Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Phase two loopers return.

Hi all - Its Abby, 10D's Admin here standing in for the lovely Hayley while she is away trekking up Mount K with the Dr Challoner's group.  I was lucky enough to go out on the phase two loop of Expedition 10D and wanted to share with you all how our Alpha groups are doing in their various projects.  So with an early morning start, the phase two loop left fieldbase for their whistle stop tour of Alpha's 1 to 4.  In the trusty Bravo (the name for our 4x4's) this time we had Serge Logs Manager extraordinaire, Conor one of our fabulous Logs boys and myself.

First stop was Alpha 2 on the beautiful Island of Maliangin. 

After a tour of their camp and work site we were lucky enough to go and see the ladies that make the beautiful mats on the Island.

All the Venturers are very taken by how friendly the locals are and some are even starting to learn the local dialect.

As well as working very hard on their work site there is always time to sit and talk to the Islanders.

Alpha two kicked off this Loop's Come Dine with Me Competition with a feast of Tom Yam Soup, Pasta and Tomato sauce with freshly made garlic bread and then a fantastic concoction of baked bananas, condensed milk and raisin and cinnamon bread.

After an early morning start we headed to Alpha 1, and were joined by John our photographer.
After a trek across the river we arrived to be greeted by lots of smiling faces from Alpha 1.

With our arrival also came the arrival of letters from home...

Alpha 1 have even made their very own Monopoly board.

Soon the prepartations for the second installment of Come Dine With Me started.

Alpha 1 pulled out all the stops and we were served pizza crackers and fresh tomatoes and Beef Pie...yes people Beef Pie!!!  The meal was finished off with Alpha 1's take on Bananoffe pie but with Pineapple (AKA Pineoffee Pie..YUM)

The next morning we hot footed it across Sabah to visit Alpha 4 at their beautiful Jungle Camp in Sepilok.

Not a bad camp i'm sure you will agree.

Washing up Jungle style!

Alpha 4 treated us to a welcome reception of Fruit Punch and warm roasted peanuts, followed by Sabah Summer Salad, Tom Yam Noodles and fried Chicken luncheon meat and then rounded it off with banana frtitters with a chocolate mouse...Impressive. 

Before setteling down into our jungle beds for the night, there was time for a staff verses venturer in a blindfolded taste challenge which the ventureres thrashed us at!

Next morning we made the long journey into the heart of Borneo and arrived at the magnificant Alpha 3 camp in Imbak Canyon.

Good view from their dining room!

We had time for a quick dip in the fantastic falls before the queens of the kitchen started prepartation for our last meal on the road...and what a meal it was.  Homous, garlic oil, sweet chilli dips and fresh bread, Tom Yum noodle soup and warm poached pears with condensed milk.. 

Our evening was finished off with a star gazing session by the falls where we saw the milky way and numerous shooting stars...Magic!

We then bid a sad farewell to Alpha 3 and got back on the road to make our way back to fieldbase. The fieldbase clan had missed us so much we were treated to a mad hatters tea party to celebrate our return!


Home sweet home!

What a way to finish a truely magic tour of Expedition 10D's project Sites.
Stay tuned for updated on our intrepid Trekkers of Alpha's 5 and 6 who are all out in the Jungle as I type.  This is Abby signing off.


MA said...

Hi Manisha, saw your picture today, u look tanned and ready to enjoy a lovely meal,i'm sure your meal can put gordon ramsey to shame. I hope u enjoyed it. u look like u were ready to go off clubbing in the jungle after the meal. it's pouring down today here.Me and V went to our cookery class. vicks baby sat J. we bought back some food Viks really enjoyed it. now for v to make it. Lv U lots

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
Fabulous photos of Alpha Three taken by the phase two loop! You were clearly really enjoying the waterfall! And it would seem that your culinary skills came to the fore in the Come Dine with Me creation! You were smiling so broadly in both photos - it made me laugh and cry (again!) to see you!
Not much going on here, other than dealing with the aftermath of the plastering.
Loads of love from Mum xxx

Mum, Dad and Pip! said...

