapen jullie in een tent? En hoe gaat het met koken? De foto’ s op de site zijn erg leuk, al die jonge mensen daar met hun verschillende projecten. Je kunt daar zelf niet e-mailen denk ik.
Hier alles goed. Ben met Mark naar Zwitserland geweest, naar Lili. Ze is intern, maar mocht 1 nacht bij ons slapen. Zijn naar Bern geweest o.a. om te shoppen. Het weer was slecht, mist, regen en natte sneeuw, maar het was gezellig. Nog anderhalf jaar en dan komt ze ook naar Nederland . Met Britt heb ik half Amsterdam rondgefietst op zoek naar een kamer. Wordt moeilijk, nog geen succes. Ze moet hard werken en heeft het erg naar haar zin. Daan heeft al 4 tentamens gehad daar in Utrecht. Hij heeft een kamer daar op de kampus ,dus dat is gemakkelijk. Hij mag nu eindelijk weer gaan sporten met zijn knie. Roos is met school net enige dagen naar Berlijn geweest. Vond ze niet veel aan. Het familie relaas is dit . Allemaal gezond en wel! Ik schrijf je een brief over een paar weken, dat gaat veel sneller dan mijn getik met 1 vinger. Tjonge, ik zou graag jong zijn en ook zo’ n expeditie meemaken. Bestond niet in mijn tijd, maar heb wel veel gezien van de wereld inmiddels. All the best, ben stik benieuwd en heel veel liefs, zoen van,

Oma Eline

Leckie said...

HI!!! guy best news ever!!! we had house shout last night and mill mead one the girls and c1 won the boys AND the overall!! they were amazing. it was the best night ever. hope that all is good in the jungle and you and enjoying yourself!!! remember to get me that taser that look like a mobile phone...!!! love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Msg for Mary Greene,
Hi there Mary,
I'm just back from having lunch with your mum, she showed me the photos on this blog it looks beautiful there and i'm soo jealous, hope you are having an amazing time, Abby sends her love, you can plan a mammoth catching up session with each other at christmas. Sending hugs n kisses Alison and all xxx

Willemijn Iest said...

maxi :)

het ziet er allemaal heel erg spannend uit! dat duiken wordt vast heel erg cool! ik hoop dat je het ontzettend naar je zin gaat hebben en ik verheug me nu al op al je verhalen :P

good luck my friendy :D

xxx willemijn

Rajbinder said...

Hi Mandeep,
how are you? hows the volunteering going? oh my god its so cold here :( the bathroom is nearly done,lol...its functional but not finished, might be done by the time you get back. Aaron said he misses you :) Your missing a good series of Apprentice - enough people in there with attitude! Hope your well! miss you, love you loads. Mum, Raji and Aaron.

Lexi said...

Hello Tamsin!

Check u out... Alpha 6, sounds like u r on a mission in a film or summat... how exciting! Lovin the photos, and your right, they sure are a cracking pair of sandals :) This is my 2nd blog to u on here, i just hope u get them! Miss u lots and good luck with your project xxxxx Lexi

Gursharon Sandhu said...

Hey Deepi (Mandeep) i been trying to find the link and i just saw it on your facebook i sure hope this message gets to you! you look really happy in your pic :D hope its all going well...i really miss seriously! hehe! ill message you soon how will i ever know this gets to you??? lol
love Gogo xxx

Loes Boven said...

For Julie Peletier - Alpha 6

Lieve Julie!
Ik heb je al 2x gezien op de foto: eentje van een soort spel dat jullie met z'n allen met 2 houten balken moesten lopen, jij voorop natuurlijk! En de groepsfoto van alpha 6... je bent er echt!
Natuurlijk heb ik ook het Maliau Basin even onderzocht: met googlemaps zie je vooral heeel veel groen. Hopelijk heb je geen last van muggen! Op de site van het Basin staan foto's van allerlei 'camps', waar jij misschien nu wel leeft. 'Maliau Basin - Borneo's lost world' staat er en dat geloof ik. Wauw zeg.
Juul ik hoop dat je een leuke groep hebt en dat je nog steeds gezond bent. Geniet van iedere stap die je daar zet!
Hele dikke knuffel van Loes

Jeni said...

