Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Loopers Pay A Visit To The 10I Project Sites

On Saturday the 14th of August, Ed, Mark and Abby left Fieldbase for a whistle stop tour of Alphas seven, eight and nine.  They packed up the infamous Bravo with post and goodies for all the hard working venturers on Expedition 10I and set off on their adventure.

Alpha Eight: Gravity Water System Repair in Kampung Monguwou

Alpha Eight waited eagerly for the arrival of the loop, whom they welcomed to their project site with a Raleigh rap complete with authentic rapper-esque costumes including baggy trousers, bandanas and plasters on their faces!
Having suitably impressed the loopers, they then took them on a tour of Kampung Mongowou and unvieled all the great progress that had been made with the gravity water feed system.

After the guided tour of the site, the venturers set to work making a slap up lunch to satisfy the hungry loopers.  To start they served a sardine and marrow salad, which was followed by chicken chowmain and topped off with a delicious sticky toffee pudding.

And then the rain everyone retired to the community hall for an afternoon of games and banter.

Later that afternoon Alpha Eight bid a fond farewell to the loop who got back on the road and hot footed it to Alpha Seven.

Alpha Seven: Gravity Water Feed System in Kampung Bombong Tiga
As light was fading, the loop were welcomed to Kampung Bombong Tiga (3) with floating candles, flowers and a good old cup of tea (which was much appreciated by the now soggy loopers after their trek into Alpha seven's home).

Alpha seven's set up was very comfortable and cosy  in the kampung's community hall.  The group all pulled together to create a feast for their candle light soire.  A chillie bean salad kicked off proceedings which was followed with Tomyam fried rice accompanied by steamed bokchoi.  Alpha seven then pulled out all the stops and produced not one but three puddings- the bread and butter pudding being the pick of the 3!  Spoilt loopers.
After a good night's sleep, everyone was up bright and early for a breakfast of porridge. 
As the sun beat down on the valley, the group lead the loopers on a tour of their project site.  Evidently, the group had worked tirelessly to construct a dam, install water storage tanks and lay hundreds of meters of piping to connect the village up to their new clean and reliable water supply.
Once again, the loopers packed up the trusty Bravo, said their goodbyes and disappeared into the distance, Alpha Nine was calling...

Alpha Nine: Metre Of Rainforest (MORF) Project in Kudat

The final stop on Expedition 10I's loop was Alpha nine in Kudat.  The loopers found the team hard at work weaving wall pannels out of bamboo for the longhouse and constructing the framework for a shower block.

Here is the longhouse, built by a previous Raleigh group (ie me), impressive I think you'll agree.  Alpha nine had been beavering away adding a kitchen extension, internal walls to create 5 new bedrooms and connecting the longhouse to its own permanent water supply.

The loopers eventually managed to persuade them to down tools and have a well deserved rest.

Dinner preperations soon began.  On the menu tonight it was Tom Yam soup, followed by corned beef hash and to finish Pamcakes (made by Pam) with fruit.  Dinner was served on the nearby beach... the backdrop of the setting sun. 

The next morning the loopers (reluctantly) returned to Fieldbase full of stories of their adventures.


Lindsay Sharples said...

Hi Billie-kin
My hours of diligent blog watching have paid off - finally we can see you again! Gosh it has been such a long time without you. It's great to see the work you have been doing and it must be brilliant to feel that your team have made such an impact in a relatively short space of time. Maybe you'll be so inspired you'll want to sort our garden out when you come home? No, thought not!! 15 more sleeps 'till you are home. I'll put these photos on Facebook and no doubt your lovely friends will send messages too!
Charlie has said he'll send a message, once the blog has been updated so expect a comment from him too!
Lots and lots of love to you and Nellie
M xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Nellie and Bill, you look hard at work! hope you remember all the cooking tips you have learnt over the years especially your excellent pancakes! all ok here but missing you like mad cannot wait to hear tales of Borneo. Keep up the good work and the suncream, love Mum Dad, Alice and Mini xxx

Sarah Nance said...

Not sure if first comment arrived so will try again! missing yo like mad Nellie, house far too tidy! We have been to Pembroke for a few days, good weather. Going to see Picasso at Tate with Alice and some serious shopping! Your turn when you are home. Hope cooking skills improving! you and Bill are very goog pancake makers. keep working hard and enjoy every moment it is going so fast. Love and hugs to Bill as well. love you loads M and D and mini xxx

Alice said...