Hi Lotty!
Alls well here,Granny's staying.
We saw the pic of you reading the letters, Mum recognised the handwriting!! ha! We are all thinking of you, lots of love Mum, Dad, Pippa and Granny

Jayna said...

Heyhey Manisha (Alpha 4) hope ur ok! gosh ur lookin tanned!!! dont worry, come back here and the rain will wash it away! :p lol not long at alll now!! cant wait until ur home! its weird without u! and no vick did not babysit me..he just sat with me! LoL made a cake yesterday with icing and everything! will do it again wen ur home !!will tell u all wen ur home!! enjoy urself! lookin 4ward 2 u comin homee..lots of love, Jayna xx

sandbyte said...

to Catherine Melis
we just saw your latest pics on the website. The waterfall pic shows you all having far too much fun :) Enjoy it while it lasts, real life awaits! The food looks very tasty, hope it is as good as it looks, judging by your smiles it is. Carry On having fun...
love from Colin & Sue

Jade said...

To Cat Melis

THERE'S AN ACTUAL PICTURE OF YOU! I thought you'd gone all aboriginal on me and refused to be photographed! Now I beleive you are actually there and the whole thing is not some ruse :-P !! haha, looks like you're having an amazing time (I may have to hurt/ maim you slightly if you continue to tan the rate you are, I love you but you know what i'm like with tanning!)

Though that waterfall looks a tad on the nippy side!!!!Also - 'queen of the kitchen' - i'm sensing a new nickname! Sounds like a lush meal you made though sweets!

The view from your dining room looks immense, and it looks like you're not on the floor anymore! There's hope for your back yet.

Elton and James keep saying they'll leave a message... Yeah I know there'e more chance of pigs flying but they are missing you and send their love.

Nout much going on my end - although my first driving lesson was amusing. I shouted at the handbrake as I couldn't put it down the whole way, I could change gear well, but I squeaked like a mouse at oncoming traffic, swore so loudly at a suicidal skateboarder to the extent he heard me through the windscreen, some transit vans decided to park in front of me the second I was about to pull off for the first time and I got told off for going to fast (aka the speeding limit). But I really really enjoyed it! Next one's tomorrow, although tomorrow is an actual road as opposed to some random street near the seafront!

Hope you continue to have an amazing time, although I have missed you and am looking forward to seeing you!

Have been sorting out College of Law stuff with your mum this morning so there's nothing for you to worry about in the slightest there!

Love Jade xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Message Laura Alpha 2

Saw the back of you today - you must remember to pose for the camera! Sounds like a beautiful island and the locals look really friendly. Emma back home today from her travels - bet she got more washing than you had but at least it might not be smelly and dirty like yours after the first phase (or it could be one never knows). Glad to see you though. Have a super remainder of the time there! Wish I was there but someone has to look after Bond.
Love mum

Hannah said...

Hey naomi (alpha 4)! Its han, just thought i'd send a quick message to say we're all okay here! The kitchen's finally done, you're gonna be so confused when you get back with all the new cupboards! Ruth's in tenerife at the moment and i've been slaving away painting our room and planning italy this week. Mam and dad are good too, though i think mam could do with a letter if you get a chance!! Glad to see you're okay and having fun, also getting a tad jealous of the tan!! Speak to you soon, lots of love xxxxx p.s. lindsay lohan's out of jail ha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katy and Frantz, it sounds as if cooking has become very inventive, ready steady cook wouldn't stand a chance. You and Frantz both look well, I suspect living indoors will be difficult after Borneo. The family here are all following the blog, we saw Doug and Wendy at the weekend, Sue and Roy and Chris yesterday, and I chatted with Ross and Ella at the weekend, they all send their love. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures, love Mum and Stainless.

annie said...

emma f alpha 6
LOVELY to talk today-esp as you sounded so happy with your lovely group. Trek sounds VILE-and tho I'm missing you madly am very glad I'm not there!!!! Hope the leech bites are better by the time you receive this-take a photo of your hairy legs!
love you
Mona x

David Blakemore said...

message for danielle lightfoot alpha 5

hey hun i hope you get this :)
i hope your having fun and enjoying your self :)
i got your letter the other day so ill be sending one back soon :)
everyone is good here :) all still alive lol :)
erm, theres not much happanded really on my end lol. erm, so just want to say i miss you lots but hope your enjoying yourself :) speak to you soon
lots of hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

Message for Laura Richardson, Alpha 2

Back in rainy England now after an amazing time away, back to Mum nagging and trying to keep Bondy in check! Don't think I lives that I'm taking up his spot on the sofa! But lucky mums done all my washing :) She'll have a bit of time before yours arrives on the floor anyway!

