Monday, 23 August 2010

Alpha Seven Host Opening Ceramony

Alpha Seven: Gravity Water System in Bombong Tiga

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Alpha Seven have successfully completed their gravity water feed system!  In just three weeks the venturers managed to survey the area, plan the system, construct a dam, install water storage tanks, lay hundreds of meters of piping and install numerous taps to bring the community at Bombong Tiga a clean and safe water source for the very first time.  
To celebrate their achievements, Alpha Seven hosted an opening ceremony at the weekend. It was quite an event, with project partners the Asian Forestry Company, sponsors Coca-Cola and indeed the entire village turning up for the grand unveiling of the system.

With the speeches over and the ceremonial ribbon cut, the venturers joined the locals in the performance of a traditional Malay dance.

A massive congratulations to all those in Alpha Seven, your hard work and commitment over the last three weeks has really paid off.  Thanks to you, the community at Kampung Bombong Tiga now have a clean and safe water source that can be relied upon all year round, for that I'm sure they are truly grateful.


Dami said...

To Ayo (and his team if they want)
Congratulation on the completion of the new water source for a town I think I would like to visit. The name is pretty amazing and I'm sure the people will be too!

To Ayo (lol)
I hope you did well with the dancing and it came to you naturally! You guys did a lot of work. I didn't realize you did most of the planning also. Well I'm in Belgium now and my new place is pretty cool. Dad is here also. I sent pics to mum so you can have a look when you get back. I need to get my driving license quickly so I can get one of their sweet rides :D. Will be so much fun. Had my first session today and it was a killer, and this is day 2 of a 6 day training week with a match at the end. Got a new number too, but again when you get home. What's happening in the world, well I heard Beijing has a 100km traffic jam or something stupid like that, Apple may be refreshing again, there is a week long festival in my place next week, 2 Nigerian stock exchange people got sacked and the place is losing the trust it had with the financial world (BBC, very nice article...there is a good chance of change from ppl within international schools). But yer, I think you get home in a couple of weeks. I have preseason matches in France, Holland and Germany all in one week in Sept, so that will be fun!! Anyway safe journey back and well done. I've been saving photos but I imagine you can come onto the blog and copy the ones you want too.


Yalou said...

To Xinmei (Alpha 7)

Hi Xinxin, from the latest blog seems you are all happy to have finished this project. Congratulations. Well done! And you have learned some Malay dancing?

It's hot there, but back home we are getting colder now. Seems summer has finally passed.

We just received your letter today. Very good letter. I have to read out to your mum. Very interesting. You had a hard but very happy life there, and have grown up so quickly!

We have posted your letter to Xun.

Also we just sold the Honda car today.

This bank holiday weekend we are going to London again to see Notting Hill Carnival, with Tao family.

The dance show in London a week ago was ok. Your mum loved it.

I have reposted my previous comments, hope you have seen it. Note that your DoE gold award presentation in November.

Also news from your friends for A-levels and getting into uni. Tong goes to UCL (we invited Tong's parents and Harvey to our home for dinner on Saturday), Lucy to Warwick.

Take care for the rest of your adventure.

Love from Mum and Dad

Yalou said...

To Xinmei (Alpha 7):

It seems my previous comments were also lost as maybe I posted to the wrong link. Here are the previous comments (I have lost other comments after these)

To Xinmei (Alpha 7)

Dear Xinxin,

We just sent you a postcard. Wish you well. It's just the start, seems lots of hard work to come in the following days. Very worthy project.

I will be in Paris next week. Will still track the blog there.

P.S., we decided to sell the Honda car.

Take care and be safe.

With love.

Mum and Dad

Dear Xinmei,

Glad to see your expedition started very well.

Your DoE gold award presentation will be on 2 November, in St James Palace. I have replied on your behalf. DoE Swindon also sent a letter asking if you can help to set up the DoE tent in Lydiard Park for Forest Day, on 4 September.

Hope the rest of your expedition goes smoothly. Enjoy it and be safe.

Lots of love
Mum and Dad

Mandy Staniforth said...

For Brittany Staniforth

Hi Hope
So good to speak to you on the phone on Sunday - please thank whoevers phone it was very much from us for letting you use it! You sounded really well and happy which is great. We're very proud of you. Everyone keeps asking how it's going and how you are.
You all obviously worked really hard to get the project done - well done!
Now for the adventure phase - didn't understand the bit about the swimming test - are you going diving? That would be pretty cool.
Have fun and enjoy the jungle wherever you are and see you bright and early at Heathrow!!!!

Loads of Love
Mum and Dad XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhys .Lovely to see your new photos . I hope you have loads of the diving trip and trek through the jungle. You said your camera was working again .I hope so . Lowri ,Ffion and I had supper last night -all the veg from the garden except the avocadoes and limes . Not bad . We were thinking of you as we munched the sweetcorn .
Catrin, Lowri`s room mate has gone to do a volunteer stint in Icelend .I`ll find out who with just incase you are interested.I started doing the bathroom 6 days ago . I gave myself 2 days to finish it and its still not finished .Today`s will be the 3rd attempt to tile the bath panel . I sat on the edge of the bath last night very pleased I`d finished and the tiles all fell off!
I`m going to the Gower with Helen for a couple of days later today . Its pouring with rain but it should get better for the weekend .
Time is now flying and I can`t believe you`re on your last project .Let me know if you`re going on to the Phillipines. Have a great time if you do. Lots of love Mum.
Hi Rhys,
I love the photo's and your new beard! It looks good. I've just been reading the travel section of the newspaper, hoping I can be doing something as interesting and exciting as you are next year. I'm thinking of inter-railing through Europe and maybe ending up in Russia. I'm sure you've learnt a whole lot about travelling so I can't wait to talk with you about it. I can't wait to see you but I'm not really looking forward to the end of the summer - everyone going back to uni and I'll have to start working full time.
Can't wait to hear about all your adventures and the things you have seen.
Miss you loads,
Love from Ffion xxxx

Yalou said...

To Xinmei (Alpha 7),

Dear Xinxin, we miss you!
We have booked the Prague holiday. It is 15 to 18 September. We'll fly from Bristol.

By now you should be walking in the jungle, take care!

The day after tomorrow is a special day of course ...

Lots of love
Mum and Dad

Mum and Dad of Jennifer Graham Alpha 7 said...

Hi Jen. It won't be long to the end of the adventure. We hope that you enjoy your last week in KK. We wiil not be home next Sunday because we are going to the Scullion's garden party. It's supposed to start at 3 pm and we plan to be there at that time because Gillian and Grant will be there also with Lucy. Gillain and Grant will need to leave about 5 pm because it will be Lucy's feeding time and after feeding, her bedtime. We are all well here and hope you are to. Everyone in Di Maggios's is asking for you and they can't wait to hear your news. Uncle James, Aunts Sarah and Helen have sent you messages on the blog. We hope that you received them. Frankie also phoned to see how you were and had asked for your address so that she could write. We think Gillian told her to contact you through the blog. We will collect you, at the airport, next Monday, so until then, "fair thee weel oor bonnie lass" Love you loads and loads. Mum, Dad, Christopher and Natalie. XXXX

Yalou said...

To Xinmei (Alpha 7):

Dear Xinxin,

Happy birthday!!!

On this special day, when you are out in the jungle, we have our best wishes for you. Only a few days to finish this exciting trip, wish you a very happy end of this expedition. And sure you will get your birthday present for what you like!

P.S. Beware of the Indonesia vocalno eruption just started yesterday. It is near Kulalumpur. don't know whether it will affect your flight home.

And finally, and always, be safe and take care!

Love from Mum and Dad