HEY sweetcheeks :D
Hope its going amazingly out there, I'm super jealous of your dining room!! Pics look amazing. I've started the count down to my hols whooooo...but I have noticed a few discrepancies with my holiday wardrobe...happen to know the whereabouts of a certain straw hat?!
SOOOOO general update time; weather here is euuugh, granny is good, mini is gooood...I spent a romantic night in with her last Friday when the parentals went to Pembroke. Urrrm, you bedroom has been decorated, worried?! And today I'm off on a hungover adventure with the mother to see the Picasso exhibit at the Tate. OOO fun are finally facebook-ed hahaha. I'm so sorry.
Also Nell and Bill two words for you: TRUE BLOOD. Amazing. You may have the location of a lifetime, but I have Eric Northman ahahahaa.
Hope you're both well, Bill, you're looking nice and tanned, Nell still looking nice and pale- so proud!!
Loving and missing you smelly Nelly. Love you sweetie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Omer said...

Hello Imran and Luca. Its Omer! I have finally found a way to coontact you! I saw all of your cheesy smiles in the photos so now the parents will hopefully get some sleep at night. It all looks very exciting. Hope you doing well and not too fatigued!

Rachel Wells said...

Message for Olivia Sharples Alpha 9

Hey honey, wrote long and rubbishy message two days ago which doesn't seem to have made it onto the site. Probably just as well!! Anyway- new pictures today!! Hooray! Not that I am impatient or anything...
You all look very hard-working and a little weary? I bet you are ready for the next bit! Frankly, I am more than ready for you to come home now- can't cope with not being able to communicate with you! You soooo should have taken your phone with you!! Anyway, I hope you are happy and not being bitten too much and that you and Fenella are having fun with the rest of Alpha 9!

Henry and I are in our little holiday cottage whilst the other two boys have gone for a swim! Henry was all cross this morning when he woke up but his mood changed instantly when I turned on my computer and saw the new blog- Edward came running in and said "are there new pictures of Bill?"! as Henry is shouting "Bibbie!!". I think Angus ran away at this point!!! We are having a lovely time and Henry is very difficult to tear away from the beach each day whatever the weather!

Watching my present- lots! Made A sit through it last night too! Really scared by it though- need to discuss at length with you when you get back- not that you will have much time with everything else going on but need to make some time!

Anyway better go and play with Henry as he is crawling all over me and it is getting difficult to type!
Love you sooo much and cannot wait to see you/speak to you. Take good care of yourself and love to Nell!
Rach, Edward and Henryxxxxx

John Flesher said...

For Abby Kearney (Alpha Nine):

Hi Abby!

Missing you lots. Hope you're having fun and working hard. Everyone here sends their love. Mum, Dad and James are back now so I'm no longer alone! Had a pretty boring couple of weeks to be honest, but now I'm trying to book a holiday for September. Not much else happening otherwise.

Can't wait to see you - not too long now. I'm doing my best to come and meet you at Heathrow when you land.

Lots of love


Anonymous said...

For Meg Broadley Alpha 8 10I

Hey Meggie,

just seen your new photos on the blog! Molly and Olivia are dictating to me and are not making much sense. They all went back to school today and missed your cheery smile during breakfast!!!!???? You are definately having much better weather than we are, it is freezing and raining, a typical Scottish summer. Dundee sent various forms and fresher week stuff, I have dealt with important ones. Spoke to Sam, he is in the final ten days of camp, exhausted but happy. He has seen your blog and found it fascinating seeing you doing the raleigh thing! He is off to Maine then Washington DC then NY before coming home and hopes to get to see you before he leaves for Uni.
Take care, missing you buckets, & Olivia.xx)

Caroline said...

Mo - Alpha 9 ,

The longhouse looks lovely - I cannot beleive that you have made it between you - well not all of it, I know, but it looks truly amazing - very well done with all the hard work. Also the beach looks simply stunning, just like 'shipwrecked' I hope you have your camera as I cannot wait to see all the photos. Everyone here sents loads of love, and we are all missing you hugely, but you look as if you are having a fantastic time. Huge kisses and hugs, + lots of love, Mumxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria (Alpha 8)

Seen your rapping pictures. Go girl! Also saw you with the pringles and coke.. no change there then! Hope you are having the best time. Everyone says hi and keep up the good work. Charlie and Joe are here to stay and tomorrow we are going to Beamish. LOL Connie xx (+Dad and Jane xx)

SharonGranville said...

