Sunday, 26 September 2010

The team is complete!

The Field Base team have now been joined by the project managers and medics, completing the team of volunteer managers for this expedition.  There are new faces to meet, and old faces to greet and Field Base is now abuzz with enthusiastic anticipation of what’s to come.

The project managers are a motley crew who bring a wide range of skills and experience to the Raleigh party.  Amongst the team we count engineers and scientists, mountain leaders and teachers, youth workers and development officers.  (There are a few pen pushers too, but we have it on strong authority that by the end of our training nobody will be able to tell the difference!)
Let’s meet the new faces.
The project managers are (clockwise from top right):  Andi Craig, Leigh Fairbrother, Andrea Scott, David Rakowski, Clive Harrison, Phili Newell, Kate Langley, Nicky Howell, Caroline Banks, Helen Denny, Pete Cowling, James McLean, Abby Kirby, Stacey Amey
The medics form the final contingent.  A combination of doctors and nurses, our medical team is vital in providing medical support and advice across the expedition, helping to ensure that all participants return home healthy.  A medic will be present on each of the more remote project sites, as well as providing 24-hour back-up from Field Base.
The medics (from left): Simon Davies, Paz Tayal, Jo Bamford, Emily Symington, Marie Thomas, Becky Matthews, Emma Ashby.
Introductions over, it’s straight down to business as we begin to get to know one of our most crucial pieces of equipment, the radio.
We’re all off to the jungle now to continue the training and to start honing our survival skills.  We’ll be back in touch in a few days!


Santosh Gupta said...

Hi Paz

Seen your pic in med squad. Very impressed with the place and people. You all look fab and raring to go. Love those jeeps and beautiful lush green surroundings.

Have fun
Lots of hugs

staceybart said...

To Emma Ashby!

hey Emma, you never said you were going on to the next expo aswell! you obviously loved it too much, or are you just going back to see that wreck!!! hope you enjoy it just as much as last time! and look after Tom for me!! haha

love Stacey xxxx

Santosh Gupta said...

To Paz Tayal :-)

Hi Paz, those bashers look lovely. How was yours? Who stayed up all night-you or the basher or both?

Cheers XXXX

Oonagh said...

Great blog Paula!

Ed, Serge, Abby and Emma - hope you are having a fabulous time and looking after Pablo and Pedro for me :o).

Take care and remember not to teach Styles bad habits ;o)

Lots of love, Oonagh (BB/TFC) xx