Hi Guy, Just packing the last bits of stuff for Bermuda tomorrow - back on lst Nov and Dad decided to go off to jersey for 5 days on 2nd!! Really cold here. Watched film on Borneo last night-can't believe you're amongst all those big bugs, ants and things. Hope you're having fun and enjoying it all. laura says send you chocolate so have done that but hope it's not a soggy mess! lol mum xx

westy said...

Hi Laura (Alpha 10)
Hope the new boots are working well,and all the fitness training you did before Borneo has paid off !!.
How is the diving? it will be good to have another diver in the family.
On the home front ,Mum is winning more competitions so business as usual!. Hope you are enjoying it all , we miss you loads.
love Mum Dad G and D xxx

Becca said...

Dear Gemma Hall (ALPHA 6)

Helloooooo, I'm sitting in the fahrenheit office writing this and am soo jealous of your sunny jungle photos already. It is lovely to see your face, makes it seem like you are not so far away. Miss you already, hope you are having amazing time.
lots of love from Becca Stud xxxx

Sabine Hamer said...

Hee Cathrien!

Voor mij is het inmiddels precies een jaar geleden dat ik ook in Borneo was, maar als ik dan de foto's weer zie van alle alpha groepen en de stukjes lees dan zou ik zo weer willen gaan! Jullie zijn volgens mij met behoorlijk veel Nederlanders of niet?
Nu eerst lekker een weekje op Mamutik Island en daarna de beruchte jungletrek, maar echt zorg dat je overal zoveel mogelijk van geniet! Ook al zijn er soms momenten dat je het waarschijnlijk even zwaar hebt, iedereen zit in hetzelfde schuitje en als je er later aan terug denkt waren dat misschien nog wel de belangrijkste en mooiste momenten! Heel veel plezier en succes met de jungletrek!

Liefs, x Sabine

rebandsteve said...

Hi Ben Summers,
Loved the photo; make sure you stand infront of a camera again! Hope you're enjoying every minute of the experience. We're all fine. Dad is now on course; feeling his age!!! I love half term!!! Lots of love to you from us all. Oh and Marnie has a new puppy; springer spaniel called Alfie!!! mum and dad x x

Jerry said...

Dear Mary greene,
Squeak squeak miaow
Love Jerry

Ps, it wasn't me that pooed in your shower it was remi.


Animals said...

Dear Mary,

Please come home soon because I need some tummy loves,I love you, from jaspy xxxxx

Hello Mary, I have not been very mentally stimulated of late, no one is around to teach me tricks or make me roll over, all I have to entertain me is a giant bal, it's not all bad but it will be nice to have you home, I have also been very good and not bitten anyone.....yet. Love from hollie xxx

Kate greene said...

Hi Mary,

I hope you're putting those muscles to good use over there! I bet you've built a kindergarten by yourself! Without tools, (they'd only hold you back),
Missing you loads,
Kate xxxxx

Anonymous said...

message for Emma J - Alpha 4

Hi Sweetie!

Hows jungle life?? Trust me your not missing anything here! Its cold and rainy!!

Hope the sleeping in the Jungle is going ok - has a spider managed to climb under the net like i said it would?

SHIS is missing you loads, everyone keeps asking if i know how your getting on?

Hope your living the dream!!!

Miss you and love you lots

Alice Goodwin

Anonymous said...

For Ellie Tetlow
Hi Grandma and Granadad H send you this message. Had a lovely weekend in Scotland. Your bed is still very comfy! Been here for six days and off home tomorrow. Lots of love Grandma and Grandad x x

Jayne said...

