Monday, 23 August 2010

Two Phases Down, One To Go!

Believe it or not, Expedition 10D Phase Two is now complete!  How time flies when you're having fun.  On 17th August, Alphas One to Six arrived back at Borneo Paradise for their last changeover of the expedition.  They all knew the drill this time, quickly getting all of their equipment back to the logistics team so that they could enjoy as much time as possible sunning themselves by the pool and catching up with friends from other alpha groups. 

That night we were treated to the famous 'Skit Factor' competition, which i had the pleasure of judging this time round along with the lovely Abby and harsh-marking Conor.  I must say, the standard was extremely high, all of the groups must have worked really hard putting their skits together.  For the first time in the history of the 'Skit Factor' competition, all of the performances were well rehearsed and very well received!  So well done folks.  We enjoyed a Stomp-style musical composition, a tuneful song medley, some very jazzy dance moves and even a recreation of the biblical tale of Noah's Arc.  How very cultured we are!

The next morning everyone was up bright and early to discover where they would be spending their third and final phase of Expedition 10D.  And here they are, Phase Three Alpha's One to Six...

Alpha One: Kindergarten in Maliau Layung
Deborah Oxley, Naomi C Jenkins, Shane Kemp, Rhys Howells, Danielle Lightfoot, Arina Latif, Alexandra Gell and John Edgar with Oonahg Hayes, Rachel Gower and Abby Kirby.

Alpha Two: Community Workshop in Pulau Maliangin Besar
Floss Severs, Aaron Thomson, Tom styles, Sarah Luton, Charlotte Lucy Hall, Narin Cakir, Dean (Mohammad Izzudin) and Stephen  Longfellow with Emily Carter, Emma Ashby and Joyce Malmo.

Alpha Three: Infrastructure Development at Imbak Canyon
Primrose  Miller, Daniel  Ferriday, Abigail  Bush, James  Walmesley, Stacey Bartlett, Carolyn Smith, Robert Lamont and Ben Griffith with Frantz Nehammer and Nick Johnson.

Alpha Four: Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok
Christopher Robinson, Emily Foster, Ange Tan, Laura Richardson, Emma Frobisher, Christopher Whitehead, Alannah Gauld, Jessica Jackson and Mica Ming with Katy McDonald, Caroline Reid and Conor Gracey.

Alpha Five: Dive/ Trek
Eloise Samuelson, Finlay Macleod, Elizabeth Bird, Phillip Ly, Gary Williams, Lucianne Kelsall, DJ Gibbs, Mica Ming, Chee Huan Lee, Geng Qian Choo and Trenaye Trott with Matty knox, Nick Kjaersgaard and Sarah Watson.

Alpha Six: Trek/ Dive
Chung Shin Ho, Charlotte Grimston, Isabel Burgess, Stephen Nunes, Sim Wen Yi , Henry Harris, Candy May, Andrew Clapham, Catherine Melis and Abby Walker with Andy Lowdon and Graeme Beaven.

Having been shuffled around into exciting new groups, it was time for the very popular 'Raleigh Olympics', organised this time round by our very own Elle who hopes to qualify as a P.E teacher.  The weather wasn't quite on our side, but this didn't seem to phase our rather competitive Alpha groups who were eager to get stuck in, rain or no rain.

After a briefing from Referee Elle, it was into the pool for the venturers who had to dive down in a relay fashion and collect the coins that were scattered around the pool .

In the evening came the moment we had all been waiting a bid to raise money for the Host Country Venturer Fund logs boy Mark agreed to a sponsored hair cut. 
Tension filled the air as everyone gathered to witness this momentous occasion.
Candy did the honours, putting her level one hairdressing qualification to good use.  Here we go...
Five hundred ringgits (about one hundred pounds) and one hour later, Candy's work was done.  A masterpiece i think you'll agree!

On Thursday the 19th of August, the venturers bid a fond farewell to each other one last time.

With their bags packed and ready to go, they boarded the buses and off they set. 
Phase Three here they come. 
See you in three short weeks guys for end of expedition celebrations!


eunice lum said...

Dear Ange,

Happy birthday....^^

Dear all Malaysian,

See you soon^^....

