Thursday, 5 August 2010

Raleigh Borneo Summer Expedition 10I Is Now Underway!

Raleigh Borneo Expedition 10I is now officially underway!  On Sunday 1st August fourty eager venturers arrived at Kota Kinabalu airport where the were met by some very excitable volunteer project managers.  After a quick meet and greet they were whisked off to the Traverse Activity Centre (TAC for short) where they have spent the last few days being trained in all the skills that they will need when out in the field.  
The Friendly Staff Team.
Their first task upon arrival at TAC was to bag a bed (actually in this case a static hammock) and set up their mosquito nets to keep the mini beasties at bay during the night.
Next it was time for some ice-breakers, my personal favourite being the 'Evolution' game in which you battle each other to graduate from a puny amoeba to a slightly more intelligent chicken then to a cheeky monkey and finally to a superior human!

The venturers were then split into three smaller Delta groups to begin their training.  But before the serious training began, a few team building exercises were in order.  Here they are crossing a metaphorical river using just three tyres, the aim was simple- to get everyone across the river without falling in (it sounds easy in theory doesn't it?!)
Their next tricky task was to untangle themselves without letting go of each other's hands.  Umm, not quite guys.
Once the groups were all settled in and well bonded, they began learning how to set up and use a radio- this will be their main form of communication when out in the field.  They will radio into field base (the nerve centre for all operations out here in Borneo) twice a day to let us know that they are all happy and keep us posted on all the progress they are making with their projects.

Next up the groups were taught how to cross a river safely as this skill may be required for the Adventure Challenge phase of the expedition.
The venturers also received some first aid training from our expedition medics.
Don't be alarmed, they're just pretending!
Here they are learning how to work a GPS so that they will always be able to find out exactly where they are.
Having mastered all the necessary skills to survive a Raleigh expedition, the time had come when the venturers would discover which projects they would be working on out here in Borneo.  We call this 'Allocations'.  Tension filled the air as everyone nervously waited to discover their fate.  I can now announce that the Alpha groups for Raleigh 10I are as follows...

Alpha Seven: Gravity Water System Repair in Kampung Bombong 3 
Luca Ferri, Sam Mason, Vikrant Shah, Xinmei Wang, Alice Loudon, Ayo Bakare, Brittany Stanniforth, Choh Ying, Cilu Mathew, Emma Young, Florence Cowell, Hun Yin Teoh, Jennifer Graham and Joseph Barron along with volunteer project managers Nicki Chambers, Helena Sweatman and Gihan Ganeshanantham.

Alpha Eight: Gravity Water System in Kampung Mongowou
Mohammed Mansoor, Rosie Gordon, Sarah Gales, Vivek Dasani, Yu Min Oui, Ben Wooff, Bethany Dodds, Chiun Min Ng, Emily Ingoldby, Imran Khan, Lena Talib, Louise Carey, Maria Gerono and Magan Broadley with volunteer project managers Neasa Braham, Ruhena Ahmed and Ben Baldwin.

Alpha Nine: Meter Of Rainforest (MORF) Project in Kudat
Marina Sykes, Olivia Sharples, Ryan Bower, Sara Downes, Shamira Sanghrajka, Abigail Kearney, Alex Sheldon, Beth Higginson, Fenella Nance, Hannah Mcindeor, Hong Seng Khor, Hugo Glover along with volunteer project managers Mike Smith and Pamela McFarlane.

With alpha groups assigned it seemed fitting that we spark some healthy rivalry between the teams by pitting them against each other in the famous 'Raleigh Olympics'.  The first event required strength and perseverance, it was the Tug O'War.
The staff team were (misguidedly) confident... until Alpha Nine beat them!

The next event required speed, agility, quickness and endurance.  The staff team attempted to redeem themselves...

...but were beaten miserably by the lightening quick efforts of Alpha Nine!

After conquering the challenge of Raleigh Olympics, everyone cooled off with a dip in the river.

Here's wishing all the participants of Raleigh 10I the very best of luck as they deploy out to their project sites.  Make the most of every day because time flies when you're having fun!
Be sure to keep updated on all the latest news via this blog.  You can also post comments on here that we will pass on to the venturers.  Speak soon...


Lindsay Sharples said...

Hi Billie and Nellie
Looks fantastic!! Love to you both
M, D & C

Anonymous said...

Vivek, looks like lots of fun to date. I am sure the hard part has now begun.
Good luck and take care
Regards, dad

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Vivek. Seems to be enjoyable. Have a great time for a very worthwhile project.

Rakesh Kapila

sarah nance said...

lovely to see pictures of you having a fantastic time. All well here and law test sorted! love to Billie and keep wearing that sun cream. love mum and dad and mini xxx

Roberta 93 said...

HI Bill and Fennelz!!
Hope you are both keeping well and enjoying yorselves!!
I miss you guys loads and I'm looking forward to your return... Work experience is insane tbf hehe!! I've met JAmes Corden and Alex Reid woo.
Hope the toes and frizy hair are up to rofl standards.
Much love, Berts xxxx

wadodds said...

Hi Beth Dodds,

Congratulations on your great exam results - we are all very proud of you.

Love Dad

Rachel Wells said...

Great pictures- thank you!!!
message for Olivia Sharples- hey honey pie- lovely to see you and know you are safe and having fun! So happy you are with Nell and doing that particular project!! Alpha nine seem a strong team! The best no doubt- ok I am biassed. All well here-missing you- not as much rofl without you I can tell you! Enjoy every minute! love you, Rachxxxx

Alice said...