Kieran Brady (alpha 1)
WoOoOhOo..just made my day seein a pic ov u an the team on here,check site everyday 4 any news on u :).get intouch wen u can ki we all missin u lots an enjoy every min u out there.guna get kids 2 start writin u a letter lol..take care luv n miss u millions Mum,Yoz,Stacey,Alex,Owen&Brendan <3 xxxxxxx <3

Carlsberg said...

To Slip-Slap-Slop:

My day today:
coffee + breaky
HOT shower
lonely morning waltz through my viennese appartment
quality internet time, checking the blog for an update *hint*
northern brew for a change
can't remember what came next
testing innertubes for irish-dance-lesson-suitability
writing to you

Miss ya


shari said...

hey aussies miss ya heaps hope your first phase was amazing and still another 2 to ago its going to get even better, hopefully by the time u read this i have written you letters, you guys are legends now haha anyway crazy people i will write soon. love africa xxxxxxxx :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Shauna Timmons
Missing you so much already babe. You look like you are having a great time in the photos. Enjoy your experiences and have lots of funny tales to tell us all when you get home. Lots of love Alicia and the Kilminster hotel.

Rae said...

shu may!

HIII! MISS you lots! We should be having a barbeque at the end of the year. You should be back home by then so yayy! homg we're all stressing out on our exams while you have fun there. NICEEE! (:

Yap LB said...

Hi Yen Wen,

Everybody here miss you so much, i even got blamed for letting you go so long.

Take good care of yourself.

From mum and dad

arikboo said...

Stephanie Bell

To my beloved Steph,
We are all so proud of you. Keep up the good work.
I think of you constantly, and carry you in my heart and thoughts every day. I miss you dearly. I hope this finds you well and truly happy.
I love you so much,

All my love,



Anonymous said...

to Evinn(Alpha 8);

i am so proud of u~!
its been more than 3weeks u been there~! i miss u badly and love u~


Anonymous said...

to Evinn(Alpha 9);

i am so proud of u~!
its been more than 3weeks u been there~! i miss u badly and love u~


Sarah Hamblin said...

To Lucy Jellicoe
Hi Darling. Have only just discovered we can communicate with you. We can see from your photos you are having a great time - can't wait for the stories round the Christmas fire! We all miss you loads - life is lacking a bit of colour. Can't wait to see you again. Natasha is missing you - every time I mention your name she makes a little horse noise! Look after yourself. XXX

milly said...

Lieve Maxim dat was allemaal wat he! gelukkig ben je nu weer op weg naar de jungle, ik was wel geschrokken hoor. Nu maar hopen dat alles gaat zoals het moet dus goed!!! Sterkte brief onderweg liefs omaP

milly said...

Lieve Maxim nog maar een berichtje weet niet of de vorige gepakt heeft.Je oma is ook niet zo'n techneut he. Fijn dat je weewr op weg bent naar de jungle en dit maal voor langer liefs oma

Dee said...

Yen wen, Jacqueline is nine weeks now, and said hi!! to Zu ann , suprised, cant wait to come back....
Ah ma were worry for you innitially for 7 weeks trip in jungle, but after looking AT UR picture, what a release, you seem to enjoy the trip. especilly the mosquito bite.
keep it up and build a tree house for ur bro and sis....when you are back here.
we all miss you

zahra khan said...

For Ele B (Alpha 4)

HELLO oh beautiful one. I hope you are having a rather wonderful time, saving lives, feeling the plight of others. You know doing amazing things, since you are in every sense pretty amazing. You are missing nothing in London, rain, people, cold..bore bore. But London and I miss you dearly, mostly eating things like pancakes and ice cream and talking about babies-you know what i mean by this.

in short, i MISS YOU. You better come back darker than me. x

ZAhra khan said...