Dane said...

To Carolyn Smith
Hey chucky egg hope youur having an ace time at imbak canyon cant wait to see you baby im missing you loads. my backs abit better but ive got to wear a corset to work at min im gunna get some right stick from work lads today lol Everyone here is ok went round to see your mum and boris last night and had chinese. 3 weeks on friday til i get to see my baby hope your having a brill time chucky cant wait to hear all about it in thailand! love you, from dane xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Windsordane said...

For Nick K Alpha 5. Great to see another pic of you and tks for the phone calls. We're sure you'll love the diving and trekking and look forward to your news next month. Love from Windsor

Clapham Family xxx said...

For Andrew Clapham - New Alpha 6.

Hey Andy,

I was speaking to Jude last week,she was on a 24 hour mad dash trying to sort things inbetween returing from France and leaving for Burma. She hopes that you are having a great time and cant wait to catch up with you and hear about your adventures. She says she will be in York on the 15th september and hopes to catch up with you then!!!!

I cant believe your on your last phase already, I am sure it is flying by for you but suprisingly it is also flying by here too. Hope the trek goes well and that you enjoy your scuba diving at the very end.

Nice to see you have found a different shirt to wear too! ;)

Make the very most of your last couple of weeks to add to your amazing experiences.

Lots of Love

Mum xxxx

Mike said...

Hi Abi (alpha 3)

Imbak Canyon WOO! Bet you are soooo excited! I sent you a letter yesterday, so I really hope it gets to you. Will have to leave blog messages from now on!

My assessment is tomorrow eek! Getting really nervous now! Can't wait to get in there and give it a bash though!

Got a busy couple of weeks between now and finishing, got cricket matches, leaving do's for Dave and Dan, B'day parties, and of course some climbing! Its gona be fun!

Have an awesome time at the canyon, really can't wait to hear about it! I love you, Mike xxxxxxx

annie said...

for emma F Alpha 4
Hi darling-good to see your face again-if only on the group photo! Hope the diving went well! Sorry not been in touch but writing tonight!
Love you loads and counting down the days (bet you're not!)
Mona xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Narin

The photos look really cool. Seems like you're having a whale of a time.

Everyone here is good. Babanne called from Cyprus today to say hi and she told me to opeyim hepsini so here's your xxxxxxxx.

Artemis and I took mum and dad to the London Sealife acquarium on Sunday 22nd August. I think they actually enjoyed themselves. They were going round together and on occasions we actually saw them holding hands!!! I know! Mum kept telling us that she can now share your experience of deep sea diving and will know the names of the fish when you talk about them lol

Oh we (me, artemis,sarah and reuben) went to Bingo for the first time this saturday - and guess what Artemis won! It was really quite exciting - don't worry we're not rich or anything, it just meant it was his treat to dinner and the acquarium.

Anyway love you loads and see you soon.


p.s. Sin comes back from her holiday today from Madrid. She's back at work tomorrow - great times!

Victoria said...

FAO Stephen Nunes (Alpha 6)

Hiya Stephen, just a short note to say I hope you really enjoy the last phase of your trip. Nothing new to report from here, our new car should arrive today (it was delayed), the boys are both fine. We went to London with Josh last week, we took him to the theatre to see the Michael Jackson musical "Thriller Live" - you can imagine how excited he was. Zach still ok, though he is starting to eat us out of house and home!

Look forward to reading the next update...


Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
Photos of the switch over are now on the blog. There is only one of you, in the new Alpha Six group photo, but it was enough to bring out the now familiar tear/smile reaction to seeing my girl!
I haven't stepped out of the house since my last 'comment' so no anecdotes to entertain you with, I'm afraid! I've got the second MRI scan tomorrow evening, to check for any changes that may AFFECT (did I get that right?) the decision re the op.
Take care, Babes.
Loads of love from Mum xxx

Amy Williams said...

message for daniel ferriday alpha 3

nice pictures of you!! dont know if i like the ones of your stubble and developing freddie mercury mustache or the ones with your t-shirt tan lines.

hope you are still have a amazing time, cannot believe it is only two more weeks and you will nearly be home.

keep enjoying it!!

miss you and love you lots and cannot wait to see you soon.

xxxxxxxxx amy xx

Anonymous said...