Heyyy Nellie,
Hope your having a most fab time :) The parentals wanted me to message you "HI" and wanted to boast their amazing LNAT registration skills...they only had to call me a whole 3 times. So proud! (I think this blog business is too much for ye'olde computer back home.)
Anywhooo everyone and everything is well at home, Chris and I are heading over on Sunday to fill your spot on the dinner table...onions and vinegar mmmmmm.
I love you loads sweet cheeks, and I'm sad that I cannot call you whenever suits, but myself and the phone bill can cope with that for a few weeks I'm sure.
Lots and lots of love form your most beloved sister and M & D, and minihaha I guess.
Hellooo to Billie too :)
P.S. DPYN lol. Also mummy had the magnifying glass out, searching the photos for sunburn GOOOD TIMES. Love xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hey vivek, you seem to be doing well. borneo is great we were there two years ago. have fun and keep out of trouble. Good to see you are doing something worthwhile. Rgs Prakash

Anonymous said...

hi vivek
good one. great place borneo. we were there 2 years ago. enjoy and keep well regs beena

Hannah Dodds said...

for beth
heya beth missing you lots. how is it so far? and hows the food, guess what dad is in the kitchen right now making venezualin beef, jelouse... i think so! well done i n your exams thats sooo good have you heard from anyone else? well i hiope you are having a great time and i hope to hear from you soon, lots of love, hannahxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)
(by the way i am writing to you from a new computer which(wait for it) is featuring in an advert on tv, cool i know:)xx)

Anonymous said...

bg emmie young, good seeing you there ----take care---missing you ---the young ones(dont break the hammock!)

Georgia said...

Billie and Nellie my beautiful friends, i am missing you crazy amounts and im very jealous, the wirral just isn't the same without you both. i've seen some of the pics and it looks like you are going to have an amazing time, i hope you are both okay and loving it and i literally cannot wait to here all your news

love you both very much

love georgia xxxxxxxx

Sarah and Giles said...

Hi Nelsbeth & Billsbeth. Lovely to see the photos. Looks like you are having a great time and we wish it was us!
Nel; all tests booked and (and this is from your Mum!) Don't forget the suncream.
Fondest love to you both and looking forward to the next photo' shoot and blog
Sarah & Giles

Donna McIndeor said...

For Hannah McIndeor

Hi Han,
Lovin the pics mush! Looks like you're having fun, hope your're ok and the foods not too bad lol!
Missin u
Lots of love
Dad,Donna and Craig xxxxx

Donna McIndeor said...

For Hannah McIndeor Alpha 9

Hi Han,
Lovin the pics mush, look like you're having fun, hope you're ok and the food not too bad lol!
Missin u
Lots of love
Dad, Donna and Craig xxxx

SharonGranville said...

Hi Maria
jungle "it's a knockout" looks great fun. Been to see the boys on your behalf tonight (Rabotniki - 2-0) No Fernan or Dirky tonight but Mr Cole put on a good show (I like him! never thought I'd near myself say it). Paul Khan sends his best. Uncle E been on to see how you're doing - is keeping "Big Momma" (his words not mine) calm - so it's all good. Every time I look on the blog site that song "Never smile at a crocodile" comes to mind - can't think why but they are very wise words and not to be forgotten. Have fun - love you lots Mum xxx

SharonGranville said...

For Maria Alpha 8

Forgot to say that Justina left for brighton today - for good! She sends love to you and says hope you'll still be facebook buddies x

Pradip said...

hey vivek
doing a good job! seems u r havg more fun than work!!

Marjorie Dodds said...

Hi Beth

Great to see pictures of you and know you are well and enjoying yourself. Very proud of you for your exam results - and just in general really. Have a brilliant time - we will keep up with the blog. Miss you. Mum xxxxxxxx

Rachel Wells said...

Hey Billiewill, not sure if I am allowed to keep posting comments but just wanted to tell you how Henry spotted you in that group picture!! I was showing Edward and Henry came in and shouted "Bibbie! Bibbie" and then promptly climbed into the table to point at your face and then kiss you!!! Ahhh you see we all love you so much! Hope all is well and that those pesky mosquitoes are staying away! Seen any monkeys yet? or spiders?! Rofl! Everyone looks really nice and fun there! Any rofk do I dare ask? hehe. On my own for two weeks now and still haven't managed to watch TB-the boys seem to know I am alone and will not go to sleep- they both end up in bed with me!! Not good! I have mastered the drill and have managed to do all the diy bits and pieces that A was always too scared to do anyway!! Probably not up to standard but hey ho. Got the locum at north tyneside- start next week. Take good care lovely, miss you! love to Nell, R,E and Hxxxx

Vandan said...

Hi Vivek,
Looks like you are about to embark on a fantastic and worthwhile mission.
Vivek...always willing to help others...good luck with rest of your project.
Vandan says a big hello.
Love Priti

Lindsay Sharples said...

Hi Beeee, hope all's well. Only 27 more sleeps for us 'till we have you home! Big gaping hole in the house without you - although the linen basket and washing machine have gone into shock with lack of use!! Don't forget to take zillions of photos - and preferably not all on the last day! We're at the Nance's tomorrow for a curry, that's if Sarah can put her magnifying glass down!! Heehee!
Lots and lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yalou said...

Dear Xinmei,

Glad to see your expedition started very well.

Your DoE gold award presentation will be on 2 November, in St James Palace. I have replied on your behalf. DoE Swindon also sent a letter asking if you can help to set up the DoE tent in Lydiard Park for Forest Day, on 4 September.

Hope the rest of your expedition goes smoothly. Enjoy it and be safe.

Lots of love
Mum and Dad

Bobbie and Beryl said...

hello Bill & Nell what super pictures. We are missing you loads. Bobbie is telling Charlie all the jokes. Steven et al are back from Dubrovnik. They had a really good holiday. We go to France in 10 days. Keep having a good time. Loadsaluv to both from Bobbie & Bella. xxxxxx

Pravina Hindocha said...

Hi Vivek
We all at home are very proud of you keep it up and do good.
Nice picture. Take care. Miss you.
Lots of luck
Pravina,Sailesh,Rishi & Nikki

anonymous said...

hi shamira
looks like good fun, mother is already convinced of sending me.
hope youre having fun
miss you a bit
shren and the fam

Anonymous said...

hi Vivek,
hope everything's going alright, good luck with the project. good to see you having fun and we are all missing you lots. Everything is ok over here.
love Mum and Priya x

Anonymous said...