Dad n Mum said...

message to Claire Cottee

Hi Claire we're all missing you, bet you're having a great time.Its so cold here we've had to scrape the car windows of frost again this week although very sunny by day.we have sent mail to you , i hope you get them all, nanna is sending a suprise for you tomorrow 27th oct so you may get it in a few weeks. Enjoy your adventure see you just before xmas love you xx Dad ,Mum & Sarah xxx

Clara said...

Hello Maddy Gray!!!
How are you?! Hope you're having an amazing time! :)
I've had freshers flu for about a month now, so things are being great fun... haha. Exeter's being pretty cool... i've learnt how to surf! it's so cooooool. the suring, that is, not me... clearly.
So yeah, i hope you're having a great time and i can't wait to see you at Christmas :D
Love you lots,
Clara xxx

M and D said...

Hi Marie

Photos on the blog look fantastic -looking forward to seeing one of Alpha6 soon.It is great to see everyone looking so happy.We all miss you very,very much and send you much love from Autumnal England.

mama-millie said...

Hi Millie
Just back from Kracow, quite chilly, not what you're used to!Looking forward to seeing new pics of you, some of other teams already on, but non of yours yet. Hope you're having a great time, we all miss you here. Letters on the way from family and friends so you'll have those to look forward to.
Love you sweetie, mum x

milly said...

Lieve Maxim ben je al weer bij je groep. alles goed? Hier ook alles oke. Mam komt zondag weer terug. Liefs dikke kus omaP

Anonymous said...

Hi Evinn Soo!! cpp!! I miss ur words ... how are u the ?? Can at least giv me a SMS ?

Anonymous said...

Evinn Soo Cpp!! I mixx u badlly miss ur words ...

Anonymous said...

For Ellie Tetlow,

Hi Ellie another Saturday Morning! Its sunny but very cold here and everyone is still in their PJs. Mum is trying to summon the enthusiasm to move into your room and Marvin knows everything needs to be finished before you come home - otherwise there'll be trouble! I guess you could always sleep in the garden! We gave photos to Ian and Debbie; she was very excited! Hope you are getting our letters - mum will do another X Factor update tonight/tomorrow. Love Mum and Dad (+ Isobel who's glued to the settee and Will who's not back from a Halloween party!) xxx

Anonymous said...

To Louise S (alpha 10)

Hiya Louise, looks like you are having fun already! Everyone is missing you but that's ok as long as you have the best time ever! Take care and have fun! Lots of love from nana & grandpa, dad and Charlotte, Ray & Sonja, and Sarah (who has written this on behalf of all the other less techy people in the family)! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jeni said...

Hi Guy - not sure if my last message went through. just to say we;re leaving tomorrow after great week here in bermuda. tropical storm came to nothing. missing you loads but hoping all great with you. far too muchgirly stuff and chatfor you I suspect! love you laods and miss you masses. hope trek and dive were really good. no snorkelling here cos it was just too windy and sea murky. can't wait totell you all. lol mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yap LB said...

Yen wen
Its only 3 weeks, but we already miss you so much. cant wait to hear from you this week.
bye and keep it up!

From MUM

rebandsteve said...

Hi Ben Summers
Hope you're still enjoying it. The island you're on looks beautiful; good luck with the diving. Jacob had a good birthday (no teenagers left now!!!) and says thanks for the card and the £20... you owe me!!!! Weather here is cold and rainy.... no change there! Only 54 sleeps until Christmas; less til we see you again. Miss and love you loads. Mum and Dad x x

Chananja Wijenbergh said...

Lieve Julie (alpha6)

Ik heb je nu op 2 foto's gezien en het is erg leuk om te zien dat je het daar naar je zin hebt! Ik zag ook iets bekends om je nek hangen!
Ik hoop dat je deze reactie ontvangt en anders mijn brief die ik binnenkort ga versturen. Een nette handgeschreven brief valt nog niet mee!

Heel veel liefs en kusjes van Chan

Grace Durnan said...

The previous comment was for joseph treacy!!