Maria Alpha 8
Hey Maria! The new photos made me laugh - your group certainly win the prize for being the grungiest! Looks like you've done a lot of hard work - if the inches of mud on your boots are anything to go by. Hope your hands are holding up and that Shantaram is keeping you suitably entertained. Love you lots - keep on digging, Mum xxx

Alice said...

Hey Nellie,
Quick one from us all. Results are in and you have failed everything. NOT haha. Right so from what I can remember A in History, A in Gov and Pol, A in was pretty much full marks in those. A in French, but I know you're a fussy bugger and may want to resit that one to get those old points. And then a very happy C in Critical.
CONGRATUWELLDONE!! V proud sunshine :). I'm sure it doesn't need saying that the parentals are also incredibly proud (I did get a call v early this morn telling me).
Right am off to feed the masses. Love you xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Abby Walker

Hi. Thanks for the letter, sounds like you are having a great time, can't wait to here all about it. Congratulations on achieving all A's, the hard work has paid off and we are proud of you. Have spoken to Will, he got 3 A stars plus an A.
Take care, love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vivek, Cannot see you in any of the pictures. Have you made a getaway or you still there.
Hope you are having fun and everyone is missing you.
Did the inventory at the flat yesterday and the work is going on.
Regards, Dad

Rashila said...

Hi Vivek

Finally after days of blog watching some news but disappointed can spot you in any pictures probably the last one? Hope all is going well and you havn't been biten too badly. Missing you and waiting to hear from you soon. Love Mum x

Lindsay Sharples said...

Hi Beeee
Don't know what your daddio did but he spent ages last night writing a comment and basically failed! I'll help him with a new one tonight!
Listen, you have done brilliantly in your exams - A grades for Biology, Chemisty and Geography and almost an A for Physics! You got an A in two on the Physics modules and dropped a couple of marks in the Investigative Skills one. How amazing are those results! We are so pleased and so, so proud of you!! Well done!
Lots of love

Phillip said...

Hi Mo (ALPHA 9)

All looks amazing in the pics - seriously hard work! I think Mum will also be posting but just to let you know you got the grades - YEAAAH!!! Fantastic news and big celebrations!!! Saddler says Zu's saddles are no good so new ones required - ouch!! He's in great shape as is the rest of the menagerie. Richard LOVING being Dr Sykes and Chris suffering from having to cook vegan meals on hols with Roz & family. Have fun & hope it's not raining too much

Best love Dadxxxxxxxxxxx

Mark & Janet Wooff said...

Ben Alpha 8

Hi Ben,

Great to see you in the blog photos and hope you are having a great time. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip when you come home. Just a bit worried that you seem to be wearing the same tee shirt in all the photos! Which makes me hope that you are changing your underpants more than once a week? Take care and I'll save lots of grass for you to cut when you come home. Daddy. x

Cruel father, my thoughts also but didn't like to say it! We had a fabulous time in the Loire, lots of cycling, chateaux viewing, canoeing and wine tasting! Our camp-site was on an island in the river and had a very dramatic back drop of a chateau. The lodger we have acquired since you have been away has transformed your room, but sure we can sort out the spare room for your return.

We are having spice heaven whilst you are away, we've nicknamed it "curry fortnight" because we've only just started!

Enjoy and experience all you can!

Loads of love your Mum

Gary H said...

Message for Catherine Melis -

Hello Sweetheart,

I hope you are ok and this message gets to you before you go on your hiking stage. I have just been told today that work are sending me to Berlin for two weeks for a Sony event.I am really excited but I made it clear that I ad to be in England by the late of the 11th October. Which is why I am flying in on 10th. I spoke to your mum and unfortunately you are flying into Heathrow while I will be flying into Gatwick. I really hope the next stage goes ok. I am think about you loads and can't wait to I see you again. I am sorry about everything before and hopefully this message reaches you ok. I know that you finish your expedition two days before you fly, and if you need to contact me ring my normal number. Although I am trying to get a work phone, so if I do I will either post the number on her or leave it with your mum. I love you sweetheart and realy cant wait to hear from you hopeful my letters will be with you soon.