Just to let you know you've been allocated Nelson Court, which Dad has accepted on your part if thats ok.

Hope you're still having fun, saw your back in 1 loop photo, turn round next time you see the camera, ok?!

Love Emma

Carol and David Bartlett said...

Hi Stacey
You will not want to come home, every picture we see you are having such a great time and always full of smiles, long may it continue for you. Hope you are meeting new people and making new friends.
Jason and Lucy tried to put Sophie into a bed but she was having non of it, so they have had to re-assemble the cot, she is happy again now.
Christophers friend Steve has come back fron Australia and they have already gone out bike riding as they did before Steve left.
Only another 3 weeks before we are on holiday, come on France here we come.
Missing you so much. xxxxxxxx Mum and dad.xxxxxxxx

Eileen Walmesley said...

Hi James Walmesley (Alpha 6) Thanks for your letters - amazing! Hope the jungle experience has gone well and the leaches did not bother you too much? Enjoying all the news and photos. Dad & Will on the fell tomorrow 12th August. There will hopefully be more family days when you get back! Take care with the diving.
love Mum Dad & Saba xxx

Veena said...

Manisha heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy can u believe its thur already and your going to be coming back home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait!!! Missing you lots! xxx

Victoria said...

Message for Stephen Nunes

Hiya Stephen, Hope you are well! It was lovely to receive your letter and hear how you are getting on. Thought I would give you an update from back home. I am currently at home watching Zachary try to crawl. He hasn't worked out that he needs to move his arms, so he just moves his legs and then flops onto his tummy. Quite funny for us, but frustrating for him! Matthew crashed the car into one of our neighbours the other day - don't worry he is absolutely fine, but the car isn't! So yesterday we were out buying a new car. I will let Matthew tell you all the details, but it's quite nice and much bigger, which will be good! Wedding plans are coming along - I have brought a wedding dress now. So as soon as you get back we will be taking you along to get measured for your suit! Not much else to say other than it's rainy and grey! Hope you are having a lovely time.


Vicky, Matthew, Joshua and Zachary. xxxx

cheeeeee yuet.... said...

Message for Chee Huan - Alpha 1

Hello the dark dark Jie Jie who beats Chee Yuet!!

Mama's first reaction when i show her the picture : Aiyor~! You sure that is ur Jie Jie?!?!

CY : HAHAHAH~~~ Jie Jie is so dark!!!!

KorKor : Haha!! Now people will think CherYu is Jie Jie's son!!

Lol! I cannot recall whats Papa and CX's reaction! hehe~

How are you doing??? Good???
We are all doing very good!
Mama bought durians! haha~
We found 4 puppies near the park!!! They are all soooo freaking cute~~~!!!! Omg! but mama don't let us keep it, as always! I don't know where their mother is, and don't know if they are hungry. I just wish they doesn't run out the road and get bang by cars!!

All right then. I will end here.
Bye Jie! and Take Care!!

from : Chee Yuet. (Kor kor is not writing to you, because he is a useless fellow.)

Clapham Family xxx said...

For Andrew Clapham: Alpha 3,

Hello Rambo, loving the bandanna on your last photo!! Looking very 'dashing'!!! Bandanna my bag!!!

We dropped another letter in the post for you today, hope you have recieved the other one now too!!! Everyone has written this time, mum, dad, tori and meeeee!!

Mum supplied us with like theee best paper so you better appreciate it!!! haha.

We are all hoping that your building skills are coming on well and you have gone from kindergarten building to bridge building with ease.

We are all keeping up to date with the blogs that are posted and denise is printing off the new photos as and when she sees them.