Anonymous said...

to Joseph ---alpha 6
hi hun got your letter it was great to hear all your news also to see your photos yes we were lucky and got to see 2 photos of you
all well here James sis home for the weekend I have 6 clients this week
will send another letter on wed 3rd nov
take care love you loads

kwasi said...

to Mary Greene, Hi there mary i soo miss u i'v seen the pics so nice,i can see u are having a nice time hurry up en come back pls

kwasi said...

TO MARY GREENE; hi there sis i can see u are having fun,miss u like crazy pls hurry en come back soon
ps; dont let the mosquitos bite hahahahahha luv

Anonymous said...

Well Hello Aaron on alpha 10,

Looks like you are having fun, hopefully you'll lose a few of those floppy pounds while you're away ;)

Missing you keeping everyone in order and being the peace keeper..

Love you laods Mum.. and all the kids :)) xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Ellie Tetlow
Hi great to see you on the blog again today. Glad to see you are eating!!!!! You look great. Lots of people asking about how you are-have written them all down in your next letter! Shower room making progress and have finally with Fraser's help moved into your room! Me and lots of junk!!!!! Very wet here, will need flippers soon!!!! Busy as always!!!!! Love you loads Mum and Dad xxxx Will and Iz xxxxx

Emma Wrafter said...

For Helen Denny Alpha 9
Very disappointed not to see your fantastic and very hip 'jungle' hat in any of the photographs Miss Denny. ;)

Sam and Derek are spending their time frequenting pubs and wearing their matching coats and discussing random things that make no sense.

How is the liver? In full detox mode? Maybe we'll have a nice steak and a glass (bottle) of wine for you tonight... MMMmmm.

Went to Liverpool a few weeks ago and went to that bar you had one of your old leaving parties in, where you had to hit the paper maiche donkey thing. It looks totally different. When you're back we should def do a tour and get the other girls involved.

Anyway hope you're looking after yourself and taking some great photos. Missing you and will be in touch soon again.
Em xxx

Anonymous said...

To : Lisa Egeler!

lief liesje,

Het heeft even geduurd voordat ik deze blog begreep, maar nu kan ik eindelijk een bericht achter laten!! Je zal wel gewacht hebben.. Maar ehm hallo kunnen ze ook even wat over jou schrijven! Verder hoop ik dat het goed met je gaat, maar ik verwacht van wel.. Al gebeten door een griezelige spin?
Ik mis je erg!! Was echt heel raar de eerste week zonder ons contact... Lieverd bijna 18!!!!! Geniet ervan en vanaf nu zal ik zeker meer van me laten horen!!
love uuu xx eem

Sarah Hamblin said...

Hi Lucy
Thinking about you today and wondering what you are doing at this minute. Mark went to see the Foals last night at Notts and Andy and i sat and watched Xfactor with Charlie. Bet that sounds pretty dull! Andy misses you loads and we talk about you all the time - lots of 'Lucy' stories, especially the funny ones! Anyway, I know you are having the time of your life - you'll always remember it and it will get even better with distance. Roll on Christmas! All my love. Mum XXX

Anonymous said...

MADELEINE!! hey, how's it all going in Borneo? Ireland is amazing, have almost finished as well, am almost a qualified master chef!! And i am making plans for you when you get back because i can't get hold of you so am just assuming you want to be with me! I'm cooking for you the night after you get back, show off my AMAZING new skills!! But anyways i have to send all my love to you from Ireland and I cannot wait for you to get back, i miss you so much! lots of love Fiona xxxxxxx p.s. might be making new year plans for you...

milly said...