Message for Laura Richardson Alpha 4

Seen the picture of your new group - you look really well and tanned - are you sure you're working over in Malaysia and not just sun bathing!!
Have fun with the bears, but don't bring one back please - Bond will get jealous.
Love mum

Anonymous said...

Hi Narin, lovely pictures.Hope you are well.Glad you got the letters it was nice to receive your letter. We are all well, Sin is back tonight from her holiday. We went to see London Aquarium with Cem and Artemis, and saw Yurkay working there.He says hi.
We saw Nemo there but I knew you saw the whole show in the sea lol.
Cem topped up your phone, last week .Let me know if you need anything.
Take love mum

Caroline said...

Hi Alannah
Lots of great photos of you looking well and looking like you are having fun. Got your letter and the postcards. Hope you have got all our letters. Can't believe your adventure is nearly over. Take care. Lots of love xxxxx

Steve Roebuck said...

Message To Emily Foster (Alpha 4)

Hey Em :D

Glad to see you in some more pictures,and glad to see your still having a good time there (btw how longs your hair grown :P). Hope your working hard at the Sun Bear conservation and I cant wait to see the pics of what youve been doing there :).

As for over here theres alot of stress going on at my house, weve had quite a few set backs with decorating but room should be done by end of week to get a bed in, then its getting rest of house done just in time for my sisters wedding, which btw for the night im looking at booking an hotel room for us to stop in which is close to the night do's venue, so it saves on us getting a taxi back, plus can have a few drinks too :P.

Well not long to go now till you get back, even though the days seem to be dragging alot now and I just wish they would hurry up so I can see you and chill out with you and just go for walks with you. Miss you lots and lots!! Love Steve xxxx

(P.S I have "Acquired" a certain film that I was trying to "acquire" for us to watch before you left..i wont say what'll just have to guess what it is ;).)xxx

helen jacob said...

For Graeme Beaven. Manic Monday packing for trek! My bag is well heavy! Soooo looking forward to getting started-looks amazing with volcanoes and blue lagoons and beaches and monkeys!Group looks canny, steady as they go I reckon. Gutted my ipod got nicked tho so gonna have to sing to myself instead. Hope you're having a blast on your little stroll through the park, me dear! Not long now before you can tell me all about it over a shandy or two! Missing you more as September draws near! Big love big beard! Hels xxxxxxxxx

Mary Severs said...

Message for Floss Severs
Hi there again Floss Boss. Looks like you are still having fun!We are all looking forward to experiencing your recently acquired culinary skills! Missing you madly - I'm beginning to plan your homecoming celebration. Take care honey-bunny. Love you. big hugs. Mumby xxxx

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
Tonight's session with Robbie was given an added sense of excitement by Charles' attempt to join in with his floor exercise. He is a speedy and determined chap, who is likely to return from the landing during the night.
Tomorrow the living room furniture will be set out - I'm considering several changes...
On returning from G'ford by train this evening, I realised that I was going to pass The Empty House without an offering for Bruce. I only had vegetable soup and a third of a pack of Munchies on me, so I was just about to leave him a 'sugar high' when I remembered it's unsuitability for canines, so I had to pass with embarrassed empty handedness. I think he lives there so, if we win the lottery in time, we'll have to buy the place to preserve the den.
That is the end of today's random news!
Loads of love from Mum xxx

kaursukhi said...

Message for Ruhena Ahmed:

Hi Ruhena,

The pictures looking amazing and you look really well. I can't wait to hear all about it. I hope this gets you okay. I'm so proud of you mate.

Your missing nothing much here only rain!

Sukhi xxxxxxxxxx

Bushfamily said...