Keep up the good work! We all cant wait to hear your stories, as me and tori had a few just from a couple of weeks!!! Nevermind a couple of months!!!

Lots of love to you,

Mum and Luci xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Billy said...

Message for Danielle Lightfoot, Alpha 5.
Hello Danielle,
I’ve been checking each day on the Raleigh site to see if there’s any extra photo’s of you working hard…… (no theirs no ha ha at the end).
Everyone at the club are doing fine not much news to tell you then again I would think your Mum or Leanne…..plus your friend Dave I noticed in the messages on the Raleigh site has been keeping you updated.
I hope you’re having fun and making friends which I’m sure you are and also enjoying your experience in the jungle.
I hear you have changed from Alpha 4 to Alpha 5 does that mean your work load is more or less?
I’ll close of now and write to you soon, take care missing more than I thought I would. LOL XXX 

Elaine said...

Hi George
Missing you loads. Joe and Christobel came for a couple of nights...great to see them and they send their love. I'm constantly looking at the blogs for more pics and updates. Another lovely pic of you with your team and a very cute baby. Only one more week to go can't believe how quick its gone. I must say the shopping bills seem a lot less and theres always food in the fridge! Joking. Joe managed to clear the fridge out at the w/e. Hope you're still enjoying everything and we'll see you next week. Love and big hugs Mum Dad and Bazz xoxoxoxoxox

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
The floor exposed by the loss of the fire surround has been done and I have to say that it looks...well, in order to pass the Rayleigh censor, let me use the word, 'rubbish'! It will have to be covered by something at all times, either the chair or a rug.
Had my pre op check up at the hospital today. Am likely to have a second scan before the op as I think there may have been a positive change since the last one.
You know my laborious mixing of paint for the bedrooms and kitchen, which inadvertently produced different shades in each room? Well, in looking for something for the living room, I've found that they now produce "a whisper of liqueur", which is what I'd made up by hand before! I'm trying matchpots tomorrow, but I'm hoping that this discovery will fit the bill.
Tomorrow I'll be posting, and hand delivering, the letter that needs to go off on the 13th Aug...
Spoke to Nikki at the C of L today, further to an email about the pre-course stuff. You've got the Mon/ Thurs option and your class on 13 Sept is at 9.30, so you are to see her at 9am with your ID etc so she can issue your books, ID card etc. If you get access to the internet at 'switch over', you may want to access the ELITE emails.
Looking forward very much to speaking to you, Babes!
Loads of love from Mum xxx

AWMillard said...

Hi Flumby,
Great to see your photos, to look so chuffed with everything. So glad you enjoying things. Miss you too much to mention. M&T in Puy Renou until next Thursday. Henry @ 14NR12PH for the weekend. Love you loads. The not so carbon neutral Dumby xxxxxXXXXxxxxxx

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
Re my mission, set for 13 Aug, I went to hand deliver a copy and found the place clearly occupied. I rang the bell and the door was answered by a youngish man. When I asked if S was in, he said that he was at work! So that makes things easier re receipt, although I still sent one by Recorded D. Of course, 4 weeks was given re response, so don't know how quickly there'll be a reply. Wonder whether it's a permanent split or p'haps a 'fund' raising trip?
The sample of the paint that I mentioned hasn't lived up to my hopes. Not too thrilled by any of the match pot colours... I need your opinion!
The C of L fee went off today.
Only 2 or 3 days now before we can speak, hopefully!
Loads of love from Mum xxx

MA said...

Hi Manisha, hope you're well. i went to savita fai house on thursday with nanny, and yesterday went with j and upesh to simas house by train. then sima came back with us to stay for a few days. amarath and mina came round yesterday stayed for some time. they found sima so funny they wanted to take her back home. keep up the good work just a few more days to go. missing u loads. lots of love.

Gary said...

Message For Cat Melis

Hi sweetheart,

Sorry this is such a late message, I did post one a few days ago but for some reason it didn't appear on the message board thing.Glad to see you are having a fun time. The photos look great. Everything is going well here as usual everyone is busy. Rosie has taken to the habit of sleeping on days bed in the front room, which is funny as I often come down to see her asleep on dad's head. My job is going well and i am really enjoying it, the only problem is that I am getting up at 6 and end up getting home for about 8. Which means I am knackered. I hope everything will be great on the next stage. Also I have posted a letter I hope it has got to you ok.