Hi Vivek,

Seems like a lot of fun and hard work! Enjoy and keep smiling. We are all thinking of you!
Lots of Good Wishes,
Bharat, Surekha and Riaxxx

Georgina Swift said...

Hiiii Bill and Nell,
Georgina here :), hope your having an amazing time out there, it looks fab on the photos, definatly an experience I think you'll never forget. So pleased that you are both together in the same team, looking after eachother topping up that sun cream I hope hehehe!
Anyway not missing much at home, weather not the greatest for summer. Have an amazing time in the Jungle and see you when you get back

Anonymous said...

For Brittany Staniforth Alpha 7

Hi Hope,
Great to see the photos - glad you arrived safe - it all looks amazing and looks like you're all having a great time!!! We're back from NY - walked miles but had a good time.

Have a fantastic time. Love you loads. Mum and Dad XXX

Mike and Lin said...

Hi Lou! Love the photos. It looks like you're having a great time...

All our love,


PS Seen any sticks yet?

Sharon said...

Hi Alex

Great to see you're having fun!
Seems Alpha 9 is hyper competitive - is that a coincidence?
See you struck lucky again - beach babes and gardening - keep watering those saplings! Take care and watch out for the blood suckers!
Hugs and kisses
Mum, Dad and Kimee

Richard said...

Hi Mo

Alpha 9 looks great - we're all very jealous! Tricky has started and his patients love him (he says...)

Lots of love from Basingstoke!x

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria
How are you managing without hair straighteners? Looking great in the blog photos, though. Connie wants to know if you have you seen Ant and Dec yet?

Love Dad, Jane and Connie x

John Flesher said...

For Abby Kearney:

Hi Abby!

Hope you're having fun - the pictures certainly look interesting! Missing you lots. Not much to report here - it's quiet without you.

Lots of love


SharonGranville said...

For Maria Alpha 8

Hey Maria
looks like my messages haven't been getting through last couple of days - see how this one goes and will keep trying.
Love you lots Mum xxx

SharonGranville said...

Maria Alpha 8 Trying again confounded by technology love Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Alex Sheldon Alpha Nine,

Hey Alex,

I'm so sorry I missed you. I got confused with mum's weekend plans and thought you were leaving Sunday morning. Anyway I left this huge have fun message on the answer phone including take your malaria tablets (who knew that would be prophetic?!). Hope you're having a great time, I read your blog at work today in between my 10 hour day..... Borneo looks awesome. Can't wait to hear all about it.



Jocelyn13 said...

Nellzbeth and Billie, i hope you are both very proud because you definitely have the most comments on this blog!! Lots of people are missing you, including meeee! Hope you are having an AMAZING time & those gorge shoes are keeping your feet comfy. Off to Menorca on Tues so me & Kate will keep all the goss for when you get back, continue to both be fabulous as im sure you are being! Fenella hope the suncream is on!! Love you and Miss you both..Massive "ROFL"....Joss xxxxx

anni higginson said...

Yeah go Alpha 9!! Dearest Boos missing you loads but you are obviously enjoying!! Hope assignment is brilliant all well here if a little boring without you and Sam!!! Mxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayo
well done, I had a chat with your co-ordinator. Nice comment. Keep the good work up. Make new friend and have fun
Mum and Toyin are having a good time in Nigeria. Talk to Dami two days ago. He's fine. I'm also fine.
We love you
God Bless You

Domi said...

Hi Ayo
We love you
Miss you son
Have a wonderful day


Oonagh said...

Hi Abbs,
It was really good to see the blog and where you are. Hope your project is going well. We're all missing you.
Love Mum & Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Abbs,
It was great to see the blog and where you are ..... looking forward to hearing about the rainforest - we're all very jealous over here! Hope the project is going well. I'm going to keep this short as this is my
3rd attempt to send a blog.
Missing you loads
Love Mum & Dad

Emma said...

Hey Billie and Fenell
aaahh the pictures look amazing!! hope your having a fantastic time with it all. Misssing you both loads tbh!! I hope your holding up with all the spiders bill and with fenellas rash. ROFL.
love you loadss xxx

rebecca sharples said...

hello lovely girl...

Hope you are having a fab time, its looks amazing...

miss you, take care

Anonymous said...

Dear Rosie Back from france Gran and Gompy looking at photos looks good
Dad, mum, Gran Gompy sheena lucy

Toby said...

For Hannah Mcindeor, Alpha 9

Hi Hurtle,

Got your text this morning, all sounds amazing! Hopefully you haven't had any more storms?! Missing you lots, home is still rubbish, although I'm with Owen currently so thats made it better. Can't wait to come and get you at the airport :) I love you,

Toby xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

How is the jungle? We're up at your mum's with Julie & the girls. We've just been looking at the blog - looks challenging! There's an airshow here this w'end & we've just been watching the red arrows fly past.
Hope everything is going well - watch our for the spiders!
Lots of love
Grandma & Pa

Nikki Glover said...

Hi Hugo
Hope the project by the beach is as good as it sounds! Great to see the photos and you out there. Jack back from Paris and missing you here as we all are. Make the most of it all.
Mum, Dad and Jack

Nikki Glover said...

Hi Hugo
Hope the project by the beach is as good as it sounds! Great seeing the photos. Jack is back from Paris and missing you here as are we. Make the most of it all. Thinking of you loads. Love Mum, Dad and Jack x

Bob McFarlane said...

Message for Pam McFarlane Alpha Nine

Hi Pam

Not sure if you got our last post it does not seem to be in the list so we thought we better do another one.

Chloe did really well in her exams passing 7 out of 8 with a slight hiccup with Maths nothing that cannot be sorted next year. She is really pleased and a bit relieved.

Neil had a big inspection last week and got through it with 'its ok' which apparently is very high praise for the level he is at. His food parcel should be with him today (Monday) He is working very hard so the chocolate and crisps should provide a big boost.

Your project looks like it is off to a flyer We are all sure that your project management skills will come on leaps and bounds. The pictures look really good but you do not seem to have much of a tan !!!! You must be in the shade too long Ishi's hair is starting to grow back her haircut caused much amusement !!!!

