Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Raleigh Borneo - Autumn team fall in

Well, the big day has arrived and expedition 10J is now officially under way, with the arrival of the advance staff team to Raleigh Borneo fieldbase.
Fieldbase is located on the outskirts of Kota Kinabalu, the main city in Malaysian Borneo's northern state of Sabah.  Staffed by two permanent staff members and during expeditions a team of volunteer managers, it is the nerve centre for all of Raleigh’s activities in Borneo.

I will introduce you to the team in the next blog, but for now I would like to give you a little guided tour:
The Field Base office is already a hive of activity, as the advance team start gearing up for the start of the expedition next month.  This is the room where important decisions are taken! (Quite a lot of tea gets drunk in here too.)

The logistics store is home to an array of equipment which will eventually be used on our project sites, and the all-important Raleigh rations which will be sustaining us for the weeks to come.  (I hope everyone likes sardines!)

The radio room is the most important part of Field Base while the expeditions are in operation.  Each team will radio into Field Base on a daily basis to provide an update on their status and the fieldbase team will be manning the radio 24 hours a day, prepared for any eventuality.  For now, the room is filled with the radios that will be taken out into the field, once they have been fully tested and deemed reliable by our trusty logistics team.

Next to the kitchen is the room which houses the all-important three bowls.  The Raleigh “three bowl system”, which we will learn to live by over the coming months, is a simple process  used for washing our cutlery and mess tins, both in fieldbase and out on the project sites.  It is a tried and tested method of maintaining hygiene in even the most remote conditions.
Last but by no means least, I would like to present the Raleigh Borneo Field Base Team: 

We’ll get to know everyone a little better tomorrow.


Sunduvan said...

I been visiting this page very often and was impressed with all the volunteer work done by you guys. Thanks for all the good works guys. We the people of Borneo really appreciate it.

Jayne said...

my 17 yr old sons du 2 visit Borneo 10thOct.for 10weeks hes so lookin forward 2 goin :)

Anonymous said...

Well done!

Jeni said...

My son leaves in the morning for Borneo. All packed and hope nothing forgotten. Hope it's a fantastic adventure. Please keep us mums posted! Jeni