All my Love


Mandy Staniforth said... good to see you and the village where you are working. We've been checking the blog numerous times a day so very happy to see the new blog!! Hope you are still having fun - by the time you get this you will probably have started the adventure stage...very exciting. Are you coping with washing etc and hope you haven't come across any leeches yet...or will they be lurking in the jungle!!! Remember they can't jump!!!
Hope your weather is better than here - seems to rain every day. Jamie is in his last week of work - think he's very relieved . He heads off with Harriet on Monday and last I heard they hadn't booked any trains and are "just going to wing it"! Probably end up staying 2 weeks in Paris then!!! His communication skills haven't improved any.
We're off to Trez and Keith's on Saturday - after Dad has done a bit more of your room. Can't get in the spare room as it's full of the contents of your bedroom - and what alot of stuff you have got!!!!
Anyway, can't believe it's only 2 weels till tou get home. Have a great time on the next phase - can't wait to hear all your adventures. Stay safe.Love you loads Mum and Dad

SharonGranville said...

Boring message for Maria Alpha 8

Check the expiry date on your cash card - they sent you a new one today starting 08 - just in case you need to get anything out before end of the month on your next visit to KK- don't want you stranded.

Love you lots, Mum xxxxx

SharonGranville said...

Hey Maria
forgot to say Liverpool 1 - Trabzonspor - O - Babel 54th minute

Bit of a none event - second team run out although Fernan did come on for half an hour, Stevie and Dirk rested.

Mum xxx

cheeeeee yuet.... said...

Message to Chee Huan, Alpha One.

Hihi jie!
miss home?? hehe~
Papa want to go Karaoke~ but he wants to go with all of us, plus you and kor kor together. But when you are back, kor kor will be back to London. I want to go with you too!!

We went for the Ramandan buffet last Sunday. That place is sooooo crowded that papa say, he have to go through the forest to find our table! haha! it's because that day is the last day for the 50% discount promotion.
And guess what! they serve some kind of soup kambing there!! SO NICE!! HMM~MMM~~
You should come!!!

The food there is a lot, but you know... Ramadan food is always the same...

Tomorrow papa is going to attend wedding. Indian wedding. But i'm not sure if we are invited. haha! But on the invitation card written 'Jason and Family'.

This Sunday, Lee Hom is coming to Malaysia. haha! One Utama, 6.00pm. But i'm not sure if i want to go... Very lazy!! but i want to see him!!

Next monday, teacher want us each to bring a fish to school! haha! cause we are going to cut open the fish and inspect his organ!! poor fish! haha! this is gonna be fun!!!

I bet you are having lots of fun!!! Stay safe!

Bye bye!
From Chee Yuet!!! muacks!!

Marjorie Dodds said...

Hi Beth

It is lovely to see some more photos of you - we've been impatiently waiting for news. I love the rap gear - you could try something similar when you next go out in Edinburgh! I see from the menu that you will be bringing back lots of new recipies which might come in handy at Uni when rations are scarce! Everything is fine here. Hannah goes back to scool next week but has the trials first and she is wishing you were here. Caitlin and Dad are on the golf course this afternoon. You enjoy the rest of the adventure. We are all sooooooo looking forward to you coming home. Take care.

Love Mum xxx

Claire Baker said...

For Abby Kearney (Alpha 9)

Ciao Bella!

Hope you are having the time of your life, it looks like a wonderful experience despite the hard work you're doing. I have been monitoring your frequencies! However, I have noticed that you are skillfully managing not to be in any pictures...a Kearney through and through indeed.

All is well here (not including the death of one of the chicks which was rather upsetting), I'm going to stay with Michael for a couple of days tomorrow but other than that life is pretty uneventful.

The time has now come to give you the truly ground breaking and shocking news (yes it was on the national news!) about micro would seem there is nothing "micro" about them! By the time they are about 3 they are huge! Huge and fat and not very cute at all so there you have it, I hope it isn't too heartbreaking!

Love you more than the ground beneath my feet.

Lindsay Sharples said...