I love you sweetheart


Sinead said...

Debs - alpha 4
greetings from canterbury where i have completed 5 nights in a row as an O+G SHO and its 2pm in afternoon and I haven't yet gone to sleep. I treated myself to getting my hair done, just my "normal" highlights and a cut and then i got myself a lipgloss from chanel - the saving money thing is going really well. I will either tell you in a letter or when u r at home about my nights. The weather here has turned and the press say that summer is over ! Well it was Mum's bday on Mon, so I came home on sat and mum went to the races sat evening and then mum and I went for lunch on sun afternoon to a place on the brighton rd. As i was starting nights on Mon, i was able to be at home for some of mums bday and then i left midday. I got mum some vouchers from M+S - mum is quite the social animal, been to this place with work, x here, y there and then next week there is a dinner at Mary's and then the 70th bday. Next week on 21st there is a mini reunion for the cant lot at Kirsten's new house. DUe to my nights my exercise/ diet has gone a little bit hay wire - but 2mrw is a new day and its starts again 2mrw. I am scared to go to Ireland with you as uncle johnny wil say, "You've got fat and Debs is so slim" In the celebrity world, nothing has hit me that i need to tell you. I have kept some of my magazines for you, so that you can recap on what you have missed - plus you'll be glad to hear i opened your ASOS magazine - some quite nice pieces about the autumn/ winter collection.
Lots of love Sinead -
PS Mum says she has tried twice to post something on here and it has failed, last week she had to do the bidding ps and she didn't know how to do a ' so she used a ,

Jane Plant said...

For Alex Gell, Alpha Six

Hi Sweetheart. Sorry it's been a while since I sent you a note. So. How's it going? Have spotted you in a couple of piccies here, on the website. Looks like you've got yourself a bit of a tan!!!

Seen many long legged green spiders?

Looks like you're on the trek/dive phase now. Hope you've enjoyed that. Got your PADI?

George and me have been in Elie, Fife, for past week. Aimee and Jack joined us for a few days. The place G has hired is soooo lush. Won't tell you about it considering your extreme different level of comfort right now!! Our garden went straight out onto the beach though too cold to swim, lovely to walk along early morning and during the sunsets. I've left G up there now with two of his daughters and grandkids. It's pretty grey and cold here at the mo. Actually, it's like, 'dude, where's my big ole jumper' right now.

We had a lovely time in Edinburgh soaking up the Fringe atmosphere. Went to Deacon Brodies for some haggis, neeps and tatties. Yummy!

I'll be flying back up next Friday to drive back with G. Think your daddy and Jimmy McJimmy will spend a couple of days in Fife at the end of next week.

Tom is still in Melbourne, Oz. Think he may be coming to the end of his travels now but who knows!

Well, I hope you're having a fantastic time. Will look forward to hearing all about it and at some point, getting you and Tom together to compare notes.

Lots of love, Jane & George. x x x

Richard Melis said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hello Catherine!

I hope you are enjoying your current section!

You're looking a little tanned, it's raining here and showers are forecasted for another week which of course is great.

I look forward to the stories when your back!

Love, Richard xxx

Gary Hodge said...

Message for Cat Melis

Hi Sweetheart,

Hope you everything is good and you are well. As usual no change here, and everyone my end sends their love.I spoke to tom's parents the other day and they send their love and said they can't wait to see you and hear all about everything you have done, also Linda said that here niece has done the Raleigh expeditions. I hope you are enjoying yourself, also I can't wit to hear from you as I know your turn around point is coming up. I am also guessing you can't wait for a good nights sleep on a real bed. I am missing you loads by the way and for some reason my phone keeps trying to call you.