Hope everything is going well be back in touch in a couple of days


Siew Lay and Howard said...

To Hong Shen of Alpha 9

Looks like you're having great fun. Noticed your team won the tug-of-war and guess who's the anchorman! Wei Shen says: "don't spoil my watch, ha! ha! ha!" Wei Yi, Wei Shen, Ai Wei, Yessi, Buddy and George send their love. Unc H and I wish you the best. Chim! Chim! Chim!

katyrosewooff said...

Hey Ben

Well... As we didn't know if you had arrived or not, we all (expect Dad) assumed, no news was good news, I assumed you were probs MIA, but Dad has been incredibly worried in France, think he is missing his best friend! I'm glad to know your safe and sound, have an incredible time - JEALOUS!

I miss you, all my love,

Katy (& Mum, Daddy and Seb)

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria Alpha 8
Photos look great - v intrepid and looks absolutely great fun - just don't leave your boots in the mud this time - no car to pick you up! Can't wait for stories.
Pauline & Paul XXX

Shatish said...

Hi Vivek

Good luck with a very worthwhile project. Well done - we are all proud of you. Great photos and a super experience!

Take care,
Love from Ba, Shatish, Dina
Akhil, Kunal & Shivani
---------------- xxx

Xun said...

Hey Xinmei, (alpha 7)

Bet you're having a wonderful time, there are two letters in the mail and i'll send another tomorrow.

Hope everythings going well,
Lots of Love,

Xun xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey bethy!!

Hope all is well. From the pictures it looks like ur havin a fab time, but hope u packed ur sun cream :) dnt want u gettin burned.

Ellie is leavin wrk booooooo!! Will fill u in n catch up 4 a gossip wen u get bak. Were missin u lots. Hope u havent bumped into 2 many creepy crawlies.

Keep safe lots love n cuddles :) Brownie, Bieber n Elin xxxxxx

Freddie Sharples said...

Hey Billie
Missing you loads and can't wait for you to be home.
Lots of love
Freddie xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethy!
Hope you are having an awesome time, the photos look incredible!
SO JEALOUS, but i miss you.
See you soon Frilly, Love you man.
Ally Geeeeeee X

SharonGranville said...

Hi Maria (Alpha 8)
not sure when you get your weekly update so thought I'd sneak one in...

Hope you're having a brilliant time and that the mozzies are staying away - any leeches yet? Been looking in that Borneo book - some fierce looking creatures out there - hopefully no encounters spitting cobras or scorpions so far. Lots of people asking me to send messages on- Eric and Dot send their love - Dave and Joyce too - Lucy, Janet - Grandma says to tell you she's thinking of you every minute (with all those spiders...) - I don't know you'd think you were in the back of beyond - Oh! I forgot - you are!... Hope the sexy sandals are holding up - looking forward to this week's bulletin.
Love you lots Mum xxx

Mum and Dad to Jennifer Graham said...

We are jealous already. You told us that it would be an expedition involving "HARD WORK". From what we have seen so far, from the blogs, it looks like a lot of fun. We are going to volunteer as soon as we can find some free time (and save up the money for the whole thing). Love you loads and we hope that you will enjoy the experience and return with many happy memories. XXXXX

Yalou said...

To Xinmei (Alpha 7)

Dear Xinxin,

We just sent you a postcard. Wish you well. It's just the start, seems lots of hard work to come in the following days. Very worthy project.

I will be in Paris next week. Will still track the blog there.

P.S., we decided to sell the Honda car.

Take care and be safe.

With love.

Mum and Dad

eunice lum said...

Dear all Malaysian Venturers,

Fully enjoy your holiday, this will be the best moment ever after...

Anonymous said...

To Floss (Alpha 7)

Hello from all in W4 where we're all missing you and desperately trying to pick you out in the photos. Lots of news but everyone basically OK. Keep having fun and mind the crawling things

Lots of love
Bramleys xxxx

Marjorie Dodds said...

Hi Beth

This is coming to you from a very wet Edinburgh! Hope you are still having lots of fun. Have you used whose fetching gloves yet?! Posted you some letters today I just hope I've left enough time for them to get to you - if not you'll have some reading for the plane home! Take care. Love and miss you lots.
Mum xxxx

NickMorrison25 said...

Dear Xinmei,
Glad to see the expedition is going Xinmeizingly!
When do you get back? That is, will you be back for your birthday, or shall I send a cheeky card to you out there?
Either way, I'm going to send you a letter tomorrow filled with lots of wit and tales of my cookery disasters and such delights.
Hope you're keeping well and I'm so looking forward to seeing you at Cal's it's not even funny.
Be safe and all my love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Vivek
Love the photos - looks like a very worthwhile project! I'm sure your hard work will be pay off and you'll make some fantastic friends along the way :)
Keep smiling and look forward to catching up.
Miss you lots
Resh and Reenal xx

The Loudons said...

Hi Alice
Hope you are having a wonderful time and not getting too many mosquito bites in funny places! Enjoy the trip and have lots of fun. We are all well at home. The festival is in full swing now and your grandparents ask how you are constantly. Ella is missing you.
Lots of love from
Mum, Dad, Jo (+Charlie in China) xx

SharonGranville said...

Maria Alpha 8
Short England - Hungary match report

First half usual crew - Wembley not full, no atmosphere - lots turned out to "boo". Rooney may as well have not been on pitch - all very lacklustre

Second half Chelsea boys taken off (+ Rooney) - lots of youngsters on - Ashley Young, Keiran Gibbs, Bobby Zamora - livened up until OG by Jagielka (well would you credit it?) in 56 min - actuallypretty harsh decision - did it cross the line? Another one of those "England moments"...

Then 69 minute Steven lit up Wembley with a classic Gerrard goal powerful shot straight in from 25-30 yds! Cracker - the fans actually cheered even if Capello found it hard to stand up or even acknowledge the goal.