Hello Abi! (Alpha 3)Hope you are enjoying your stint at Imbak Canyon. Nice to see another picture of you on the blog. You do look hale and hearty. Hope my last letter reaches you before you set off home. (By the way living room colour scheme is not decided yet - only in the early stages of the process!)
Just had a nice couple of days with Ruth and Helen although the weather could have been better! We went to Salford Quays to have a look at Media City, the Lowry and to have lunch, then went into Manchester and left Helen in Afflecks Palace and its environs and had a mooch around and a cup of tea. Tuesday was more Hale based, we all went to the Greyhound for lunch and Ruth and Helen went pot-painting whilst I delivered Simon (twice) to a friend's house! Got some new recipes to try out on you when you are ready for rich food! Going up to Durham tomorrow so I hope the weather is at least dry!
Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Lots of love Mum, Dad and Simon xxxxxx

Anusha said...

Hello my dear Narin,

Just your stalker again.

I hope you are well and happy and fed and watered!

Work is such a pain, never get a job! I need to get more money then i'll stop complaining. However I feel like i'm getting on with people better although some people are just evil.

Err I went to the V Festival! I'd never been before. It was blooming tiring. Is it sad and bad that one of the highlights of it was Peter Andre for me?! He was singing Michael Jackson songs. It was good! Of course I saw better people but ya know, when Peter Andre sings Mysterious Girl - well it's just a crowd pleaser isn't it!

I have no idea what's going on with your lot, ie Ana, Yeukayi. I know that Ana is back from Berlin and I am sure she's got a million and one stories to tell you. I missed Yeukayi performing in The Full Monty but I heard it was amazing. I saw Steph and Seb for Steph's birthday but that was ages ago now. Err James' Rochelle has gone travelling around Asia, maybe she'll go to Borneo! And of course Jodie got married. So clearly your friends are having good lives!

Well I miss you dearly.

Love Anusha xxxxxxxxx

Hannah said...

message for naomi jenkins (alpha one)
Hey naom! How's it going? We're all sitting in the livingroom right now so i thought i'd give you an update. Ruth's back off her holidays from tenerife, the most tanned i've seen her in her life (she's like...mahogany) and she says that she loved the fatty comment on the letter. Dad and mam have finally finished the kitchen pretty much completely now. They came second from last in a tennis tournament on the weekend but mam did win the raffle! And dad put in his degree stuff this week so he'll be finding out his mark mid-september. I've been to london on the weekend to help laura and gavin move into their new home- its massive and really lovely, and i'm off to Italy this time next week!! Dafydd came up on the weekend apparently but i wasnt here but mam said he seemed good!
Anyway i'd better stop talking now but we all hope you have a lovely birthday and we miss you lots!
Lots of love, everyone xxxxx

Jenny Ly said...

Billabop! (aka Phillip Ly) I can finally see you on some photos! wheres your shoes? btw booked mum to san fran se is goin on the 13th-28th Sept so will be around for annie and p birthday! so you might as well come back and go travelling in oct :)

Im going to Morrocco in dec..for yeah for me. Keep up the good work and think of the good old chinese dinner of duck, pork, fish, rice, veg, soup...(could go on forever) when you get back!


Gary said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Sweetheart,

I have arrived in Berlin safe and well. There was a bit of turbulence on the flight which was a bit disconcerting. I am att he hotel now and it is really nice, I will take a few photos to show you when you are back. As i said the hotel is nice but really far outside of town which is a shame. I have to shot now as I have to be up in 6 hours. Hope everything is going ok with the trek and I am thinking of you loads.

All my love


Anonymous said...

Message for Graeme Beaven

Hi Graeme,

Not sure last message worked as this computer is so slow. So here goes agaqin.

Wow never seen you with a beard! You look so much older, don't think you'll get asked for id now. haha.
The weather here is rubbish so I think you will win the tan competition, unless Amanda does. She is off to Egypt on Sunday and comes home 3 days before you.
Really missing you and can't wait to here all your stories when you get home.
Enjoy the trek and dive, take care lots of love Mum Dad & co, xx

Anonymous said...

Emily Foster

Hi Em

Its good to see you looking so happy in your group photo. So onto the sun bear conservation I think you will really enjoy this last phase as well.

Not much happning hear the weather is pretty bad we have had to light the fire a the last couple of nights and there has been plenty of rain. Grandma is still on with the bathroom project you never no they may have it done for christmas.
Nana & grandad are really looking forward to meeting you at the airport on the 11th.
Tom has managed to pass all of his GCSE's so he starts college on the 2nd, Alice got 7 GCSE's so she was well pleased, I finally met Milly last week she is so cute and really fast.

