Saturday, 7 August 2010

A Job Well Done!

The commitment and hard work from the students of Dr Challenors school was rewarded yesterday as locals in both Kampung Maliau Pusat and Bambagan Ulu turned on their shiny new taps to receive, for the first time, clean running water.  In just eight days, these two groups of young volunteers constructed a dam, laid five kilometers of piping and connected up four water storage tanks in order to provide these under-privileged villages with a safe and reliable source of drinking water.  I think you'll agree that that is no mean feat.  These young volunteers made a brave decision to 'Get Out There' and make a difference, and what a difference they have made!  Thanks to them, along with the help of Raleigh and AFC (our project partners), the people of these communities will no longer have to rely on collecting rainwater or drink from potentially contaminated rivers. 

Not only did these young volunteers successfully construct two gravity water feed systems in eight days, but they did it with smiles on their faces.  See for yourselves...
With their bags backed, the girls were eager to get going...
...And so the adventure began.

Charlie One: Gravity Water Feed System in Kampung Maliau Pusat

A three hour coach ride and a two hour 4x4 ride later, Charlie One arrive in Kampung Maliau Pusat.

First of all they needed to set up camp.

Home sweet home.

They decided on a plan of action,

And got straight to work- there was no time to loose!

One of ten rolls of piping to be laid.

Happy at work.

They cooked up a storm with Raleigh rations.

The girls came to embrace the concept of looking 'jungle chic'!

And bid a sad goodbye to the community who had welcomed them so whole heartedly just eight days earlier.

Charlie 2: Gravity Water Feed System in Kampung Bambagan Ulu

Charlie Two quickly got settled in Kampung Bambagan Ulu...

...receiving a very friendly welcome from the younger members of the community...
...who were eager to make friends.

Who would have thought that the 'Hokey Kokey' had such universal appeal?!

The team explored the project site...

...Before getting stuck in.

Smiling all the while.
A well deserved water break.

A job well done.

Congratulations to all those involved, you should be very proud of your achievements out here in Borneo. 

Charlie's One and Two have now been reunited with each other and are currently travelling to Batu Puteh where they will spend the next few days exploring the depths of the Bornean rain forest.  Here they will enjoy river safaris, jungle walks and bird watching by day, and will experience local culture on home stays by night.

Next week I will be joining the group to climb Mount Kinabalu, the tallest peak in Borneo's Crocker Range.  Watch this space for news on how we get on...


Pia & Steve Tait said...

Hi Mary
Looks absolutely fantastic your big adventure. Cannot wait to hear all the details. Well done!!! See you next week. Love Mum, Dad & Hannah xxx

Jerry said...

Hey Cilu! Looks like you're having fun. I'm sure I'm having more fun than you in a 5 Star hotel in NY though :) Miss you! Jerry

Jeff Eales said...

Progress looks fantastic well done to all the girls in both teams. It looks like hard but very rewarding work. Great to see pictures of you Charlie looking happy, Love Mum Dad and Sammie.

Martha said...

Hi Stephen Nunes Alpha2

WE went to a BBQ at Walters and they all send their love. Warren got an american girl friend.Today we had Zachary for the day.Alice was very pleased to get your letter. Joyce says she is very happy to see your smiling face and that you are enjoying the jungle experience.How is the building of the Community workshop coming along? Learning any skills you can use back here?? Take care! Lots of love Mum and Dad

Tamara said...

Hi Kirsty
Well done to all of you for your hard work. Looks like you had fun too :) Good luck for the climb. I hope the weather is kind to you. Love you lots. Mum, Dad, Helen and the two Ms. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pat said...

Well done everyone for completing the project, enjoy the rest of the trip!
Missing you loads Emily,
Mum, Dad, Adam & Alex xx

eunice lum said...

Dear Ange,

21st of August is your birthday....happy happy^^birthday...

Anonymous said...

Hi Janaki (Charlie 1) Look like you're really getting stuck into it and having fun. So proud of you! Cant' wait to see you and hear all about it. Love Mum, Dad, Dhru, Nimi and Daadi

Julia said...