72nd minute tricky foot work inside the box and England's wonderful Captain scored again - cracking goal such skill - should the younger players hug him as he celebrated- yes of course they should and did. So our man Stevie officially man of the match. Johnno played 90 mins and had a good game. Some promising performances from the newly-capped players.
So England 2 Hungary 1
Was looking forward to the post match interview only to hear Adrian Chiles say "Wellwe had been hoping to hear from the England Cpt buthe's not available for interview since he's undergoing some treatment..." He'd beter not be injured for the Arsenal match on Sunday - I'll keep you posted with a further match report.

Lots of love

stevefblog said...

To Emma F

Heard that you spoke to Mum yesterday and all well, great news and good luck with the PADI.

Lots of love dad xxx

Reena said...

Hey Vivek! Hope you are well and working hard!! Not much going on here, dull cloudy weather and missing you!!
Lot's of Love, Reena xXx

Caroline said...

HI Mo Alpha 9 - Hows it going on the beach? Looks just amazing. I am very envious though it must be very hard work. Hope you are having fun, and I cannot wait to hear all your news when you get back - dying to see you again. Nicola emailed and we are trying to arrange stuff for when she is over. Loads of love, Mumxxxxxxxxx

Beyond Endurance 2008 said...


Rosie Jemima and big K all missing you hugely. You are such a star to be in such a dangerous and scary place. Very brave boy!

Great piccys but not many of you smiling - Grouchy.

Have a blast!

Nita said...

Hi Manisha how you doing? How are you keeping? Not long to go before you're home in "rainy England". Your pictures look really interesting. I'm so proud of you guys. Such a wonderful and worthwhile cause. Met your mum this week she's well and looking forward to having you back home.Best wishes. Love Nita.

Anonymous said...

looks like you have soo many new friends. im extremely jealous. not.
I have loads of gossip for you.
Come home.

To the outsider, this message looks really rude. Vivek loves it :-)

Anonymous said...

hiii vivs,

hope you're having an amazing time out in the jungle, the photos look good! you will be happy to know i am making my way through the list very well ;) enjoy yourself out there (but jam your hype) and stay safe! missing you lots.

love, paul moloney x x x

Georgia said...

Bille and Nell, thought id pop another comment up as i am missing you! Nothing much is happening over here, same old grey cold weather and im starting to get even more jealous of you two. Not a lot to report from the wirral,results day is looming (rofl) and I finally have a job interview to earn some dollar! Hope you are both safe and well and im so happy you are together aswell, i will comment again soon, love you xxxxx

Linda said...

TO Xinmei (Alpha 7 is it? I'm just following everyone else's comment structures haha)

Heyyy! hope you're having a GREAT time in Borneo, everything looks fab, though it took a while to find any pictures of you on the blog! Loving the updates from your Mum and Dad ;)

We miss you dearly, will try and get your address off Xun and see if we can send you a postcard or something!

In the mean time, be safe, eat fruit and have a fantastic time :) Will keep checking back to see how you are!


Linda xxx

Anonymous said...

To Maria (Alpha 8)
Hi Maria, evryone's missing you in Whitley Bay including Doris and her boyfriend Brian. Scotland was brilliant... except when we got attacted by the green fly in three different towns! We've seen you in the pictures looking very serious and having loads of fun. Can't wait to see you and hear what you have done. loads of hugs and kisses Connie Xxx :]

Anonymous said...

hey Flossy

we hope u r having fun!!! we miss u loads and hope u like the letters. have u figured out your friends riddles???

we cant wait 2 c u when u get back in 3 weeks!!!

lots and lots of love...
ur mummy, favourite sister number 1 and favourite sister number 2 (who wrote this email btw) love u loads

scarlie and the rest!! xx <3

Mandy Staniforth said...

Message for Brittany Staniforth - Alpha 7

HI Hope. Hope alls well and you are having a good time on your project - I guess it will be hard work aswell but a great experience. Early doors last night at the Whowells and everyone was asking about you. Apparently the Keelings and the Bowleys phoned from Heathrow to wish you a very loud good luck....but unfortunately they had phoned the Bowleys number so Jane has kept the message on her answer phone for you when you get back!!!
Going up to Sheffield today to sort out Jamie's house!!! Guess what Jamie and Harriet are off to Europe on Monday 23rd for 2 1/2 weeks interrailing! Apparently they are mostly going to do Italy...she's a very brave girl...hopefully they'll still be talking when they get back!

Can't believe you've been away 2 weeks already...the house is very quiet. Have fun and enjoy every minute - can't wait to see all your photos.

Love you. Mum and Dad XXX and Jamie X

Kate said...

Message for Ruhena Ahmed:

Hi Ruhena,

Hope you are having fun in Borneo and enjoying the outdoor life! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. Me and Sara land in Borneo 4th September -would be great to catch up before you go if you are still around? We are being adventurous on our trip -climbing up Mount Kinabulu, going to Mulu National Park to see the bats, Kuching to see the monkeys and a rain forest lodge to hopefully spend some relaxing days by the beach! Think we'll need another holiday to recover!

News from here - Sara finally made it up to Hartlepool to see the Tall Ships...event of the year in Hartlepool! We are still on the search for boys...maybe we'll find
one in Borneo!

Catch up soon!

Love Kate xxx

Rajeev said...

Hey Viv,

Hope you're having a great time in Borneo! Looks like you are from the pics!

See you when you're back.

Rajeev x

(Nice pseudonym Paul Moloney) ;)

Anonymous said...

For Ruhena Ahmed

Hi Ruhena

just wanted to say hello and let you know I haven't forgotten my promise to write with all the news. I've written a letter, I just haven't posted it yet!! I promise I will post it this week. i hope enjoying the experience and coping ok without your phone! I look forward to hearing all about it when You get back.

Sarah xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi vivek!
Everything looks amazing out there, hope you're enjoying it and not missing us too much!
Take care and look after yourself!
Sailesh, Raksha, Rupika and Nikhil

Sharon said...

Hi Alex

Hope the long house is longer than the last one! We expect one in the garden when you return, however, if it's like the kitchen decorating, it will probably be semi-detatched!