Hockey season starts on the 4th so looking forward to that and city are doing okay so far.

See you on the 11th you can call me when you land at Heathrow I will be up.

Love you see you soon
Mum xxx

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
Robbie has opted for penthouse accommodation by spending a noisily industrious night moving some of his bedding to a higher level. He still sometimes sleeps downstairs, though, so clearly one bedroom is never going to be enough for him, now. He must be being led by example...!
You will find soya milk has replaced cow's milk in this household. Well, for me, anyway. When I was having the pre-op check the nurse mentioned that cow's milk can aggravate psoriasis. I tried some goat's milk first, but it had a distinct flavour, whereas the soya is fine on my cereal. I think it has made a difference, actually, so perhaps I should find alternatives to butter and cream too.
I'm pleased with how the living room has turned out. The biggest change is that Terry's sideboard is going off to The Hospice Shop, so that has created more space.
The right hand window in your bedroom was replaced by Everest today, re the crack in the casing.
Missing you loads.
Lots of love from Mum xxx

David and Carol Bartlett said...

Hi Stacey
Alpha Three: Infrastructure Development at Imbak Canyon, sounds like you have another trek. It was great to see you on the blog pictures, you look very well.
If you get a chance to contact us it would be great to have an update on what you have planned after Raleigh and any info on the return flight details.
We are all well at home other than Sophie has a cold from being in the rain at Bournemouth beach building sandcastles.
Mum has bought her dress for the wedding it is two shades of brown with a slight pink.
Enjoy your last phase with Raleigh and take care after.
Love you, mum and dad. xxxxxxx

Sinead said...

Debs - alpha 1
where have those pink shorts come from? - in the pictures I have seen of you on the blog, u look very stylish? and your hair have you dyed it or is it just the sun. Mum thinks you have lost weight! i hope the kindergarten thing goes well. Last weekend i was up in denmark hill and the canterbury crew were reunited. Do you know there is a bus 468 which goes from s. croydon, passes king's and terminates at Elephant + castle - so thus i went up on that bus. It was nice to see everyone - and its weird, the people in ldn will get to see more of each other. This wkd is the beank holiday wkd, - i am on call fri afternoon, but i will go home straight from work. My plan is to meet rachel standing on sun, we are thinking of doing a walk/ pub lunch thing - prehaps hamstead heath. Other than that, i have no other plans. Rachel thomas has got a job with kent county council -so will be living in kent this coming year. you will be back in the uk in 2 weeks now -yipee, i can't wait to see you and hear all of your adventures. Mum cleaned your room yesterday and found a plate in there, we reckon its been there since you left.Siobhan went back to school today - i have no sympathy -
bye for now

JP said...

Message for Steve Longfellow (Alpha Two)

Good luck with your last project - everything that's been done so far by all of you looks great!
Everyone is well over here and sends there love - i'm still in the UK sorting visa stuff but hope to be state-side soon-ish.
Enjoy your last weeks there and email us your updates once you get traveling!
Take care fella

Grylls family said...

Hi Naomi
Been following your achievements on the blog. Your photo's are fab and you look really well. Hope you are having a good time.
Chris got 5 A stars, 7 A's and 2 B's in his GCSE we are really proud of him.
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday next week and we are all thinking of you and can't wait to see you and hear your stories!
Lots of love, take care
from Aunty Lynda Uncle Steve & Chris

Barb and Rob Burgess said...

Hi to Izy B
We are in Anglesey at the moment.
Lovely to see the news and photos on the blog you look so well we are all jealous
It was Jessica's birthday yesterday and we went to Blackhouse bar and grill for dinner you would be envious of the steaks we ate!
Took dogs for a long walk yesterday and William retrieved a live goose! Archie was as good as gold!
Do you fancy Verbier for new year with the rowlands tribe? could have it booked before you get home dad promises that we will not be recognised after our last episode there.
Ogdens,Tootles,Yates etc all send love and can't wait to hear of your adventure.
I love and miss you and am looking forward to seeing you in two weeks will try and get date right!
Mum x x x x