Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Adventures Of 10I...

With their projects successfully completed, the 10I staff and venturers were ready to begin the much anticipated adventure challenge phase of their expedition.  On day one they were bused to a secret location in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu were they were given bamboo and tarpaulin to create a shelter to stay in that night.

Dinner was cooked over a camp fire and it was early to bed for the four new Zulu groups so they would be fresh and raring to go the following day.

Day two was filled with jungle craft skills, some team building exercises and a very wiggly bush tucker trial!

On day three the four Zulu groups set out on their quest to complete the adventure challenge.  The groups took it in turns to complete various tasks, some began with trekking, others completed a 'Tour De Sabah' on bikes and others built rafts from bamboo and sailed their way down the Kiulu River.

After six days of exploring Borneo by foot, bike and raft, all of the venturers were reunited at Base Camp where they re-grouped before setting out on the final leg of the adventure challenge; white water rafting down Kiulu River.

On day seven, the group rafted their way back to TAC (where their journey had began five weeks earlier) and were welcomed with a BBQ and a much needed shower!  After one last night under the Sabah stars, they made their way to Borneo Paradise where they spent their final day swimming in the pool and basking in the sunshine before dancing the night away at DJ Gerrard's beach front Raleigh rave.

Yesterday evening, the 10I venturers found themselves back in Kota Kinabalu Airport.  Five weeks in Sabah, two gravity water feed systems, one longhouse complete with kitchen and washing facilities, one action packed adventure challenge, a whole host of new friends and countless fond memories later, Raleigh Borneo Expedition 10I has come to an end.

Keep in touch...


Anonymous said...

For Philip Ly (Alpha Five)

I don't know what the time difference is between Malaysia and London, but its just gone 12:35 (midnight) here..
and I have to be up in roughly 8 hours.. but im just really excited that its my birthday in 7 days! :D
which means, youre back in 8 days? woooooooooo
despite the overcrowded household, the inability to sit at the desk and the way youre gonna move my neatly piled stuff from the table.. its gonna be good to have you back.
hopefully there wont be any problems with your flights, no delays or anything and you'll deffo be back by sunday for a nice family birthday meal which im sure we'll have. you can have some proper food for once.. although, the pictures of people eating grubs looks appetising!.. wanna know if you've been down that route.
Anyway! yep, just here to let you know we havent forgotten you! and to share some excitement of me turning into an adult!

really not long now! :D

Annie x

L Melis said...

Message for Catherine Melis Alpha Six

Hi Babes!
I've been thinking, and saying to people, that you arrive back late on Fri 10 but have now realised that that is the time you depart Singapore and that you'll be arriving at 05.05 on Sat 11. You'll have been travelling for a long time, Babes, and will be exhausted, I'm sure. The memorial game is on Sun 12.
All is well here. Robbie is fine. Your orchid is eagerly anticipating your return...
Looking forward to that airport moment, the duration of which might rival your memorable return from St Lucia!
Loads of love from Mum xxx

Gary Hodge said...

Hi Sweetheart,

Hope the driving is going great. As your mum has said just found out that you are coming back on the morning of the 11th rather than the 10th, which is a shame as I was trying to rearrange my flights back so that i could get into Heathrow and surprise you. I spoke to my family the other day and they are all well, and the dogs are well. Although they have had a hair cut which means that Wilf was in a ulk with everyone for a few days. Also mum said that you spoke to her sorry I was not there I would have loved to speak to you. If you get a chance you can ring my mobile I have it with me. Work is also going better I have been doing alot of 3D stuff which is fun but confusing. Also I missed the chance to see the Kooks live for free as they were performing night at the place where we are working and only got told after we were back at the hotel. I have also decided what I will do my day in Berlin. I have chose to go to the two Zoos sad I know but they look quite cool. I have to shoot now but will leave another message soon. I am thinking about you all the time Sweetheart and can't wait to see you.

Love you


Gary said...

Message for Catherine Melis (Alpha Six)

Hi Sweetheart,

Just thought I had to leave you a quick little message to let you know that the day has come, I have had to do my own clothes washing. I know I also managed not to shrink anything, Which is even more impressive as all of the instruction for the Launderette were in German. You would have laugh yourself silly watching me trying to work out how to work the machine and the washing powder dispenser, basically involved a lot of hitting and washing powder going over the floor. Thinking of you as I am sure you know



Maria Robinson said...

Christopher R
Alpha 6
Hi Christopher your be home soon can't wait till Friday when you get back have looked but no new blogs about your group which is disapppointing to say the lest. we are all well hope you have had a good last couple of weeks all our love see you soon mum,dad & Stephanie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

GeorgeAshwin said...


hey guys! guess who!!?!?!


yes, i have been following all you guys from my palace in the cotswolds and im really impressed guys, im missing you all immensely! thank you to prim, ange and laura for your letter/postcard :) it was very well recieved! Just so you know...i definately havent been drinking like a fish and eating steak every night ;) haha

i look forward to seeing more of everyone :) and many pints will be had in the uk!

lots of love

George Ashwin


p.p.s happy bday Naomi and Ange :)

Gary said...

Hi Sweetheart,

Hope that you are good. Your mum text me today and said that your diving went well. I can' wait to see you and hear all about it. Hope you enjoy your week of R and R. Hopefully speak to you soon.



Mother Bev said...

message for Graeme Beaven
Alpha 6 10D

Hi Graeme,

Well you're almost done. Looks like everyone has worked really hard and had a good time. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. You should all be very proud of what you have achieved.
Life here is very quiet at the moment with 3 of you off in different parts of the world. I will see you at the airport next week. Safe journey.
Love Mum xx

Anonymous said...

Hi vivek
Hope you are really well and making the most of your final week!
Not long to go now!:)

Some brilliant photos on the blog and the water rafting looks fun.

Hope you are looking forward to coming home - "i'm a celebrity, get me out of here!!"

All are well here.
Miss you lots
Resh xx

Anonymous said...

Message for Graeme Beaven alpha6

Hi Graeme

Not having much luck with these messages, third time lucky I hope.
Sorry I missed your phone call the other day.
Look forward to seeing photos of kinder garden. Were really proud of you and all you've achieved out there. Miss you loads and look forward to seeing you at home next week.
love Mum & Dad xx