I have to shoot as at the moment I am late for work. I will speak to you soon darling. I love you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
Richard, on being asked to stir the gravy, "When's Catherine coming back?"
Ian, on being asked his opinion re paint colours for the living room, "When's Catherine coming back?"
You see... we're all awaiting your return!
It's 2.10pm now and I've been hoping that today was when I might hear from you, but I guess it'll be tomorrow. Haven't been able to concentrate on anything, waiting for your call!
All three of you are on the Mon/Thurs Law Col days, so that's good.
Well, I'm just waiting, waiting for your call...!
Loads of love from Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Gary alpha 3
you should be finishing phase two I think soon how did it go?hope all is well.i have passed 1st phase medical for afgan got second part three days away next week so fingers crossed. wolves beat stoke 2-1 jones and fletcher scored we looked good.we have everton away next week need to keep goin.will get your car sorted next week,we are going to the van sunday for a week hope the weather inproves im leaving mom and nan alone for three days while im on the training. b good mate stay safe enjoy lots of luve Mom and Dad

Sinead said...

Debs (alpha 4 for phase2)
You are back at base - how time flies. I hope you are having a good wash, getting ur clothes washed and Mum's socks have made their way to you! Are you thinking of a change in career? Woodwork and carpentry? I hope you have had fun - this phase has seem to gone quicker than the last one. I am quite enjoying O+G, but I'm on-call 2mrw. Have you got ur bloods done. Last night on TV there was a programme about young people with diabetes and it was set at Mayday UNIVERSITY hospital - you would have been proud to have been a CROYDONIAN watching that! there were some classics! I am off on thurs, at work fri, then going home -as there is a cant reunion on Sat - which I am looking forward to. I think my hair is a bit to blonde now - but we will see. What do u think about going to Ireland Sat 25th Sept for a few days, as I am > 26yrs it shouldn't be too expensive to get a car. Big brother will come to an end in 10 days time, then the winner of this series and memorable housemates from previous series go back in the house for 2 weeks and it all finishes on 10th Sept - aren't you glad u will be back for that. This will make you laugh, mum is okay but she had to use her epipen yesterday as she got stunk by a wasp, but only took clariton, then she realised she was feeling ill, so thought better use it, in the process of doing so she managed to stab her finger, she was okay - then later on yesterday she managed to lock herself out.
Lots of love

stevefblog said...

To Emma F in Alpha 6

Hope the PADI want well, I think you should just about be moving on to the next phase now. Mum in France working this week, but forgot her phone charger (blackberry OK so she can get emails). Kate going on holiday to Aya Napa on Thursday, and I am going to France to meet up with Mum for the weekend.
Hope its still loads of fun and all well lol dad xxx

Mary Severs said...

Message for Floss Severs
Hiya Floss Boss. Back from Puy Renou. Fab weather, pool great Foret Adventure re-opened so swung through the trees twice!Have left Grandpa home alone with lots of jobs to do round the house and on the boat. Norwich looking very green so I think it's been raining loads. Lovely picture of you on the blog looking v happy. Am wondering which Alpha group you will join next.Can't wait to hear all about everything! Missing you lots and lots. The Mumb xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Vivek Dasani (alpha 8)

Dasani we miss you! Looks like ur having fun from the pics...not missing out on much in london town...everyones finally finding places to live...we need to still sort ours out :(

Ooooh guess what I met some of the man utd players at work...was a dream come true :D

Had a random drunken night at Avis a while ago...ur presence was tres missed

I hope ur staying away from anything with more than 2 legs and no legs like I told you to!

Lots of love...

Janki xxxxx

p.s. Liverpool drew against Arsenal in the first game of the season 1-1 if ur interested :p Reina had a howler!

Anonymous said...

Message for Megan Broadley
Hi Meg, Lovely to see you on the latest blog photos. What an amazing experience for you... We are all missing you tons and tons. Since I took Mum to Miniatur Wunderland by the way, she is also now obsessed with it - how weird are we all?
Love you loads and can't wait to see you again.
Dad xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Primrose, Pops gone to S America, Bunny either surfing or watching Friends, Holly Hollying in the Cornish rain. Hope all well with you, the phots look great. Typical cornish foul weather summer here and can't wait to hear all your news. Flora at Sasha's Web and Hiho under my care!? Ellen riding Web regularly. Missing you so much cept for the catering and your fingers in the pot. Love you darling, Scotland stealing all my babes it seems, really pleased for you. Doods xxxx

David & Carol Bartlett said...