Have you read "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" yet? Dad and I watched it yesterday - brilliant film - will give you the ending in further blogs!

Everyone is impressed that you are being blood sucked in the jungle and send their best wishes.

Kimee is thoroughly enjoying the NYX and doing really well. Looks likely that she will be going to Chicago and San Francisco soon.

Yee Piu is moving to San Diego very shortly and moved out of her NY house yesterday.

Hope you're having a great time with all your new friends.

Keep Safe!

Love and miss you zillions

Mum & Dad

Nikki Glover said...

Hi Hugo
Hope all well at the beach! Jack passed his tennis - Dads first in line for free lessons! Off to Turkey tomorrow - we will all miss you and raise a glass to you. Your mobile should work now when you next have signal. How are the leeches?!
Lots of love Mum and Dad x

Jack Glover said...

hey Hugo,
hope ur having fun and weren't to embarrassed by Keith's message (ha ha) I passed my tennis course so that is good. I also went to the imax which was awesome and went to see Chelsea vs West Brom with Perry and Dom. I hope your results are good and hope ur expedition is fun. From jack x

Maddie Ramsay said...

Hey Billie,
I hope that you and Fenella are having a great time in Borneo! I can't believe that you are actually on the other side of the world, it seems so strange! When you're home, you will have to come round for a catch-up and I may even allow you to do my hair, but only if you're lucky!
Thinking of you every day and I can't wait to see you!
Love you lots and lots, your favourite cousin, Maddie ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ayo I hope you are doing ok!?!

Dami here. Just got back from Egypt and it was good. Tunisia was a friendly country and the matches were good. Got high percentage kills there (volleyball!) Egypt was hotter and tougher. They are a really good team but we beat them in the official match which was good.

Quite exhausting as you can imagine now you are physically pushing yourself. At least I hope you are, help all you can and offer your help where you can...that's what I would do ;)

Got some time off on the tour so we went to the beach and I got TANNED!!! I knew it would happen but didn't think it would happen so quickly! Visited the pyramids in Egypt and got tons of photos, over 400 to be exact :O I'm trigger happy with the camera.

I imagine you will wish me luck for my last exam in the next couple of days. Anyway, I wonder what its like in the jungle? How are the people you are with and the natives. Remember to leave a good lasting impression on everyone and everything. I know you can't answer any of this but we can catch up face to face when I get back from Belgium or you come over...whenever that will be.

I really hope you are pushing yourself and helping to get the best out of your fellow venturers! Do what you can to your best of your ability (like me if I looked at your teeth!)

Speak soon and I will pay you back before the year ends :)


and im following on twitter too. and the football season started again...but you know I dont care haha. anime is AMAZING, BB is annoying a little on os6, my pod is jailbroken finally, germany has record 2.2% growth etc

Caroline Ramsay said...

Hi Billerina,

This is the second time I've done this because I lost the first one! however, you're worth it Bills!

Whilst you've been away we've had a lovely holiday in Dubrovnik - you would love it the girls and I have just come back from my sister Lesley's in Huntingdon - Fliss and Mad went to London on Saturday and they loved it and saw those well known sights of Abercrombie, JW and Hollister! He he he

Looking forward to seeing you when you come home Bills - hope you continue to have an amazing time love and lots of hugs Caroline and Did xxxxxxx

SharonGranville said...

Maria Alpha 8
Hey Maria
just a quick note before I head off up to Edinburgh tomorrow - v excited - for my dose of culture - seem to have chosen well this year the two main things I am booked for are in the Best of... lists.
Will try and find an internet cafe so that I can keep up with your adventures while I'm away.

Went to Arsenal match today with Paul K and "Windows" - Anfield in full sun - and full voice - best atmosphere for a couple of seasons - Mr. Hodgson having some effect it seems...

First half dull - lively football but no real chances on either side - Arsenal had most of the posession - Liverpool held them well defensively. Just before half time Joe Cole got sent off for an incident at the far corner flag - according to radio reports was a bad decision but haven't seen MOTD yet to comment. So - Liverpool down to 10 men for second half...

Heads still up - the boys dominated the second half and a cracking goal from Ngog in 54th minute. Fernan came on - looking good in warm up at least - with about 30 mins to go. Liverpool's game until 14 SECONDS from full time and Arsenal equalised - bit of a bungle in the goal mouth. How many times does that happen? Still a good game - well matched and not a bad result especially with 10 men (and at times 9 - Agger got concussed!)
No GP this weekend next is Belgium at the end of the month.

Love you lots and full of admiration for what you are doing out there - makes me feel very unadventurous and lazy. Look forward to reading about your adventures soon.
Loys of love Mumxxx

Anonymous said...

Abby Kearney Alpha9
Hi Abby,
I told you it would be easy stuff out there. After all, your well publicised DIY skills are bound to be of great help ?We're missing you and can't wait until you get back with us. We are going to Ireland tomorrow (16th) for 8 days. I suppose the weather there will be much like Borneo as they are both islands. Lots of love

Grandma and Pa XXXXXXXXXXX

Lindsay Sharples said...

Hi Billie
Gosh, 5 weeks is a long time isn't it? 17 more sleeps before you are home.....
Saw Gail, Emma and Gina on Saturday for lunch in your favourite plce (RB&G or RB&T as I usually call it!!) Jan took a photo of us which I'll put in my letter to you today if we can work out how to get it off her phone - Bertie is still away with Neil and Alexander!!
B&B set off for Geneva today via Heathrow - Beryl tells me she has hardly taken any clothes but I think that is very unlikely! Hope your kit is bearing up and that you have what you need. Rach and I are serious blog watchers - we've decided now that we aren't going to hear anything until you finish your MORF project - but that doesn't stop us checking all the time!! Love to Nellie too.
M xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel Wells said...