Dearest Billie-kin
I am sending another comment, mainly to show your daddy how to do one - for some reason he is completely inept, blog-wise!! Epic Fail!! He won't dictate one to me as he wants to 'talk' to you himself. So fingers crossed that he can remember the one thing he needs to get right this time. Saturday morning here - subject normal, I've been up for hours plotting and planning, boys still snoozing, Colin back in from the Sainsbury's shop and about the wash the know the scene! Have sent you another letter which hopefully will arrive before you leave...12 sleeps to go!! Lots of love
M xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mason's said...

Hi Sam!
Love blog photos and updates! Spotted you on a few, looks like the work gloves are coming in 'handy'! Hope project was a success and you all had fun! Good Luck with adventure challenge!
Can't wait to see you soon :)(biscuit tin stocked up!) Hope jungle drums worked and you got your results ok, fantastic, well done xx
love Mum and Dad xx

HI SAM!!!!!!
hope everything is going well out in Borneo- im very pleased to hear you're on a gravity water feed project too! how are you finding the daily porridge!?!
Sorry my message is so late (mum has taken about 5 days to type her message above. standard.)

Me and George really missed you this last week - very much looking forward to sea swims and hungry man when you are home.
We went for a surf... yes you heard right. we paddled outback caught some beauties we shredded.mate. :)

Zorbing was great too we'll have to show you some photos when you are back.

A HUGE congratulations on your results Sam, we are so proud of you! George has bought a car this summer (SHE's called daisy!) so we are already planning which weekend we come to visit you at Warwick.

Hopefully our letter and postcard has arrived to you all ok. Have a fantastic time adventuring next week with all your new friends.
cant wait to see you and hear about all your adventures soon,

Lots of love
Katie and George xxxxx

Rob said...

Message for Pam McFarlane Alpha 9

Hi Pammy

Not sure if you got our last message t does not appear to be listed on the blog although we have been experiencing some IT problems and Neil is not here to fix them.

We are just back from a week in Turkey where it was 41 degrees at the its peak we obviously our conditions will have been slightly different to yours.

We have been reading about your culinary skills coming to the fore and the creation of pamcakes we cannot wait to taste them and cannot believe you have everyone eating Beryl's famous slodge.

Neil has been in touch and is due for a weekend off the entire flight passed their inspection and they were off into Lincoln last night for a few beers and today is cleaning with Sunday planned as a sleepy day.

Chloe is back and school and has decided this is the year for hard work I cannot wait.

Hope everything is going well and that your project is progressing somehow I think it will be

Speak to you soon


Xun said...

For Xinmei Wang (Alpha 7)


Loving the photos, haha you look so bewildered as to what to do! I'm sure you're doing fine though, and I'm seriously jealous of what you're up to.. but it seems like hard work! You'll just have to recount everything to the last detail when you get home... which should be in just under 2 weeks! I miss you sooooo much =]

Been to alton towers with the caius lot, it is fantastico! Wish I could go with you, so I can force you on all the big thrill rides! (seriously, I went on them all. they aren't scary. apart from the new one, thirteen, OH MY GOD you'll love it!)

Now, I've gone and been a right tool and messed up a bit with the letters in that I for some reason didn't really factor in when you'd get them, which meant *cringe* I missed two very important things, which I plan to make up to you now.

Since I don't know when you'll receive this message, have a very happy anniversary, AND a joyous birthday. I am so lucky really, and I'm sure you'll be having the time of your life on both those days. Miss you :/


Xun xxxxx

Rachel Wells said...

Message for Olivia, Alpha 9
Hey Billie will, quick message for you as you embark on your next adventure into the rain forest and beyond...hope you and Nell are good, happy and still healthy (and that you are remembering to drink fluids!!! nag nag!). Well done with your exams!!!! You see, I told you your physics would be ok- soooo close to an A and that's with "messing it up" and as for your geography- now wondering if we really are that alike after all!! It is clearly your forte whereas we both know I lack some knowledge where this subject is concerned! Now, just need to work on getting you those really rather liking the idea of having you up here but realise that this may not be such a popular plan generally....!

We have finished SMG!!! Mario and Luigi! Edward is so proud and you were the first person he wanted to tell! ahhh. And I have finished my present! omg- compulsive viewing or what... do you think I can catch up to you in the next week? Not so sure as sadly I do have to go to work etc etc but I will give it my best shot!

Oooh F sounds really happy and dare I say it possibly in love...?! She is doing so well with her job and its doing her self-esteem wonders! Long may this continue!