Hi Stacey
We have not seen the sun for any length of time now for a couple of weeks, plenty of rain.
It is the Bournemouth Air Show this weekend 21st 22nd Aug, we will watch it from our back garden as the planes take off from Bournemouth Airport. Hope the weather improves or no one will see much as the cloud level is very low at the moment.
Only another four weeks or so until Lucy and Jason's baby is born, how time flys. They have decorated the other bedroom as the nursery. We were at their house last Sunday 15th Aug and I spent most of the time gardening with Jason.
Christopher and Emma are going to someones wedding this weekend at Brokenhurst in the New Forest, They are camping in a site next to wher the reception is being held, They should be able to stagger back to the tent.
All is well at home, I have stered your car a couple of times and run your lap top.
Love you, Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxx

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
I've been hoping to find photos of the change over days on the website but, at time of writing, there aren't any. Perhaps, tomorrow.
You didn't add anything to Facebook, so your booked internet slot must not have worked.
Letter no 4 is in the post, but perhaps you are reading this after the last section is fully completed, so the letter should be there for you.
The decorating is progressing. On the last stretch of that now, thank goodness.
Hope that the hiking passes without incident and that the diving is a relaxing finale for you.
Loads of love from Mum xxx

Siew Mei said...

Dearest Ange Tan Seok Ling:

DARLING!!! I MISS YOU SO SO MUCH!!! I hope you're doing great over there=) I just wanna say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! May all your wishes come true =)

Jacintha Yap Siew Mei

Anonymous said...

For Philip (Alpha 4)

Hello! Annie again :)
I got my grades yesterday after a night of little sleep, nerves and general pooing myself!
I got AAAA (yeeep, 4!)... and a C haha.
Typically, yes, that C has dishonoured the Ly family -hangs head in shame-
But having told you I thought I failed maths, a C is more than welcome. It wasnt far off a B, and Im going to retake a module or two to bring that grade back up, but I'll probably drop maths anyway. But really good news with the other grades considering I also thought I would flunk History too. All the A's were pretty solid, none bordering B's. Im really pleased!
Hoping to make some A*'s next year, which 8.1% of people got this year. tough times haha.

Really not long til youre back now!
Will be nice to have you invade the home with your jungle-fied self and give me a pat on the back for my grades, Jen seems to lack the nice sibling touch you do (and I know she'll cuss me for saying that if and when she reads this message haha). You are missed, ever so slightly haha :P

Keep safe and have fun! :0
Annie x

Mum and Dad of Jennifer Graham Alpha 7 said...

Hi Jen. We received your letter and postcard during the week and realise just how much you enjoyed your time with Selina and Gerald in KL. We are being kept up to date with the blogs and we are tracking your progress. We have also decided to appoint you the "chief spider and creepy crawly catcher" for the house, based on your current experience. Good luck on the challenge phase which starts tomorrow, we believe, and we hope that it will be a successful adventure. Natalie is missing you and wishes you well. We are all looking forward to hearing all about everything when you return home. Missing and loving you loads. Mum, dad and Natalie. XXX

AWMillard said...

Watcha Floss, Sending off another letter to day, hopefully in time for the last loop. Back in Norwich for the first time in 3 weeks. Hopefully, will see you in about 3 weeks, read all you letters today and still envious of the experience. You are really having some amazing experiences. Only two weeks left in Bristol. Had read you food requirement list, "Steak Pie" and "Meatballs" are on my list, to prepare for your arrival. Not interested in some Jacobs cream crackers? Love you loads, miss you tons. Love Dumby xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Graham (Alpha 7)

Hey Jen, looks like you're having fun and great to see the pictures of you. Hope your trousers have lasted the pace if not told you you should have got North Face! Say "hi" to the orangutans for me and see you in a few weeks you better have got me something good at the market!

Love Grant

Anonymous said...

Dear Rosie (alpha 8) seen recent photos do pringles taste different in jungle!
Everyone sends their luv, Sheena going to manchester trying to sort out Gap year

cu soon