Message for Olivia Alpha 9

Hey honey, still no update on the blog or word on Twitter! I know no news is good news and all that and that you are busy doing such an amazing thing and that this expedition isn't about all us at home...but....desperate to know you are safe and happy!!! Even Edward rushed down with me this morning to see if any new pictures had been posted!!
Anyway, I miss you- we all miss you, I have lots of things I want to discuss with you etc. Watched my present at last-omg!!! Too scared to sleep...not good for my svt!! And to make matters worse- Morag came to stay- will tell you more about that another time- and Edward went into her bed in the middle of the night and scared her so much she screamed and screamed- I honestly woke up thinking someone was being murdered! In fact I really don't think she or I have recovered! Edward was a little nonplussed to ay the least.. although he can hardly talk as he went in there in the first place because he was having nightmares about the new cats and dogs film!!!!???

Message for Olivia Alpha 9

Hey honey, still no update on the blog or word on Twitter! I know no news is good news and all that and that you are busy doing such an amazing thing and that this expedition isn't about all us at home...but....desperate to know you are safe and happy!!! Even Edward rushed down with me this morning to see if any new pictures had been posted!!
Anyway, I miss you- we all miss you, I have lots of things I want to discuss with you etc. Watched my present at last-omg!!! Too scared to sleep...not good for my svt!! And to make matters worse- Morag came to stay- will tell you more about that another time- and Edward went into her bed in the middle of the night and scared her so much she screamed and screamed- I honestly woke up thinking someone was being murdered! In fact I really don't think she or I have recovered! Edward was a little nonplussed to ay the least.. although he can hardly talk as he went in there in the first place because he was having nightmares about the new cats and dogs film!!!!???

Anyway, have sent you letter- filled with rubbish like this to be honest- you have been warned. And I will try to write again this week. We are off to Scotland (yes yes I know!!!) today for a few days away all together. I hope the weather holds but but somehow I doubt it. I hope you are well and healthy and happy and I cannot wait to hear the next update on how you are getting on. Off to pack!
Go Alpha 9!!! I hope the project is speeding ahead- I bet your progress is amazing.Love you, Rachxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Abby! it's meg.
hope you're well and everything is going great, the project sounds really good and the beach looks amazing!
all is well at home, I returned home alive from kendal caling (which i loved)and at the end of next week I'm going to Nottingham for a few days while everyones away but I'm at home for my result, a nervous time :P
missing you very much! I can't wait for you to get back. The weather is terrible here so I hope you are having better luck :)
I'm not sure how much you will be interested but Blackpool won 4-0 against Wigan in their first match.
Also you should know that Aloysius came back the other night, unfortunately John wasn't there to share the fun :)
miss you and love you loads and loads xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Abby Alpha 9

Hi Abbs,
How's the house building going - I read on Twitter a few days ago that the roof was almost completed - have you put it to the test yet? We also saw that you're living on the beach - somehow I think it will be slightly better than Blackpool beach! Are you managing to swim everyday? Hope you're taking lots of photos. Joe, Dad & I are off to Morocco on Thursday after Joe gets his results - the weather there is well into the 30's - we're keeping our fingers crossed that it will be a lot cooler in the mountains. Looking forward to the next update on your expedition - take care - we're all missing you - love you!
lots of love Mum & Dad xxxx
PS I'll try and post a letter

Caroline said...

Hi Mo Alpha 9 again,

Have you done the house yet - so impressed that you have been thatching! We will expect great things in the garden! All great here, and Richard is loving his work - sadly his blog to you did not get through the filter, but he did try and send a message. Chris is in France with Roz and her mum, so I am all alone and missing you very much.
Lesley-Ann is back and had a lovely time in Florida, and her cousin is engaged so I think she is very envious!
Hope the adventure goes well when you get to that bit - loads of love Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey nelly,
Just got burnt in max's garden! Hope your not getting to burnt in Borneo! Hope your having a good time.

Peace out, Laurieee x

Anonymous said...

hey Abby, so glad ive found a way to say hi. I hope you are enjoying yourself out there, it looks like you are having the time of your life! How grown up we are with all these adventures! Anyway, I cant wait for us both to be back in sunny blackpool so we can swap stories of our summers. lots of love, Elizabeth xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jenny said...

Abby Kearney (Alpha 9)
Hope you're well. I'm now back from Romania and back to work... we have to wear caps now which look like yours - very fetching!
Anyhoww, Romania was amazing thanks, I'll no doubt tell you more upon your returm, but the camps went well and by the end we had mastered key words and the art of mime - we should defs go busking again with Emma...
The man we were staying with liked to make cat noises at random intervals, which were actually very realistic but always took you by surprise! There is so much I could tell you, not really sure where to start!! We went to the salt lakes in between two of the camps - which are cool beacause you float and dont sink - but the salt stings like mad when you get it in your eyes. There were some logs floating on the water, so we held them steady and tried to balance along them - like walking on the water... but not...which was fun! And we washed in a waterfall and ate so much bread! And went to the mountains, and made model boats and cars with the kids and raced them, and played a lot of volleyball and soo much more.
The lanscape is stunning and we went and camped in the mountains one weekend - unfortunately there was an epic thunder storm, and we were at the top of a mountain with a leaking tent - but it was still fun and we ate a lot of meat and bread, which we had cooked on the fire before it stared raining. The next day we went on a walk and this stray dog literally escorted us for like 2 hours!
We did a huge treasure hunt round the village with the teenagers and it was so warm I almost died, but it was really good and the kids loved it. Anyhow I could literally kepp rambling on for ages! But I should probs go. Hope this reaches you and you're having an amazing time. Will write to you again!
Much love
Jenny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi vivek..

hope you are havin a good time out there in the jungle. hoping for many stories when you are back.

As to what you missed on opening weekend of the premiership...

Aston Villa 3-0 West Ham
Blackburn 1-0 Everton
Bolton 0-0 Fulham
Chelsea 6-0 West Brom
Sunderland 2-2 Birmingham
Tottenham 0-0 Man City
Wigan 0-4 Blackpool
Wolverhampton 2-1 Stoke
Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal
Man Utd 3-0 Newcastle (GET IN)

Reina let you guys down with a ridiculous goal in the last minute LOL...

Also after the first days play in the 3rd Npower test match between england and pakistan at the oval, england were bowled out for 233 with rather suspect batting from cook and a rather suspect bowling action from saaed ajmal. Pakistan are 48-1 at close.