Anyway, watch out for those scorpions and spiders and take lots of pictures, especially of the mushrooms for Daddy- although put you or Nell in the picture too as this was where I went wrong!!

Sorry such a boring message- just wanted you to get something from me before you went off tomorrow. I miss you as ever and can't wait to speak to you again. Much much love as always, Rxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Vivek,
just wanted to wish you a happy rakshabandan for tuesday. Miss you loads and hope the work wasn't too hard. hopefully talk to you soon
love Priya

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Graham (Alpha 7)

Hiya Jen, looking through all the photos and looks like you guys are working so so hard for great causes and I'm feeling so proud of my little sister being a part of a fantastic project.

Hope you are managing on basic food supplies as we all know you have a big appetite but don't worry I'm sure we can order in a Bombay Cottage when you get home for you to munch away on ha ha ha!

Everything good at home and Mum received your letter which made me cry! Only because I miss you and felt so happy and proud of you. Lucy is doing well saying lots more words (including Natalie!) and show her your picture all the time and she cannot wait for big cuddles with Auntie Jennifer when you get home.

We miss you so much and cannot wait to see you in a few weeks time and hear all your stories about your adventures in "the jungle".

Biggest cuddles and kisses from your big sis
Love you lots
Gillian xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Graham (Alpha 7)

To Auntie Jennifer, I miss you and love you lots. I got lots of new words to tell you and also learned some new animal sounds. I am having fun at nursery doing drawings and painting, playing in the gardens, eating lunch around the table with my friends and yesterday I even stole Wallace's cake from his plate after eating all of mine- Daddy was very proud of me!

Mummy is showing me all you pictures and I think you are doing very well.I have so many kisses and cuddles to give you when you get home.

Lots of Love
Lucy xxx

eunice lum said...

Dear lovely Ange,

Happy birthday^^

sow chan

Lindsay Sharples said...

Dear Beeee
Still no comment from your daddy so I will check with him if he had success last night or not! He always tries when I have gone to bed! Arrgh! Rach and I think that you should be back at base camp now so hopefully you are getting spruced up and stocking up on supplies before you set off on your adventure phase. It really is so difficult not to be in contact with you but we were so grateful to see you in some pictures on the MORF project. Not many smiles though. I was checking your legs for scratches and insect bites and I thought that was a bit over the top...not at all, Rach was checking to see if your were drinking enough fluids and that you were properly hydrated!! Can't wait to have you home of course.....lots and lots of love
M xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Colin & Sue said...

for Catherne Melis

Hi Cat, we hear that you have all been working hard hauling rocks uphill. Hope you have seen some butterflies for me :) Linda says that hiking is your last bit of fun before scuba diving, which should be interesting as long as you don’t go near a poisonous something or other… (beware of slithery, hissy things). You must be pretty tired by now so take care when diving. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your Trip of a Lifetime.
Love from Colin & Sue

Charlie Sharples said...

Message for Olivia Sharples, Alpha 9.

Hi Bill
Nice pictures. Fred is missing you.
Hope you are enjoying it.


Sharon said...

Hi Alex

Thanks for ringing today,even though the conversation was so short. You nearly missed us, we were just on our way out to St Julians. Obviously now not going anywhere in case you ring back.

Saw the one picture with you in it, as far from the camera as possible, but suppose we should be grateful for that.

Your voice sounded really funny on the phone, neither of us recognised it.

Auntie Adi sends her love, she was asking about you, Heidi said Alex who?

Kim stood next to Sylvester Stallone this week at work, Jason Statham was also in the vicinity. So she had to phone to tell us.

Time is really going fast, we did not realise you would be on the jungle trek so soon. Enjoy every minute of it and watch out for the Orangutans, they might want you back!

Don't suppose you will be in touch again, hope the blog gets through before you do your Colnel Kurtz number so take good care and hope you have a safe and memorable trip.

lots of love

Mum and Dad

Greg said...

Stephen Nunes Alpha 2
Hi Stephen,
We hope all is well with you.Went to Abel's on Saturday for a party and they all asked after you.Went today to see Fulham vs Man U .A very entertaining match, end to end which finshed 2-2. I missed seeing Zachary this weekend but hopefully next weekend which is a bank holiday.Looking forward to reading the next blog on Alpha 2 and seeing some photos.
Love dad and mum

Yalou said...