HI Rosie and all,

looks as if you are having a wonderful time and seems you have achieved great thngs! Looking forward so much to hearing all about it

lots of love mum, dad, nikki and jonny xx

Matthew Hinge said...

Hey Rizzz :)

I hope all is well out there. Please come home as I want to use my vouchers! :P

I look forward to seeing you soon.

All my love,

Your Matt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Saskia
It looks as if you all worked incredibly hard. Well done Raleigh for giving you this incredible adventure.
Love from Mum, Dad, Mark and Ollie

Anonymous said...

Hello to everyone, but especially the 10A staff crew!!

Glad to see all the projects are going well. Very jealous to see all the tropical fun from here in London, ah the memories! Apart from the mock duck... which I randomly came across here in a HEALTH shop, what's that about?!? Who knew there was a market for that filth outside of Sabah?

Good luck and hopefully see you all for an autumn reunion in UK!

Eleni xxx

Martin said...

Hi Gen, still looking good, can't wait to hear all about it. Take care. Lots of love, Mum, Dad, K and T.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. love, mum, dad, andrew and julia xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey all, especially to Mama Preston,
Miss you all terribly and it seems the trip was worth the yearly wait. Can't wait 'til you come home even though you probably want to stay.
Love you so much!
Emily P
P.S. Mum, we've burnt the house down, killed Greg and crashed the car.

Ben Barltrop said...

To Andrew Daniel Clapham (Alpha 1)

Hey Andy hows adapting to the life of Tarzan going for you? All looks so good!! Me and Jony have been cracking on with the writing and are starting to finish up a couple of tracks. Finally sorted a job out which I'm due to start end of this month or beginning of september depending on when the work on the building is done, nothing musical just bar/restaurant bits, but at least it will give me some funds for fund required requirements! Been receiving increasing demands from Matt and Tom wondering when I am to return to the North, not sure I'll be moving up there soon but there will be Yorkshire and Lancashire visits for certain. Plus will be up when we get back on with the band which I'm looking forward to! We've got a gig on the 3rd November at Nation of Shopkeepers so keep it free, supporting a guy from Barcelona called El Guincho, kinda reminds me of a Caribbean Animal Collective. Well I'm guessing your still alive, not heard of any jungle folk in danger which is good news! Have a good last leg of your trip and will see you soon. Ben Xx

Mum, Dad and Family of Jennifer Graham Alpha 7 said...

Hi Jen. We had a BBQ today in the garden. The weather was 23C and the food was "fandaby". Natalie, believe it or not is still working in Di Maggio's. We managed to get tickets for the Papal Visit at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow on the 16th of September. Uncle Paul, Aunt Gill, Robert and Alaister are visiting at the moment. They will be returning home on Wednesday. Everyone says "Hi", including the people at church, and they all send their regards. We have seen some of the photographs in the blogs and are also keeping up to date with the blog news. Hope you are well and you are enjoying your food. Love you loads. Over and out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayo Bakare
Hope you are fine and well
Premier football started on Saturday 14. Your team Man U first game is on Monday facing Newcastle on Monday night. Dami is back home today sunday 15. Leaving for sheffield tomorrow and be bsck home again on Tuesday 17. I will follow him to Belgium on Sat 21
Everyone is fine and well
Mum and Toyin are due back from Nigeria tomorrow Monday 17
The Lord will be with you. Enjoy yourself and have fun
God bless you
We love you xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Deej,

Have you gone camera shy? Your not in any of the phtos - and your left arm doesn't count!

I thought you said you were back on the 16th!!? Well, its the 16th now (after waiting three long weeks!) and my phone still aint a ring ringing! So...hollar will ya!

Love you and miss you. Can't wait to speak to you and hear how your last few weeks have been. Your Mum sends her love too, as does all you family! Recurring!!! (see what I did there) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

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Love you xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby
Just returned from Ireland; we had a lovely holiday.I can't believe that you've almost completed 4 weeks in Borneo. I hope it's been a worthwhile experience.Mum,Dad and Joe are due back from Morroco tonight.Megan has had her GCSs results today 9A's including in Chem, Biology, Maths and Physics.
Looking forward so much to hearing your news and to see all your photos. Pa is still waiting for his postcard. Love Grandma and Pa XXXXXXXX