Lieve Maxim ik probeer het weer het is mij nu al tig keer niet gelukt, maar wie weet dit keer wel.Hoe gaat het, lekker aan het uitrusten? Was het een leuk project? Wat ga je nu doen? allemaal vragen maar geen antwoord. Ik heb je weer een krant/kaart gestuurd. Lieverd fijne tijd dikke kus liefs oma p

milly said...

lieve maxim het lukt mij niet om je een blog te zenden maar ik blijf het proberen. Alles goed met je. Was het een leuk project en nu lekker aan het uitrusten? Wat ga je nu doen? Allemaal vragen en geen antwoord. Ik heb je weer een kaart/krant gestuurd. Lieverd geniet ervan liefs en dikke kus oma p

milly said...

Lieve Maxim ik geloof het zelf niet maar ik dank dat het gelukt is. Wow je ziet de aanhouder wint. Ik ga je missen met Kerst moet ik alleen aan de kreeft, maar dat zal wel lukken. Lieverd geniet ze liefs omap

Kath said...

For Mary Greene,
Hi Mary I don't know if you have got my previous messages, but I keep trying. Hope you are ok and enjoying what you do. Everyone misses you. Not long till Christmas. Weather here cold and wet. Love the picture of you with your build behind, very good. Well done. Louis ate all the cakes Heather made and some chocolate!! Naughty. Off to see Harry Potter next week with Hannah. Keep having fun and see you soon love, hugs and kisses, Kath :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Maddy,

I hope you are having a awesome time. I saw your picture. It looks fun. I hope you are having a great time. Uni is amazing you will come and visit. Clara has turned into a surfer dude, we must all go surfing together. I hope you are having nice weather, it is so wet and horrible here. Been doing lots of sailing at the moment and I have a lot of University work to do, but it means I have all of January off as I have no exams.

Lots of love, Flora. xxx

Anonymous said...

Maddy Gray!!

I miss you sooo much, when are you coming home? This is the third time I've tried to write on this wall thingy so lets hope it actually works this time! I hope you are having an amazing time and you're all tanned and stuff! Just to let you know I dropped out of uni so I'm on a gap year now too :) so yeah I pretty much just bum around doing nothing these days so you kinda need to come back! Its nearly christmas :D sooo excited, have to see you when you get back!
Anyways I'm off now, sorry this comment is so random and doesn't really make sense!
Izzy (Phillips) xxxxxxxxxx

Ailie Dewar said...

this is cool that we can leave you a message. Lucky your sister posted that link. just saw a message from Flora above as well. Isn't somebody miss Popular:) I also noticed it said you would be home in two weeks. which means we are meeting up. Winterwonderland perhaps? with a bit of an Arni crew? I cant wait to hear about everything youve been doing. I bet youre having a awesome time. Uni is tough, i have exams on which sucks but means January will be more pleasant. It was so exciting to spot your lil face on the Alpha8 picture. i hope youve taken lots while youve been away. Miss you, Ailie xxx

kwasi said...

To; Mary Greene
hi there sis, i know u are having a lot of fun there i miss u like crazy hope u are fine en all, remember, when coming bring back a suvenior for me when i come over for christmas heheheheh bye

Sarah Hamblin said...

Hi Lucy
Can't believe it's nearly over! Everyone just wants you back now. I am in pre Christmas panic as usual and have not made much headway with Christmas shopping. I have, however, bought the Christmas tree today and have just finished decorating it with Natasha, Annabelle, George and Jaimie. I'll re-do it as usual when they all go to bed! We have had lots of snow although it's going at last.
Have a great last few days and then hurry back home quick - not sure I can stand Andy counting down the minutes for much longer!
Bye darling XXXXXX

milly said...

Lieve Maxim, niet te geloven maar het is al bijna afgelopen Jammer??
Je hebt nog leuke vooruitzichten en dan nog even en zien wij je weer. Zorg goed voor je zelf en je weet NIET bungeejumpen a.u.b. Liefs oma P

milly said...

Lieve Maxim, niet te geloven maar het is bijna over. Jammer??? Maar je hebt nog goede vooruitzichten en dan nog even en gaan wij je weer zien. Fijn hoor. Zorg goed voor jezelf en NIET bungeejumpen a.u.b. Liefs oma P