To Xinmei (Alpha 7),

Hi Xinxin, lovely to have a chat with you today. You were great there! Hope the rest will be as good as your hard work before!. And always be safe!

P.S. I also attach the previous comments (from us and Xun) posted under the other blog link, that you didn't see.

Love from Mum and Dad

(11 August)
Dear Xinxin,

We just sent you a postcard. Wish you well. It's just the start, seems lots of hard work to come in the following days. Very worthy project.

I will be in Paris next week. Will still track the blog there.

P.S., we decided to sell the Honda car.

Take care and be safe.

With love.
Mum and Dad

(10 August)
Hey Xinmei, (alpha 7)

Bet you're having a wonderful time, there are two letters in the mail and i'll send another tomorrow.

Hope everythings going well,
Lots of Love,

Xun xxxx

(7 August)

Dear Xinmei,

Glad to see your expedition started very well.

Your DoE gold award presentation will be on 2 November, in St James Palace. I have replied on your behalf. DoE Swindon also sent a letter asking if you can help to set up the DoE tent in Lydiard Park for Forest Day, on 4 September.

Hope the rest of your expedition goes smoothly. Enjoy it and be safe.

Lots of love
Mum and Dad

Donna McIndeor said...

For Hannah (Alpha 9)

I know you said not not getting the blogs but never mind! been checking every day for some pics and finally got one of you the other day. Dad said he thought he found one of you by a bus(?) but I can't see it so maybe he didn't have his glasses on lol! All ok here, had a lovely birthday with Gaynor and she says Hi!See u soon
Love Donna Craig and Dad xxx

Fern Gwinnett said...

Hannah, I have had a look at a few of your photos and can't wait to see more when you are back. It looks like you are loving it which I hope is true and I'm pretty sure will be. Only just realised you have a blog so thought I would post a quick message. Lots to fill you in on when you get back so remember to get over to Brum asap :) See you soon, love Fern xxxx

Rob said...

Message for Pam McFarlane Alpha 9

Hi Pammy

There has not been an update at this end for ages. Hope everything is still going to plan we are all fine Neil phoned two or three times during the week to give us the Cranwell update he has drawn duty student work this weekend he is on the base and all his mates are out and about but at least it will be his turn over.

Your mum and dad have been on the phone they have been watching the blog and are right up to speed with what you are doing.

We presume from the timescales that you must be nearing the end of the project and will be heading shortly for some R&R at the Coast before coming home.

Hope everything is on track and the project is nearing completion I am working tonight afetr I come back from the footie.

See and hear from you soon.


Claire Baker said...


I'm so glad it's almost time for you to come home! Can't wait to speak to you and hear all about your adventures. I have serious withdrawal symptoms from being unable to communicate with you! I hope you're having a great time though.

We put the chickens outside in their run for the first time today which was a great success, they went a bit crazy running around in a manner that I can only describe as like headless chickens! Please excuse the terrible use of the phrase.

Yesterday we all went to Lord's for the cricket and my word it was good! It was also by far the most upper class experience of my life, I wish you could have been there but I shall fill you in on things further when I see you. England won in emphatic fashion but there are accusations of the Pakistan team being corrupt which has rather blighted the whole affair but it was a fantastic experience nevertheless.

Missing you more than I can say and can't wait to see you. Love you more than members of Lords love beige chino's (which is quite a lot apparently!)

Rachel Wells said...

message for olivia alpha 9
hey sweetie pie, you probably won't get this before you leave but just in case wanted to say have a safe journey and we cannot wait to have you home! I bet you are excited tonight about coming home- the best part about going away in my opinion!! Hope the adventure week was fantastic and hope you are happy and not too mosquito-bitten etc. Enjoy the flight, and I just wish I could be there to meet you too but at least I will get to speak to you v soon. A bit sad about the lack of blog updates- alpha 9 seemed to have missed out on the last one-but at least it has cured me of looking more than ten times a day at the site!!

Onto series 3 and my fickleness is showing through as my affections are switching away from this normal??!!
Has H relented yet re rofl-ing?

Cannot wait to have you home!! I miss you!
love you soooo much, have a safe and happy journey, love to Nell, Rachxxxxxxxxxx