In the India/NewZeland/Sri Lanka tri series, India just beat Sri Lanka in one of the round robin games, but it ended with controversy. SL bowled out for 177 and India got there with about 15 overs to spare. Sehwag was on 99 and with one run to get, and Suraj Randiv deliberatly bowled a NO BALL to ensure Sehwag didnt get his century. Even though he hit the ball for a 6, it didnt count coz the rules say after a no ball if one run is needed, runs scored off the bat dont count, and india won but sehwag was left on 99 not out. This incident left a black mark on sri lankan cricket as this action was seen as against the spirit of the game.

In other news James Milner has gone to Man City for somewhere around the 20million mark with Ireland going in the opposite direction. This came after Martin O'Neill resigned as Villa boss which upset many fans.

Anelka has also been banned for 18 games by France following his bad behaviour at the world cup. He doesnt care and has retierd as a consequence.

Thats basically all the big sporting news this week. To round off id like to say again i hope you are enjoying yourself, and i will try post again later at some stage. Enjoy!

Abhishek x

Fliss said...

Hey B!
Hope you're doing okay and having a lovely time. From the photos on here it looks awesome!
Hopefully your hair isn't driving you too crazy, although, i'm pretty sure that's unlikely. I think I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from our way-too-long phone calls. You'll have to give me a ring when you get back so we can arrange a catch up before i go to uni (yep i got in :D)!
Love you lots and missing you! Hi to Nell! Hope she's doing great too :).
Love Fliss x

Anonymous said...

Hey Ruhena

I'm sorry we didn't catch up before you left, but judging by the pictures, you are having an amazing time.

I trust that you will take from this a lot more than a set of facebook pictures,. I very much look forward to hearing all about your trip upon your return, and wait in anticipation for the tropical wildlife which you have promised to smuggle back to the UK ;-)

As there can not be long left prior to your return to the UK, my only advice would be to embrace each moment, positive or challenging with equal enegery, because it is these memories which will help you through dross Monday mornings in years to come.

In my thoughts during Ramadhan. Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Floss (Alpha 7)

Hiya in the jungle from dreary, breezy, drizzly London. We're about to go on holsto even drizzlier Ireland. Fed your chickens yesterday - they're still laying away and dreaming of living in the kitchen. We dropped into your sis's 15th party on Monday - don't think I've ever seen her so happy, wearing rather strange tiger headgear. Hope you're having a fantastic time and see you very soon

Lots of love

Reena said...

Hey Vivek!
Hope you are well and still enjoying your amazing experience!! I think you are about to enter the Adventure Phase of you trip, so make sure you are a true adventurer and make the most of every experience!! Have an amazing time and hope to see you soon!!
Love, Reena xXx

George Sharples said...

Hi Will,
I'm really missing you. Nin's sent you lot's of letters and blogs and I've been hopeless. I've spent all of the time trying to get just half a dozen messages through with very little luck. I hope this one makes it.
There are just two things that I want to say.
I'm so very proud of you and what you have achieved in your exams. I cannot believe how well you did in all of them but your Geography results almost defy belief. You are a star.
The other thing is that I can't wait to see you again but enjoy the rest of the time you have left in Borneo.
Love, D xxx

Roberta said...

Hello bill and nell,

Genuinely missing you guys so so much!! It is lovely to think you are homee in ten days, OWHH I'm so excitedd!!
Bills, your birthday card made me cry loadss. Went to San Carlos and got serenaded by all the italian waiters was an absolute rofl!! Howevss birthday wouldnt be the same without birthday drinks with me fave roflcopters <3
Soo much to tell you guys when you get homeyy - miss and love you girls so much.

All my lovee Berts (yeahh 17 now babes aha)
xxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxx
p.s. think I'm beating you on the True Blood sitch - OH MY DAYSS!! Lovee itt.
mmmm sookiee xxx

Jocelyn13 said...

Hey Bill & Nellyy
Hope your having a wonderous timeeee :) Kate & I are back from Menorca, MUCH gossip to inform you you know your results yet?? Everyone seems to have done pretty good, perhaps a few shocks but not really...i got ABB (fenella got a B in politics, bit guttd, going to resit) Kate got AAAA but she probs will want to tell you that herself soo sssshhh i never told of love and rofls xxxx

Anonymous said...

hi vivek,

hope u having a good time out there..the pics look great. will def catch up properly when you are back...not too much important or exciting going on is dull..

as for premiership weekend 2:

Arsenal 6-0 Blackpool
Birmingham 2-1 Blackburn
Everton 1-1 Wolverhampton
Stoke 1-2 Tottenham
West Brom 1-0 Sunderland
West Ham 1-3 Bolton
Wigan 0-6 Chelsea
Man City 3-0 Liverpool
Man Utd 2-2 Fulham
Newcastle 6-0 Aston Villa

in other news jermaine defoe has been done for driving whislt on his mobile phone. tottenham actually got through the champions league qualifier against swiss side young boys. yes the team was actually called young boys. india through to tri series final vs sri lanka soon. and pakistan beat england in the 3rd test, but they still losing the series 2-1 with one test to play.

when you are back, some garden cricket is in order.

will try post again soon..

Abhishek x

s said...

Hi Gihan
We saw your pictures today ,look you are enjoying there ,hope you are well,everyone here is ok
see you soon in Srilanka

s said...

Hi Gihan
hope u received the message yesterday,forgot to mention that I have been to see my mum in usa.was not well ,had dvt and p emb now recovered and cooking as before as usual!hoppers ect!u may have had it there!,well nearly finishing ur great work .enjoy rest of ur stay there,and ready for F1,see u soon
Mum and dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruhena,

Been reading the blog and the latest info on your expedition, sounds like you guys are having fun. Make the most of it mate, you haven't got much longer left to go. I'm missing chatting to you and meeting up with you in London. Well, when you get back there will be plenty for us to catch up on! Take care and just in case I don't get the chance to say this later, have a nice Eid! Luv ya mate.